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by Nick Olson

Chuy had to make his first trip out to Glamis for New Year’s, to set off 2021 with some good vibes, hand out stickers to the kids and have fun!


Hey take a picture there we go hold on let me get out of the way sorry come over here come on yeah follow you guys I watch you guys all the time all right man we find the next three man high five all right that’s a good one no I don’t think you have your own drinks you have your own drinks oh tuna salad oh he’s allergic all right um nobody’s too cool for chewie right guys wanting stickers what do you say thank you all right hey you got one more picture right here come over here right here right here wow check out the box like that I like that it looks good that was good little squadron pro on the back nobody riding behind you can see anything go ahead you can help yourself what do you want here just I’ll take it off no all right he’s gonna be scary he says he doesn’t like your mirrors he says you know just give up a six pack of beer and I can have him bro there you go what’s up man let’s go all right happy new years thanks let me get a sticker oh yeah those are yeah yeah all I need is the wheels oh man somebody got there with a white marker man that’s attention to detail that’s what he likes that’s what he likes making a sticker yeah for sure aaron you want to stick your butt thank you guys we need to get him set up with some that looks like your old bike ah there you go knuckles hey he’s nice there you go there you go go go I’ll do one better we’ll get you a sticker on there that way you made it yeah all the way up yeah yeah at the top up here there that’s the competition so anybody can climb and slap you in face when you win all right boom there she goes all right all right here we go all right here we go oh she gets a sticker oh here we go all right here we go okay oh look at that don’t turn around hey just push everybody I’ll be back in like four hours I’ll come get you come get you there okay quiet come on yeah one two three go show me your water gun what is that parker’s perfect for promo how many how many of you here right oh that is nice that is nice I don’t know if it has it might have the albums I don’t know that’s pretty cool I’ve never seen that I don’t know he wants to know what transmission is in it hey fix your hair fix it here okay do your walk there, there you go I’ll meet you in yuma it’s like 25-30 miles I’ll be I’ll meet you there all right.


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