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Riding & Exploring in Rocky Point Mexico 2020 4K

by Nick Olson
Riding & Exploring in Rocky Point Mexico 2020 4K

Riding on the beach, trails for miles, whoops, high speed, trails, sand. If you haven’t been to Rocky Point, it’s about time you loaded up the SxS and headed down. Stay is a beachfront resort, ride from the hotel, take a multi day ride, there are so many options here, it’s a great place to explore. Great food, friendly people, and awesome weather in the Spring, now is the time to plan a trip before Summer hits, hopefully this video gets you fired up to head south of the border.

Crossing in Ajo is very quick and easy, and the drive isn’t too far from Southern California as well. We stayed at the Bella Serena resort, which was really nice, Las Palomas is also a great hotel to stay at.

There’s a popular 85 mile (one way) ride I have done to El Golfo ride twice, most recently, 2 years ago, here’s the video:


This is my first published video in 4K, let me know how you like it.


What’s happening Nicholson Chupacabra off-road back in the desert and today we are in Rocky Point Court open house Co here in Mexico which is our closest local Beach if you’re in Phoenix a really fun place to come hang out laid-back vibe great Mexican food a lot of fun places to ride hanging out here with my wife this weekend no kids trip so we’re just hanging out kind of goofing off in the Razr showing her some of the areas around town fart around a little bit in the local hills and I’ve done a couple longer rides starting from here going over to El golf all really really fun ride I highly recommend you get out with a group and you plan it there’s a hotel you can stay at bring all your clothes you have to bring some extra gas to make it the whole trip it’s a really fun train on here it’s seeing the slippery of course I’m not really rocky at all there’s a lot of whoop and I’ve done this ride in the past with large groups of people there’s a lot of whoops like I said everyone’s kind of way down we’ve had a lot of car issues on this particular ride more so than some of other rides I’ve been on but probably the best part about the ride from here del Golfo after about 30 40 miles you over to the beach and then you’re running along the beach for a good 30 miles so one of the few places I think you can even ride legally on the beach and it’s really cool is if you’re in a big group of people over ten cars we’ve had like 34 cars I think on this ride that you’re not really getting dusted out by sand once you do get to the beach every one can spread out so really makes a great ride with the wife or with family there are some whoops sounds like a little bit of everything for everybody kinda get a little bit of a you know actual driving some turns and stuff but from their own it’s more of a scenic hangout fun ride so highly recommend if you thinking about coming down here even if you don’t have one there’s a bunch of spots you can kind of go rent a little Rhino here or a quad and on the beach for a little bit but we’re gonna get back go grab some food hang out a little bit more riding regrows in my mouth double as a freeze ray.


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