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Offroading in Canada - Whistler B. C. Style

by Nick Olson
Offroading in Canada - Whistler B. C. Style

Chupacabra Offroad traveled across the border, to the amazing ski town of Whistler, in British Columbia for some SxS riding and exploring this amazing area. The RZR ride was a fleet of 2018 RZR 900 S 60" models, and the ride started about 12-15 north of the Whistler/ Blackcomb village. Full transportation from the village was provided as part of the tour.

 There are at least 8-10 places to rent bikes, depending on how picky you are. I'm a super picky bike dork and called Garbanzo Bike & Bean and rented a Carbon Trek Session DH.

We did some mountain biking in the bike park, as well as the Dark Crystal trail in Blackcomb. 2,000+ feet of climbing rewarding us will a super fun and technical descent.

I highly recommend staying in the village, with lots of restaurants, bars, shops and stuff for the kids, in addition to it being steps from the chairlift to go biking, and less than 10 minutes to 3 lakes.

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Another Chupacabra hiding hey kids immaculate maggots beds and laughing and all these average kids beat with the miraculous you are me even though that big keep it funky hungry like I need some money TV so my speech is funny what's happening YouTube coming to you live this episode from Whistler British Columbia one of my favorite places on planet Earth best mountain biking in the world I've been about mountain biker since I was a youngster that's what brought me up here back to my first time in 2008 so back again I'm gonna be doing a little beside by side riding today looking forward to as you can tell got my rain gear on it's probably gonna be drizzling most of the time hopefully it doesn't rain really hard really excited to see this bike to ride this part of the world and a side-by-side if it's a mountain biking this week it's awesome a little bit wet but you know not too slippery everything here is grippier than it looks and it's fun for a desert I like myself to learn how to ride some slippery conditions some routes some rocks and basically the best terrain
I've ever written so let's go jump in the razor and see how it goes here's the fleet cool 900 is just like I thought nine hundred four is nine hundred twos we need to talk to the local pole air so I can get some roofs on these things come on boys half windshields what you guys doing find out who's slacking alright about ready to take off got a little fork our group they took away two old rival often four and we're locked in a lower age so this the last ride of the day starts a forward to
Twilight ride which is a little bit cheaper than during the day right now it's not raining so tour guys seem is really cool it's gonna cruise up to a pretty cool overlook it she wasn't joking fund-raiser ride awesome sightseeing it's actually a real trail I was afraid it was gonna be a glorified fire road a little sunset right type thing but Betemit some actual photo drive a little
wash little viewpoints and stuff there's the big log that we stopped and took the photo on which I'd seen before I think
destination Polaris or other you know photos on Instagram or not so cool ride one more very reason to come to Whistler alright I'm enjoying my final few laps here for the season it's a little bit money today but uh I wouldn't trade it for anything it's 106 back home so I'll take all the moisture I can get whoo and the little mud never hurt anybody thanks for watching please like and subscribe if you liked the video we got more great content coming your way another Chupacabra sightings I've never run across an autism do you believe in the chupacabra.




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