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by Jacob Layton

Desert Season is officially here! I love being back in Glamis, it's been too long. Killer weather, and more importantly, so fun to finally get the Speed and new Pro R in the dunes! Quite different from last week's adventure in Sand Hollow, and just as much fun. Comment below and let us know what you think! If you're looking for a new SxS, dirt bike or parts and accessories, support the dealer that made this video possible, Coyne Powersports! www.coynepowersports.com



















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(1:59) s 98 it has to be

(2:03) 98 which one are we going to go on a night ride or just go to bed night

(2:09) [Music] ride oh

(2:28) no [Applause]

(2:47) some more tickets to win we got to find all these spots in the dunes I'm going

(2:50) to sign up see if we can win something tonight

(3:02) [Music] aw thank you guys what's going on

(3:12) everybody chupacabra Offroad back in the desert Wes and I took the sticky tires

(3:15) off our cars from last week in Utah now we're here in Dunes treated maybe the

(3:19) best weather I think we've ever seen out here for Camp Razer absolutely it's like

(3:23) 10° cooler than it's ever been for Camp Razer super excited tons of people out

(3:27) here players putting on a good show got some uh boost out here in the desert and

(3:31) giving away some free stuff so coming out and check it out super fun yeah so

(3:36) first time out here in the dunes in the speed first time out in the dunes in the

(3:39) Pro R yeah uh we haven't swapped cars yet but how you like the pro Vib so far

(3:43) in the dunes the pro is just so fun anytime you want to go faster it goes

(3:47) faster anytime you want to climb a big Dune climb big Dune I mean the

(3:51) horsepower is there the torque's there uh especially with the paddles it's just

(3:54) super fun so we're running the same paddles on the cars comp cut uh sire

(3:59) unlmited 30 32in black bird so we're going to swap cars later and you know

(4:02) kind of get a good feel so we can talk more about how they relate we'll do a

(4:05) comparison video since we drove them back toback last week in Utah but Good

(4:09) Vibes no issues good group um kill the weather we're going to try to Dune burn

(4:15) some gas today absolutely going to burn a ton of gas today cars are running

(4:18) great that's all you can ask for out here at cramp Razer so catch you later

(4:22) see you in a bit

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(5:58) oh you're not even

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(6:17) [Music] scared hey we're here at the PCI Booth

(6:26) these guys stock and sell our headset hangers so you want to buy them there

(6:29) check out BCI radio.com let let me put all my weight

(6:35) on it Dad Dad I want to put all my

(6:42) weight med not happening I don't think it'll work with both of your weight on

(6:46) it s pull both your eyes pull down put your

(6:49) weight on it Go was that from FR shows the highest

(6:54) form of flattery that's it what's up John I'm sorry I didn't call you back

(6:57) one second I want to buy your stuff Sho a little funny

(7:00) segment all right ready so Wes and I walk around Camp ra what do we find U

(7:06) well we found a a cool set of mirrors that uh look very very familiar some

(7:10) side mirrors you might uh you might recognize the brand here what is it dirt

(7:14) bag Brands H let's see here see what these look

(7:19) like pretty interesting I really like the shape can you see the shape I don't

(7:24) want to pull them out of the plastic cuz these are obviously for sale but the

(7:27) shape looks pretty familiar where have I seen that before there's that brand oh

(7:32) wait they have a light Mount too oh sick isn't that original it comes with the

(7:36) light Mount who would have thought of that man these are freaking awesome you

(7:39) know what they should do they should patent that they should they should

(7:42) patent that because that's Innovative and original to the side byid commun I

(7:46) feel like no one's ever done that yet someone needs to do that and if they

(7:48) patent that then you know nobody could steal their design and if nobody steals

(7:52) their design they could have a successful business and the original

(7:54) ideas and protect their original ideas are they it are they no it's feels like

(8:00) it's a cheap cast cast yeah I don't know probably made in somebody's garage I'm

(8:04) sure they save a lot of money uh because of overhead and stuff like that because

(8:08) they're kind of Rinky Dink but the shape is really dang cool and the box size too

