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Hey everybody it's Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and today let's get into part two of our b2g storage rack and tire carrier for you x3 owners it is Tuesday November 2nd so we're on our second generation we'll show you some of our upgrades we'll talk about I'll give you some dimensions I got the tape measure as you can see a lot of questions online let's show you guys where we're at show you the progress getting excited this thing's almost ready for retail [Music] so if you guys haven't watched the first video the first video kind of gives some of the details we launched this product right before the sand show we displayed it for some of our potential customers back in September in orange county we wanted to kind of feel people out see what they thought about it see if they had any ideas suggestions recommendations and honestly we had just barely got our first prototype ready for that event so when we had this thing designed in cad versus when we went into the real world is when things changed a little bit it was a little longer than I was hoping for it to be and we've since kind of looked at our design looked at our first generation and made a couple of improvements that we'll get into here in a second so probably the biggest improvement you're going to see is a reduction in length now I've got my tape measure and when we look at how far it comes off of the tail light we are right about 14 to 14 and a half inches which was the design goal the first prototype we made was a little bit longer it ended up being about 18 or 19 inches long and that just related to the real world taking the design like I said to real world real life the two bends end up being a little longer and this top lid section ended up just being really long making it more than roomy for this tire so speaking of this tire this is a 33 inch tensor tire this is really what we designed it to fit now some of you might say hey will it fit a 35 looking at the space technically you could squeeze a 35 on here we think a lot of can-am customers have gone away from that so we thought 33 was kind of the right special sauce 33 and below for most of you can-am users so as you can see here you've got a little bit of a gap here in terms of space-wise if you come over here to the back part of the lid you still have a little extra room here and you got a little bit of room on each side nice roomy fit for the 33 on top of condensing down the length of it and here's what it looks like when we've got it all lifted up here you see the tire barely rubs on the intake and you'll see how much more it opens up here in a minute when we take the tire off enough to have easy access into your cooler other thing two with the struts we've been experimenting on different psi so 35 psi is great if you don't have a tire it's not enough but when we take the tire off it's pretty pretty hard to pull it down and it can spring up on you so that's some of the things we're kind of working on which psi starts going to be ideal for this application with and without a tire latch system let's just talk about that since we just closed it this is a pretty simplistic latch it does have an option for a lock you can adjust the tension on it there are some lock nuts that you I've removed but as you can see it's a pretty good system it's fairly clean and obviously just kind of spinning it moving around will allow you to adjust the tension it worked really well so speaking of working really well last weekend we put about 240 miles on this thing out in glamis I just picked up this can-am put about a 30-mile shakedown I wanted to drive it out was completely stock before we added this section and we're about 270 miles on our speedo so like I said a good 200 230 240 miles to get an idea of what how things have kind of started to shake down and so far the latch works really well it's simplistic it's fairly inexpensive and you can lock it so we might stay with it for the most part unless you find something that's maybe a little bit more elegant looking but tends to tie in nice work good and you can adjust the tension over time if you needed to so I'm gonna go ahead and remove the tire now I like the idea of using this y-strap ratchet mechanism I've used it on my race car I've used it on my other vehicle before and it just makes it nice and easy to come off one other option of potential storage would be YOU KNOW putting your options like you can add another company's spare bag that goes inside of a wheel so that would work well for like a tow strap and maybe a couple other little things that you could fit here so you're not losing any of that dead space while you are carrying your spare tire so version two like I said the dimensions have changed a little bit and like I said most importantly lengthwise so a lot of you guys ask hey if I want to purchase this from x3 will it still fit in my toy hauler now some of you guys might know if you are running bigger oversized tires like a 32 it's gonna protrude past the tail light so you have to figure out what that measurement is for those of you at home but off of the rear taillight we're about 14 to 14 and a half inches in terms of overall length past the rear of the car speaking of dimensions width wise on the top of the lid