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by Nick Olson

Here’s a 3 part series from our 3rd race ever, the UTV Champs in Lake Havasu. Overall we had a great weekend, and here’s how it unfolded. This is Wednesday and Thursday, Part 2 is our race, and Part 3 will be the race follow up and highlights from the Saturday Pro Turbo race.


Oh no, I’d say if you want to hold it it’s good I’ll grab it and I’ll introduce you guys okay okay let me know when you’re ready it’s it’s going okay what’s happening everybody chupacabra off-road back in the desert back in lake havasu it’s utv world championship a little bit this is start building it’s hard with an audience right yeah a bunch of hecklers what’s happening everybody we’re back in the desert lake havasu we just got to town we just got loaded in andrew’s car because we’re headed out doing the pre-run or actually the poker run got the whole crew with me say hi haley hey what’s up guys andrew the prince of powder coat mike in the house what’s going on guys and we are what maybe one eighth into the run of the poker run yeah it’s it’s rough I can say it’s definitely rough a lot of chatter really soft yeah I’ve run it through here a little bit and we already heard a course update from some of our buddies that we’re pre-running it’s Wednesday here so we’re not allowed to pre-run the course but we had some sections of the pokemon that are on the course you could immediately tell around the racecourse because you can see all the extra chatter oh yeah all the extra chatter all the deep breaths and the turns everything going going going south really quick a lot of a lot of big rocks sticking out of sticking out of the ground that we definitely have to be careful with come come Friday so it’s my fr andrew’s first time right now he’s gonna get in the lay of the land what the terrain feels like definitely a lot of rocks to watch out for and some tight washes but we’re gonna hop back on the race course a little bit more we’re just kind of having a fun day this is going to be go out and explore the territory it’s 95 degrees and then go back check into the hotel tomorrow we’ve got qualifying got the race car dialed and trying to get a feel of the terrain what we think we can push and definitely sounds like what everyone’s saying it’s going to be a war of attrition we thought this race is going to be two and a half three hours it’s looking like it’s more gonna be five six maybe even seven hours if we have a smooth race hopefully an hour lap we’re doing five laps so hopefully get down about seven o’clock so we will be going into the night luckily we got our baja design lights up front the new lp4s with the 40 inch on x6 up front lighting the way for us so looking forward to that we haven’t really got to drive in drive into the night so really looking forward to that one big deal for us it’s our first long race longer than what two and a half hours it’s only third race ever in the car first time really riding out here especially for sure at a race pace so a lot of firsts for us but that’s the beauty of this track is no one’s raced here which is super cool yeah it’s going to be fun and we got qualifying so we’re going to make our own destiny if we have a good run we’re going to be up near the front of the pack so theoretically we’re not going to be in as much dust we’re running unlimited class we’re running with the non-turbo guys and I think we 18 20 cars in our class probably yeah I think last time I checked it was updated on the 28th I think it had 19 or 20 cars up there 107
00:03:58,840 –> 00:04:01,000 just finished up with the poker run it was pretty fun we did like 65 miles it was fun terrain it was cool to see riding out past the harvester area that I hadn’t been to definitely gets a lot smoother once you get away from town you can tell you’re getting closer you see a lot of the the bumps and you feel the trails get tighter and more technical but we rode on the racecourse a little bit I think andrea has much better feel what the terrains like um would have been nice if we’re able to pre-run the course but like I said we don’t want to cheat my biggest concern is there’s some vcps and there’s a lot of open lines to pass and we don’t know where those are first laps so we’re just gonna probably follow the people in front of us particularly if they’re gonna go they’re going well you know um and hopefully they don’t miss a vcp and we get penalized behind them it looks like a lot of those washes we saw a few of them they just open up and start to tell which line is faster you know we were so busy running the business I had a big move myself personally this last week that ideally we should have come out even yesterday but we’re happy to be out here today fun fun team event fun day in the office riding in andrew’s four seaters so no issues saw a lot of people and um weather wasn’t too bad at a nice breeze it definitely um in the washes that we feel like our car is gonna the race car is gonna get really warm but once you get some of those ridges you get a lot more airflow so yeah who knows probably 50 to 1 hour lap times kind of what we’re guessing based on the terrain you know and we haven’t even seen some of the slow sections that our friends told us about so good first day we’re gonna go get some grub go check in and then shower off and get our gps notes all pumped in and get ready for qualifying tomorrow so my so this I was like wait wait wait wait wait adrenaline boost yeah yeah dude you guys look really good this car couldn’t even do that yeah no and that’s what she was telling me it couldn’t even do what it can do now it’s just this is this is the video it’s just sorry about it oh nice yeah we got the story for you like you guys dude you guys are booking it bro you guys are well you guys watch 100 cars so you say like okay that was yeah oh yeah we lost I’d say 15 to 20 seconds when the car went on [Music] I’d say we lost 10 to 15 seconds being honest not not bsing I think yeah because you know when you’re ready you’re good you’re rolling all right got the adrenaline got the blood flowing we’re sitting around all day and then we finally got our session so first off the car has never worked better I’m really excited the downside is we got the car hot we did hit limp mode um we were two-thirds through the car is deceivingly fast um you know there’s some big g outs now the washes some of these grooves are so deep we couldn’t lay into them we had to let off because the car was up on two wheels but um I kind of got a little mopey you know the car temperature did drop right away thankfully yeah and then we got on we finished okay pretty good but I think I could once the temperature came back I was just nervous like is the car going to stay up at 2 30 do we need to lift it but we luckily right when it went limp mode we had to cruise for 15 15 seconds and then we got into choppy stuff where the car really cooled down quick so you know that just goes to show you I guess we can’t run that hard in those washes yeah going uphill in those watches and um kind of like we talked about in our video from last week we already kind of knew we’re going to be fighting temperatures until we replace this radiator setup I’m 100 convinced we’re going to get rid of those seats we’re going to split the intercooler and the radiator up and that’s going to get us to the holy grail of some 190 temps so um other than that they want to change with the car the car is too low I think we’re going to go up at least three quarters of an inch I think and bump some of the high speed compression there’s a lot of these giotts we were blown through the stroke but for how rough it was and how fast we’re going it was working good what do you think no that car definitely works so much better this is the first time I’ve been back in the car since we put the tensor 33s the new methods mark queen got his hands on it tuned it up man this car rips um it’s probably the fastest I’ve been in this car and the smoothest the shocks from wayne at all tech really killed it I’m a conservative guy so I focus on working on my aggression so that was a fun chance to really be aggressive I felt in control I didn’t feel like we were anywhere near a catastrophic tip over being those guys being qualified so we made it I made sure the steering wheel was on tight so we didn’t take off and have the steering wheel in my hand there’s dumb stuff like that so you know these these newbie jitters things that you think about that’s literally what I’m thinking about like going like this right before we go to take off so um super excited it’s a dream come true for me so we’re just gonna do you know use all the information that we’ve got I guess they get that car up fill full fuel check everything we’re ready for it so that sunset though only people in arizona understand what it’s like to walk barefoot when it’s 100 degrees outside well aren’t those home suckers 10 gallons I think I’m 11 actually though so yeah I’ll do two fives all we need is 2.25 gallons of 91 then we can mix it with the race gas oh yeah okay now let’s get it hot or get it started up yep yeah you’re good


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