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by Nick Olson

Awesome group, rocks, sand, and Utah- Sign me up! I was very fortunate to get an invite from the Renegades, for another 3-day adventure. The group met riding down in Mexico but has been planning rides in other areas, this time being Southern Utah.

This is day one, which the first part was led by Ed, the owner of www.zioneastadventures.com if you’d like to learn more or be guided through the trails.

For the first 2 days, we were based out of Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah, which is a great spot to start from, with dunes and trails all over.


Private property on this first half this trail please stay back each other there’s nobody else out here Saul private park on the road don’t pull up and try to get what’s happening these big cars ruining our trail they’re just widening out they’re not as intimate as they here’s fine what’s happening everybody Nicholson chupacabra off-road back in the desert of southern Utah we are outside of Mount Carmel Junction that’s what we’re stage for a couple days we’re doing a couple rides being led by a local trail guru himself quick little stop here at the slot canyon gonna get back to it dune tomorrow San holo on Monday so this first day ride based out of Mount Carmel Junction it’s a great place to take off from that Best Western was a nice little place got a restaurant gas station and a ton of riding right out of the front door there so this is a cool spot the guy talking at the beginning was our leader for the days do some of this private property I like taking a bunch little clips you guys and getting an idea of what the Train looks like how hard it is or isn’t typical Utah southern Utah amazingness you get some sand you got some really grippy rocks a little bit of rock climbing a little bit of everything and this first day was awesome you can see at the very end I used a GPS map so you can see the total mileage what we did and this first half of the day was really fun we kind of made our way towards coral pink sand dunes and we drove a past coral pink over to the famous barracks trail which is a really really good time so hope you guys liked the video here’s a little bit of taste of what the Train is like weather this time of year is amazing and huge shout-out to the Rocky Point renegades they’re a group of really passionate off-roaders that I met on the rocky point ride several years ago and even want to venture out a lot of that people on the ride ride together quite a bit but they hadn’t been to Southern Utah so special thanks to Rick and Liz surveyed us along with my parents who are southern Utah locals who kind of planned out this route and this this first part of this day was really exciting for me because Trina hadn’t been over before I’ve been to coral pink several times and always cool to check out some new stuff and you could just ride in southern Utah forever it’s endless so really fun time thanks again to the Rocky Point renegades for having me I think it’s time for chupacabra to organize our own ride multi-day trip like this I think we could do it I need to I just get into the planning mode and like a cool destination and like this that we could plan a multi-day trip and have another good ride in a lot of you guys been asking and talking about meeting up for group rides maybe we can happen or had that happen here later this year or in 2021 we’ll see how it goes so the gentleman on the quad leading us he owns the hotel there at Mount Carmel Junction East Zion adventures I think is what they’re called you reach out to them and you can do some guided tour stuff like this if you’re new to the area just want to go check out some stuff like we were able to do here just with the locals perspective so I’ll post a link in the description can hear the tires chirp and that’s just that amazing traction from these these rocks and Utah they’re really grippy I think they’re even more grippy in Moab but man get your four-wheel drive you climb up anything there’s a couple good spots and the rest of crews getting ready for it so wherever they’re at is a pretty good little drop-off but that rock is well thanks for watching this is the conclusion of day 1 check back soon for day 2 or we’re gonna explore the coral pink sand news I’ll be leaving a little bit of the whole crew to the dunes section there and then day three we trailered over to San holo go check out sand hole in warmer Valley and check out some other spots haven’t been to so thanks for watching we’ll see on the next one you.


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