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by Jacob Layton

The 2024 CanAm Maverick R is here, and the internet is on fire! Comment below what you think of the new car! Checkout Anthony Chavira Loca's Channel here:    • IM BACK IN BAJA!!!   If you want to support us, please use the links below: www.chupacabraoffroad.com



















(0:00) Unique New York unique New York a tarantula enjoys fine chewing gum the arsonists had oddly shaped feet who is this guy you might be wondering (0:12) Anthony chavera and luckily I actually got a haircut I didn't know he was coming until last night but this guy gets a haircut what do you say every 24 hours every 40 minutes every uh (0:23) 72 hours you know you got to stay fresh for The Cheeky babies If It Ain't Easy it isn't and uh when you own a Polaris you know you just got to look good so I stay fresh it is what it is you know it's busting busting as my kids say as (0:37) in my kids yeah what's happening everybody it's Nick Olson special guest Anthony chavera AKA live in chavita Loca live first unofficial chupacabra fireside chat yeah without the fire yeah (0:51) um very excited this is last minute like Nick said uh luckily he got a haircut because he looks pretty gross when he doesn't get one uh but yeah freaking we drove up here to Phoenix out of nowhere (1:01) uh shout out to my boy Danny for always getting my back and we're here now live from the chupacabra headquarters but it's a big day it's a big topic yesterday huge (1:12) release from Can-Am so we're talking about the Can-Am Maverick R release um Anthony and I uh met a couple years ago he's been doing his thing been a long time off-roader I'll go ahead and introduce some uh resides in Yuma (1:25) Arizona he's a bike nerd like me too have a lot in common just hit a 500 Mile Baja ride a few weeks ago known more as a duner I guess to say but why don't you tell the people if they're not familiar you're background on off-road yeah so uh (1:39) like Nick said been doing this my whole life I think I started when I was three years old my dad got me a little 50 a little Yamaha he put some training wheels on there and kind of funny I learned how to ride on a dirt bike before I actually even knew how to ride (1:51) a bicycle so been doing bikes quads dirt bikes sand rails my dad builds off-road cars so I've been doing that my whole life and yeah at some point Nick and I (2:03) crossed paths I've been following him since uh his old 1000 or his old turbo days and we finally linked up after a couple years and yeah we're here now enjoying some Baja rides and some awesome content uh (2:17) and yeah we're here to talk about this new Can-Am because there's a lot to talk about that's that's why we're here yeah yeah so you guys have seen uh some of my content probably some of Anthony's too um we worked together almost two years (2:29) ago Camp razor 2021 he talked himself into driving my Can-Am I didn't have to say my speeding Baja this guy like talks himself into driving all my car he's like the only person uh but we uh you (2:41) know I'd heard of him I knew he was like a good donor and then we doomed together and I was like man him and his your brother your dad your boys your whole crew you guys you know get down yeah so I think videos never do anything Justice (2:54) you know like we go out and ride the mountain bikes and things like that and people like oh you know that little drop looks like whatever or we go out to the dunes uh they're going 40 50 miles an hour it's not a big deal but I always (3:05) like to take people with us because I think that's when people truly appreciate like how fast or how much we push it um pretty much as fast as we can go safely (3:17) um and yeah I was really stoked when you were able to join me or whatever on that Dune ride because I was like damn how how cool is this I mean you're a big deal you know to us in the southwest in Yuma I think chupacabra I mean I want to (3:28) say 99 out of 100 cars have your mirrors so for me to be able to be linked up with you and stuff like that it's it's it's pretty badass in my opinion so yeah when I was able to lead you guys on a (3:40) June ride I was I was stoked that was cool that was fun that was a fun time um thanks for the the kind words too it's cool to work with people who you see are putting in the effort um the amount of content you've been (3:51) putting out for years and you can tell you're just authentic and you're passion about the lifestyle so as a brand of always try to associate with a couple people that we really believe and it's been fun getting to know you in Baja and uh shotgun to beer challenge what was (4:03) that nasty it was like a Amstel or yeah so it's like basically the Mexican um yeah Ultra and yeah Nick had been talking all this game and stuff and I saw him get spanked by Nathan McBride so (4:16) I knew it wasn't going to be no big deal so we spanked Nate I spank Nick and then uh also uh shut down our boyfriend you know yeah my friend's a big dude man he has a big ass neck so he should have been able to shotgun that beard but he's (4:28) trash all right Fred rematch yeah oh maybe Santa okay so let's get into the mean potatoes Maverick our new Top Dog we've heard (4:40) rumors for a while can am's always been really good at keeping their release close to their chest there were some patent drawings that came out a while ago we thought no way um I've heard these rumors the DCT for a (4:51) while I didn't know it was going to happen I didn't know what power plant so I'm gonna rattle off some of the stats and then uh Anthony's Gonna Fill you all in on on his thoughts and we'll just kind of go back and forth so let's start off with what k m has always been known for (5:05) one's amazing um they went with a 999 CC putting out 240 horse DCT 7-speed trans so first question Anthony are you surprised they kept it under a (5:17) thousand given what Polaris has done I I want to answer that question like yes and no uh because Polaris sorry because Polaris did you know drop a 2.0 basically a motor that you can get out (5:30) of a Honda Civic or Ecotec whatever yeah you would think that can am would you know boom drop a 2.5 or something but at the same time I'm not surprised because Can Am they put out products that make amazing power so I feel they don't need (5:46) to go with the big displacement motor you know if that size works for them they did slap on I believe a 55 millimeter turbo which the turbos on my race car and my GTR are like 52 (5:58) millimeters so yeah I mean I have two but still it's a big size turbo you know um so Can Am knows what they're doing in terms of speed and and and uh what they're trying to accomplish with that so (6:10) I'm like yes and no surprise I don't know if that even really answers that question well you're a car guy um that's out of my realm turbos turbo size another feature the anti-lag so (6:22) yeah that sounds like a really cool bit of technology so one of the cylinders comes down they change the timing because they run a bigger turbo bigger turbos essentially take more time to get going (6:34) right correct so yeah so that's that's awesome engineering I mean that's badass honestly I don't know how all that fancy stuff works but yeah turbo lag I also do (6:46) like that they basically bolted the turbo straight up to the block so the further the turbo is from the motor the more laggy it's going to be so it being hooked up basically directly to the (6:56) block I mean that's going to be virtually like no lag plus you know that technology that you mentioned so I think it's gonna be a ripper man I mean it I I'm gonna just go out on a limb and (7:08) assume that can am's gonna smoke the pro r i mean I've never had any doubts about that um I think Polaris doesn't care too much about that I think Polaris cares (7:19) for like an all-around vehicle um and Can-Am is just boom let's get it I'm gonna beat you from A to B so uh I'm excited I'm excited to check it out I'm um to see them see them in person see what they do see them take Glamis I'm (7:33) I'm stoked you know every time a manufacturer puts out a new vehicle and stuff like that it's just continuing to raise the bar whether you know good or bad you know like I think there's a lot (7:44) of bad with this new Can-Am and I think other men we'll get into that I think other manufacturers can look at it and say like I'm definitely not going that route um and then there's going to take there's gonna be some pros about it too you know so all right so already (7:57) Anthony's making claims it's gonna smoke the par so all we really know are some of the numbers right obviously we haven't driven these things yet so I spit out the first number 240 horse so we're talking 15 horse more