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by Nick Olson

Each of our Cuero mirrors is uniquely designed with a specific purpose in mind. We took all that we learned from our original Cuero and improved it's flaws, creating the Cuero Pro and the Cuero Race.


Hey everybody it's Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and if you guys know anything about the products we sell we launched a mirror a couple years ago called the quarrel well the quarrel line has grown we have a couple new options building off of the success what we learn what we want to integrate what we want to do to improve to keep evolving our product line so i want to do a quick little video explaining the differences between our original quero the new query pro and finally the choreo race so what i'm holding here is our original quarrel we launched a smear almost three years ago we launched this in late 2018 and this is our first fully machined billet aluminum side mirror now this uh was a lot of time coming in terms of testing trying different designs and coming up with a clamp system that would be somewhat modular that would allow us to sell this mirror with multiple clamp sizes now in the utv industry there's four popular sizes that compromise let's call it 90 95 sales of sport utv so by come up with a clamp system here that attached to the rest of the mirror via two set screws these could easily be swapped out and replaced with different diameter clamps to then work with most vehicles on the market size-wise style-wise we wanted to hit that balance between a mirror that was stylish but also functional we can kind of achieve that with a couple different ways first off is having a size that we liked but also then incorporating glass that was convex in shape that gives you a little bit more line of sight given the size that you're working with so as a whole it worked really well we like these mirrors these mirrors had some successes in the racing world these mirrors won the baja 500 got multiple top tens and utv races all over the southwest and even um worked pretty well on a couple fast unlimited uh trophy truck and uh short course off-road vehicles so now we thought they were stylish but we did get a lot of that feedback from our customers uh people liked the the design the angularity which kind of matched the contemporary design of the polaris and canon vehicles for the most part and on top of being stylish they just were a great value for the price so this was a popular love mirror and um we wanted to take what we had learned and kind of incorporate that into the future with the quero pro so the query evolves into this latest iteration which we are calling the quero pro now there are a lot of improvements and this is again what we learned after using the traditional quero racing with them getting feedback from customers everybody in between and wanted to just evolve a couple of the little basic elements of it make it easier to sell make it work with more vehicles and have it work better function better and have more options so the the first part of it was really designing a new clamp system and the clamp system was important because we realized we are a company that's going to make accessories that is going to bolt on to a roll cage and we wanted to create our own modular clamp system that would be the basis of all of our side mirrors moving forward so what you see here is a new proprietary design it's very stout it is 1.25 inches wide and it's got a four bolt pinch clamp system so this isn't going to move with almost any accessory you'd ever want to bolt onto a roll cage it's a 270 degree design is what we're calling it because it's got a low profile for three quarters of the total diameter of the clamp and most importantly we wanted to be able to flip-flop it so that this clamp system would clear most windshields it would clear window nets it would clear as many accessories as possible and then with this new center section is a new standard that is center it would work with any clamp or clamp variation that we're going to roll out here but also have that ability to move around enough like i said to clear any other accessories you would put onto your utv as well as work with cages that are not round really kind of build something that's going to work for the future of the brand allow more accessory integration and more product offerings once we got this clamp set up sorted out we had a couple other ideas now first you wanted to evolve the size of the mirror now i said the original quero was known as being stylish and working pretty well after testing some of the competition just kind of evolving our ideas we wanted to make a design that was a little bit wider i think without making it taller making it wider you can increase the line of sight that also allowed us to increase the size of the convex shape to get a bigger field of view in my opinion by keeping it in a stylish package so we've evolved the the usability of it while having it be stylish so this is a new design we call it infinity edge here on the up and bottom on the side keeping some of the brand id with the y and then of course it'll be modular and we've got a right and left specific design we've got a completely rebuildable design like we had with the coral which is something that we liked and then finally tying it together was the center section which was taking what we liked making it beefier and then giving you guys an additional offer which was the ability to hang a light on it now a lot of you guys are going are starting to install lights on your a-pillar you have to buy separate mounts we decided why not kill two birds with one stone by redesigning the center section involving a light mount we can simply swap out some hardware and give you guys the chance to mount up a light that's 16 ounces or less now i think this is a clean way to do it it gives you that option you can start with our side mirrors and if you do want to add lights of any budget you can go ahead and add those because these come with the light mount in the box so we thought that was clever and to achieve a setup that was going to be beefy and not move around we drastically increase the diameter of the overlap of the breakaway feature so now you've got just a heavier more thought out design it's got a ball socket design and the reason why we moved to the ball socket is for the robustness of it compared to what we're using for the set screws you have a little bit of adjustability side to side if you're going to run this on an a plus pillar that isn't perpendicular i think it looks a little bit cleaner the ball socket is quite a bit bigger than what almost everybody else is using and that's so that when you tie it all together you've got a very stout design that can withstand the weight of one of these lights without it moving around so it was putting all these elements together keeping the rebuild ability keeping the quality of the billet construction increasing the line of vision and giving you guys a great mirror so we started with aguero the quarrel pro is the latest evolution and this is another mirror i'm very proud of this is the quarrel race this is our new top dog this is taking a race inspired design which a lot of race mirrors do have a frame to protect the mirror from moving in the event of you hitting any brush on the trail and in a race situation you got window nets you couldn't really really adjust it so this is race inspiration race technology for everyday drivers race or not this is a very stylish lightweight aluminum frame that protects the mirror from moving no matter what you're going to hit on the trail and it's hung to the utv with a dual clamp design that will adjust 360 degrees so this will rotate this will again use the benefits of the clamp design i mentioned to clear a window net clear windshield clear most any other accessories and still rotate um to to work with no matter any cage angularity any dimension that you've got in the popular sizes so we think this is just the evolution this is the top dog and of course like our coil pro you can mount a light off of it we've got some additional white mounts that come in the box the light mounts are even adjustable if your a plus pillar throws off your lighting beam so we try to think of everything if you want to learn more we did an in-depth video of the design the inspiration of the coral race here so here it is the coral race this is our new flagship side mirror check them out on our website coral race and the quail pro you can use any light you like we are a ball designs dealer check us out for our options you can go ahead and buy the combo together it's going to come ready to go in a couple boxes with the wiring harness you're set up with two amazing new options great value high quality cnc built construction one year warranty modular clamp system check us out chupacabraoffroad.com


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