here we're right about 30 inches and then it narrows up here to its narrower point of about 22 inches from the top of the lid here we are at about 32 and a half inches in length now these dimensions vary a little bit slightly from the box so come in here to the box inner width we're right at about 25 and a quarter inches at the widest point and that narrows down to about 18 and an eighth at a the narrow intersection now one thing if you guys watch part one you saw we fit a yeti 35 cooler it's a good size all day hard cooler the dimensions of this box are set up to still fit that cooler we end up flattening it out so you've got room for that as well as some additional space so speaking of coolers here's a cooler that I have in here just to show you guys some scale this cooler is about 18 and a half wide it is about 13 inches tall and it's 9 inches wide so as you can see with this cooler you still got a lot of space I ran this cooler last weekend in the dunes along with my box hole tool roll here's a spare belt again to show you some scale I had a camera bag we also had a couple other ancillary items like a tow strap you see the belt here ratchet straps those type of things and we had plenty of space so it's a very roomy box I think we could make it even a little bit more stylish with a smaller box but I'm really liking the size of this so it's one of those things it's always a trade-off right we can make it a little more svelte looking but the reason why we're making this product is the you know have plenty of room for your storage as well as your spare tire so really liking the size of that we're going to test different cooler types soft coolers hard coolers I'm a soft cooler fan myself I feel like you get more storage out of them they tend to work well but YOU KNOW to each your own so we have a little bit of rubber molding here that we were testing you can see it's already had some initial wear so I might go with something separate it's also going to be relational to the final product in terms of the size of the welds and the dimension of the box now this box is hand made out of aluminum products made 100 here in the usa we're also going to be testing a plastic box so we're waiting on the mold for that to show up I think there's some benefits of plastic that we want to test it's lighter weight it's less expensive you could potentially reduce some of the rattly tinning noise if this did develop on this vehicle so noise obviously we want to have some type of a seal here this is going to keep as many contaminants out as possible we could get a little bit of sand and dust in here to be expected but also reducing any type of rattling now we did like I said over 230 miles in the sand dunes I didn't hear any type of rattler noise like I said I drove the vehicle before I had this mounted up just to have that sense of comparison but so far so good I also think the plastic box could even reduce that further potentially over time or any rocks flying off of it we're gonna go test in different environments I think I'll be able to get more of an idea of if it does sound rattly or tinny on the harder packed trails here in Arizona the rockier stuff stuff you guys know about if you're from the area like me so I'm going to close the lid and show you some of the additional design changes first off you'll notice how it closed down we wanted to add a box section we think it's a little bit more stylish we can add some branding here we've got to make some tweaks but in terms of how it lands we're also going to want to do some rubber as well again to prevent any vibration but it's just more of a stylistic difference speaking of style we've added a rear wide plate and sort of a skid plate and as it links up down to our radius rod connecting point now the radius rod connection point the first version we only had one tube but as we have decided to commit to also mounting off of the radius rod plate we wanted to clean it up a little and have it look a little bit better again this is still a rough prototype so we have a lot of room for improvement and it will fit some of the aftermarket radius rod plates so we'll get into that we'll be testing an aftermarket radius rod plate because it's something I'm going to have to upgrade a lot of you can't am owners upgrade as well of course just because the stock stuff's pretty weak and while I'm down here speaking of connection points you've got the bracing here you've got a plate that we created that mounts onto the stock exhaust mount and then it ties in up top and the box itself will connect with six screws to the big mounting plate bracket so you've got three attachment points and as you can see pretty solid there's no additional mounting or movement or vibration come up here to the front this is a big change that we made over the first generation we decided to box the entire section in now this works well for a number of reasons of course it makes it significantly stiffer we decided to use this stock square bar which comes from the factory and we've got two mounting points on each side so wrap my finger is as a screw threading into the stock location then we've also got it tied into an outer location here so we've got double the mounting points we've got some square box section making it much more stiff and rigid and it also is