than a pro R (8:07) so can-am's always been really lightweight the old X3 was 1600 pounds yeah this big girl the top dog version 250 pounds so now we go from the (8:21) lightest car in the class to it's actually 73 75-ish pounds heavier than a comparable 2C Pro R so you sound pretty bold smoke in a pro art (8:34) because the pro are in the race mode it gets it yeah um and now I you know we're talking drag race or C to the pants that type of thing in the sand Etc power to weight's a huge deal not something that the Can-Am guys love I imagine true if (8:46) you're like back east and you're you're zipping through trees like that squirty fast feel is a huge hugely attributed to the lightweight so um what would you think about that how do you think that plays out yeah it's funny when the pro R dropped you know (8:57) everybody was so quick to talk so much crap about power to weight ratio power to weight weight ratio and it's funny because here I have the power to weight ratio is .1029 horse pounds per or a horsepower (9:10) per pound right for that's for the pro R which is 225 horsepower weighs 21.87. now the Can-Am comes in at 240 horsepower weighs 2250 so now that puts (9:23) it at 0.1067 horsepower per pound so what is that that's like pretty much the same thing and you know in my opinion so now can am's in that same category of like (9:35) you have a freaking boat so I think Can-Am is going to need every bit of 240 horsepower to move that tank and yeah like you said the old Can-Am weighing 1600 pounds super Nimble super easy to get in and out of things now you're (9:48) going to be in an entirely different uh machine you know it's not it's not going to perform the same um and I say smoke I I you know I'm kind of maybe exaggerating we say smoke like (10:00) like Vin Diesel you know you win by an inch or a mile winnings winning so you know if the Can-Am beats the Polaris by an inch a Polaris got smoked homie so that's what I'm higher Vin Diesel to do (10:11) a shootout we got family all right here's one more variable I'm going to throw in uh that no one really knows the answer to but the amount of percentage of horsepower lost through (10:21) DCT versus a typical CVT so CVT generally for most of these cars right you're losing of the the horsepower about 27 to 30 percent really that's a (10:33) lot and I thought that the people thought when the yxz came out oh no it's kind of gear trans and it's not going to lose all that power but as percentage-wise it lost a similar amount so I'm assuming you know being not an (10:44) engineer by any means that it'll be a similar percentage of power loss or it won't be significantly more efficient getting that power from the motor through the trans to the wheels yeah you know if it is similar like you stated (10:55) obviously all the the geek stuff that you're super good at um I don't I just feel that the feel of a DCT and they touched on it I think on the video when the Miller Brothers were speaking on it you know being able to downshift I think it would just feel (11:09) more responsive whether you lose power or not I'm not I'm not sure how all that's going to translate uh being that you know we haven't driven one yet but being able to downshift on the Fly is freaking awesome I have a DCT in the (11:21) same my race car you know so freaking dropped gears and and like you're on it versus you know a CVT it just takes time to to get that belt to stretch and to be in the in the power or whatever so I'm not sure I mean it it's tough (11:37) um I think it's freaking solid and like a step in the right direction but I also think it's uh it's it's it's scary man I mean what are we going to be paying for a DCT replacement you know versus uh yeah a (11:51) 200 Bill and then sitting here chatting with you I'm thinking like if I owned it how many times am I going to shift I'm already thinking I kind of a Baja ride I'd probably run an auto yeah unless we got going aggressive so let's say I'm (12:02) ripping we're ripping through the dunes and I'm following you and maybe there's a bunch of us and we're dicing I'm coming around to turn hot I you lose a lot of momentum then you're gonna and then keep the R's up and and try to be (12:12) really aggressive so I think that'd be extremely fun yeah but on a day-to-day um how much would you be do you think shifting because it's a cool new feature I think it's probably the most important (12:23) technology that Cam's releasing in this car yeah um but the millionaire question how much will owners really shift because that really didn't play out as much I think as the Honda and even yeah but it didn't have they didn't have power yeah that's (12:36) true and they didn't have handling oh maybe I'm not sure if the talent handles but I know the Yamaha is just garbage in any type of like bigger bump than a foot um yeah I I don't think it's gonna I (12:48) think it's just gonna make the vehicle overall like funner you know just like when you drive a standard car like it's not faster than an automatic car but people feel more more in tune with with the vehicle you know why you're banging (12:59) gears and stuff like that and and some of us like true enthusiasts like that's the stuff that we like you know we want to bang gears it's super unfortunate to me that I don't have a standard option in my race car because I would definitely go that route just just to (13:13) have more fun so I think Can Am they do that I mean just to make it more fun I think people are going to feel mentally like oh you know I dropped the gear and I was out of there but (13:24) I mean what are you gonna you're gonna beat me by uh .0023 fractions of a second like because you downshifted and I had to wait for my CVT to ramp up I mean maybe in fast the (13:36) Furious the off-road movie that comes out that they'll use that you know they'll show yeah they'll grab a gear and take off yeah maybe not in real life take off with the airplane and you know that's in fast 35 though it's coming to (13:47) a theater in uh 2047. um so final point I want to bring up on the whole engine drivetrain package um something that's worth mentioning because we were just in Baja 13.2 gallon fuel capacity the only thing I want to (14:01) say is hopefully it's not as big of a pig as the pro R because the pro R is the new Pig of can it even go 80 or 90 or 100 miles on one tank yeah for those of us who like to Adventure ride yeah I think the pro R I was talking to Fred (14:13) razor and uh I believe he gets like 80ish 90 I want to say on a freaking good day me and my Turbo R that's the reason why winter bar honestly was just consumption of fuel and at the time I (14:25) didn't really know what the what the pro R was capable of had I remade that decision uh today I would probably go pro r at this point but anyways the Triple R gets I think I get like 120 per tank so the turbo are just slightly (14:37) better maybe a mile or two more per gallon but can-am's always been super efficient you know the old model uh my cousin has one and some of my Baja buddies uh they they don't struggle with (14:49) fuel you know they put that thing in eco mode even in Glamis they rip around Glamis they still have great power because you know can-am's just put the power down um but I hope that that Trend continues (15:00) to the new car and you know they have a uh eco-friendly side by side you know so yeah I mean that's probably my biggest complaint with my Can-Am is that I I wish it was (15:11) easier to drive on the slow speed on the Rock So eco mode helps but it's not as much as I'd like maybe with the seven speeds they'll make that first speed super low yeah and make the power really gradual because you have six other gears (15:24) you have your maybe your Glamis gears are going to be you know four four through six maybe seventh on a highway section so that's a that's a sounds like a big gear spread so you would think that we have a nice wide usable Power (15:36) Band hopefully everywhere yeah I agree and you know I I I think Can-Am has that science down so like why are they going to change it or whatever you know some something ain't broke don't fix it so (15:48) well to sum it up I think the last thing we're concerned about with the Can-Am is is power performance I think the shifting is probably going to be super fun we're going to have a lot of juice the aftermarket is going to go hog wild with the with Can-Am like they always do (16:00) Road tax probably the best power plant there is always the Can-Am always delivers on the horsepower front probably going to be really reliable is my assumption yeah I agree (16:11) um and you know I wanted to come over and and you know shoot it shoot this with you um and it wasn't to to freaking talk down on Can-Am by any means um