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by Nick Olson

Perfect dunes and perfect weather sum up this past weekend in Glamis. As most of you duners know, each trip is different for different reasons, the group you are with, the rides you go on, the carnage, the weather, but I will remember this weekend for being the best conditions I’ve witnessed in quite a while. Friday, the sand still had some moisture from the rain but was also soft from the wind, and the weather couldn’t have been better.

This is our weekend, we took advantage and rode as much as possible, along with the usual goal of trying to capture the action at the hill, drags and the swing. This isn’t the last trip for us, but might go down as the best trip, great friends, riding and no major issues, just fun. It’s pretty cool that you can take these SxS’s to almost any environment, and have an amazing time with no issues and not that much maintenance, considering.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased our products, and came up to say hi, we really appreciate it and try to put out the best content we can. Check out our other videos from the weekend, along with clips on our social media.


Manitou Colorado back in Glamis Presidents Day 2020 in min best weekend I’m gonna hear a wild weather it’s insane like you feel pretty good alright Angie first time running paddles you want to walk me through it so first time around paddles on the turbo s I had a friend who luckily had 32 inches for ears tied it to rub them see how they do compare the sensors out moszer it stopped off at wash dicks to use the facilities and left with a little contact hi so if you’re looking for a cheap buzz back and wash it all right let me fire and we had to stop for a puke break my camera guy lost his cookies watch out for this area fear over here there inside you wanted more humor in the in our video so there’s our humor for today good news these guys that much left in his stomach a few moments later blew chunks last night blew chunks this morning my name’s is a tampon now it’s an idol good all right we found a customer one of the quails thank you guys I get with a little bit of schwag trouble stir it really cool steal on people out here with the mirrors and the products coming by to say hi so thank you guys for supporting us we couldn’t do without you best weekend I’ve been on a while the weather’s been insane a little bit of moisture the sand from the rain but also soft dunes are awesome head of the China wall tomorrow when ship orbit until last night our buddies friends were there for us but they closed at 8 o’clock so we got our little stamp there but they did a little helicopter thing would have been cool to go do but wanna do today get some video floatation is that man last this trip of the year weather’s good hopefully we’ll be back out in March oh please not too hot back then no bring us the conditions are too good to not go ride hope you guys like the video if you do please like and subscribe I’ll say like it and you say we’ve got a lot more content coming your way alright he’s like and subscribe you guys like the video please like and subscribe.


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