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by Jacob Layton

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid promotion, none of the 3 vehicles tested were offered at any discount, or incentives, to skew the results. A lot of people have been asking who our test drivers were for the shootout. Meed Fred Rojas, a long time SxS enthusiast. Fred's owned many RZR's, and currently drives a Pro R 4 seater. Fred lives in Calexico, and drives a lot in Baja, along with some Plaster City, Glamis, and surrounding areas. Here is what he thought, after driving all 3 back to back to back. Comment below and let us know what you think! If you're looking for a new SxS, dirtbike or parts and accessories, support tHe dealer that made this video possible, Coyne Powersports! www.coynepowersports.com If you want to support us, please use the links below: www.chupacabraoffroad.com

















(0:00) All right, so we just wrapped up our shootout today with the Speed, the Can-Am, and the Polaris Pro R. I'm talking to one of our test riders, Fred Rojas. Fred, I want to go ahead and introduce yourself, tell everybody what car you currently own, what cars you have owned, and then, of course, your thoughts about the Speed, how it stacks up to a stock Pro R, stock X3.

(0:20) Fred Rojas: My name is Fred Rojas. I currently drive a Polaris Pro R, owned a Turbo S, RZR 1000, 900, basically every single Polaris. I've driven a couple Can-Ams, and, well, I got to test drive this car today. Drove a stock Pro, stock Can-Am, stock Speed. Really like the car. My favorite part is the interior. The cab is safe, it's spacious, the seats are so comfortable, the harnesses have that race feel. I just like them way better than my car, to be honest. Just the cage feels safer. I think this is the car where I felt the safest straight out of the box. My car, it's not stock, aftermarket cage and everything, but on this one, just makes me feel like I do not need to change the cage. Hopefully you don't, hopefully we're never in that situation, but just by riding in it, it's really comfortable. I would like for it to have a little bit more power, I'm not gonna lie, that's for sure. The suspension gives you that race car feel. I don't know, it didn't bottom out on me, at least when I was test driving it, it just felt great. The whip section did pretty good, it's softer, it's smoother, it's more predictable, I believe, than the other cars stock-wise. But, to be honest, it's a great platform out of the box. Would I get one? I think I would, to be honest. It's a great car, I think you guys are gonna like it once we start seeing these more out in the real world, and today's real world testing, it's a great car out of the box.

(1:50) Nick: Yeah, so, you know, we're wrapping up our test results. You saw some of the drag races, you saw the braking performance. I really enjoyed the braking performance of the Pro, it's exceptionally good. We're gonna install the big brake kit on that, we'll do a review video. I think, you know, no one really wants to talk about brakes much on the internet, everyone cares about power and suspension, but you can drive more aggressively by this little turn track. You just couldn't come in as hot as you wanted to. And then talk about the power fight, I agree, I like the Pro R power. It's strong off the bottom, smooth in the middle, and it carries all the way through. So, I think a lot of you guys might get some good takeaways from that, from an experienced Pro R owner and driver. It's nice having the adjustable modes, but there's also some things about the Speed that I like. Well, I mean, me personally, I like the handling, I like the suspension performance. I felt going through the big whoops it was more predictable, so that's my take. Anything else you want to add for this?

(2:43) Fred: I kind of mentioned some of those other points. Just braking period, it's true, a lot of people don't like to talk about braking, but you need the braking coming into those turns. You want it to break faster because you're able to put the car where you want it to take off. Yeah, it does need that big brake kit. Honestly, I think once we add that, it's going to be even better on those curves because you're gonna put this car where you want it. And maybe once with that speed key, big brake kit, and that speed key, I think I would like to drive it again, and I'm pretty sure it's going to feel like a totally different car.

(3:12) Nick: Yeah, you know, I think aggressive driving is what we're talking about. You can be more aggressive with the brakes. If you have a little more power, like the Pro R has, you can move the car around a little bit more. Is that what you're saying? Like, you could probably drive it just as fast, but do you think the power, like off the bottom, is you want to be able to maneuver around this a little bit better?

(3:30) Fred: Yeah, that's exactly what I want. You're going to be able to put it where you want to. Even in two-wheel drive, I mean, today we drove four-wheel drive, that's one thing we didn't talk about, but we drove specifically in four-wheel drive today. But for those people that like two-wheel drive, with that little bit more power, you're going to be able to put that car where they want. But the brakes are very important for that as well.

(3:50) Nick: Well, hope you guys like the content. Thanks to Fred, thanks to Travis and Chip, Coyne Power Sports for making this all happen. Stock for stock for stock shootout, and yeah, let us know, comment below any more content you want to see, and we'll see you on the next one.


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