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by Nick Olson

Let's start off the 2021 desert season right! Glamis Halloween is always a good time. Using a GPS is more important than ever, for this first trip of the season. The sand dunes are always changing, so it's important to mark your hot spots, record rides so you can keep and share with friends, and use to create fun, flowy rides throughout the best sandbox in the world. Take it from our crew, that's been duning for years: Sand Highway isn't how you want to get around! Using the OnX GPS app allows you to download hi-res maps, so you can find your location, with or without service. There are many different ways to get to the same spot, so putting together flowy rides makes for a killer experience.

This is a Paid Promotion with OnX Offroad. The Premiere Offroad GPS app for all your offroad adventures. Download the app used in this video here: https://www.onxmaps.com/


What's up everybody chupacabra off-road we're back in glamis once again halloween weekend first weekend of the year smoothest dunes of the year we're gonna go out there using our onyx off-road app to get us around first stop swing set that's what it is whoa that's crazy i thought that was your boss i saw him over the hill just like full up right now here i don't know where i'm at in case of a major malfunction in case of chinese metal well he broke his seat base so i said you got to be careful going back because he only got three more seats ciao so then there's something i need to show you no i'm not in that ice yeah dude come on i'm not eating that ice cream bro i'm not eating that ice cream some stickers yep got to do it every time we come out to the swing set right currently empty needs a volleyball too come get it just left raleigh slide got into some of that tricky stuff really tricky first time of the year of course not many tracks but uh wes got us sarah sonar at the top of the hill so getting around in the dunes you know is different than a lot of other trail riding spots you'd normally go for here it's all about getting a triangle of your different waypoints so we started off at camp that's your first part of your triangle you marked that we headed towards swing we found it we marked it made another stop at brawley slide marked it makes it you know a lot easier to get to where you want to go so we found some fun bulls up here in the big stuff the lighting is good so we're gonna get some shots okay now you got to run back up all front flip down if you run down it deal deal i'll cheer you guys from the side i just have to front flip it though he's gotta go all the way go go go go go go go there it is how do we feel i can't breathe with great power comes great responsibility so we've been here at sunset hill for a while we marked it here on the app we've got camp mark and some other points of interest that we've done throughout the day so we're just going to cruise this way have the map on the uh on the front of the dash so we can check it out and put together a fun employee ride back to camp so we can let's go eat some tacos tacos are that way so the can-am's a runner but a little bit low and a little bit soft as expected out here in the duty so we are going to raise it up a little talk to our suspension tuner he gave us the magic number so we're gonna play around with it so we can hit it harder with uh less bottoming out let's see how she goes here with these improvements okay so we're gonna go two rotations on the front i think that should be enough lots of odds and ends here at the swing not a lot going on the jump is definitely different this year i'll be interested to see if people do jump it if there's action to be caught here with the cameras but uh for now we're gonna move on on the next spot see if we can go catch some some action maybe shoot some video content of our own up uh up in the big dunes because that's always fun to ride and get some good shots so on to the next one. So yeah we got a big group so maybe we'll um find a fun line and get through here and we're doing this yesterday and by the time you learn the turns and your buddies just like a little race is fun. Hey sleepy what's up homie his life is hard  drag nick home to camp last one to the tracks is the loser oh my god rs1 turbo built x3 turbos you got a sand car she's got a little razor four and a half years about 20 years uh 18 years two for her about three years now riding the family out here drinking it's a great time grace is having a good time out here this is a party come here for the party and the pumpkin and the pumpkin riding around fast i want to go back is never we're headed to the hill tonight and it's nice to be using the app uh as you can see here we've got a lot of the points of interest marked from our day's rides the last two days so it's nice to have it you kind of know which way you're going if it's too far right too far left once you get out there because it's dark you can get turned around really easy and with the breadcrumb of the track my ride feature and the points of interest we're gonna get there with a fun flowy ride that was a good run that was some of my better work you know it takes a little while to get back in the swing of things out here in the dunes following our waypoints a1 ride you're welcome so we got a flag a koozie and a face pack we're about to take it to uh it's pretty easy who wins in a shotgun contest cool well hopefully you can beat three seconds i got a dollar in it three two one i lost beer down my shirt though saturday morning up early while it's still cool headed to get some breakfast burritos sheldon's first ride at the canada we're here at uh uh vanderbilt getting the breakfast burrito i get our day going want to get going a little earlier today getting some good riding as usual starting saturday off on the gas man anthony's fun to follow oh uh trips come to an end and now it's time to take the long drive home what's that peter mckinnon just pour my 12 coffee another glamorous trip in the books thank you guys for watching the video i hope you guys like the content shout out to our amazing video production team sky and nate you guys killed it as always thank you to onyx offroad for sponsoring this video check out their app check out the details below in our description for an exclusive chupacabra discount for all of you guys want to try it out it's awesome in all conditions thanks everybody the leftler clan good fun safe trip everyone we got to ride with we'll see on the next one ducks way now to play.


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