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Keep Your RZR Reliable – Top 5 Tips

by Nick Olson
Keep Your RZR Reliable – Top 5 Tips

A reliable RZR will make for lots of trouble free rides, less drama, less headache, and more fun. Take the time and use these tips to keep your RZR running trouble free for years to come. It’s important to create good habits with your prep so you don’t end up with a flat tire because you didn’t take time to check the pressure, or other items that are easy to overlook.


If you own a Polaris RZR, I’ve got five tips for you to increase the reliability of your machine and keep it running strong for years to come I’m nick olson founder of chupacabra off-road first on the list is my personal favorite you’ve got to blow off your air filter after every single ride now I’m in the southwest and dust is just a way of life some of you in different parts of the country might not have any dust but it’s always a good thing to keep that motor breathing fresh air the way these new razor 900-1000 and turbo models are set up it makes it very easy to get to your filter shake it off and blow it out with an air hose get in the habit of checking this thing and blowing it out frequently the second item on the list is taking off your belt cover inspecting your belt and clutches there’s always dust buildup whether it’s from the belt itself or just dust that comes in from the ride we all know the belt can be the biggest frustration on the trail side of the CVT side-by-sides so keep yours clean keep them maintained and you’re gonna have a lot of trouble free rides third on the list is checking the air pressure and your tires before every ride you may not think about it but a couple psi and your tires can make a big difference in the ride quality on your next ride you need to be realistic about where you’re going riding and what make sense for the type of pressures that you should be running for your tires in your environment tires with low pressure work really well in the sand dunes some sand paddles want you to run 10 to 12 psi do you have a two-seater or a four-seater loaded down with more occupants think about all these things talk with your riding buddies take a peek at the website of the tire brand that you use to what their manufacturer recommendations are and think about how they feel on each ride ideally you want the tire pressure that’s going to give you a lot of traction a compliant ride and not have any issues with flatting and this is going to change from ride to ride environment to environment you might be losing some air pressure let’s say you’ve got some beadlock wheels haven’t been torqued in a while so do yourself a favor make sure that your psi is where you need it test it a little bit and find out the right pressure setting we’re the right ride that works for you and your machine it gets really old having a long day listening to a squeaky machine so check these pivots regularly replace your fluids every 25 hours now the owners manual suggest that you change your motor transmission and front differential after the first 25 hours and then again up to 50 hours depending on how severe the environments are well most people I know push these things they have them in severe condition severe dust rocks hill climbs etc so buy yourself some peace of mind by changing all of your fluids or at least inspecting them every 25 hours thanks for watching for more information and videos on our products visit us on Amazon at chupacabra off-road our website chupacabraoffroad.com, YouTube.com/chupacabraoffroad or Facebook and Instagram at chupacabraoffroad.


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