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by Nick Olson

DISCLAIMER: Super Clean sent us free product to use for this video, which we used in addition to our other paid for items. After our use of these products we think they are a good working at a great price, and easy to find in most major auto parts stores and retailers.

It’s about time we talked about taking care of our toys and keeping them clean. New to the sport? If so, these are some good recommendations on cleaning your SxS, and the tools and cleaning supplies you will need to keep your ride looking good for years to come.

Here’s a link to Super Clean’s website, to learn more about their product offerings: https://superclean.com/

Like you see in the video, degreasers are important, and can save a lot of time and hard scrubbing, but to do the job correctly, you need a pressure washer, foam cannon, and cleaners that are safe on plastics and painted items. We hope this provides a good guide for you to take care of your new investment.


What’s happening everybody nick olson chupacabra off road and we’ve been having a lot of fun lately here and now all of our rides are dirty so for the purpose of today’s video we’re going to be talking cleaning products some of the stuff that I use some new stuff that I’m trying out and you know how it is guys if you really spend a lot of time in the dirt things get dirty you got grease you got things that build up we’ve got a big trip coming up to glamis got to get everything cleaned up and prepped so I’ve got some products I want to kind of walk you through some of the stuff that I’ve used over the years and some new stuff that I’m trying out so let’s get into it all right so starting off with some of the stuff I’ve used pretty much most of my life of course more particularly since I’ve been riding dirt bikes over the last 20 or so years they tend to be a lot dirtier than the mountain bikes I grew up on and of course required some stronger cleaning agents so over here on my table I’ve got some stuff that you can kind of always find which of course is some carbon choke cleaner this goo gone stuff is absolutely amazing great for getting the sticky stuff off stickers a degreaser recently I’ve been using this sc14 it’s been working really well this company reached out to us and sent us some stuff for free so I’ve been using on the race car and the razor I keep some of this lysol all-purpose cleaner out here I think I stole this from my wife’s cleaning cabinet but because we’ll do a lot of photo shoots and it’s we sell mirrors for a living it’s important that we keep the mirrors clean so that tends to work good looks similar to a glass cleaner I know some of you guys have used pledge and really like it on your finish of your plastics I haven’t really used it much but I’m gonna dabble with it a little bit and then about a year a year and a half ago after kind of reading a lot of comments and stuff on the FaceBook groups I ended up getting a foam cannon which I’ve been using and really like so I started off with this chemical guys I went through all the um the wash that they had and now I’ve switched up to a couple other brands so speaking of brands this company super clean they reached out to us and they sent us some free products they wanted us to test out which I thought was really cool and now we can maybe just talk about them in terms of some of the other products that I paid for products that I bought recently were this combo kit this is the off-road deluxe wash kit from slick now I’ve seen slick around I saw they sponsor ricky carmichael he’s done a lot of targeted ads and you know these guys do send a lot of coupons after you do purchase which is pretty cool so I just started using it this whole kit I’ll show you in just a second it’s about 125 bucks and that’s the wash I’ve been using in my foam cannon all right so these super clean products I’m just now trying out for the first time these are very popular you can find them walmart autozone you know and your local hardware store even the price is really reasonable and the kit that they sent me a little bit of everything we’ll try so we got the floor absorbent I’ve got a trailer that’s really dirty got a degreaser and the degreaser is really reasonable it’s only about 5.50 on walmart.com they do have the foaming degreaser which is quite a bit more expensive but it’s still relatively cheap in my opinion about 15 bucks got an aerosol can degreaser which I can use on my engine carburetor rebuilds little kids bikes and stuff like that that’s under eight bucks and finally they sent me a wheel cleaner which we’re going to try with the slick products brush because if you guys look down here they sent me a little guide but you can find this on their website kind of gives you a little idea what to go off obviously stuff that’s really nasty like my barbecue grill you know auto parts engines that type of thing but of course you can save a little bit of money or reduce the the potency by mixing with more water three eight and 16 parts of water to kind of dilute it a little depending on your application they do also call out that some of this stuff is really strong you don’t want to do a bunch of it on plastic and as you guys know you kind of need the whole gamut right with with our side-by-sides we’re going to need some strong degreaser for oil spots for getting the engine and transmission clean but we don’t necessarily want to use that stuff on the finish on my powder coated cage powder coated doors plastics that type of stuff so we’re going to try the super clean degreaser back to back with some of the other degreaser here from slick the slit combo kit like I was telling you about comes with some off-road wash it comes with an instant detailer two bottles of their degreaser a wax and then three bottles of their shine protectant along with the brush a little hand scrubbing towel and then of course two finishing towels so we’re gonna give the razor the full treatment it’s going to give it a nice little cleanup we’re doing a big video out here in glass in a couple days so we’ll get her looking right with some of those finished products so I’ll show you guys how this stuff works back to back I’ve got a lot of stuff to clean so let’s get into it all right guys so here’s the fleet as you can see basically everything’s dirty and needs some tlc from the mountain bike the e-bike got a little bit of grease building up