going to be a nice potential opportunity to mount other accessories like some rear chase lights as you can see I've got my whip control box mounted right here and I was easily able to go ahead and plug it in when I was on the dunes so those are the big structural improvements we made over the first generation I think it's coming together with a little bit more style a little bit more compact size but keeping the size where we want it for the optimal storage for cool like the yeti 35 33 inch spare and so on one thing else you're going to notice here is something that we're learning now this product is designed to work with both stock and aftermarket roll cages those cages land in a variety of different places so for the time being we created a mount and we also used some of the hardware off of our new 11 inch deluxe super deluxe center mirror to mount to the roll cage because as you guys know the stock can-am roll cage is very scary and before we had this mounted the entire rear pillar will just kind of flex on this plate so we needed something that was stiffer as you can see we have some other bracketry that holds the rear on to the roll cage so this is something that worked well for this trip but we're also going to continue to work at preventing this and tying into the back of the tail here because we don't want any long-term issues hardware coming loose with the the tail lights YOU KNOW so we're gonna work on an attachment point that's closer over to the the side of the b2g without inhibiting its function ability of opening so a lot of design elements they go to put this whole thing together YOU KNOW started off with some 3d scans design team YOU KNOW generation one generation two and then generation three will be happening soon once we get the new plastic box to prototype off of so I think we're dialing in on the exact size the style the shape the functionality now it's making sure that we run this thing hard we don't encounter any issues and we circle back and we find a better mechanism that's going to allow the rear section of the x3 to bolt up and not have any vibration no matter what cage you have two or four seater and YOU KNOW make sure that this thing is ready for retail so one other addition to use the v2g you do have to run an aftermarket exhaust to have the clearance so speaking of removing your exhaust that exhaust is very heavy coming up soon we're going to have some weight differences that's one question that we also get is hey does this weigh a lot more than stock how much more does it weigh we're going to weigh all these components independently but one nice addition to adding an aftermarket exhaust is you take a lot of weight off the rear of the car and you move it up here closer this aftermarket exhaust is by a local company called ironclad it is a quality product made here in the usa it's a little bit louder than stock here's some audio clips of it running both at idle along with giving it a little bit of a gas and smart rpms [Music] [Music]  now compared to the previous exhaust we use one thing that I like about the iron clad is a nice solid mounting bracket over here using the stock frame whereas the k-fab mounted directly out of the motor itself so additional attachment point is nice as you can see he's got a nice stylish teardrop exit and it keeps all the heat away from our box so we don't have to worry about heating up our storage box here so this is a good choice like I said they're a local company it's a high quality product a good company to work with we're going to be exploring additional options so we're not sure if this will be our final but maybe one of our choices for your customers you can go and make a pic on what you'd like like I said the beauty of the exhaust of course you're picking up a cool sound you're dropping some weight you're getting some performance you're going from a 2.5 inch exhaust to a 3.0 inch exhaust so it's going to work well if you guys are running a stage 2 and above tune you might even need one anyway if that's what you're doing and it's a good way to clear up the space that we need so we can keep all of our weight low that race style stylish YOU KNOW there's a lot of room back here once you remove the stock muffler so it's a win-win and but it is one of those things you need to do to install the b2g so product development making some changes making some tweaks trying to figure out all the bugs before we go to market it's a fun process we're learning a lot we're getting very close we just want to make sure we're doing all of our leg work before we release it to you guys so that when you do purchase you're happy this thing works exactly as it intends for you those of you that want to go a lot of lightweight setup out to the dunes and need some storage long rides like we do here on chupacabra off-road baja etc and it's a quality solid option made in the usa here that you guys are gonna be excited about running on your can-am so if you guys like the content like seeing more of the progression tune back into our YouTube channel check out our website chupacabra off-road we've got updated photos you can learn more there we'll be posting updates on social every time this thing hits the dirt thanks again for watching we'll see you on the next.


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