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by Nick Olson

See ya 2020! Hello, 2021.


What’s up everybody nick olson chupacabra off road we’re heading out to glamis we’re gonna bring in the year right 2021 with some sand duning got the whole crew we’re gonna be shooting some content having a great time we got a lot of tricks up our sleeve to put down the best glamorous video to start off all right everybody we made it out here it’s Wednesday the sun’s about to set trying to get the cars all set up we had to squish them in the trailer but we’re here weather’s gonna be great this weekend got a couple more friends coming later tonight gonna have a lot of fun I think we’re gonna get these cars set up so we can go to a night ride so what’s happening everybody Thursday morning we just got done shooting a little footage going down sand highway grabbing some burritos and we’re headed to jump in the helicopter optic helicopters we’re trying to put together the best glamorous video so canva ideal perfectly on this weekend without a ride around and a chopper so really excited gonna get some good footage put together a banger for you guys so so I just got done filming and my gas is a little low so pull the rookie maneuver ran out but we had the helicopter following us which is a really cool experience we’re all dice and it was like a little mini race out there where owen brought me some gas we’re right around the corner from camp going to get back and so so belts we’re pulling the secondary cars are loaded down running hot you guys know it’s part of the game that’s all good dude compared to the freaking watch your head what kind of snacks do you got we got gummy bears cheez-its and sunflower seeds guess what we got two fallen soldiers right here gonna not the smartest from the ground well we’re here at the hill midday we had a longer run than normal had a couple belts break but all good a lot of fun filming enjoying a killer day weather couldn’t be better um all is good 76
00:06:46,840 –> 00:07:02,000 this is just a typical Glamis video let’s roll it you are going to survive I hope I mean he’s got a helmet on he’s wearing goggles he’s got a few white gloves he should be the fine dude that one hurt why don’t your computer it to make it look like he landed it that’s a good idea is that your first ride I’m gonna have to hit this with a watch 99
00:09:48,839 –> 00:09:54,240 I think pretty much dialled he’s got the red we have the 1dx on the ronin I’m going to be hanging out of the car filming the other car parallel through the bushes should be pretty rad so so happy 2021 from Glamis we’re almost 12 hours into 2021 so far it’s turning out pretty good a lot better than 2020. got the cars all gassed up loaded up we’re headed to the swing follow us there I think it’s gonna be super conversating is no pressure no pressure just pleasure just pleasure that’s all the things I get this all the things I get need pressure need pressure free birth catch this all the things I get this all the things I get separation me and my ex still [ __ ] that’s reparations I think we need to make two my heart like it’s fake and I feel love is this sadness that’s reigning good times here at the swing unfortunately a rider got hurt but um hopefully he’s okay and we’re just hanging out spreading some joy and having a great beginning there you go what do you want here just I’ll take it off so there’s the chupacabra siding out here at the swing set we saw him running off it’s pulling it out kids had a good time and made it more of a memorable experience um hate when you’re in glamis and you’re driving and you’re seeing all this stuff everybody’s having a good time but people leave their trash everywhere screw this so dude it’s a 21 year old wagon it’s 100 stuck I bought it for my brother for 2k and we’re ripping all right I’m in the middle of the road chupacabra off-road now we’re headed back on road back home on to the next adventure we’ll see you guys in the next one I just have one question bran what’s with your pants


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