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by Nick Olson

Wes Lefler and Nick Olson are back discussing Part 2 of the Power of Social Media in the Off-Road Industry.


It’s not desert season without a campfire or chupacabra off-road now here’s your host nick olsen what’s happening everybody it’s nick olson and wes leffler coming back at you it’s chupacabra off-road our little podcast here is called around the campfire that’s right we’re talking about desert life off-roading you know side-by-side game just like we’re hanging out with you guys you know hanging around a campfire talking talking shop having a good time what’s up wes how’s it going good to be back uh for another episode of this good man i’m glad i got to hold you to knock this one down uh we did part one i was excited to do part two here but i didn’t get a lot of stuff coming up um tell everybody in the audience which uh what your off-road world is heading towards here in the next few weeks well i pulled my calendar out but i it’s too heavy um things i got marked in it so i mean it’s going to get busy here uh got sampling felipe 250 uh coming up next week um actually before that got a filming opportunity that will be coming out doing some filming on monday getting down to san felipe next thursday come back from there spent a couple days at the job to pay the bills and then head to uh coral pink sand dunes for about five days playing in the sand um most people don’t know coral pink but it’s i’ve been going there for 20 plus years it’s one of my favorite places to go riding it’s a little different if you haven’t been there um shortly thereafter getting back from there and knocking out another race on the side by side and the silver state 300 and shortly after there uh looks like chupacabra will be taking a trip and uh doing some more uh more content some more riding and uh in a undisclosed location um and then i think i got a couple weeks off and then i think i gotta spend some time with the wife and uh go do some non off-road non-racing non-uh non none of that for for a week or so to make sure that everything stays normal and steady living the dream bro i’m living the dream i love it and it just seems like i can’t say no to anything but it is what it is man i mean we love it and you know it’s a family thing for most of all those things i mentioned and you know getting to take the wife with me when we go racing down to mexico is fun uh helping out trophy truck team is also you know it’s amazing and getting that opportunity and then you know the racing thing like i mentioned before you know total family thing we take the kids with us and they help out and so you know it is still quality time i think it’s better than sitting at home and letting them play you know on the computer or watching tv or playing video games you know get them out and actually get them to breathe a little bit of the fresh air all right so you know you pay attention who’s going to win i want you to just make a prediction not who’s going to win san felipe but has um 250 500 or 1000 i don’t know if a four-wheel drive trophy has won the overall yet maybe that’s happened or not i think the fourth um andy no no he was he was still in his two-wheel drive two years ago san felipe last year luke and a two-wheel drive won the thousand and no i don’t i don’t think so so will a four-wheel drive win san felipe i have some inside information as to the course i’m saying it here and now a four-wheel drive will win the san felipe 250. there we go i mean i think that’s like the ultimate right everyone talks about these four-wheel drives are they tough enough let me let me let me cycle a four-wheel drive will win the san felipe 250 um however there are still some fast two-wheel drive guys but this will be the last race for the only guy the only guy that i think can win in a two-wheel drive uh this will be his last race in a two-wheel drive and that’s luke mcmullen um he’s jumping over so for the information inside information i have of the course i think this is the best opportunity that a four-wheel drive has had yes well we already hear you heard it here first so when we get back on this next time yeah whatever champagne are we making fun of you for being wrong yet again so exactly so this is part two in continuation of the first pod we did last week which got an amazing response i think we got almost 100 views on youtube what dude we need to go out to dinner either way the pod was way better than the views we got but anywho that’s neither here nor there we were talking about social media we were talking about race sponsorship and that was most apart when we kind of gave away some tips talking about what uh we’ve learned doing social building a brand what we would suggest if if you’re a racer or somebody in the space who’s trying to make a name for themselves get sponsored in the terms of helping you know pay fund your race program being a daredevil jumper those type of things so that was a fun one i really enjoyed that one and then for the part two we wanted to talk about more about social but what we’ve learned and how we’ve built a brand from scratch and you know maybe some other tips and things we’ll learn for for um maybe other brands in the industry or maybe just some good takeaways if you are a racer just like more from the brand perspective and how hard it is to build a brand and we’re basically about three years deep into consistent content creation and uh and we’ll just kind of share what we’ve learned and what we think and kind of talk about youtube culture and the tick tock pending take over and everything in between yeah exactly i think things are changing fast um but i think the chubacabra as a whole will be ready for all those changes and it’s exciting and future is exciting yeah yeah so we’ll go back i got a fun fun little story for you to start off could take you back to memory lane so wes and i met mountain biking way back in the day in the mid 90s and uh wes i know you remember some classic mountain bike videos back then where fox racing’s chain smoke videos iconic i think i played the vhs yes it was on vhs not even dvd probably a hundred times i i wouldn’t be surprised if i don’t have a copy of it in my garage right now in my uh trophy box that i just can’t get rid of so you know um we’re all in the mountain biking fox is just really making a lot of content at the time fox already had you know industry-leading products i’d say or brand awareness everyone you know at that age we got a dirt bike riding mount mike riding fox was just the cool brand and the what you the type of gloves you wanted to have etc and then um either way they come out with chain smoke too i want to say you know late 90s early 2000s and the video starts off with brian lopes who’s just this amazing mountain bike rider by the way his bike is strapped to the back of larry ragland’s trophy truck and i watched it again fairly recently i’m pretty sure knowing where i know now it wasn’t parker and and uh he goes larry i thought you said this thing was fast pin it remember that yeah it’s amazing now that that definitely makes me feel old but uh yeah it’s crazy to see that even back then you know in mountain biking which was you know definitely part of an off-road sport but to see that that that coming to a mountain bike video a trophy truck coming to a mountain bike video at that time was amazing and i think that back then i don’t know if i speak for nick but man we were mesmerized by off-road vehicles even before we started mountain biking the reason why we mountain biked was because it was something that we could afford barely yeah and then growing up in las vegas i mean like off-road culture i mean off-road racing has kind of almost been centered in las vegas maybe not so much to companies but overall the the amount of events you know from the mint so prim to you know all these other things and then also a lot of people who race who are from las vegas yeah exactly i think i think it was always part of our culture you know and it’s definitely you know something we always paid attention to for sure was off-road racing so you know that video comes out right it’s just this amazing video and and it was everything we loved about life right we like mountain bikes and we like trophy trucks oh my gosh you know so fast forward to 2005 i actually get a job working for fox so i pack my stuff up by myself u-haul move up to northern california and a few months after i joined i’m lucky enough to sit down i’m eating lunch with greg fox is one of the fox brothers and i had done my homework and saw on that video that greg fox was the executive producer of chain smoke so i’m like greg you gotta tell me like why did you guys do the trophy drink you know and i was so fired up he’s probably looking at me like does this guy just like want to get a fox tattoo on his forehead but i was so pumped on telling him that experience of like how how big that video was to us and fast forward until you know a couple of months ago um haley uh