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by Nick Olson

ALL NEW POLARIS PRO R HAS BEEN "RELEASED!" Here are some of my predictions... and assumptions after what was released by Polaris in their latest video with Hoonigan and RJ Anderson. What do you expect to see from the new Polaris RZR Pro R???


So this is it everybody polaris finally mentioned yesterday on the post on social media November 9th the new razer lineup is coming so let's talk about it make some predictions I might be right it might be wrong let's get into it so I'm recording this video October 19th and about two months ago polaris did launch the first part of their 2022 razer lineup here's what the video looks like it's on our YouTube channel we'll go ahead and link in the description but basically check that out you can kind of go through what polaris has announced so far for 2022 which are some new colorways of the razer 1000 and some new colorways of the pro xp 64 models in two and four-seater now a lot of us were upset when we saw that our beloved razer turbo s was gone in addition to the razer turbo which is also a fantastic side-by-side for the money so polaris went from having a huge model offering to a very limited model offering and like I kind of alluded to I thought that was part one we called it part one now we're getting into part two what are they gonna launch right now there's no 72 inch model YOU KNOW polaris is not going to miss the fourth quarter the southwest desert riding season without a 72 inch wide model release so speaking of 72 inch wide model release we all know that that's not enough there's been some leaked photos some leaked patent drawings there's a lot of rumor there's a lot of hullabaloo that polaris is going to launch a four-cylinder 2000 cc side-by-side I don't even think we can call it a utv anymore there's so much speculation we don't even really know that's what everyone's also very excited about with this new model release here on the night all right so let's get into my predictions feel free to come back to this video after the release and flame me in the comments if I'm wrong but I'm just going to throw it out there make some predictions right so I could be right it could be wrong so starting off with the entire razer lineup as a whole you've got your razer 1000 your razer 4 1000 as your price point sport utv then right now of course like I mentioned you've got the pro xp a couple different trim levels two and four seat models that's 181 horsepower all these vehicles are 64 inches wide I think you're going to see some pro xp 72 inch models two and four seater I think they're going to be pretty limited trims couple color options not a good better best maybe they will figure out a gps screen but I say that because it's so challenging right now in 2020 believe me as the company makes products in this industry the supply chain is making for the most limited inventory we've ever seen with vehicles parts accessories with demand being about as high as you've ever seen it so I could see polaris just slimming down not replacing the xp turbo with like a value turbo model but getting rid of that keeping the 1000 the 64 inch pro and then now a 72 inch pro two and four seat options like I said simple keeping the same power plant just making a little bit wider of course same thing here with the turbo s beefing up the driveline components to make sure it can withstand the extra abuse of the 72 inch wide machine so that becomes what was your top end I think now that's going to be your new middle end of the polaris lineup they're going to move the whole lineup forward because they are going to release I'm going to call it of course they're going to release a 2000 cc polaris pro r pro rs whatever they're going to call but I think we're going to see a side-by-side vehicle may be classified as a dune buggy now depending on which state you live in this is really going to open up pandora's box in terms of what is it what are we going to call it but I think they've been working behind the scenes for quite a while to make this happen I think there's definitely a consumer demand for it I think it's going to have 200 to 220 horse so it's not gonna have a whole lot more horse than the competition or even their current offerings but this is gonna be made naturally aspirated without a turbo so less moving components less complexity it's gonna be hard to figure out how much heavier it's going to be the market is ready for I think polaris is gonna do it I think they've been teasing it in a sense and wanting to or not with the leaked photos but that's what we're gonna get I also think they are going to launch a four-seater as well because these are gonna be some new price points that the market has not seen so you're not going to be taking away sales if you're polaris from your other vehicles you might as well just throw it out there and lock up as many pre-orders as many deposits from customers as possible that I've kind of been forced to buy a canon right now because polaris hasn't really shown their hand unless you've been patient and waiting so a couple more predictions this new top of the line what's called a 2000 cc pro r I hope the wheelbase gets longer so I'm going to throw out that prediction that the two-seat model is going to bump a few inches in wheelbase from 95 to 100 I think that they'll hopefully be able to keep the four-seat wheelbase around 125 hopefully not much longer because the last thing we want is to polaris release their big top dog force heater had to be as long as the canyon that would be the worst so polaris please don't do that keep the wheelbase 125 or less on the four-seater stuff that big motor in it somehow you know it comes at the a little bit of the the rear leg room for the backseat passengers please keep that wheelbase from being too long so I'm gonna say 100 wheelbase on the two-seater 125 on the four I also think that it's gonna be a cvt belt transmission now a lot of people are really hoping for a geared transmission I think polaris fundamentally is a cvt company they started off making cvt drivelines in summer builds a long time ago so I think polaris is just going to do a cvt again I think they're going to figure out a way with much bigger clutches and all new transmission to keep it cool I think it's a great use case for a side-by-side vehicle do I think they'll do a geared transmission I think they will but I think they can always do that down the road with this new power plant so that's just what I think I think your transmission is going to cost a lot of money hey let's just bump up to this next level with the cvt