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by Nick Olson

We know how difficult it can be to find the PERFECT t-shirt… Well, Chupacabra Offroad spent months researching and testing out t-shirt materials and screen printing quality to bring you the best product. Watch and listen to how Nick and Halie break down our Men’s and Women’s clothing along with a few of our newest accessories.


Hey it’s Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and i wanted to take a couple minutes and go through some of our new clothing that a long-time helmet we finally launched and done a lot of research to find the styles and the fabrics and the fit that we were looking for and believe me it hasn’t been easy we started off by using printful which is a print on demand company it was really easy to get going and kind of see so which styles were selling really well we could try some different designs and just set them all up but the quality really wasn’t there the fit and finish the fabrics they really weren’t that great so this has been a pretty long journey and we’ve got some new styles that we think we’re pretty happy with starting off with the men’s t-shirt where i’m wearing one of two new styles this is our full logo text tee and this is in black now the vendor that we ended up finding is called a s color now this is the vendor of the company that makes the t-shirt i really like the the fit and finish of it and this men’s t-shirt is a higher quality shirt this retails for 28 dollars i’m going to explain to you why it’s worth 28 because we wanted to create a shirt that’s one of the most comfortable one of your favorite shirts you’re going to reach for in your closet and grab so that was really the design goal this isn’t one of these giveaway shirts that stretches out that is cheap that’s it’s boxy it isn’t comfortable it doesn’t move a few and it moves around a lot of different shapes and sizes i’m 63 i’m about 207 pounds i’m wearing a size large that’s traditionally what i wear with most size t-shirts i like the feel and the narrowness of it it’s i don’t want to call it a slim fit but it it does fit nicely without being too tight it’s fairly long so if you do raise your arms up you’re not gonna be able to see your belly button it’s a little long right now this one i pulled right out of the box so it doesn’t have a wash but after a few washes i did notice a little bit of a shrinkage in the length so pretty standard with most t-shirts this is a 100 cotton shirt we use a local vendor for our screen printing the company is called acme they’re based here locally in phoenix they did a good job for us matching up our teal and on the back here you can see it’s simple no logo so just nice clean standard front tech logo on the front we have another nice detail with a custom woven label uh we’ve got the chupacabra head of course we had to match the teal and then we got the tube c on the back here and we got our own custom labeling here on the inside of the neck just to add that quality like i said this is a really comfortable tee don’t take my word for a lot of my friends so the guys have been wearing these really remarkable how the comfort of them is they are somewhat breathable you know stretchy comfortable on those warmer days um thin enough to be that lighter weight but also not too thin so really happy with this fender the aes color we’re really excited about it and we did launch one other style so we’ve got this gray but just your standard head logo we kind of play around with the logo with a blacked out design with just some of the teal wanted to keep some of the teal and make it a little bit more subdued something that looks cool if you’re wearing out a little bit nicer circumstance i’d say the fit on the gray is almost identical to the black and just have a different option again both of these are 28 dollars both of them are the same vendor both of them have a nice same fit and finish and that’s it for our men’s t-shirts this is haley with chupacabra off-road we’re talking about the women’s clothing i have in my hand our women’s v-neck in white and i’m currently wearing it in black as a female nick and i went back and forth on deciding vendors and fabric and fit and this is the one we decided to go with it fits true to size i’m currently wearing a large i have a medium in my hand and it’s so comfortable and very soft so as you can see here there is an inside branding we have an inside burning tag as well as the premium woven label it has the chupacabra logo on the back as well we want a very high quality screen print it has the chivacabra head on the front and all teal as well on the on the back i also have the same shirt on and it’s the same thing in the in the back we picked a local company to do the screen printing for us called acme they are in phoenix and we’re very happy with their quality teal is a very hard color to match as you can see they matched it very well for us i have washed the shirt a dozen times the fit is still great the colors are still great there is no fading and no shrinkage we think with the quality and the features that this shirt has to offer it deserves a 28 price point and we want this shirt to be the most comfortable shirt in your closet and the one that you pick out every single time here is our new youth team these are available in popular youth sizing 8 10 12 and 14 a small through extra large my son is five years old he’s just barely fitted into a size small at about 47 inches tall we use a premium materials and a premium vendor for the shirt the vendor is called aes color it’s the same vendor of the shirt that i’m wearing myself which was us testing a lot of different shirts to find something that was comfortable that holds up really well after multiple washes that fits a lot of different body types well and it just has that high quality soft fit and finish this t-shirt’s a pretty simple design available in white nothing on the back three different color variations of the chupacabra logo here on the front we’ve got some premium branding here behind the neck and then also some premium branding with a custom molded label to match of course with the cheap carpet teal this t-shirt retails for 20. like i said four popular youth sizes checking them out so this is our new chupacabra pullover desert hoodie now we think this is a great hoodie for the price we’re selling these for 35 bucks and this is a higher quality than your typical gildan that you might see the vendor that we chose is called ams and we just