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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad goes into detail about their new premium t-shirts and hoodies. Watch the video for more!


Hi this is Nick Olson super copper off road and i want to tell you a little bit about our sun hat so here’s a quick rundown of our new chupacabra off-road sun hat now you can see i’m wearing one and i’m holding one this is a one size fits most uh this is our second iteration so we learned a lot when we had our first hat which was a little bit too small so we decided not to sell it this hat fits most all of our adult sized male heads uh i’m a pretty average male size head with a baseball how to wear a seven and three eight you can see i’m wearing it and i’ve got a little bit of room to play around and maybe a little on the big side for you women or those of you guys with smaller heads but big enough to accommodate most we wanted to do something a little bit unique by taking the straw and adding some gray dye to it we thought gray would really set off the teal of course we have the custom matched teal patch on the front with some teal around the brim and then we’ve got our own custom designers some pretty cool artwork an artist uh did for us of our race car so it’s our race car and beast mode again more teal branding looks cool really comfortable i wear this hat all the time gonna be worried a lot here as we get ready for these summer months great for the motocross track great if you’re out in the desert spending some time out on the boat check them out 30 bucks on our website.


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