our full-time employee here does content creation you know i was explaining some of these classic videos she hadn’t seen to make her watch that trophy truck scene you know and i kind of had an epiphany i was like wow you know like we’ve been creating content but i’ve been trying to i’m trying to do the same thing with chupe that that fox did for all those years where they made products but they made a ton of content from the terra firma videos and i don’t know if i love fox more from the content or if i loved them more for the products or it was just like this amazing one-two punch that caused me to kind of always be in love with that company yeah looking back at all the videos it’s weird it’s you know it’s something that we’d watch and we’d love watching them and watch them over and over and over again and but i’m with you man like the the logo itself is iconic but when you look back at the videos and stuff that they’re making back then it was amazing like you know throwing a trophy truck in a mountain bike video with one of the fastest mountain bikers that we knew that we’d go and watch them practice we’d climb a hill just to watch those guys come by on their bikes for like two seconds and we do that all day long just to be like well do you see that line or this line and then they jump in an off-road vehicle and we’re like this is he’s this guy’s cooler than he’s ever been and you know et cetera et cetera but with the brand it you know i’m with you like i was a fox guy you know it was always fox everything had to be fox you know fox fox fox you know and i still think there’s people like that out there today and obviously the brand’s iconic and it’s developed but yeah it’s weird to look back at the videos and kind of actually take them into perspective now especially doing videos with with chupacabra and watching other people’s content to see what they were doing back then yeah you know they really laid the groundwork um particularly around that timeline with krusty demons taking off you know the glamous seeing really getting some notoriety or awareness of even what it was i mean you’re talking like cky like all these videos that were just viral if you could call vhs cells viral i don’t think that word even existed for content back then but um you know fast forward to me working at fox in 2005 not only do i get to join this amazing company which is a lifelong dream but fox sponsors at the time you know michael jordan and kobe i mean you got ricky and james just laying it down having some of the best battles in motocross supercross history and that’s something that fox always was able to do a tremendous job at from the 80s having rj rick johnson even to today ken ken roxanne i would consider like probably one of the best marketable supercross guys out there you know um and that’s just interesting because you know it’s gone from where they would hire the the athlete and that would help kind of control the brand image right have them in the ads and that’s kind of what they would do to build their image and an hour at such a different point in time where any brand wants to hire an influencer or an athlete you know still the consumer has their own opinion of the brand and they post and they interact with brands on their own terms so i think it’s harder to as you try to launch a brand you know obviously influencers are valuable and the right people are always still valuable i think but it’s it’s different because of social no absolutely i mean it’s definitely a different ballgame it kind of makes you wonder like what it would be like if we if if we had the social and and the youtube and everything that we have now if we had that back in you know 2005 you know when ricky and and bubba and james they were out you know they’re out there doing their thing imagine what it would be like would would would it be different would it be the same would it be better so i mean yeah launching a brand nowadays as as you well know is you know there’s risks and things like that because you got to kind of think you got to keep thinking three four steps ahead of what content needs to be you know provided to to the people you’re trying to provide it to yeah yeah so you know fast forward from the moto scene which you know also kind of burst the whole freeride movement which is a totally different exciting vibe in addition to racing and i think almost added that much more excitement to the two real world um move up to 2013 i leave fox i joined polaris you know two weeks before the xp4 1000 gets released and the 1000 right is a complete game changer in the space not that the 900 wasn’t already killing it and a lot of you out there listening at 800’s and absolutely loved them but you know right around that time a year or two before you know polaris starts getting into glamis doing camp razors and i think from 2013 to 20 to last year i went to like seven camp razors in a row um which was cool and just being a fan of glamis had been a couple times when i was younger and then now as an employee watching like how polaris conducted events you know and doing concerts and things that the glams community maybe hadn’t seen ever or maybe since some back in those days like how iconic glamis was to content um in in freestyle motocross from krusty from seth enslow you know all that type of thing and building a brand i was able to like really be on the ground floor and learn a lot of interesting lessons and kind of try to see like where the utvs were going and how do you kind of create that message as i decided to jump ship from polaris and start chupacabra and and obviously knew that you know the value long before i ever worked for polaris on the side i say that glamis is such a big deal that’s so relatable to a lot of people and it’s really a pillar of what we use to create content absolutely i think i think glamis is a catch-all because you know we have we have die-hard sand rail guys we have die-hard side-by-side guys and we all go to glamis and even the sand rail guys they all go to supercross they all watch off-road they all do it’s just a big huge place where everybody can go and i mean it’s invaluable the amount of information you’re able to obtain by being at players and going to just camp razor and glamos i mean i’m not saying the events as great as it used to be but i mean those first few four or five camp razors were amazing i mean the things that they do i mean you could pull your broken car up to a shop and they’re gonna fix it i mean they they went all out players knew what they were doing they went all out and it obviously had to show in the numbers or they wouldn’t have kept doing it but but yeah i mean now seeing big brand like polaris or or other brands doing these things like at glamis and going all out and focusing just on that one area for a weekend or five days or whatever as a brand owner like yourself you know it’s you gotta kind of like take that in and see okay how to where the good where the bad and it’s kind of cool to learn from other people’s mistakes i guess or or learn from their you know their successes also i mean we all got to give credit where credit is due i mean yamaha built the rhino and people were building like 15 000 20 000 rhinos you know and then they had all those rollovers and they took the big hit from all the lawsuits and everything and kind of squeak the or grease the wheel for polaris and canada to get right in there and make sure they didn’t make the same mistakes yeah you know through all of that the marketplace proved this is what we want we want something that’s easy as a side-by-side to drive anybody can jump in with a you know automatic and go we just wanted more power and wanted more suspension and you know maybe combined with you know motocross becoming more dangerous the younger generation being more risk adverse being afraid to you know be rough and rugged as us og dirt bike and motocross guys um people like us getting older you know fall in love having families out four seats ultimate family wagon and all those things create a perfect storm for the side by side to completely explode um as we see today in these last few years with age comes a cage but it’s not really that anymore i mean it just seems like it’s i mean as everybody knows the side-by-side industry just is exploding i’m not saying that it’s taking over but it pretty much has i mean for instance we talk about glamis a lot but if you’ve been to glamis in the last three years you’d have to i mean if you counted the amount of side-by-sides compared to other vehicles and put all the other vehicles whether it’s sand cars trucks whatever motorcycles quads all of them together they’re still more side-by-sides because you can go to the dunes then the next day you can put your knobbies on and go to the mountains and you know i think you’re right i think that’s just what where the market went i think people want something that’s the best bang for their buck and the side by side is as you’ve listened to you know other videos that we’ve done side-by-side