they're a badass company obviously (16:24) they put they put out amazing products and stuff like that I just I truly cannot believe that they made a vehicle this ugly and it's not because I'm a Polaris Fanboy or because oh I drove your speed people think I'm biased (16:36) because me and you have a friendship that like oh he's just talking up to speed he loves the speed I love the speech suspension we got to keep saying suspension in there Nick because uh you know the speed (16:49) has a lot of details that still need to be worked out in my opinion you know they're they're noisy in certain things the shifting we'll get in there okay (17:00) motor transmission all that now we're going to talk about what's what I geek out on what Anthony is all excited and fired up to talk about suspension so let's rattle off a couple numbers here (17:13) um you guys know I own an X3 I really like that car uh it's very fun to drive it's lightweight it feels visceral I love that like you said maybe not a dirt bike guy mountain bike guy same thing I love that feel that connectedness that's (17:24) what I really enjoy about the Can-Am how are you talking about driving a a high performance race car in gears versus CBT so I like how the Can-Am feels suspension wise but then I (17:35) got the speed and I realized there's a whole other Echelon I agree uh performance but anyway keeping it up focus on the Maverick are that's what we're expecting too another level up in performance we're talking about a much heavier car so it's gonna (17:49) act like a pro are in a speed meaning it's heavy and it's going to go through the bumps and soak things up in a different way that the old Can-Am did because it's such a different weighing a weight in terms of vehicles so (18:00) um we're expecting assuming a bigger level in performance so better geometry better everything but Anthony has to talk about the design man he's what do you think about let's just what's the internet been saying let's (18:14) let's not let's chat man I have so many fire memes on my phone and it's crazy because this car was released yesterday 12 hours ago yeah and just from homo memes to [ __ ] memes to I don't (18:28) know what's that little puppet that you have Gizmo the little Gremlin yeah I mean my favorite meme by the way is the we'll put it up here which the Super 8 TV try to calculate how they're gonna fit portals on it (18:41) yeah and I mean I just I I don't even know where to begin that's just how like speechless this design has me the the front fascia the (18:51) the headlights the grill very Can-Am style aggressive good looking man the same with the rear end they kind of kept similar uh tail lights you know the pointy I don't even know design ID yeah (19:03) it looks okay it looks similar doors yeah yeah all that stuff looks very kenamish solid but these freaking front Knuckles man like what engineer at Can-Am said like bro you know what that (19:16) [ __ ] looks fired let's run with it and then for then the boss signed off on it yeah and the boss signed off on this thing dude like are you kidding me I just I just don't understand it and and I know it's gonna work I'm not denying (19:28) that that the geometry the design the science behind this disgusting front end is gonna work I'm sure it's gonna work but like the rear end is not that pretty either yeah I noticed that I was (19:40) watching the video last night with my dad I literally left my house at night and I went I called my dad and I was like that I'm on the way I'm going to show you the Can-Am video and the first thing my dad when I walked into his house he's like please tell me it's not (19:52) the leaked images of those Blueprints and I was like and I just smile and he's like I cannot believe this [ __ ] so we throw on the video and he even says the same thing about the rear and he's like there's like bars running everywhere (20:03) like like what the hell is this man so I'm just I'm the last time I saw Papa Loco he was just smitten after writing he was speechless he was speechless man (20:16) the speed is crazy no but um so I'm gonna write off some more numbers and why why I think the suspension design so I think it's a marketing battle to who has the most suspension travel always so (20:28) this big bad dog's putting out 25 inches of front 26 inches of rear travel they've expanded the width to 77 inches so I've seen that somewhere before on another side by side but yeah I wonder who regardless we're at the maximum (20:41) width for racing but I think how do you cram that much suspension travel in a car that narrow I mean normally the car's got to be an off-road car a pre-runner a race six or something a class 10 Etc to get those travel numbers (20:53) maybe for it to be king of the hill is kind of my guess I mean obviously more suspension generally is always better but properly tuned properly you know geometry and all this type of things (21:03) suspension is going to work better if it has less travel than just a bigger number yeah yeah so exactly you know you hit the the what is it the head on the nail you hit the nail on the head sorry it's because I'm an ESL English Second (21:16) Language you know what I'm saying but yeah exactly man so it's always a competition for you know all more displacement bigger turbo I go faster 0 to 60 times or you know you're breaking time from 100 to zero whatever the (21:28) suspension ground clearance is 17 inches versus what's the Polaris 16 or 16. yeah it's close it's negligible because we're all going to probably put our own tires on it anyway yeah it works unless you buy a new Can-Am then you're stuck with (21:39) 32s or unless Super ATV figures so let's talk about that yeah so that I think is is what's I agree with Anthony it's ugly but regardless right if it's the baddest (21:51) thing since sliced bread we can deal with ugly right your Polaris wasn't that pretty when it came out it was honest we had that uh what was it that people don't like how the speed looks it says Beauty's an eye of the beholder yeah no when the Polaris first came out from (22:04) that side profile there's that red car that I think like a Pontiac Aztec yeah and it and it was crazy because it's like even Mia Polaris guy was like damn it looks like a piece of crap car I agree but obviously we threw a cage on (22:15) it the Turbo R Pro R came out and you know I think they look sexy I mean I think they look good but in my honest opinion the Turbo S uh is I think still the best looking side by side there is I (22:27) mean if I had the leg room and stuff in the Turbo S I probably would have just kept my butt I went Triple R just for more room for my boys and for people to ride with me comfortably and stuff but yeah I know it's bigger is better and (22:39) and I know it's always going to be a competition for that and um so ugly suspension is okay that's one thing but what what kills me is okay first off the good we got the shocks mounted to the lower arms yeah which you (22:54) can run a longer shock shock it's better geometry it's better but now we're still talking it's still single sheer it looks like the chassis as well is still single Shear which is maddening to me because (23:06) now most people are probably going to want to buy a double share kit like current Can-Am owners just for that peace of mind yeah um you're gonna be going even faster in this big heavy car and it's heavier like yeah exactly yeah so that was that's (23:18) something that is kind of crazy you know Can-Am you would think that they would have learned from their previous model you know your model the front end is trash on those cars you know you jump three tortillas and like you you freaking Insurance claim on your car at (23:30) that point it's just they were trash so you had to do bulkhead and lower AR lower a arms all these steering racks were see yeah exactly possible at best oh exactly so all of the above to the front (23:42) end and then here they go again doing the same crap and now you have this knuckle thing sticking out above the tire like so all the people that are riding uh Woods or foresty areas like you're used to just being able to rip (23:54) and like oh if my tire clears it I'm good but now you have to worry like damn is that Branch gonna catch that knuckle and just blow that ball joint out and and now you're just you know what's going on there is it going to rip something else out I also didn't like the design of the shock like yeah it's (24:07) mounted to the lower a arm but if you look at the pictures and actually screenshotted one from the Can-Am drop they have these like big like plates it's like it's like they put a 16 inch shot but there was supposed to be like an 18 inch oh yeah because the guys that (24:21) are the lower shock mount