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by Jacob Layton

Let's take an in depth look at our Pro R and the brands we chose to get it up to Chupacabra Spec! Thanks to everyone that helped get this thing together! Imperial SXS - @imerialsxs Omar's Paint and Collision - @omars_collision CageWrx - www.cagewrx.com Fifty6 Engineering - @fifty6engineering Baja Designs lights - www.bajadesigns.com If you're looking for a new SxS, dirtbike or parts and accessories, support the dealer that made this video possible, Coyne Powersports! www.coynepowersports.com
















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(0:15) All right, so we got the Pro R back. I'm going to bring the guys in here in a second: Wes, Fred, Omar. Fred owns Imperial Valley Side by Side. Omar owns Omar's Collision. We had an idea for the vision of the car. We wanted to use some of the companies we've worked with for a while and some products that we haven't used before, and this is our end result. So, a couple small little tweaks we're going to make. I got a sticker that was too small, and I want to kind of change the color of it a little bit. But overall, the look of the car, I'm really stoked on how it turned out.

(0:45) Starting out with the framework of the car, Cage Works. Cage Works is a dealer of ours; they sell a lot of our mirrors. We wanted to go with them. We like the flat roof Baja spec. You guys know Chupacabra; we like to go to all different environments. We wanted to build a car that looks pretty for the sand and can handle Baja. KRS has a brand new roof rack that came out, so plenty of room for storage if we're going to do a camping trip or big adventure rides. Arizona, Peast TR, we're going to have to plan one of those here soon. But I love how the cage turned out. We went with a satin black. Fred, is it satin black?

(1:21) And, of course, paint-matched the roof rack and cage. Cage Works has a host of accessories on this car, so the rear tire carrier. Of course, we're going to take this off for the dunes, being that we're out here in Glamis, but this will hold up to a 35-inch spare. It's got a front and rear fascia cover, which is clean, the front bumper. And I want to bring in the guys that made it possible. So, Wes, what is your first impression of the Pro R?

(1:47) I haven't even started talking about other parts. I talked about Cage Works. Let's talk about the look of it with the doors. This is a new company we haven't used before. This is a guy named Adam Quintard. He owns the company King Adam the Great. He's known for doing sheet metal work on sand cars. What's your first impression of the look, how it all came together?

(2:06) Well, honestly, this is the first car that we painted, and I couldn't say that I was a little bit nervous about things, but Omar and Fred knocked it out of the park. The paint is absolutely beautiful, and to match this teal is super hard. Nick will contest this, that it takes years of knowledge and everything, and they knocked it out of the park in one swing, which is amazing. They added all a bunch of little accents with the yellow on the mirrors and the tail matching. And if you come around the front here and the bumper, you can see that they did the front bumper here and the front fascia. As Nick mentioned, the Cage Works front fascia and added the little yellow accents. And all these little things just make it amazing. And that, in tow with the beautiful 56 Industries suspension kit, kept it raw, powder-coated clear. It is off the chain. Bye-bye ball joints; we're ready to rip it. I'm just super stoked. I can't be more stoked. Everything just seems to run really clean. The lines of the doors, I really like the lines of the doors, and it accents the cage, the flat gives us a little flat line here. Super stoked.

(3:06) Super stoked. Let's bring Fred over here. Fred has a vision. If you guys have seen, you've probably seen a lot of Fred's cars. He's all over Instagram at Fred Razer. Fred, we just kind of said, "Hey, look, he's got great style and great taste." He's been running the 56 suspension kit for a while, so putting the colors together, all these little accents, this was Fred's idea. Fred, what do you think about how the car turned out? What do you like about it? What do you think about the fitment of all the parts as they went together?

(3:35) Well, there was a vision we delivered. I told Omar we wanted to paint it teal. What do you think? He said, "If we can make it happen." I told Nick, told Wes, they were like, "Oh, you guys can make it happen. I know a guy." You guys know him. He delivered. Cage Works, cage looks awesome, Baja-spec cage with Baja-style B. They think it looks good. The teal, the accents, the little accents, which were a little bit on our crazy idea, but I think everybody's liked them so far. So, I think I'm really happy with it. I'm more than happy with it. I love my red car, but this teal car, I just got to be honest, it looks really, really good. Not overdone; it's just perfect.

(4:10) I think we haven't done a teal car yet, so I kind of felt like it was time to do one. The suspension kit, we wanted to leave it raw to show off the craftsmanship of the welds. With the Pro, one thing we didn't necessarily want to worry about was the ball joints. Fred's kit down in Baja uses full uniballs, and we wanted to get that on before we had the suspension work done by MTS. So, now we've got it on. We're going to spend a weekend driving it again in stock mode with the new kit, and then we're going to go and get it all valved and tuned and ready for all environments.

(4:46) Yeah, it's going to be perfect. The suspension kit's awesome. Uniballs, some brother spindle pins, everything F&M pulled together. It's going to deliver; it's going to handle way good. Fred obsessed over all these details. Should we have painted this panel? You got the two-tone thrown in our secondary color, the yellow, which I love how it turned out. Of course, we use Baja Designs lighting. We had to have some ambers like we suggested in almost all of our content, so did some XL80s on the bumper, the headlight replacement kit, which is all S1. It's going to almost triple the stock output. And then, of course, the LP4s, which you guys all know, I see you guys at trade shows, everybody wants this light, everybody loves this light. Mounts up on our Quero race mirrors nicely, and we're excited to put this thing to the test. I mean, it's going to go to Utah, as you guys know. It's going to be going back to Mexico here this year, hopefully more than at least once. And it's going to be out here for a few more trips in the dunes.

(5:36) So, thank you guys so much. Omar, you going to come over? Omar did the paint on it. And one thing that's very difficult, I was just describing, is, and Wes brought up, is matching the teal. So, what do you think overall look? Did we do a good job of matching the black and teal for the right amount of pop?

(5:53) Yeah, I think we did. I think the matching on the powder and the paint came pretty good. I'm going to call it a super-coer blue now. I think it looks awesome. I think we just hit the right balance on the black and the blue. It should be a net breaker.

(6:12) Yeah, I mean, in the light, sometimes it almost looks too light, like it's a teal blue, which it's not. It's a little bit darker; it's a little creamier. But very difficult. Trust me, guys, when you're trying to match this amongst all the different types of layers, whether it's paint or wrap, fabric. So, I'm really stoked about how it turned out. So, thank you guys. It was a great job. This thing looks pretty. It's too clean. We're going to go put some miles on it.

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