is the best bang for your buck yep so all that you know as you lead kind of like a good setup to you know how we thought about building a brand so i think the brand chupacabra started you know first off well there’s a lot of ideas first i was going to do an app and just create this community and get everybody to help share their opinions on products there were so many products even still that they launched every day it’s hard to keep up on them and then we were going to get this community that was going to magically work together and then somehow drive traffic and somehow i was going to make money to to make a living at it so that idea didn’t last very long luckily my wife was smarter than me and she talked me out of it but we started launching some products and i started off with a mirror and the basic premise was at that moment in time a lot of the accessories were pretty overpriced and there was a grumbling in the marketplace for more options that weren’t excessively priced because there was this first mover advantages for the oem accessories like polaris can-am and you guys still see it today their their accessories are are still kind of regarded as being pricey and it’s not so much that their people don’t want to spend 900 bucks on doors or you know even 1200 bucks on doors it’s just if they’re going to spend that kind of money on doors they’d rather have they’d spend them on a high quality full aluminum custom door like you know on your cognito doors or my madigan doors those type of things so it’s not so much about the money it’s about the value and the value is just a word that i at that time was just really trying to obsess over i’m listening to a ton of podcasts and i become a big fan of gary vaynerchuk if you guys haven’t heard of him he’s just a real marketing uh genius uh guru whatever you want to call him you can check him out at garyvee but he is uh i think a guy who’s been historically correct he predicted a lot of major events from you know facebook buying instagram to a lot of things that have really popped off in terms of trends in popular culture from technology and blockchain all the way down to you know just be able to buy and flip things so either way he really is a big believer in how much we need to put ourselves out there put our brand out there content wise to build brand awareness because you know we launched a product we started selling uh mirrors which think we’re a good value and you know how are we going to sell them if nobody knows we even exist so to me that was just like an ethos i had built in was i was going to launch our business in 28 you know around 2017 2018 like it was that year like we’re gonna go head in on social and head in on content creation as a one-two punch and it worked out well because at the time i didn’t it’s like we had a whole lot of money to launch a bunch of products right so while we’re getting that going we’re like we’re not let’s let’s create some content let’s you know um get it going so that was kind of the beginning of the chupacabra brand yeah absolutely i think i think you hit the nail on the head when it was you know at that time the manufacturers had the aftermarket parts unlock i mean you see polaris swoop up and buy a couple companies and make them their own and not that they didn’t look bad or anything like that but other people within the market other cage builders other other wheel builders everybody started seeing this as like holy cow this is about to explode and you know fast forward three years it has exploded i mean i can’t count on both my hands the amount of cage builders alone that i know that run a business just selling cages it’s crazy you know and and that’s just cages the cool thing about chupacabra though is that we started small we started small with with mirrors and but we made sure that they were affordable and that they had great customer service and that they were reliable and those three things are a key to success because then it you know frees it up and you know frees you up to do content and you know the more products you can sell the more cooler things you can do in creating better products yeah so you know we um about three years ago almost exactly we get really serious about content and um right now we’re almost at 10 000 subscribers on youtube which is something i’m really proud of you know we have a good following on tick tock instagram or over 40 000 and that’s pretty good you know i think there’s definitely companies and or brands or youtube channels that have grown quicker and there’s brands that have not grown as quick so you know i think the thing is we’ve just been in the trenches every day grinding to create that content i think you know we got over 2 400 posts on instagram since we started yeah you know and we’ve learned a lot of things and there’s also two you know i mentioned all these numbers these numbers sound cool but we don’t live and die off the numbers no are trying to create content that is authentic to us and you know you guys see it there’s a lot of things people do the post whether it’s you know the wife with the yoga pants on the on the thumbnail you know join lonely offroaders.com or you know like all these other things these thirst traps are just like reposting crash videos on instagram and girls following but you know we try to have a balance of reaching out to a new audience mainly of a of a newbie guy or talking on youtube right maybe someone who’s new to the market or going to be new to the market um so i’m not saying we’re trying to be super hardcore and not grow but you know i think it’s it’s really hard to to put content out there and be authentic to your brand when you start putting a lot of this work in because it takes a tremendous amount of effort and when you put up that a lot of effort you’re hoping to get views you know likes impressions subscribers yeah as a huge as humans we’re we’re like always impatient you know and we expect oh man we just launched this coolest glamorous video ever which we believe it is and it was really good because we know the hard work went into it but then we’re just like man why we should have 40 million views or you know i should but at the same time those people that have watched it i’m sure that they you know respected just that video but you know the other videos the the how-to videos the suspension videos the all those different videos i mean how many times are you on a forum or on your facebook page and you’re on the you know arizona side by side and somebody’s like what does this code mean or how do you change a belt or what do i need to do to this and not that those content videos i think are amazing and i think those get a ton of comments and tons of questions because people don’t know how i know in 2016 when i said okay i’m gonna go spend a lot of money on a side-by-side i didn’t know anything i was afraid to change the fluids now i wouldn’t be afraid to pull the motor out of my car or transmission out of my car and or you know clutching is like you know people don’t want this that’s all i got sometimes yeah because i had to a couple times exactly but you know what i’m saying it’s like and that’s what’s cool about the content that we’re creating you know we got the social we got the instagram and stuff like that but then you got the youtube videos those little videos they’re amazing like people will watch them you know they’ll search on youtube i’ll search on youtube how do i cook the perfect rice and then i will youtube that because i want to learn how to cook the perfect rice oh that’s how you do it so this guy that’s working on his collections got in a million pieces and he’s like man i don’t know how to put this back together and then he searches it you know clutches or suspension whatever it is and he sees those videos and you know we try to put out that kind of content that’s that’s stuff that’s unique and i think not just maybe unique’s the wrong word but it’s something that people need and people want this industry people are growing i mean a certain company right now i know for a fact in the united states they have 20 000 side-by-sides on pre-order right now that’s you know that’s what we’re talking about and when i say pre-order they they people have went to a shop they’ve put money down they’ve ordered these vehicles and they’re waiting for them to be shipped so this industry is growing dramatically and it’s going to keep growing and i think you know what nick you know what you do a lot um just doing those little clips and different things and bringing people in and being sincere i think that’s what makes chupacabra different from other companies because we do have two sides you do have the product side and you do have the you know we try to put out the quality product but then you have the social side so people can actually see that you know nick olson ceo of chupacabra is not just some dude that’s you know sitting behind a desk and doesn’t do anything they actually know and they’re like oh hey i know you i’ve seen you on the