yeah it looks really weird and it just doesn't it just doesn't look right and that that to me is just like I don't get it you know I I don't know I don't know what's going on with that and to kind of bring it home (24:32) with the tire size like they're saying 35 oh yeah that's right well maybe a desert dirty Tire like I think someone said a BF Goodrich maybe a like a tensor yeah but what about like if you you're (24:44) in Utah you want to run some big stickies like rockzillas or Rock scrapers um that's wider that's a bigger meteor Tire which well half the options out there for the utvs and guys that are outside of the Southwest that want to buy this car Colorado Utah Etc (24:59) um where those were those bigger heavier tires it looks like even the inside of the uh the knuckle there's less clearance in the height of it yeah and right now this comes stock with a 30 or a 32 Everyone likes running like at (25:10) least 33s and like honestly everyone wants 35s like everyone I want to run 35s on the speed I got 33s and 35s ever on the pro R is running 35s and even some 37s so it's a big letdown that you (25:23) can't even run probably realistically half of the 35 inch tire options I'm just going to say it I think most of them won't work well actually um I believe one of the Miller Brothers replied to I think it was I want to say (25:34) UTV guides Instagram someone made a comment about 30 twos or 33s and the guy the Miller brother which is the the gentleman that was you know doing the review (25:45) um he specifically said he could fit a 35 inch rockzilla on this okay so at that point I was like okay you know so now you can fit any pretty much any kind of 35 if you could fit a rockzilla 35 inch you can probably clear the other (25:57) tires that's a big deal if it's true yeah so if that's true then okay I'll give you that but you know I still Circle back to to just the ugliness you know and it's funny like one of my buddies on I'm not gonna name drop him (26:09) and I have a screenshot and I'm gonna we're gonna post a screenshot and I came up with this analogy last night and I had Nick rolling so you know he says uh you know Can-Am once again we're all about performance you know never mind (26:22) the looks and you know raising the bar and I tell them you know so okay so now you want this fat chick [Music] so like hey dude go ahead dude if that's (26:35) with the stuff that you're into man you know go buy all means have yourself a nice little chunky monkey and stuff like that but for me I'm gonna stick with my Polaris a nice little you know blonde white chick or something or (26:48) that's right um one point I want to bring up um completely unrelated to that the Miller Brothers these guys are the guys that rule the roost they kick butt at Koh uh they're the main athletes for (27:01) Can-Am they and King of the Hammers they've been racing a side by side against all the big dogs at 4 400 and they were even testing earlier this year they ended up not racing it when rockzilla when Max came out with rockzilla 37s old boys got 37s coming (27:15) out but it seems like the trend is going bigger and they tested that setup to maybe run against The 4400 class so you think is this the evolution of utvs are are we is everyone talking about 37s here next year and this new car there's (27:29) no way it will fit a 30 second no yeah and I agree with that you know the Polaris I think or the pro Archer War I think they look my I run 35s Fred runs 35s a lot pretty much it's like a super common size for the new uh Pro or Turbo (27:42) or is it 35. but there are some people out there running 37s right now and damn they look good yeah with Can-Am app absolutely zero chance that you're going to ever run at 37. you know and then it (27:54) has me kind of concerned too in terms of like after market uh accessories like how is HCR going to develop something that looks good to get rid of that nasty knuckle you know like how can they fabricate anything I mean obviously I'm (28:06) not that creative but I'm just thinking of the of like if I bought a Can-Am today how do I make the front end look better how is someone going to design a better front end and even if they design it like you said without taking away the (28:20) merits of the geometry that they're making better and that's one thing that bugged me watching some of the videos they talked about this reduces the load of this component and that component well how does that translate to me as a (28:32) driver they talked about the low Roll center okay I think a lot of us now we understand certain terms like Tire scrub bump steer right these things we can feel we can see it's maybe more relatable I mean when we're driving as (28:43) we kind of all evolve as as a as a sport but when they're talking about the tie rod has a 15 percent less of a load yeah I don't care yeah tie rods are 150 yeah (28:55) that doesn't matter to me and the same thing like that's an arc like the the roll cage too looks scary let's just call it what it is doesn't it looks like the old one which is scary and they said we made it 15 stiffer 15. it's a 45 000 (29:08) car it should be 1500 stiffer yeah I agree I mean the the but stock cages are just junk we we kind of I mean I guess with the exception of speed but the pro arcade just beef too yeah I mean it's (29:20) it's significantly better than it ever was so I think maybe you include that oh no we're good no you're good test one two uh uh yeah the Polaris yeah that whatever the two inch roll cage or two (29:31) and a quarter whatever size and I'm not sure the thickness of the steel and stuff like that but I mean we all kind of know that stock cages are not the best so you know the cage I cancel out but yeah they're just they're they're (29:43) they're selling you the car you know like oh yeah it's 15 this 13 that but like really like you said it should be a hundred percent stronger you know this car weighs you know what 700 pounds more (29:55) than the previous model 800 pounds more whatever it may be and you did a 15 stronger cage but to me that's that's not enough you know like Polaris up to size they did a thicker material whatever the cage on the Polaris Pro (30:07) Archer or they do look like strong whether they are or not I'm not sure I mean but yeah hopefully we'll never know oh yeah exactly that yeah but the Can-Am yeah I think they should have they did upgrade to the 14 mil Hardware like the (30:20) pro R so it's good to see everything's getting beefier and they had to say like what you said uh more is better or whatever they did six lug and then a 16 inch wheel Polaris five lug Cat M6 yeah (30:31) like okay but I like training oh Doyle rules yeah yeah I was just like yeah I mean 17-inch ground cleaners versus 16 and a half or six lug versus five leg it's like come on bro but I mean I work for corporate (30:45) Polaris that's how it is I mean these stats are very important and they're going at each other and I think that's why the old Can-Am had the geometry where it bottomed out to claim that number but it bottomed out before the suspension bottomed out and that leads (30:57) to me eating a lot of sand in the dunes before I even bought on the shocks it's kind of a weird deal that I never experienced when I own all the polaris's so um interesting final point I want to say on the suspension like I'd like to see more of them explain how much better is (31:10) the geometry Robbie Gordon kind of educated the whole Marketplace about what he's trying to do and that's their special sauce I as an owner think that it that is accurate but in any way Can-Am is trying to evolve I bet the geometry is much better (31:24) um it is not the best looking per se but I'm sure it'll probably handle quite a bit better you got more travel the car got longer too that's one thing I want to bring up now it went from 102 to 108. yeah that's a big girl for a two-seater (31:37) yeah now we're four inches longer than a pro which is pretty magic wheelbase that thing is going to eat bumps like probably even sand Highway probably any big bumps yeah and still be fun and Zippy it's gonna be a fun car it's funny (31:49) because Danny and I on our way up here we spoke about that how much you love wheelbase on all your videos you're always like oh wheelbase is like yeah you're like ooh you get all girly and stuff when you talk about 108 but so (32:02) yeah like I said I think I've said it a couple times at this point is I know they're gonna handle man I know they're gonna perform I know they're going to be fast I just uh (32:14) gotta Circle back to how freaking ugly that car is man but well since we're talking about wheelbase um they didn't launch a four-seater which was a little bit of a head scratcher that's how it used to be