maybe we can keep the cost down it's still going to be a more expensive machine since I'm throwing out predictions I'm going to go with 2c pro r 2000 cc let's go with 36 999 I'm gonna say 37k and then I'll do the four-seater at 39.99 just to make it a cool 40k that's what I think it'll come in at with cvts I think they'll sell every single one they can make because of how the marketplace is right now they're not gonna be able to make as many as we would probably all like anyway because of all these challenges and constraints and then maybe I think again hopefully they keep it really simple maybe a live valve version and a non-live l version maybe you don't even mess with ride command just make a red one and a black one or a red one and a blue one keep it simple so you can get as many of them out there believe me I don't think anyone really cares at this point if we're gonna launch a new top dog just get them out there as quick as you can we'll worry about the color the cage the the live valve the accessories all that in the future I think no one really cares I just want this new top dog with the with the chassis with the motor etc and people will be happy for for this season now like a lot of oems polaris is very crafty if they do launch this new vehicle the pro r that chassis I'm sure will be big enough to hold up to the next couple years of improvements whether they bump horsepower every year for the next couple years or they do add the gear transmission which ends up being heavier they will have all the components that will come on this vehicle will withstand that abuse et cetera so looking forward to see with the suspension measurements since I'm making a predictions I'm going to say I think 74 inches wide I think they'll go a little wider than 72 we've already seen spy photos of the five lug hubs I expect that they'll come stock with 32 inch tires all these 72 inch models it'd be cooler to see something even bigger maybe a 33 or even better a 35 but I'm pretty sure that once this new top dog comes out everyone's going to want to put 35s on it anyway so I don't think players will do that stock oem it'd be really cool if they did but I think I'm going to be realistic like I said 37k 2-seater 40k four-seater 200-200 I'll call 210 horse I'll just call it cbt trans simple no live valve YOU KNOW these price points no ride command just simple just give us a performance that we're really looking for and we'll worry about all the bells and whistles for model year 2023 once YOU KNOW hopefully this this supply chain stuff goes back to normal one other prediction I want to make is that there is a lot less brand loyalty than I think the oems would love to admit if this is the new top dog this is how our industry is a lot of canon guys are gonna sell and get a polaris the same people that might make fun of polarises now because this industry is all about having the top dog car I've got the biggest baddest car out there that's just how I think it's going to go so breaking news one more update right as we're getting ready to produce this video and go live with it we saw the pro our video yesterday released on the hoonigan's YouTube channel we'll link it below rj anderson going big in the new pro r so the pro is real seen the light of day I'll talk a little bit more in the future about marketing but it's cool that they did it in downtown l.a they blocked off la without any leaks happening and also you're kind of appealing to all car enthusiasts which I thought was a clever play kind of reminded me of the haunted talon release but either way real quick just kind of comment I was making some of those predictions I'm still going to stick with a lot of those same predictions I still think it's going to be cvt the suspension-wise kind of hard to figure out what the travel is but the wheelbase definitely looks longer in the rear like I was hoping for 100-inch wheelbase so a lot of the patent drawings that we had seen before as leaks look to be all real life in terms of the front shock with a clevis and the front axles going through it which is interesting some people are complaining about it but I don't think they're much smarter or any smarter than the polaris engineers and it's also interesting is the rear suspension design has a third radius rod but it's kind of running parallel to the trailing arm and attaches to the front of the hub so I'm assuming that's to keep the geometry as good as it can possibly be for handling adds a little bit more complexity but it's interesting to hear polaris logic and reasoning behind that so it's cool to see it's obviously real it's coming it's a cool interesting first drip and I'm sure they'll be dripping more interesting content and some snippets of it as we get closer so I don't know if the car had live valve suspension it does have walker evan shocks on it that could have been just because rj anderson is a walker evans driver athlete maybe they have fox shocks ready so be interesting to see if they launch a base model with those and a premium with live valve fox shocks like they've done in the past kind of unclear I think at this time obviously this car in this this video had a couple more upgrades it wouldn't be stock like the walker evans wheels buff good ridge tires most likely got an upgraded cage couple other things that'll be a big question too but to me looking at some of these photos the front and rear suspension appeared to be pretty stock the radius rods it was hard to tell but the a-arms and the trailing arms like I said the shocks also a question mark but we will see the the rear sway bar was mounted up a lot higher than previous models so and the motor appears to possibly be in sideways I've heard some rumors that the the cvt clutch cover is gonna be inside or facing the firewall right behind it so if it is a cvt so I'm still sticking with that rumor cbt release now maybe a geared transmission released in the future but exciting video good job polaris the stoke in the flames I'm sure they'll continue to do that like I said and check out these stills guys the car looks really good so those are my initial reactions great video of the car overshot a jump and it handled it really well so we'll see you never know it's a highly edited video who knows what could happen if they made that jump multiple times or that the car did right out of it without breaking or bending anything from what it appeared so the pro r is exciting polaris is coming finally bringing the heat and we'll tune in later we'll have all the updates on our channel catch you on the next one you.


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