videos okay cool you know this type of thing so i don’t know i think i think for chupacabra i might just be two in our own horn but i think we’re putting out the good stuff you know the stuff that people want the sincere stuff and it’s not about the numbers yeah do we want more numbers yeah of course but it’s growing i mean remember when we launched the internet you launched the instagram page and it’s like i would check it like every three days just to see you know i can remember oh man you’re sitting at 1800 followers like wow like yeah you know um it goes back to obsessing over the word value you know like there’s value in teaching somebody how to repair their vehicle and there’s value you know in in instagram post i think each instagram post you know there’s we we go back and forth all the time with haley and i you know and um haley’s part of the content team of course and she you know we want it to be pretty we want the feed to look pretty like a you see a lot of brands like baja designs comes to mind their feed just has a lot of beautiful vehicles showcasing their products and it’s a great um you know flyer or pamphlet of their brand a snapshot if you will yeah um where we’ve done a lot of stuff that has kind of looks like a becomes a forum post hey did you see this and it’s creating a conversation so you know i have to confess i was a bit of a forum nerd before i got heavy on the social razor forums.net and i still go on glam students i still check out what people are saying on a couple of the forums but there’s a lot of value in those whether it’s repair or like hey where’d you buy this and i i think i had some of that approach putting it on ig and the the feed doesn’t look pretty but yeah you know sometimes our sport doesn’t look pretty i love some of these other pages like we were just talking about some pages that do a good job off-the-grid expeditions comes to mind to me they are a baja tour company but if you look on their instagram feed the cars are dirty they’re loaded down that’s that’s real life when you’re in baja right that’s what it looks like they post some cool photos of some beautiful spots i’ve never been to it just right if you want to go on a baja trip and you can tell it’s really authentic to off-roading yeah it just kind of comes to mind that’s what i think of what we try to do and we try to balance between uh beautiful content because i love you know in a perfect world if we had the budget and the time we would we would make every video like our 2021 glamis new year’s video you know with uh talented videographers and and have that much effort to go into it but you know i think it’s really important to just be consistent with the content that comes down to just some days just me and the gopro in the garage and you know our team where hayley and i are editing it up and we’re we’re moving to keep that content consistent to just kind of build these numbers up over time and you know as as soon as as soon as you let off the gas and don’t post a youtube video people from the subscribers stop and everything stops absolutely and the cool thing is is it’s super copper off-road so it’s not it doesn’t always have to be you know out riding or out getting your car money or things like that like you know recently you posted those pictures of doing a 2 000 mile you know service on your turbo s amazing amazing video like even me who i know how to do that stuff i watched it because i want i want to see how you did it and how you know if there’s something that i didn’t know and i didn’t see the behind the scenes when i over torqued one of my bolts on my brake caliper and just blew the bolt in half with my milwaukee that didn’t make the final edit no is that why you have no front brakes no but you know what i’m saying it’s like it’s really cool because a lot of companies get stuck in one realm you know like imagine imagine if you got stuck just posting pictures of mirrors and door bags and other products that you make and that’s it and nothing else and all you had to create content just for that but people need to understand that super copper off-road is about the lifestyle the products are amazing yeah we’re trying to put out the greatest products we want to make sales and you know we want to make sure that they’re quality and that the people are happy with like price points and all those types of things are very very important but the cool thing is is we’re just normal guys man like we go we go riding we go get our cars dirty i mean i know you guys can see in the background if you’re watching the video like how beautiful that car is i guarantee if i showed you a picture of it right now in my garage you’d be like man that thing’s not even that clean because it it’s dirty like i bring it back after a ride and you know any time to clean it we blow it off with the blower and you know wait for the next one and maybe wipe the seats off but so we’re not prima donnas we’re not just dune queens you know we do love the dunes i mean there is no other place like klamas and i i really get into that but but we put miles and miles on our cars off-road in the dirt mexico everywhere and that’s what’s cool about chupacabra if you everybody’s noticed that is that that’s what we try to do we try to be you know about that life yeah and um that reminds me um you know i did a youtube series chronicling building my race car you know and um posted photos of the race car a bunch of times right dozens of times well one of the posts that did extremely well was the first time we finally raced it was after our first day of racing you were there rage at the river and we posted a photo after the race the car is just all hammered with dirt on the front of it but i remember that that post got a ton of likes you know because it was like yeah i think they were like yeah congrats you guys finally did this right you’re like just these youtube nerds like you really you really absolutely you know and uh we didn’t do well but but we did it and um you know we’re trying to get better at it um that type of thing and and i think that type of stuff is cool and it i think it resonates more with the real audience and that’s how it goes back to the numbers not really being that important because i met a couple people who would watch some of the the build series of the race car and those numbers aren’t big videos by any means but the people that watch those i met a few of you guys like you guys are like die hards like you guys are like you know i don’t know if anyone’s really documented a race utv or even an off-road race vehicle um from a frame all the way up like like we did and um you know it’s just i i i’m trying to put out what i would like to see you know like be the change you want to see in the world yeah but if if i was that guy if i was building a race car and i watched your videos all the way through it would help me tremendously you know to see things whether or not i followed the same path or did the same things it does help and i think that’s what what brings the bang for the buck yeah yeah i mean just things you can do to try to add value on each post in each video and um honestly man you know it’s funny is like if i had tips if i could explain this to another brand or if you’re you’re just trying to create your own personal brand whether you’re a racer or an influencer you have to be so passionate about it and i think a lot of these decisions i make for content are like so passion driven that they’re not driven in hard roi numbers of what is the expenditure of this glamorous video going to do for overall sales i can’t tell you what that is exactly but for me maybe it’s um in most of my life being in the corporate world and like having this creative side i love the the creative side of trying to put out content and putting it out there i love it man it’s like i’ve never really played a musical instrument growing up or did anything creative i wasn’t like artistic whatever but there’s something about shooting videos that i really dig and um i’m not saying that i don’t get burnt out or i could do it all the time but it might be some of the highlights of my years like going to shoot you know that the video we did with nate and uh and my wife asked me that’s like what’s the best part of the gig like you know that that’s a lot more alluring and exciting than putting mirrors in boxes and dealing customer service issues and that kind of stuff it’s super fun and it’s fun to be creative and and try to do it in the most authentic way possible like i want our brand to be as authentic as anybody who’s in off road period in the story yeah absolutely you mentioned the best word passion about it you know it’s like there is this passion that everybody within off-road the passion that gets you up you know after working five days and then getting up early on a saturday to drive out and take your family riding or or to you know spend all your hard-earned money to go on a vacation where it’s all about writing or you know and then talking about content like i