uh (32:24) g-life g-life UTV shout out to him check out his YouTube channel he posted a little snippet I'm not sure if that was on the video or in the background they yeah leaked it but they they did show a photo of a Maverick R4 series I bet I (32:36) bet you 20 bucks it's either coming at the sand show or it'll be coming for Camp razor yeah but whole other topic but either way I think it's coming but you know a lot of us on Southwest we all get four seaters (32:50) we have families it's the only car we're gonna buy if that car stretches we're talking 140 with a long card I I don't know I can't get over already how long the previous model you know they were so long they look boaty unless you do like (33:03) uh you you rebuild your shocks and you get some some ground clearance up under there they look really ugly and like like a like a like a weenie dog kind of thing you know back to the me games but (33:14) so yeah what are they going to do now with the four seaters they're going to be extended that much longer like you know what what's going on there I see the pro R and the pro are the the back end it does seem really excessive you know and and now we're just bigger and (33:28) bigger and bigger like how is that going to handle you know I feel like yeah it's going to be Tippy you know having such a long car yeah going to be getting high centered in the dunes all the time and obviously we're we're we're speaking (33:40) Dunes desert life Southwest type stuff but how does that translate to like a tight Woods area you know when you have this freaking boat like how are you going to be zooming in and out of things now you're basically you can only just (33:51) get a two-seater yeah you know um that's a good point to kind of talk a little bit about the interior so like I am all about my wheelbase wheelbase is life that's why I got a speed 120 inch four-seater that's pretty much perfect but you know you got (34:04) to ride around the speed a little bit but on top of the the wheelbase you're just in it and down low and I feel like when the Can-Am X3 came out a lot of people love the ergonomics of it and then maybe over time it seems I hear (34:17) more of like negative comments like we did our shootout everyone loved how the speed felt they like the Can-Am the least yeah um you couldn't see it didn't feel like it's as aggressive so I imagine that they will probably have (34:29) more of a speed feel so I want to talk about what you think it might be and then also we have to talk about the interior because they made some much needed improvements finally yeah so we'll touch on interior first I mean I'm super it's you know stoked that they (34:42) finally have some kind of screen I mean I think it's been long overdue um I I can't say it's better than uh ride command I love the ride command features being able to link up with the group you see who whatever XYZ person is (34:57) 10 miles in front of you where they went texting it does all kinds of stuff you know right command is is truly an awesome system so maybe Can-Am has some form or feature you know coming or maybe it already it already comes with it I'm (35:09) not sure but yeah finally a screen so that's sweet and honestly suspension I just that's what we're talking about right because I totally just went blank right there um just uh how you think it'll feel sitting in the car the car is low that's (35:24) right is it going to feel hopefully like a speed in the in the Good Sense where I ask you I asked everybody who's written in it do you feel safe does it feel aggressive low safe um does it and that seems like (35:37) overwhelmingly people like that yeah so like I think Polaris for the longest I think it still continues to this day we sit kind of more upright maybe a little more goofy if you will we do have a lot of line of sight like we can see a lot (35:49) of what's going on in front that's kind of personally what I like I like to be able to ease easily you know kind of catch every angle and I remember when I first drove my buddy's 2017 Can Am a two-seater and he had uh some Triple X (36:00) Seats so now you're kind of more sunken in man that thing like the hood is like right here you feel like you know you're driving some kind of drag car with like a big blower or something you you don't see nothing and I know a lot of people (36:11) do not like that but I know that there's kind of a lot of people that do like that tucked away feeling being in the speed after shooting in yours I think it's like I mean again I don't want people to be like oh he's just on your nuts or something but the speed does (36:26) have a very awesome feel as soon as you get in I mean maybe it's because the seats are badass too carbon seats and stuff you feel boom like you're in a race car it's an awesome feel I think it's a perfect uh (36:38) like line of sight line of sight you know not too upright like in my Triple R not too sunken in like in the Can-Am just right um so yeah I'm kind of curious to see how the new Can-Am is you know is it gonna kind of mimic that or whatever to (36:52) where it's kind of happy medium you know did they increase the leg room because the car is six inches longer it's hard to tell do they need that space for the rear yeah so well the the seats looked very similar yeah they just kind of like charged them up a little (37:03) um the the dash does look nice and they did gloss over some of the features on the dash so I imagine like for instance the biggest cool perk of ride command is a GPS as well as being able to follow your buddies and make dots for them so I (37:17) imagine if they had a GPS app integrated included they would show that because yeah me as a customer like that's added value I don't have to go spend some bucks on a Garmin or a yeah or a Lowrance I've got that and then the (37:27) touchscreen looks cool and 10 inch I'm sure it'll integrate with audio and it's very cool to see they stepped it up in that regard I imagine I'll have eco mode I saw there's a new version of uh the DPS the power steering I think it's just a 2 yeah and then there's like a race (37:40) feature too because remember I remember the Miller Brothers talking about it that he made fun of the younger brother he's like oh he drives a normal or like Sport and I drive and race or something like that so kind of similar features that the Polaris has and stuff but yeah (37:52) I'm kind of curious what does this uh screen what what is it what you know is there what other information because yeah like you said they didn't tell us about that and I feel like that would be a major selling point of yeah link up with all (38:04) your Can-Am buddies via this new operating system or you know download all these Trails or whatever you know they would they would harp on that I feel but they didn't they didn't really touch on it they just said they have a 10 inch screen or nine inch screen (38:15) whatever so yeah I do like though that they linked up with JL Audio I mean those jail audios premium brand yeah exactly just something Polaris with Rockford so yeah that's pretty sweet you know you have some quality sound coming (38:27) through Straight from the factory the little storage boxes since we're talking about all that kind of stuff they look cool yeah I mean to me it still looks like as a guy who created the b2g maybe the coolest storage system for a can I've ever even thought of but either way (38:39) um it looks like it's a very similar rear end where you would have to move the muffler if you do have to run a spare tire it's way up there like Yeah The Beverly Hillbillies which drives me insane I don't want my high performance (38:51) car to have 60 70 pounds up here because the storage box is cool but like let's be honest we're doing Baja we need storage and we need room for a tire we don't throw the tire on the roof so I'm (39:03) getting all excited I can hear the tone of my voice but I'm a little bummed the car got longer and it doesn't appear that they had improved much in the storage and in a perfect world the idea of like the btg was could you do long (39:14) rides in a 2C car so I wouldn't have to buy the the big school bus and I think that's important to a lot of people yeah I like the storage unit and everything like that all those cargo boxes that just kind of clip in nicely and stuff like that but you know to be completely (39:26) honest I didn't even think about the spare tire yesterday when I was watching the video so you bring up bring up a valid point and that uh you know you're not able to see out the back but you know honestly at this point I think we all just kind of accept that when we go (39:39) rides you either you know put in the chase truck or you put on a roof rack or you cover up your rear view mirror