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by Nick Olson

Do you remember that RZR Turbo S Velocity that I won from the Tierra Del Sol Jeep event back in February? Well, today is the day, it arrived, and I get to pick it up! It was a surreal feeling to roll down to Ride Now Apache Junction, talk to Dominic and the gang, fill out some paperwork and load this thing onto my trailer. It really set in once we got home and put it into the garage.

What’s the future hold for this machine? Hmmm…. You will have to wait and find out. Having 2 kids, and riding on big trips like the Arizona Peace Trail, El Golfo run and Baja, really makes me want a 4 seat vehicle. The 2 seater is fun, but I really like the longer wheelbase, and capabilities of a 4 seat machine. I may sell this to go with a 4 seater… but with a pending “big release” from Polaris, we will have to wait and see.

Thanks to the Tierra Del Sol Jeep club, Jim & Julie Hurkman, and Polaris ORV for making this a reality! I’m very appreciative, and will be using this to grow our business in a variety of ways.


Right now patchy you’re here I know comics around here somewhere doesn’t feel real they, they on the trailer at home to the garage all right it’s it’s starting to feel real actually just loaded it out onto the trailer taking it home I think it’s really gonna set in when it goes into the garage feel really fortunate really excited just a better get home and the fact that I want something with this much value and will help the YouTube channel and the brand and everything it’s just gonna be a big deal for us so it couldn’t be more thankful that’s here man I have it paid our taxes on its legally mine registrations coming soon so crazy man thanks again tear those soul Jim and Julie hurkman Riviera Razer rats and pilaris for making this happen really appreciate it at that we’re gonna do a lot with it so I’m excited stay tuned if you guys like this content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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