i i can’t lie like after the time we’ve spent the last few months and the glamorous video and other shoots that we’ve done like i got that bug now like i’m thinking like i need to start documenting more stuff you know like i’m just this guy that rides sometimes in in a in a race car and goes to the races sometimes for trophy trucks nothing important but if i could follow somebody like that that was just documenting that type of stuff and posting it on youtube man that’d be amazing like you know be like oh cool what’s you know even if you didn’t like him a lot of times most of your good followers are your haters because they want to see what you’re doing but no i mean the passion has to be there exactly like you said nick and that’s the coolest thing is watching it watching it grow it’s kind of like a little kid you watching it grow and stuff and having the passion and you just come up with these ideas i’m sure i come up with ideas like i’ll i’ll wake up and all night and be like oh man that would be a cool idea or this would be a cool idea or and i’m sure you do the same thing like a lot of smart people say keep a notebook next to your bed so that when you have these ideas or these dreams you can write them down because you’ll forget them but yeah the passion is definitely there i can speak for nick everybody this dude is a hustler man he’s he’s a go-getter and he wants you know it’s not about money and it’s not about you know like products and things like that just making sales it’s about making sure you have great products and making sure that you have great content to watch and making sure that you know that that till uh symbol that chupacabra symbol that you see everywhere is something that represents something good and positive you know that’s what’s cool yeah man thanks thanks for the kind words and you know getting back to just creating content in the energy i mean it’s almost like two careers at once from running a products business and then doing the content but you know the harsh reality in the marketplace is that you have to build leverage for your brand um absolutely you know i have a lot of relationships in powersports i’ve been in it for quite a while these people who were friends and all that you know they’re not going to propel my business to the next level for sure relationships help you know but let’s say you know my goal is to get a lot of these products in dealerships right and with some help with some friends i’m already there and and making some momentum building some sales on that channel but you know the reality is they’re not gonna make those those mirrors go off the shelf right like i’ve gotta help drive retail from rm building the coolness of the brand brand awareness uh you know making sure we’re reiterating the quality and the value and how our products stack up in the marketplace against our competitors because you know at the end of the day one of my my good buddies jim herman taught me nothing happens till somebody sells something you know and when you’re our brand all these brands have to sell products to keep the lights on and and like wes has commented with the explosion of the industry so so has been the explosion of companies and sometimes i just look at the sea of competing competing products that we’re competing against and it’s like wow how do people even know we have products and why do people even buy ours it’s it’s almost overwhelming at times when you see the the competitive landscape if you pay close attention to it like we do yeah and you i guess you just have to chalk that up to to what it represents i mean i’ve said it before i think the logo pops out like no other i think people really enjoy it uh the colors everything is just rock solid but you’re right i mean people you you could you could put your stuff inside a store all day long and you know it doesn’t mean people are just gonna go buy it you know you you gotta have a something that drives them to want to purchase yours over the other 50 different things that they can purchase you know um for instance i have um i have a colleague uh that i didn’t even know he bought the products and he bought him and he’s like man you know i broke my glass and this and that whatever and i’m like i’m like well hey man you know find out your order number i’ll i’ll get you a new piece of glass he’s like what and i’m like he’s like man i just love that company like he’s like it just seems like everything’s so simple and so easy and you know and i was like well how did you break it and he’s like well it was kind of stupid it was a deluxe mirror and and he’s like i was climbing in my car and i i hit it with my head and it bounced up into this cage and put a little crack in it i’m like oh so deserved he’s like oh yeah he’s like i thought i was going to snap it in half that’s how hard i hit i guess he had a big gas in his head but for him just to say like man that company’s just amazing i love that company i’m just like well i am that’s pretty cool to hear because i didn’t even i see this guy once every four or five months and i didn’t even know that he had even purchased stuff but he had because he had seen me wearing the logo and he you know he heard me mentioning what it was and things like that and he went and took it upon himself to start following it and start doing it which that’s that’s i think that’s the most beneficial thing obviously for you probably too you know seeing people supporting your products and and you know enjoying the content and vice versa yeah now that’s a cool story um you know the contents is easy to get really excited and passionate about and um what i’m really excited to show all of you guys listeners but you know we also want to make sure we’re delivering as much value as we can on the product side and we’ve been working on these products like it sounds dumb but we work on the side mirror i had the original idea man like over a year and a half ago it sounds ridiculously long to develop but i really am excited to deliver the value prop on the product side now you know because i think we’re we’ve kind of reached a point where i i think i know exactly what it takes to deliver value from a content side and keep it moving and keep trying and man like the product is the one-two punch like i talked about with fox right like you had good products and and a brand it made sense and you could tell they were core to the lifestyle i think that’s just a really good blueprint that i’m taking from 20 years ago and uh i can’t wait to show you guys these products man like we’ve like we’ve really thought about a lot of things i have and got some great ideas from our engineering team and like just that’s the thing you need some some cohesiveness and then testing and then talking and then going back to the drawing board and then being crushed because this is all taking way longer than i thought i thought they would have been live by now but um i’m really hoping to get a good reaction and i think we will and it’s going to really change what people even think about our product side it’s going to really level up because we started at a value price point and reached a bigger uh group of audience of customers you know that are buying on the lower end and then now we’re scaling up into the higher end higher price point stuff which i think is going to work really well for us because if you look at our content like all of our cars i mean you look at your car it’s gucci you know and yeah we obviously have a lot of nice stuff we use it we know what’s up we race um we appeal to that customer like i did some videos about the speed utv i started doing the video just because it seemed like a cool car i talked myself into buying one via those videos but that speed customer is a guy like us they’ve been in the game for a while they’re like i like this car because it already has boom boom boom and i can see the value prop of what i’m getting for my money and you know that’s the type of customer i think that we are connecting with very well on content and we haven’t had to reach them as much as we want because we haven’t put out the products that they want to see yet uh with the product side but you know we’re working on we got some exciting stuff and i guess i’m i’m telling you this now but i have some some cool new stuff for your car to have you uh try out here on a ride in may well you know i’m always excited to try out the new stuff you know i i i’m very uh fortunate to get to try out all the new stuff and to do some r d and make sure because we do a lot of r d on those things and make sure that once they go to the market and they go out to you guys that they’re there and they’re ready to be ready to be rocking and being able to be strong enough and everything that is required in the off-road industry but yeah and it’s it’s exciting you know like like you said you know creating the products is is a big part of chupacabra and you know having a great team behind you and you know and people outside the box you know like you don’t necessarily