you know I mean it is unfortunate like uh this last Baja ride that we just did my (39:51) spare tire went in the chase truck so I was able to keep a close eye on you guys but you know like my dad and pretty much every other car any kind of spare tire on the market spare tire rack you're not (40:02) gonna be able to see out the back so I think that's just something that we just kind of accept I mean unless you buy a b2gbt TV and it's no big deal speed guy over here (40:15) I kid I kid even though it's the truth even though it's reality so um so let's let's kind of back to the b2g so the spare tire goes in that big uh on top of it I've never seen photos of it bro dude (40:28) my car with the beach my neighbor had the b2g but I don't think he had a spare tire on it so yeah because all you do is pop it off boom now you don't have to deal with it when you go to the dunes that was that that's pretty cool but either way um you know keeping weight low I think it's something that of (40:40) course that Robbie talked about and um I do think it makes sense and it adds Merit I mean we're at a level now where we've got plenty of power we've got great suspension you know in my opinion Anthony like the next big thing they can (40:53) do in in the next three or four or five years is fully seal it and give us air conditioning yeah we're getting high-tech dashes we've got an amazing amount of performance so now we're kind of getting into the nitty-gritty suspension geometry handling and I I (41:06) will I think one of the reasons the speed is so good is all the weight is super low you're low the tire is low it's a heavy car but the all being so light that heats up the little bumps and it doesn't feel weird side to side (41:20) because the low CG and that's why I'm harping on the spare tire being up yeah and you know the the the low center of gravity absolutely like in my trouble are they're really Tippy you know that was the first time when I drove your car (41:32) I did one lap in in a horsepower so I did one lap in my car just to get a few I kind of pushed it kind of didn't I was just like let me see how my car feels I hopped in yours I did one turn at like (41:44) 10 miles an hour super slow and I could instantly tell this car drives 10 times better and my car's not stock or nothing uh you know MTS takes care of me my (41:56) shocks are hooked up and stuff like that so mine I would say is one of the better handling cars that you can have but it just didn't compare to yours and so I can imagine you know you throw a spare tire on the roof or you spare tire rack (42:09) you know that's like you said another 70 pounds whatever Plus tools whatever so now you have an extra 100 pounds at the very top of your car like yeah it's going to make you feel a lot worse so and then with Can-Ams I'm also curious I (42:21) didn't see where's the gas tank you know when can AMS jump the gas can be in the front I want to say that's why they always freaking nose dive can amps he thinks I'm jumping I mean think about it I do do that but I thought maybe it's (42:32) because the shock stroke is so long but yeah the weight could be it's interesting to see but now you yeah you know you have a what what's your fuel capacity like 13. no the the old Can-Am the old Can-Am was um like you were 10 10 and a half so what is that that's 80 (42:46) 90 pounds of fuel uh just sitting pretty much that front of the car so I mean think about all that versus the Polaris has it over the rear seats I mean at the very bottom of the car too so how does that affect so I was kind of curious on (42:58) this new model like where's the gas tank I don't know especially at 13.2 I mean that's another you know 50 pounds of fuel so if they place it again at the front like oh my gosh maybe they moved underneath the seats to find out comment (43:10) below if you guys uh have heard any information or done some digging or you know the truth yeah that'd be I'm interested in that so um we got to kind of put a bow on this we got to talk about value I love talking about that (43:21) type of stuff because if money's money that the Sport's getting expensive but also too you know whether people have the money or not I think value is always important I'm a lot of guys are probably watching this they've got to dialed side (43:32) by side do they want to upgrade or would they upgrade would they come from a Polaris or they come from an X3 um the base price 35 4.99 there are four trim levels that's the entry level 30 (43:44) inch tires qs3 shocks nothing special and then you go up to the smart shock bad dog 44 299 and this is this is the price for two seaters this is for a two-seater so this is what thirty seven hundred dollars more than an ultimate (43:59) live valve Pro R so pretty hefty price increase um what are your thoughts initially when I want to give you those numbers man it's just crazy you know like back back to when I first met you or came across (44:13) you know years ago a 2016 turbo I think were the first cars so for like 20 maybe I want to say and I remember 20 at 20 000 people were losing their minds like (44:23) how are you paying 20 000 because mind you at that point we had came from golf carts and rhinos that were you know half that and then I remember the Turbo S our Turbo S is the Dynamics were 30. and I remember oh 30 are you kidding me and (44:37) then Pro or Turbo are 37 40 Grand 44 and like now you know a buddy of mine on Facebook kind of gave uh a brief like situation of of money so yeah your (44:50) machine 44 299 just Freight 2097 set up 1488 dog fees registration tax 3500 uh (45:01) out the door approximation 50 52 000 at 84 months at 7.99 with zero down 811 dollars a month at 60 months at 3.99 (45:14) zero down 958 a month 9 58 man a thousand dollars a month you know and that's not adding any accessories you know you go and I want the premium audio because all that stuff (45:28) isn't going to come on this uh well I don't know you know you get a couple of storage bags or you know the lights I actually like the lights we didn't talk about that the little uh cage lights the Beamers my wife's Beamer does that you (45:40) turn and the lights turn with you so you always kind of have like light that's freaking sweet honestly I really really really like that um but obviously yeah we'll comment on that in a minute obviously if you have chupacabra mirrors and you put some lp4s (45:53) on there you won't need that right but yeah just where does it where does it end you know 60 000 out the door 50 high 50s you know after a couple accessories and and all set is done that's that's wild man 60 000. and I was blown away I (46:08) I've said it a dozen times especially since Sancho last year the pro R customers the high-end customer you know buying behind accessories even you know spare parts from Polaris our big money and this is the world we're playing in (46:19) on the high end of this Market um one thing I wanted to Circle back on you talked about the cool technology of the lights so it reminds me of this car as a whole and their mindset as a whole so the lights are like rigid lights when (46:32) you get going fast the lights all out yeah and then the the side mirrors that he was mentioning have lights and they will move with you turn now that's a really cool technology it is um now is it (46:45) something that people say cool but do they need it you know and I think that's kind of the what encompasses the whole setup of this whole vehicle is they went really over the top engineering and maybe in my (46:57) opinion they went too far with the engineering that suspension design off-roaders subscribe as a whole myself anyway the kiss right keep it simple stupid you know the speed is remarkably simple it's nice I don't have to worry (47:09) about bending a radius rod it's uh it's simple it's easy I mean even a pro R is much simpler with the amount of I mean this new can-am's got the sway bar off of the back (47:21) um we're talking about concerns of tire size we're talking about a lot of potential concerns and it's almost so over engineered almost more so for its own good to me as a potential customer who's looking at on the floor showing (47:33) floor versus the competition yeah so I agree I think like you said somebody a Can-Am was like let's just let's go crazy and they over engineered the heck out of this car I I don't understand the (47:46) complexity of it obviously I have to see it person but you know like you mentioned Polaris you've been to a radius rod you you swap the radius rod in you know 5-10 minutes if you have the appropriate tools you know like the back (47:58) end of this Can-Am thing like with all these bars going everywhere like how is that I mean it just it just main radius rod still single