(8:13) and the packaging it's all pretty good world class looks like some of the best

(8:17) options on the market yeah I I don't know I don't know you guys will have to

(8:21) check these out tell us what you think we'll post a link in the description let

(8:23) me know what you guys think it's cool to see Innovation it's cool to see the

(8:28) industry coming out with the original ideas I love the creativity and the

(8:31) originality I'm sure they provide a lot of value for the community with content

(8:35) I'm sure they do all that stuff welcome to day two of Camp Razer

(8:40) 2023 presented by Progressive now of course Camp Razer is all about the kick

(8:45) off of Dune season but it really is so much more than that it's about this

(8:49) off-road lifestyle and friends and families coming together to make

(8:52) memories that will last a lifetime we decided to hit the campgrounds this year

(8:56) to check out some traditions that make this weekend so special everyone's kind

(8:59) of Gears turn they get ready am I going to upgrade my vehicle who we going

(9:03) camping with what are we going to do I got to bring my charcoal grill cuz I

(9:06) don't do full pain so today's car Sal Tacos on me but we got to be charcoal

(9:10) mosqu to be to give it that baja flavor the where I'm from everybody comes from

(9:15) different corners of the country we all descend upon Glamis and you get to have

(9:19) your off-road family together around the campfire it's like the best dinner table

(9:24) you could ever imagine

(9:31) [Music] [Music]

(9:58) sh [Music]

(10:12) [Music] w

(10:52) so we're just wrapping up camp Razer weekend Wes and I had the privilege of

(10:55) driving the pro and the speed back to back with the same tires on them we had

(10:59) the same a week ago driving the same cars back to back with the same tires in

(11:03) Santa Hall Utah so starting off with Glamis I'll just talk I just got out of

(11:07) the proar I've been driving the speed all weekend we're both running comp cut

(11:11) sand Tires Unlimited uh 32in blackbirds um awesome tires really enjoyed them the

(11:17) pro r i want to talk talk suspension you guys know I love my suspension the speed

(11:21) I always brag about how Supple it is I will say though I stiffened up the

(11:24) compression today I didn't drop the crossover rings but the speed is soft

(11:28) like most of the side by sides are out in the dunes and you really have to

(11:32) stiffen them up drop the Crossovers to get some of that support from bottoming

(11:35) out in those low shaft speed event so it's really nice uh to be in the prar

(11:39) and go into Baja mode West at first you know over the chatter board like even

(11:43) the Comfort mode it's not as Supple as a speed but we're just going aggressively

(11:46) through some turns uh what mode do you run most on your suspension what do you

(11:49) think about them back to back I've messed around a little bit with uh both