always have to have people within the industry to help you out you know because they might have things that and ideas that you don’t but yeah i think i think you got a great team of designers and engineers that have helped out and you know taken your vision yeah you know and getting back tying products back to content you know with um getting those out there we do a lot of facebook ads you know trying to drive traffic and brand awareness and it’s the type of content that we’re gonna be making for these products and then i’m gonna be getting a little bit on my steve jobs with my little my little pocket going through the whole gamut of all these products and just to let the customers know you know and try to build that value in the product in the content hey you know we thought about this hey we had a race car with window nuts and we thought about this hey did you ever think about this hey here’s our personal experience right because you know a lot of people see the content we’re having fun we’re you know high fives in the dunes and we’re screwing off of drones and stuff but really the the goal hopefully is to use all those experiences you know your friends of our that race and run our products get that feedback and put it into the product right because otherwise what we’re just you know we’re not trying to show off that we’re out there having a good time it’s part of the lifestyle we get to enjoy but using those experiences a lot of those big rides we tend to learn a lot or in different environments like rock crawling stuff that we don’t normally do you learn so much and you can kind of relate to a bigger part of the audience versus just one thing and then put that into the product so that and then convey that with the content and try to make it easy to understand so that when people see it they’re like okay you know like i understand that i’ve walked through it and the content is just uh has told the story that we’ve been documenting our our learnings and our trips so that we’re trying to put all that energy and then you know get the feedback and ideas and like you have such a good you know little sonar and some of our friends that ride that have good ideas just to add to it and things that i don’t think of and that’s part of the team that really makes it all come together yeah and i mean being humble enough as a business owner to take advice from other people or and recommendations because a lot of times you know business owners don’t have that you know and if you’re creating your own brand and you’re out there trying to to create something or sell something or content or whatever you’re trying to do with your own brand you know here here first you know you got to be able to uh let other people make suggestions let other people help you along the way if you’re not if you’re not willing to take that little bit of help from you know friends and and colleagues and things like that it’s going to affect you in the long run you know and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do is to let go a little bit and and give other people the opportunity to give their input but in the long run it’s it it really helps out i you know i don’t i’m not a know all or anything like that but you know i’m i’m aware of the the off-road industry and aware of different things and you know there’s things that you catch nick that i don’t even think about and i’m like holy cow that’s a great idea you know and i think that the whole team you know and make sure and that when you are building your brand when you are building content when you are doing any of this you got to have great support behind you you know whether it’s family that’s you know just there being family or whether it’s friends or people you’ve hired or whatever the case might be just make sure that those are the right people to help you no doubt no doubt i get excited about going to areas where a lot of the people are out you know out and about and really that kind of boils down to the sand show yeah and or glam this big holiday weekend because that’s where you kind of have a big group of people in our industry where there’s time to just go say what’s up and say hi and chat and all that so i hope that that’s the feedback those interactions are really good in terms of people’s response to either the videos or the products you know i think it’s it’s gonna be fun to keep growing this business and adding more products yeah um i think there’s you know a lot of categories that we can expand to beyond what we’re doing right now i think even our current categories we can have some different price points and add some more some more products and that just took a little while to figure out you know and throughout the whole time it’s been a learning process with the content and the contents taught us you know a lot of things like you said like listening to other people who are more talented than i and trying different ideas i think that’s another thing if you’re putting content out there right no one knows what’s going to hit you know that’s a point i really wanted to make some of my favorite pieces of content wes don’t have that many views there’s that suspension video i did january of last year with wayne israel said it is it might be my favorite youtube video i love doing the suspension testing with wayne he’s a he’s a god he’s a super cool guy to work with it’s right in the suspension world and it was just in a fun day and i really thought that the the guy i had at the time he used the right music and the and the vibe and man i just felt like it was so core but i don’t think the video even has 10 000 views so you know that goes back to our earlier conversation like chasing numbers wanting to grow but not using that as our north star because the numbers aren’t authentic i can go flip my car six times in glamis and we can get way more views you know we can absolutely we can do thirst traps on instagram and get more views like we can do a lot of the buffooner you see people do and people are always gonna do that and that’s that’s their hustle i guess but um you know that’s that’s the part that’s hard when you’re new when you’re trying to define yourself and and try to build that logo up to where someone would want to wrap it on a hat or a or a t-shirt and that that means something quality to them yeah absolutely i think i think you’re i think you hit the nail on the head it’s you know there’s there’s easy ways to get those numbers up you know obviously uh a lot of people in the industry do it and sometimes they’re successful and sometimes it works for them you know it’s just not sincere i think the majority of the you know you’re you’re really go-getter off-road people they see it they see right there yeah are they following that page probably are they checking out their videos yeah probably everybody wants to see a crash everybody wants to see that type of carnage but at the same time are they really focusing on that page are they really you know caring about that product or that company probably not probably not they’re probably just there to see you know something cool for a millisecond and move on with their life but you know i don’t know i think i think the way chupacabra does it and you know in the way that we’re able to you know put out cool stuff that we think is cool and you know even if only five people think it’s cool those five people probably think it’s really cool you know and yeah but i don’t know i mean i think the focus as a whole i think it’s just you know starting off it’s only been really about three years like you said going hardcore and you know if you go back to where we were in three years ago to where we are now as far as the company and the awareness of it it’s you know it’s growing rapidly so i’m excited man i i think here and then you know in the next you know year and two it’s you’re me looking back and maybe we’re watching this pod or listening to this pod and just being like holy cow remember we did that a few years ago and look what look at every all the changes look what everything’s happened look how much this did and this and this and that because it’s only a matter of time you got to start somewhere um you know there’s a lot of big instagram pages there’s a lot of big youtube pages that people that have you know a million followers and millions subscribers and things like that they didn’t always have that you know they didn’t always have that that didn’t always just have all those people they had to work for it and so as long as it’s growing don’t matter the rate it’s growing it’s growing that’s what matters the cool thing about content too wes is you know i think about it like it it’s not a zero-sum game like people that are really passionate about off-roading they might watch four or six youtube channels and follow hundreds of off-road instagram accounts you know and like like youtube’s probably the best example i mean we’re all just like a different flavor of ice cream you know like what we believe should be and is and uh what is authentic too