and of course the mini bikes out riding with the kids you got your typical stuff the bikes start to get a little bit old you get the little excess chain lube of course we got the two-stroke p-dub so it’s always spoojing a little bit out of the muffler um dirt bike of course I’ve rid these for quite a while so I usually always know where the parts that are challenging to clean of course you’re always going to get a little bit of overspray here from the chain that’s something that I always struggle with is making sure that header pipe stays clean and get some of that built up dirt and um finally for the little kids bikes we’ll start off we’re gonna touch on my kids quad who likes to hit every single puddle as you guys can see so I like to start off by using some degreaser on the motors here and then I’m gonna go ahead and use my pressure washer to go ahead and hit it with some high power water to kind of get everything brushed off that won’t get into the foam cannon I’ve been using this for a little while it’s a 3000 psi ryobi works pretty good and let’s get into it a lot of buildup stuff like this just splashing puddles little oil leak definitely want to let this degreaser sit and kind of work its magic here for at least a minute before you spray it off do all right so that’s it for the bikes I just give them a little quick dust off there with the air gun put them away I’m not really gonna do a final polish on that’s good enough for me for the little kiddos bikes um out here in arizona the dirt’s not that bad so even though that quad probably being the dirtiest little bike I cleaned you know it all comes right off even it’s been sitting on there for a few weeks so let’s get into the razor um got the razor in position first thing I’m going to do is I take off the spare tire I take out the tools I take out my cooler I pull the plugs go put the plugs in the safe place on the floorboard you raise your guys know if you have them you’re going to lose them at least they’re only five or six bucks a piece on amazon and then also get everything out of your door bag storage bags that stuff you know can get wet as well as the glove box so we always keep stickers and koozies little things like that so by the way if you see us on the desert come up and say hi we always keep some swag for all of you that watch us and support us with the products and on the channel so got the thing all prepped up I also pull the cover off of the air box just because it’s easy to get into the motor and get that extra clean I’m gonna end up pulling the cover off of the air box of course and blowing the air off and then I’m gonna do a little kind of a part two maintenance video for you guys that want to know more about how I keep the razor maintained I’ve got almost 2 000 miles on the stock belt with 33s so I’ll show you what I do that’s what I know I think a lot of it comes down to the driver but we’ll get into that like I said I’m going to start off I’m going to go ahead and go back to super clean foaming degreaser I’m going to go ahead and just kind of hit the motor transmission spindles kind of all the high high dirt areas or grime areas stuff that can maybe have some type of moisture or gas or oil that would accumulate sand I just took this thing to sand hollow there’s a dry trip the car really didn’t even get that dirty so it’s gonna be pretty quick and easy um after we do that we’re gonna go ahead and hit it with the foam cannon and I’m gonna try some of the wheel cleaner supplied from super clean we’re going to use the brush from the slick kit and then we’re going to go ahead and do a nice kind of final detail with the slick kit all right so this is a pretty good amount of foam I might have gone a little bit overboard especially since this thing isn’t really that dirty but now I got this all wet I’m gonna go ahead and give the doors and everything a scrub this is what I found is easier to get some of those streaks and some of that hardware great shirt that just doesn’t come off or didn’t come off with the initial pressure wash alright so I got the car finished with the final rinse I let it dry up a little bit and now I’m going to go ahead and take the incense detailer from slick and use one of their supplied towels they do have this other shine and protectant but this stuff is more designed for plastic it claims plastic and vinyl services whereas the instant detailer says this work will work with metal too so metal glass I think this will work better on the doors and all the elements of the razor and this might be like a really nice little finish kind of like sc1 so we’ll give it a shot we’ll go ahead and nice wipe down and hopefully it’s a nice clean finish it doesn’t want to have dust and dirt stick to it too easy I like letting the car dry up a little bit then you kind of see some spots you need a little extra attention so like for instance over there there’s always like a little bit of dust so I’ll go ahead and brush up some of these spots that I didn’t get clean enough through the first go rounds of course here in arizona we’ve got hard water so you’re always fighting water spots see how this stuff works on that my windshield’s always pretty bad for it all right so there’s the final product it’s pretty good I could go ahead and take that other plastic polish I wanted to go again I’m not really into those because it makes it you know really shiny and slippery attracts dust we’re headed to glamis here in the next couple days so it looks really good pretty quick and easy hope you guys have some tips let me know if you guys have some better tips and probably next on deck in terms of what I’d like to purchase or be one of those short wands sold by obsessed garage if you guys are really ocd about keeping your stuff clean check out this YouTube channel and his name is matt moorman obsessed garage he is the king of of cleaning of all things high-end garage whether that’s outfitting your garage the tools the pressure washers all these type of things so he’s got a really short one which will be really nice to use for holding parts trying to spray them off that type of thing so all right everybody thanks for watching that’s going to wrap it up for this video if you guys like the content please like and subscribe again comment below if you have some tips and tricks that helps get your rig nice and clean and we’ll see on the next one.


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