(11:52) Baja mode and also the track mode because the compression and rebound

(11:56) The cool thing about the Dynamics the suspension is that it's constantly updating um and then you obviously have the red button on the steering wheel which helps out a lot you know when you're flying in coming down a bowl with a big G outs uh I think I prefer Baja for like open duning but when it gets a little bit rougher and you're in and out of Dunes a lot I think that the track mode actually works really well out here so I say that to say because the suspension soft on the speed I have to slow down for some of the G outs first big Dune trip of the season it's peaky uh there's a lot of little drop offs I will say the valving is so good when do hit a drop off you can feel like uh the ramp up of the of the valving on the speed is good but those low shaft speed those wall we just like every other side by side it kind of blows through the stroke and I've got it limited and I don't have as much power as I do in the Pro R um so as we shift talk about power you know all those things kind of help me flow or if we get into an unflower at night or something uh it's a little harder in the speed um the the power and the and the race mode of the pr is is awesome absolutely I mean we ran it in sport mode for a little while just to check it but once you switch that button to race mode it's there it's they should call it Dune mode obviously is what I think I mean cuz you can getting some of these steep Dunes over by Osborne where we were earlier today and you know sometimes it's real steep down and real steep straight up and I've never felt like I was in trouble at all I never felt like I had to turn down because as soon as you hit the gas it's there and I know that's a combination of the power but also the the paddles that we're running and those front knobbies are freaking hooking up out here it's with the four-wheel drive it's amazing so overall both cars work flawlessly um my speed I haven't even checked the belt honestly in over 7 800 miles I think the last belt I blew when it was 300 and now we're at 12 so that belt's got Baja on it um my temperatures were good the only the only thing I noticed on the speed the car did get warm when we were jamming down San Highway yesterday which was kind of weird uh the motor temps got up to 230 so um we were going 5560 it wasn't that hot out here this weekend it was an amazing weekend for Camp Razer but other than that no hiccups in the speed that I noticed no the speeds W run great this week and it's been really good um like you said dialing and suspension is a little bit hard out here but it works really well I mean I really enjoyed driving it's really comfortable your low CG is just makes it so comfortable and I can tell that if I was in it a little bit longer I would just be ready to go and rip in that thing going down sand highway it's gone the suspension really Cycles really really well the car stays really really bounc as does the pro R but the speed with the CG and the way that it stance is it's just pretty solid pretty solid we hit a couple peaky bowls over by Osborne earlier and how this feels going over Razer backs is exceptional sand highway is exceptional coming down olds is awesome um I've mentioned this before it doesn't have as much of a forward and Back Field cuz the trailing arms those are the the moments I like to speed the most all right so we got to keep talking about power everybody wants to know about power um we ran the drags a bunch of times yesterday and then we rode ran up olds a couple times so up olds today I was around 44 and I think at the top of olds I was around 39 mph um yesterday West definitely pulled me on the drags drags are really long yesterday and my car chopped out is 63 in the speed so what were you seeing comparable speeds in your so I'm not quite sure on the speed today uh coming up the hill we obviously weren't racing each other up in Hill was super chaotic but um it was faster than I've ever gone up the hill in any and you know the grip was really good yesterday in the drags I was seeing 71 M hour down the drags uh we give this spe a little little Head Start just to check where it was and by the end of the drags which were super long probably longer than we've ever seen the drags before it was at 71 mph which is pretty good for a side by side going down the dra so I'm excited for the next time we come back if we come back with the speed key we have 75 horse I dro the Crossovers I stiffen up the suspension even more so I can hit G outs harder I'm going to have a little more bark I hope I've got enough as much lowend bark as the pro has because that low end bark is freaking awesome it is there as soon as you hit that gas especially in race mode it is there the bark is there ready to bite for sure uh it's such an amazing machine uh it's really fun to drive out here uh it just amazes me how far this whole industry whatever manufacturer you're talking about how far it's come yeah the future is bright well I'd say one other quick little nod to the pro R because Wes has got the the Dynamics with the ride command in it with the GPS I would not feel comfortable by not leading a night ride without a GPS so until we get our setup mounted in the speed it's nice that he's already got that installed um I can I let her ride back a couple times in the daylight but even though I've been here a bunch I like having the GPS for night absolutely the right command is an amazing feature on there um set your way points a lot of the way points out here are already installed through Polaris and it makes it a lot easier follow your Trail back and you know if you get lost you can always look for that way point and find your way so thanks everybody that watches if you guys like the content you have questions of course we're going to be back out here a couple more times the pro R is still in stock form it's fun to drive it in stock because MTS is going to dial the suspension which is going to be really fun absolutely super excited for what's to come you guys this build is going to be off the chain and you'll be able to see it from I don't know a long ways away yeah yeah here I mean it's going to be we're going to take it back to the rocks of Utah we're going to do some Baja rides want to have our cars built up for all environments we love that stuff so thanks everybody that watches uh big shout out to all you customers riding around in the dunes we saw so many of our mirrors absolutely Cabra seems like it's taken over the Glam sand dudes and that makes us feel good because we try to put out a product that is useful and it's good for the consumer but it also is purposeful we've seen so many of our sets the race mirors with the lp 4S with the xl80s which is great for out here yeah so thanks again to all of you guys for your support we couldn't do without you like And subscribe we'll see you on the next one we need a we need an outro say chupacabra Offroad follow us on YouTube Super C Offroad follow us on YouTube how about like And subscribe like And subscribe (18:03) [Music] [Applause]


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