that’s us right that’s our we’re chocolate chip right and then this person is and sometimes you know you like all different flavors if you’re an enthusiast of the sport so that’s what’s really cool about it what flavor hot sauce is your favorite you know i guess that’s there’s like 40 million hot sauces so you know it’s a little more hippie dippy than in the sales world where like ultimately our sale comes out of the expense of another brand and all that but the market’s grown so rapidly there is room for everybody and i think if you’re if you’re grinding with your content if you’re trying to grow your business you know you you will it will benefit your business significantly and then also you’re going to learn a lot about yourself in the marketplace and that’s the best thing about it is the feedback loop um you get a product comment on a youtube video about nothing that’s even related to it um you get you know for us we’re on amazon we have our our best-selling product on amazon has over four thousand reviews so that’s what i love and i that’s what it was like in part one of our video i talked about how i love the transparency of social that if if you’re an authentic person you will win you will find your audience people will see it and feel it you know through the screen uh through the you know whatever you’re listening to or watching this and if you’re not then you’re maybe you’re afraid to put the content out there if you’re not authentic or if you are people will sniff you out you know i love that and um i think it’s just a it’s it’s an amazing time where you can project you know what you want to put yourself out there and get your brand out there and craft something how you want your own way and there’s a fan for everybody absolutely i mean that’s i mean you said it right there i mean it’s it’s it’s it’s hard to be perfect in this game you know it’s hard to be perfect all the time in this game when it comes to sales or when it comes to your social and things like that but i agree with you you know i mean sky’s the limit i think and and i like i i had this grin in my face but it you know i just know i just know what’s being built here and you know like if we’re giving advice to other people or if you’re giving advice to other people it’s it’s kind of similar like you you have your choice like you want it you know humans always want things now now now now you know it’s just it’s just our culture i mean we live in a culture where you can get almost anything overnight you know back in the day i remember you take seven days and you know to get things and you can get stuff overnight nowadays and people are just more and more patient we live in this fast-paced world and i don’t know i mean it’s it’s it’s going to be interesting i think final point i wanted to make or tip you know if you want to get into content creation or you listening to this like from a brand’s perspective of what we look for i think we kind of talked about more of that in the first pod but you know um the main reason why people might not want to put content out there is because of negative energy or haters and uh i would like to say that i anticipated a lot more hate a lot more haters than i’ve received so far there’s definitely been a couple of them and um you know if you want to get into the off-road space that this is me giving your safety net to be a little bit more free because hey the haters and off-road they’re pretty soft like i thought you guys were going to come with a lot more heat i was ready for i love some some good ball busting especially with youtube comments and um you know these the the community i think is really good they appreciate i think the value that they put in to make a video and they they’ve been gone pretty easy on me i don’t know if you’ve seen any comments and stuff but yeah you guys are a little bit softer than i thought you’d be yeah it sounds like you’re poking the bear here i guess they could be pretty rough on us i mean but hopefully not but that i mean that that that shows you know you’re going to get that no matter what i mean but the cool thing is yeah they hated and they made a comment on your youtube page but guess what they watched it again how much that youtube video cost them to watch it yeah exactly like free yeah it was like uh yeah i think it was free that day actually to watch it yeah so yeah i’m telling you too speaking of our glamorous 2021 video um in the video a couple times they say we’re trying to make the best glamorous video ever we’re trying to make the best and i was telling you i think we got three or four comments we’re like dude i would have liked this video more if you would just not tell me it was the best you know it’s funny because it’s like my don’t choose a king and it’s like there’s no such thing as what is the best video versus another even though ours is literally the best there’s i pay very close attention to the what’s going on out there and there isn’t anything that compares that i’m just let’s just be truthful and honestly that you know to get all passion i’m getting all wound up what else are we here for we’re out here to put out the best like yeah we want to add to the culture with the content and the products like the best the best is is an arguable never you know there’ll never be an answer especially in 2021 with the amount of money and on social but like what is a great product at that price you know compared to it in the marketplace and what is a great piece of content and content doesn’t necessarily compare another piece of content because you could like it like i said in all different flavors of ice cream so yeah you know i’m passionate i might i might start slipping more and talk more about the best this the best that but i’m not waking up every day here to just make stuff to make a dollar yeah but the thing is it’s not an advertisement i mean you’re not you know you’re not just saying that it’s the best because you know that helps you i mean you’re saying it’s best because you know what to what it took you know financially time energy the amount of people everything that it took the fact that you know other videographers and other people out there filming those videos i guarantee they watch that video and they say oh man that’s a six shot that’s six shot back to six shot so i would assume that the majority of people if they said oh you know it wasn’t the best i’ve seen better they don’t really they don’t really understand they probably they don’t really understand they just don’t have all this taste if that’s what their opinion well some people weren’t born with great taste this their eyes haven’t been opened if they were to follow us around and they were to watch what we did to get all those different shots and the different cameras i mean and the amount of information that was taken then they would guess what they would say that is the best video because then they could see it and that and it’s hard to get that they hung out with nate and watch the master yeah i mean i guess we could do next time we’ll have somebody film nate the entire time and then do the the video and then we’ll do this is how the video was made and this have one guy filming you know our filmer the entire time because then they’ll be like oh wow that’s a lot of work oh man a lot of respect for that oh that’s how they got that that that uh that shot or whatever and so you know haters gonna be there they’re always gonna be there no matter what there’s always gonna be somebody trying to bring you down you know in whatever you’re doing it doesn’t matter if it’s business or your your life or or personal life or whatever it doesn’t matter but the theme of it is it’s like yeah you gotta have thick skin especially in this industry i mean poor robbie gordon’s had it had a rough you know he’s got a he’s had a rough go the last few months and you know there’s other people in the industry also that you know they have a rough go but i’m glad you’re robbie because that’s a great example of someone who believes in content and speed you know he speed wasn’t built only on social for being 100 authentic robbie’s um you know um experience and his reputation has sold some of the first cars but you guys i’ve seen i’m sure speed’s got more hype than anything on the internet in utv even guys weeding up over the the glamorous jumps and stuff like that and i think he sells cars every single time he gets on a live pod i think he does a tremendous job um their content you can see like it’s gopro it’s shaky it’s not edited and it’s just raw and it’s out there and people love it i love it you know and and yeah he’s taking a he’s taking a lot of heat because the car is a lot later than they promised but you know he he almost was like bring it on in those in those pods he’s like what are people talking crap tonight you know he’s doing his part yeah i love that man because like he can dish it out so he can take it as well but i yeah that’s just a great example like it’s super contemporary just in the last year he’s built