share which is a bummer yeah that's crazy yeah I saw that Fred sent me that actually um yeah I just I don't know I feel like (48:10) they over engineering I mean for lack of better words or whatever but I don't know that's that's part of the game I mean uh how's this car gonna do (48:22) how is it gonna be a flop I mean I I literally received about a dozen DMS saying verbatim I'm a Can-Am guy and this new car is freaking disgusting like (48:34) what are they doing oh the the screen is cool you know the power's cool that thing is gross like I just I think a lot of people are kind of just like wow it's (48:45) kind of cut us all off guard like I don't think anybody would leave those blueprints I don't think we I was hoping they were yeah like from three years ago or something you know like when I just hoping that wasn't going to be the reality because it just (48:58) um that's another point I wanted to make over engineer so it reminds me so when the yxz came out I felt like Yamaha was listening to their short course Racers and that suspension design is fine for Lucas Oil short course yeah it's it's a (49:12) very good car for that but in the real world it customers were not happy rough desert rock crawling all that none of that stuff the high gearing it would miss the mark on a lot of different levels yeah so that's kind of what this (49:24) reminds me of this kind of reminds me of a Dakar car with some on-road rally car suspension technology it's perfect if you you know are a rally car you have your suspension travel it's fine you're never going to run bigger tires but for a guy like me who's a wannabe rock (49:38) crawler who wants to put 35s or maybe the thought of putting 37s because you have this car for four years maybe that's where the Market's going taking it in different environments and all that I want you guys to know me to know the channel I want to try to do a (49:49) car that works is good everywhere I want to have my cake needed too I want the Holy Grail yeah and that's where I kind of feel like maybe they listen too much to a Dakar style setup is what the (50:00) suspension reminds me of um hence the small tires hence though it'll be fine um I don't know man that's that's what I when I look at a car you know with the the roof scoop that's just kind of what I see and it's it seems like it's too (50:12) much of a one-trick pony for this much money yeah the the money I mean that's that's wild I just what's the limit I mean what's next uh Pro Triple R for 75 000 (50:25) out the door I mean at this point I I'm just looking at sound cards you know I mean that's that's a lot of money um for something that doesn't really suit me uh being down here I I like to (50:37) fit 35s I wanna we're talking about going to Utah I definitely would love to try 37s even just to see how it looks just to see what it does you know throw some big old tires on that thing and go rip around and I feel like I'm very (50:48) limited on a on a new Can-Am but you know I want to kind of touch back and just say like the I think it's cool a step in the right direction I think they do have a lot of good stuff the DCT is (51:00) badass at the same time obviously I'd be kind of fearful of that but um if there's a reliability issue in the expensive versus just a 200 Bill not even just reliability just I mean stuff (51:13) breaks [ __ ] happens you know regardless of who you are you know Brandon Sims runs he's top-tier athlete in this industry and you know he breaks stuff (51:24) from the best of the best I mean you know so it just happens so what happens when you break this training you know yeah it's badass downshifting power on the fly all these amazing qualities that (51:35) you know Can-Am continues to to put out but ah it's kind of it's kind of scary I'm kind of I'm kind of scared you know if you had a new Can-Am I mean yeah of (51:46) course I'm gonna go drive it I like driving your cars but um you see how I did that he already invited himself to drive a car I don't even have it's because the squeaky wheel gets the grease guys duh like closed mouths don't get fed so with Nick I say (51:57) what's up Nick dude damn and then 10 seconds before that he's like I'm ready to go jump the canal bro I'm not gonna do that in your car Nick come on dude but yeah um (52:08) I don't know we'll see we'll see how this Can-Am plays out I'm obviously super excited for Camp razor even though they haven't officially released the dates yet but um we all kind of know it's going to be that 27th 28th time frame or whatever (52:21) that that is at the end of October so and then Can Am does their little little cute Can-Am Camp thing there I don't know why they do it that weekend but whatever it is what it is uh good business I guess right you know yeah I (52:35) mean you know you have to be out there I think this Camp razor is going to be a big one uh we're going to finally see probably dozens and dozens at least of speeds running around in the wild and the speed and the new Can-Am have to (52:48) look good out there be reliable rip up the hill be fun and can you imagine if your car breaks like hitting the wolves on olds and the speed dude on Saturday at old or at the drags if I pull a belt (53:01) at 4 30 on Friday oh my God you'd be the most trendy dude ever dude Boardman Phil is gonna have a freaking hard on all weekend dude that guy loves you man I think he has a picture of you like on (53:13) his wall and like he just we should go to boardmanville we should we should go meet this guy in real life if he exists I know yeah I wonder who he is man I would look no but I think uh you know I say that uh going to this that weekend (53:24) but I think if the car rips it'll justify the price I think there's a lot of unknowns I think we're both apprehend offensive I think we both thought they were going to go in a different direction but can-am's Canon we expect a lot out of them we expect a lot of (53:36) Polaris honestly I expect the most out of Polaris people probably think I'm a little more biased to speed because I look at the industry like Polaris is like your oldest son yeah yeah you know he's off in college he's responsible you (53:47) expect more out of him yeah yeah little brother he he's maybe he has to Fumble the ball yeah I think that's what kind of what speed is and that's how I what I think and maybe people think I'm biased for that but I think we're the way we're talking about it maybe it might you (53:58) listen to this whole thing you're like man these guys are a little concerned they're being a little bit hard on Can-Am well you know they've done so many many amazing things I mean amazing vehicles I mean not just with side by side ATV (54:11) um someone bills all that stuff but we expect these two on all the vehicles too though yeah you know to be fair the internet is to all of you guys yeah exactly you guys hear me in the comments just like oh disagreeing with everything we say exactly so you know we regardless (54:23) of what we spoke of today be a Polaris speed Kawasaki whatever manufacturer there's it's just we're hard on everything you know we're we're enthusiasts we want to see these things succeed we want to see where this sport (54:36) goes obviously it's evolving like crazily at this point um so yeah we're gonna dissect these things we're gonna hit on the on the negatives you know touch on the pros whatever but (54:48) um we were like that with the pro art turbo R2 like oh my God you know this and that and look how long and I can't believe this it looks like that Pontiac the speed obviously there's there's a million things about speed but I mean (55:01) whatever uh and and now Can-Am welcome Can-Am has entered the chat so and that's what this is going to make this desert season exciting we talk about Glamis because there's so many eyeballs out there and I think if your car runs (55:13) good out there you'd be good so yeah it's gonna be exciting desert season yeah someone's gonna break someone's Gonna Roll there's gonna be drama there always is yeah but at the tail of the tape like whether you don't believe me about the (55:25) speed you're going to see hundreds of people owning them hundreds of people are going to buy these New Canaan probably maybe thousands and then we're gonna see how they run in the wild I'll never forget the first time I was on Glamis I was working for Polaris uh and (55:36) then the X3 had come out immediately when I saw the video I saw I thought this car is a problem this car looks sick yeah it's a problem he has a player some play right here they go and then out of the corner of my eye I'm like hanging out at olds and I see something (55:48) like jamming up old so I'm thinking oh it's a sand car and I looked over I'm like it was a side by side ate