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by Nick Olson

A lot of people want high-end Aluminum side mirrors for their SxS, but not with a $300 price tag. Our goal with the Cuero was to use our direct to the consumer pricing model, to deliver the best value for high-end aluminium side mirrors on the market. We ride in a lot of different environments and wanted a mirror that was both stylish, but big enough to offer a good field of view in the sand dunes, rocks, high-speed desert, woods, and mud. They also had to have a breakaway feature to prevent damage when struck by brush. We also went through many iterations of a clamp design to offer the lowest profile possible to integrate with as many custom roll cages and windshields as possible.

We love selling on Amazon, as we can get immediate feedback from our customers and improve our products in future releases. Many of our Can-Am X3 customers told us they like the OEM mounting location but also wanted a clamp option to place them anywhere on the roll cage they wanted. We have since updated the design, so the mirrors include both mounting options.

We think these mirrors are a fantastic value but don’t take our word for it, check out our Amazon reviews from real customers!


100% aluminum construction lifetime warranty and vehicle-specific mounting options these are just some of the few features of the Chupacabra Cuero side there’s a DeWitt County deputy and training reacts to seeing what just maybe a chupacabra so Cuero Texas is the home of the mythical chupacabra which is why we decided to name these side mirrors the Cuero this is what we really think our core customers looking for a high quality aluminum mirror at a great consumer direct price so we use a 1200 our convex shaped glass to optimize the field of vision without distorting the view so with all the roll cage and windshield options available we change and redesign the clamps multiple times to have as much of a low-profile as possible so then we’ll sit in the spot that you need and not inhibit your ability to add on other accessories so the 1.5 inch roll clamps work on all razor models some art academy econ vehicles as well as Yamahas when we first launched the Cuero mirrors from the can-am x3 we made a vehicle specific mount for the stock roll cage it’s pretty nice because it mounts up in a popular location it’s out of the way if you want to install a windshield well after getting some feedback from our customers a lot of people wanted a round tube cage mount so that they could adjust the mirrors lower or to wear work better for them based on their height or riding conditions moving forward all of the x3 specific Farrow mirrors are going to ship with both mounting brackets so you’ve got two options in the box whether you want to run a windshield part of the year and you prefer the OEM cage mount or you’re looking for a round tube roll cage mount to adjust a mirror higher low to get your optimum field of vision or the x3 we decided to offer two mounting bracket options for the X recoil mirrors so you can fine-tune these based on your height your vehicle where you ride and your visibility needs so when you purchase a set of Cuero mirrors you’re going to get a right and left specific mirror as well as some instructions to guide you through the installation process and the complete ability to take these apart should you need first elation you’re going to need a five millimeter allen key a four millimeter allen key as well as a 2.5 millimeter allen key to completely adjust these to your likings the directions are specific for Polaris or can-am one nice feature on the kam direct mount or we included longer screws when you’re mounting these into the stock OEM location that way you can go ahead and mount up a light bar using an aftermarket light bar bracket without having to go to the hardware store to buy longer screws if you want to learn more about these kwarrel mirrors or hear some feedback from real customers we’ve got over 70 reviews on Amazon or you can check us out on our website Chupacabra off-road comm you can also check us out on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


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