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by Jacob Layton

You guys know how it goes, sometimes you just have a hard time in the dunes. Wet sand made it hard on all the machines out there, I'm just thankful we are safe and our break downs were all in easy spots to get out of... If you're looking for a new SxS, dirtbike or parts and accessories, support the dealer that made this video possible, Coyne Powersports! www.coynepowersports.com












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(0:06) what's happening everybody, Chupacabra Offroad. Sorry about that, we're here in San Felipe, Mexico with Fred.

(0:14) What's up, guys? You guys might remember Fred from the channel. He's on quite a bit, helps with everything Chupacabra, and we're in his backyard. Fred is leading, creating a ride single-day Baja Beach ride. So, tell us a little about the ride.

(0:26) We started with the plan about a month ago. My friends from Boss Squad were like, "Hey, let's do a ride, do it in Mexico." So, we know San Felipe pretty good. My family, my father-in-law, knows this is like his backyard. I mean, myself, I'm pretty familiar. So, we're doing a 60-mile loop. It's a free event; anybody can join us. We put a post, and people are showing up. We're going to hit different terrains, right? We're going to do some washes, we're going to do some rock crawling, we're going to hit the beach, which is our favorite part, right? Big group in the beach. We could go really hardcore desert road, but guess what? We're probably expecting 70 cars or so, so yeah, we're going to have a nice 60-mile ride. We should be back by 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., so it should be fun. Stay tuned.

(1:10) This is my first time riding down here in San Felipe, so it's pretty cool. It's rough, and like you said, there's some gnarly terrain. You could have created something that's super gnarly if you wanted, but we're going basic right now, right?

(1:20) Right now, it's a little bit gnarly, but we could go gnarlier, but you don't want to go through that race stuff with 50-plus cars, right? Most likely, we're going to have a blown belt, we're going to have a blown tire, but if we go gnarly, it'll be really bad. I mean, if you guys know about racing San Felipe, they call it the Whoops of San Felipe. Those that know, know why. Nick just found out yesterday, and he went through the smoother section, right?

(1:45) And, yeah, speaking of belt breaking, you're making fun of me because I broke my belt yesterday in the Speed, but it happens. It's fine.

(1:52) It happens. All right, we're going to check back in, but we got a good turnout so far. You didn't know exactly how many cars are going to show up, so we'll find out in the next half an hour.

(1:57) Yeah, we'll find out. We're leaving at 11, so stay tuned for more content.

(2:01) So, I've seen this car on Instagram. This might be, in my opinion, the best-looking Can-Am cage I've ever seen from this guy.

(2:14) And this rear, I mean, of course, we make the B2G, but look at how good-looking this thing is. Oh, he's got a... actually, when I had my Can-Am, when I first got it, I reached out to this guy like, "Can I get this cage?" I just thought it was the best looking. It's got that Baja style. I feel like a lot of cars down in this area, Imperial Valley, they just have the look that I think is just the coolest. Box B pillar, it's so funny how a Can-Am X3 can look amazing with a complete flat top or with some radius. This has a fair bit of radius, but this is such a good-looking car, in my opinion. Not as much storage as a B2G, but look at the back end of this thing.

(3:13) Here's another good-looking car. Looks like... oh, no wonder why, it's the same builder. Can I just love this guy's style? Love that. Not a big fan so much of a lot of this extending back here and becoming a big bumper in a lot of cage designs, but this just looks like the back of a class one car.

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(6:17) Oh, look at that G-Life, no pasta, repping the G-Life.

(6:26) First little stop at the top of a wash. Good turnout, as you can see, everybody knows Fred. Fred's become the official known person for Baja rides, putting rides together that people want to link up. Speaking of which, I came down to Imperial County for a little get-together. One of the shops down there did the off-road pit, and a lot of the cars there all had Chupacabra mirrors and Baja Designs lights, like a huge percentage. And seeing the same thing, as we tried to build a brand over the years, like this area geographically is Ground Zero for off-roading, whether it's Baja, obviously the dunes, etc. But, you know, I think if you can win in a certain area, this is like having a surf brand and winning on the North Shore type of thing, you know what I mean? So, really cool to see the products down here in full force and everyone stoked on it and repping them, so particularly Baja Designs lights too.

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