like the fit and finish of it right now i’m wearing a size large and this is what it looks like after i’ve worn it after a couple washes so it’s kind of already got its little bit of shrinkage out of the way one thing i noticed i’m tall with really long arms i’m about six three two hundred and seven pounds but on a gildan usually the sleeve length is really short i’ve really got to stretch it out in a size large the sleeves are a little bit longer it’s a thicker quality feel and we went pretty simplistic with it we’ve got the nice text logo up here on the left side with the full logo on the back this is just a great desert hoodie i like the slimmer feel and fit of the large myself so with a size large just has a little bit slimmer feel than some of my other large hoodies uh just so you guys know if you’re gonna order if that’s what you prefer like i like this if i’m gonna be on my dirt bike or something active i don’t want a lot of extra fabric go with the traditional size but if you want something a little bit looser fit or you’re a little bit wider around the stomach you might want to look up an exercise i’m going to go ahead and throw an extra large on so you guys can see the difference but this fit is a more of a slim fit i would say in terms of a hoodie in terms of the width up here by your shoulders even though the length of the arms is good the length of the torso is pretty good compared to most of my other hoodies i will say it’s a little narrower around the chest area so here is the size extra large as you can see there’s a lot more room it’s more of a relaxed comfortable fit i’m kind of in between where my arms being so long i can use an extra large or a large um on some of my motorcycle gear i’ll kind of oversize that we’re just pretending underneath like a jersey so same type of thing here if you guys are looking and trying to figure out what size you are i’d say these run about a half to three quarters of a size small so just so you know before you go to order i think it’s a really great quality for the price again 35 bucks um comfortable thick warm long sleeves good fit and finish nice green print we use a local company here in phoenix called acme logo turned out good on the rear which did an all field variation of our standard chupacabra logo so if you want to know more check them out on our website i wanted to tell you a little bit more about our flex fit snapback hats you can see the one i’m wearing here is our og color patch and we also have another variation which is an all teal or as i we like to call it deal is real this is a yupong 110 flex fit hat so i wear a lot of different hats i’ve tried a lot of different types over the years i like something that’s comfortable that has a fairly wide build not overly wide like some of those new era style hats and also something that has some stretch and it’s comfortable to wear when you’re out in the desert you start sweating it doesn’t have wool it’s going to shrink up and be tight or uncomfortable so really like the overall shape and profile of this hat which is why we chose it it’s got a lot of stretch built in and then we’ve got a snap back on the rear so this in my opinion is a really high quality hat we’re charging 32.95 we think it’s worth it because of the fit and finish of the hat itself the shape of it the 110 stretch as well as some premium features such as a custom woven patch we’ve got a custom woven patch with our matching teal here on the front then we also have a custom molded label on the rear of each hat so you can wear it backwards get a little bit of that branding got the matching sticker on it here high quality hat guys here we’re not selling just one of these giveaway type hats we think this is going to be one of your favorite hats in your closet that’s comfortable it’s going to last you all desert season it’s got a little bit of stretch it’s got a good styling that most people tend to really like with the flatter build that isn’t too flat and too wide but comfortable you can give it a little bit of curve if you’d like just a really comfortable hat good size branding check them out hi this is nick olson super copper off-road and want to tell you a little bit about our sun hat so here’s a quick rundown of our new chupacabra off-road sun hat now you can see i’m wearing one and i’m holding one this is a one size fits most uh this is our second iteration so we learned a lot when we had our first hat which was a little bit too small so we decided not to sell it this hat fits most all of our adult sized male heads uh i’m a pretty average male size head with a baseball hat i wear a seven and three eight you can see i’m wearing it and i’ve got a little bit of room to play around and maybe a little on the big side for you women or those of you guys with smaller heads but big enough to accommodate most we wanted to do something a little bit unique by taking the straw and adding some gray dye to it we thought great would really set off the teal of course we have the custom match teal patch on the front with some teal around the brim and then we’ve got our own custom designers some pretty cool artwork an artist uh did for us of our race car so it’s our race car and beast mode again more teal branding looks cool really comfortable i wear this hat all the time it’s gonna be worth a lot here as we get ready for the summer months great for the motocross track great if you’re out in the desert spending some time out on the boat check them out 30 bucks on our website now let’s talk about face mask this is our new chupacabra face mask slash dust mask and you off-roaders know face masks have been cool long before copenhagen last year so this is a nice oversized length face mask to use when you’re out in the desert this works great if you don’t have a full face helmet keeping dust out of your nose and out of your mouth we use it to cover up some camera gear it’s nice to have a couple of these in your side by side at all times they retail for 10 bucks they’re really soft they’re designed to be lightweight so they’re going to be ideal when it’s really warm out this isn’t necessarily the warmest like some other people who make some neck gators that are thicker but these are going to work really well when you’re above 80, 80 degrees 90 degrees and you still want to have something to keep that dust out of your nose and out of your mouth we have one print option again they’re 10 bucks you can check them out on our website.


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