that brand with the content i mean he sold so many he’s got to have sold five times the amount of cars with the addition of the content so if that isn’t proof of pudding that that with content you can sell a 35 40k vehicle i don’t know what is i’m not don’t get it wrong if you guys think for one in one second that robbie’s putting out content to inform you about the car robbie’s does content because he knows that that’s what’s going to help sell his car he’s smart he’s not an idiot and he’s smart as an engineer he’s smart as a car builder he’s smart all the way around and he knew what he was going to take and for him to put it out there i mean because he didn’t have to when’s the last time you saw the ceo of polaris or can-am you know do the unveil of their car and be like oh here’s this and this and this and this is what we build and never and they’re not going to do that because they’re not going to put themselves out there maybe they don’t need to because they actually have the car in person and they can actually show you that it’s built and then it’s done i mean there’s only here we go i mean no offense robbie if you listen to this but it’s the things that i’ve seen are amazing you’re making leaps and bound steps over a lot of other things but but hey man you know he’s talking a lot of people with the content too i think um i enjoy watching the videos sorry good job i enjoy the videos just with the the learnings of him talking about his lessons and talking about geometry and having some higher level conversations it’s just interesting because we’re all going to the same point right can-am and polaris everyone’s going to keep stepping their game up and the speed hopefully forces them to do that whether you will love or hate robbie or love or hate the car doesn’t matter this car coming out puts you know pressure on everybody else maybe you know honda steps it up maybe cowie maybe everybody does like they’re gonna have to fight over our dollars and we all win we all get better vehicles at lower prices higher feature benefit higher quality better geometry and the cars are just going to keep leveling up and man it’s such an amazing time in the sport he doesn’t know the amount of pressure that’s on him because i mean once that car starts getting mass-produced and if it if it start has little issues and things like that then which it will every car does have issues yeah but i mean it’s just kind of unrealistic i think that that hype that you’re talking about that i mean even me i want it to do good because i want it to push the bigger manufacturers to do better and to do you know do more and more and more and keep pushing the envelope because as you know i mean can-am and polaris have things in their back pocket that they’re probably not planning to release for years and years and years because they don’t have to because the market the market shows them they don’t have to now if a company like speed comes in and says oh yeah you have to that’s what i want to see however if it comes out and it’s a flop and or whatever something major which i hope it doesn’t but if that does happen all it’s going to do is make polaris and can-am like have a little smirk and giggle and keep those things in their back pocket that we as consumers want but we don’t even know what they are but we we know once they get released i mean we want them because you know that they have stuff planned from years and years in advance of these things it’s not just like oh well we we built our 2022s and you know that’s it you know now we got to go back to the drawing board and come up with something cool you know it’s not like that they have the things ready to release it’s just a matter of they have to push them if it makes financial sense which is really sad because robbie is doing a good job of building a car that that is going to have a lot of those advancements all right anti-corporate car but he has people not he has encounters because if he showed up with a you know off the assembly line like can i am or polaris off the assembly line like that people wouldn’t buy it they would go automatically they go for a can hammer players because there’s really no reason not to the trust is there the cannon works the polaris works the yamaha works the honda works so i think i think robbie has to shoot for the stars which is really cool and he’s got a big following i mean obviously his success in in racing throughout the world and the things that he’s done and he’s a great salesman man i’m telling you if you’ve ever had a conversation with that guy go have a conversation with him i promise you you will buy a speed utv if you don’t own our if you don’t know side by side right now go find robbie gordon you’ll buy one so we gotta wrap this thing up wes and at this point there’s probably only three people listening anyway but look up some exclusive news uh the exclusive news is not that exclusive is that i’m getting a speed utv uh that’s been documented but i will be getting one of the first ones out there and i’m not getting it for a deal i’m spending full retail and i’m not gonna call wes a speed hater i’m gonna call i’m gonna label wes a speed skeptic so once we get the speed you guys better believe we will be doing a plethora of content but uh i’ll get wes out to arizona or i’ll come out to vegas and we’ll flog it we’ll fog it back to back with one of our turbos and we’ll give you that real raw house you guys heard it you heard it here flog it okay so you know we’re going to make we’re going to make sure double yeah i’ll jump to swing set double and you can go jump the can now how about that yeah well i mean i’ll never mind i’m not even going to use it i’ll bring the like this yeah exactly no so that’s exciting like i said i mean i have given nick a hard time about that but you know it’s cool that you know you can go and pay retail for it because guess what now you can create content now you can show if this is the greatest car ever it’s going to be the greatest car ever if it’s not it’s not and that’s what’s cool about chupacabra you know we’re not we’re not one brand yeah we own polarises and you know nick worked for players whatever but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t aware of all the other brands and that you know we want we want them all like if i could have a garage full of everything i would but so that’s the cool thing about chupacabra but we’ll wait until yxz of course yeah you all know i mean i would want a white let’s not get out of hand here i want one but i want it like a packer performance one where all i can do is do drag racing yeah just you know put forty thousand dollars into it and yeah be cool right shouldn’t everything be cool when you dump 30 40k there’s just something about being on the chip at the sand dunes i’ve never like all that on the town guys like yeah but if it had a turbo and it had long travel and and yeah everything with 20k looks cool even the razer xp like it was poor someone with you know uh method and tensors and long travel and the sick sdr cage and like the thing looks sick yeah as it should it’s like 60k like you know what i mean yeah i still think it’s overpriced off the show those poor 4c talents man they can’t even drive under the underpasses their k’s are like nine feet in the air it’s um i mean there’s such little inventory out there things are so bad people are buying 4c talons out here in the marketplace yeah i mean that’s that’s when you know it’s bad cool no we love them all you know we we’re about the life and things like that and like i said we would love to have all those different cars and don’t ever think that uh chupacabra is a brand specific brand because it’s not that’s why all our products go on all different types of cars so we’re there for everybody even the white even the yxz people yeah some people we just joke because they’re the yeah we just we just joked because they’re like super loud and annoying well good times as usual man thanks everybody for watching i hope you guys enjoy the pod here uh we got some more coming soon i figured our next topic wes i was excited to get these two done yeah and keep it going so we don’t fall off the map so we’ll put our heads together thank you all for listening again check out our website chupacabra chupacabraoffroad.com if you want to check out some of our products and other content we’re everywhere tick tock clubhouse i’m even on the club right now or i don’t think all that that in clubhouse but tick tock instagram facebook you know the whole deal yeah absolutely so uh check it out guys be be nice to us in the comments don’t take uh nick’s uh don’t let me see something i wanna hear some haters all right well yeah hate on nick because i’ll i’ll i’ll join in there and hate on too but no yeah i appreciate you guys listening tuning into this until the next one man i’m excited so uh we’ll get some good topics going if you have some topics for us leave them in the comments yeah thank you guys


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