those bumps at the bottom and I think old is such a good look because you have bumps (56:00) you have to see how how well the car can handle those bumps are huge and then hit the speed yeah yeah so you know that's why I think it's important that any car has to look good out there in front of all those people it'll be successful and (56:11) if not the Can-Am or the speed you know it'll it'll only bode well for Polaris yeah I mean I'm gonna Venture off and see that your speed is going to handle (56:22) it I don't know engine wise or other details that the car needs yeah naked disclaimers yeah but the suspension I mean it's it's freaking amazing that car (56:33) is crazy how dialed it feels so I'm pretty sure you're gonna have no trouble hauling ass up olds but yeah I mean I'm very anxious to see Can-Am and what they do how they do I should say um and just be ready for a war of memes (56:46) I mean you know what's going to happen I mean even me you know [ __ ] happens to me too it happens to everybody you know Ford Chevy Dodge whatever everything has issues but you know how how us we like (56:58) to pick on like oh look Polaris if I'm a Can-Am guy you know look I can't believe they did that that's so silly kind of like in Baja when he was ragging on me because my front axle pulled out the first day and then my boss and then he (57:09) lost a ball joint because you know you know but touching on ball joints dude I I think manufacturers build these cars with ball joints because okay say they do a rod end or a cheaper no but okay (57:22) shareholder profit hear me out hear me out hear me out they put a uniball right or uh or a rod and whatever something way stronger that's not going to break what's the next weakest point right so now you're cracking a frame instead of popping a ball joint now you're breaking (57:35) like shearing your tabs off or whatever your frame because you have uniball arms you know so maybe they put ball joints in place because think about how simple a ball joint is you know that's breaks off I mean there is a lot of beer drink (57:46) by the time I took to get into it there was a lot of tools though and then it happened twice Nick your car happened twice now come on what are you saying is the axle pulled out the whole crew got me fixed and it only (57:59) lasts about 15 miles so we pulled it out so 15 miles Nick you're being generous did the axle last thing before it went out again yeah I feel like we had just gone going and you never mention how (58:11) your axle popped out we pulled into the hotel and you put it the car in reverse and your axle popped out like my ball joint didn't break as I got on the draw on the freeway my axle broke or my ball joint broke because I was probably doing (58:24) like 120 to be honest right I will say the the last part of the first day that we had a long pole we did over 200 plus miles I was following Anthony and his dad and we were jamming through some rough race car stuff like uh down by irindera or (58:37) below colonnet and uh I was hammering the car yeah because I was following you you know slouch and we were going good yeah that was actually beating on the cars I was super shocked man I saw my (58:49) dads in in my rearview mirror my his headlights and I was like damn my dad's tailgating me like okay let's get it because that's when I kind of know he wants to play and then I look over my my driver's side mirror and like Mr Speed (59:00) okay so I was like damn let's get it so yeah that section is so freaking gnarly and I don't think I mean I looked at the GoPro videos and you could see sometimes my tires just freaking getting beat on (59:11) but until people experience that specific section they don't know they can't tell how freaking crazy how many races have been run through and they've never prepped it and and we were doing 50 I don't know after 200 miles in the (59:25) first day when we still had another 250 to go yeah so really like you you want to have fun but you got to be safe kind of yeah very conservative a little bit but that little section you know my ball joints lasted the whole time oh wait I (59:36) don't have ball joints my axles lasted though so I mean I don't know actually is Axel pulled out because of his ball joint oh it did I popped it back in and it worked it did I wasn't in two-wheel drive I wasn't finished you (59:49) know I was driving like Robbie Gordon two-wheel driving Baja son oh my gosh just because you had Robbie Gordon followed us from like about 50 miles behind in a helicopter because he wanted to make sure nobody misspoke of speed and you know he has sicarios and stuff (60:03) people to take care of us down there in Mexico so we weren't able to speak ill of speed because uh we knew Robbie's watching well I can't wait for all of you guys that are buying the new Maverick car because I'm sure thousands of you guys have already put down deposits can't (60:15) wait to see him in the dunes Baja on the Rocks I want to see them everywhere I'm sure Can-Am is going to be continuing with with their marketing release of demo rides all that type of stuff so thanks for coming and chatting it was (60:28) super fun yeah man thanks for having me thank you guys for watching if you guys like the content of course like And subscribe comment below what you think about the Maverick car um quick speed round real quick if you had a dialed X3 would you sell it (60:39) and get the Maverick car yes or no no if you had a pro R would you sell and get a Maverick absolutely no I wouldn't even sell it for a speed so don't even ask me that question okay Pro R is still Top Dog homie so yeah I think the pro R is (60:51) yeah until the speed proves its reliability with the speed key exactly I'm very curious to see that yeah um man I don't know I think like yeah maybe in a year Robbie dials in all these little details and stuff I think (61:05) speed has a runner Can-Am is just not it for me just purely looks everything else can be 10 out of 10 but I mean you can't put makeup on a pig you know like the (61:17) lipstick yeah so there you have it Anthony's not buying just because it's ugly it's ugly that's the only reason it's gonna be badass I'm sure it is it's gonna handle it's gonna be fast whatever dude you're so ugly you still like dudes if you drive a Can-Am so (61:31) open-minded to it comment below if you think I should sell my Can-Am and get it or 2C Pro would probably be a great car I'd love to do the Nora Nora Race So doing Nora and the speed would be cool or a 2C brawler I think would be fun (61:43) um that's kind of aspiration I have for maybe next year maybe the year after you guys know I like to do all different types of riding so it'd be cool to maybe develop a b2g and other products for the new Maverick R but I'm curious how (61:53) they're going to sell how many we're going to see out there this season yeah let's see if it's even worth it to invest your time and efforts into doing something like that but honestly the back end looks rather similar you know like you you mentioned about doing an exhaust and stuff the tail lights the (62:06) little bed that they kind of do the Can-Ams have so maybe it's actually maybe just minor tweaks to your current b2g and you know you can continue to sell them to the new uh for the new cars so yeah yeah we'll we'll check them out (62:18) at Glamis or whenever they hit the streets when are they supposed to I saw a Can-Am responding that they were going to ship cars mid-september so 15th is a sand show so I'm guaranteed they'll have them on the ground oh yeah it'll be a (62:29) big draw come to Sancho come by chupacabra Booth Anthony autographs we'll come check out the Canon hopefully we'll get a shoot a video of sitting in it yeah see it in real life I think you guys like to see I'd like to see it and see how it feels did they make it (62:40) roomier uh it could be a little roomier leg wise than my x-ray one of my employees he's a big dude and he wishes it was a little bit longer you're a tall dude and you find your six ways yeah I thought it felt better than the old turbo West but I could I could see about (62:53) a couple more inches leg room wouldn't hurt yeah see I mean most Mexicans were short so we're good with with any kind of space to be honest I mean we're averages 5 10 5 11 so I was good in my Triple S I'm good in my trip award I (63:05) felt the Can-Am legroom was fine especially driving yours too yeah but yeah I guess you know you can always have more right so whatever big big boys out there so yeah thank you guys for watching thanks Anthony for making the (63:18) trip if you guys like the content please like And subscribe and we'll see you on the next one peace homies good oh


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