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*DISCLAMIER* This video is a paid promotion, free product was sent to review. This did not sway the results or feedback of the tires used. This is a solid rock tire offered in 32, 35, and (soon) 37" sizes. The Obor RocScraper's were designed for hardcore rock crawling, but worked really well in a variety of conditions, that Utah has to offer. We've heard these last over 2,500 miles, and get better with time, once they break in. Overall I loved the tires, and will be using them every time I'm in Sand Hollow Utah. If you want to support us, please use the links below: www.chupacabraoffroad.com

















(0:00) thank you (0:07) [Music] thank you (0:54) [Music] I'm just getting my zone up like that's (1:03) going in for sure hey everybody it's Nick Olson chupacabra (1:07) off-road we're back in Utah found a couple guys that uh know how to play (1:10) around the locals here off cambroff road got Royce and Eric doing a little bit of (1:15) Wheeling connected uh through them with obore tires so we threw some of the (1:18) 35-inch rock scraper tires on the speed you know I'm trying to get a little bit (1:22) better at rock crawling I'm hoping that the speed is the perfect side by side (1:25) for me and a lot of different terrain I like to come do this rock crawling stuff (1:28) and get a little bit better hang out people like this who actually know what (1:31) they're doing and now these guys have a lot of experience on the tires too so we (1:34) did a little riding this morning kind of got unbroken in started off with 12 PSI (1:38) it's so nice to have big grippy tires we're going to do some rock crawling (1:42) right now these guys are probably gonna take me up some stuff that's going to (1:44) scare me we'll see how it goes you can all learn today (1:47) every time I come here I feel like the expression applies I always learn so I'm (1:52) excited to be out here and try out the tires this is the the stickies the 35 so (1:56) excited to have the ground clearance they are very comfortable so far we (2:00) installed a new spring kit on the speed the speed's already got good suspension (2:03) but so far running around in Utah it's nice I think it's got a good option for (2:07) a lot of you guys that live in areas like this that want to do rock crawling (2:10) maybe take them for some other trails and things because even if you get on (2:13) smooth section of nice sand whoops and everybody gonna hit some rocks there (2:16) right yep for sure yeah we're excited nick uh invited us out on this perfect (2:20) day he waited till it's like 112. out here at Sand Hollow to come ride side by (2:25) sides so well I figured I was going to soften up that rubber hardcore test yeah (2:30) everything should be there's no off season for us we keep it real (2:34) should be fun so let's get to it thank you (2:53) try it maybe you try it (2:58) [Music] maybe you should try it (3:08) [Music] thank you (3:29) [Laughter] foreign (3:43) [Music] maybe you try it (4:13) maybe you try it [Music] (4:25) always back straight down that section was steep dude that's (4:31) gnarly I really dislike this I don't know (4:37) I don't know yeah he needs more inflectional differences like don't like (4:41) it I really don't like it terrified oh you gotta talk to somebody else in not (4:45) right dude this is Steve I can't believe I just did that yeah it's not on camera (4:49) right oh yeah all right I can retire done (4:52) what's this obstacle called speech so this time every time this is (4:59) so funny right because your right tire is right here and that's really steep (5:02) because I thought your front left lifted a little from what I could see back (5:05) there yeah I might have it can depend a little bit on the angle (5:09) if you do but yeah Nick does not me ready to rip let's do this (5:32) thank you [Music] (5:50) [Music] [Music] (6:12) foreign [Music] (6:28) [Music] maybe you can try it (7:23) [Music] foreign (7:29) [Laughter] day two (7:36) um it's warm it's summertime but we picked the best trail to come not only (7:39) test the tires but have a great summertime ride there's no off season (7:42) for chupacabra off-roads so we're here outside leverka we're gonna hit the (7:45) tokerville Falls Trail we're going to be in the water nice payoff at the end of (7:49) this Trail wanted to see how the tires work and some Slippery Rock conditions (7:53) trail conditions uh you guys might be considering buying these tires want to (7:57) say they work in a lot of different types of terrain and Utah is the best (8:01) for that and if you guys have followed the channel you know I love all (8:04) different types of riding so let's get into it so we can get that cool payoff (8:07) here come up soon thank you (8:24) [Music] yeah (8:30) look at that I mean of course I'm smiling it's July it's 100 degrees how (8:35) many places can you go ride up a river foreign (8:42) [Music] [Laughter] (9:08) man this Trail some of these rocks are a little bit more exposed like I was (9:12) talking about and it's just nice to have a lot of ground clearance especially (9:17) with the speed the speed's a wide car it's real roomy driver and passenger sit (9:21) further away but the belly's pretty wide and it's just nice to have that ground (9:25) clearance and it's extra squishiness of the soft sticky oh board tires (9:30) it's very nice just to have a pleasurable experience as you're going (9:33) through this stuff and you're not slamming the bottom of the car on (9:35) certain obstacles I'm trying to be careful but I hit it once the price but (9:38) Trail's only going to get rough raise Trails like this get more possible (9:42) yeah maybe you try it (9:46) [Music] maybe you try it (9:56) [Music] [Laughter] (10:25) thank you [Music] (10:46) thank you [Music] (11:09) maybe you've tried it [Music] (11:33) [Laughter] [Laughter] (11:52) foreign maybe he's trying (12:12) maybe you try it all right so two good days of testing on the old war Rock (12:17) scrapers we did everything you guys we even caught a little bit of air time (12:20) just now tracking some fun Loops over 60 miles an hour of course what these (12:26) things were really built for rock crawling shout out to the guys at off (12:29) camber for again pushing me getting me to get outside of my comfort zone and (12:33) that's what it's all about right uh getting over some of your fears having (12:36) fun tackling obstacles you might never have and looking for solutions for your (12:41) vehicle to make it more enjoyable and fun it was so nice having all the ground (12:44) clearance and the Kush and the soft and the compliance of a big tire like this (12:48) on a trail like uh tokerville Falls today so we felt like we ran this thing (12:52) through the paces anybody there isn't a better place to do that than here in (12:56) Utah I think if you guys are local there in southern Utah definitely give these (13:00) tires a good look I'm a big fan of them thanks everybody for watching if you (13:03) guys like the content please like And subscribe and of course we'll see on the (13:05) next one


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