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by Nick Olson

One of the team, our buddy Wes, is flying the Chupacabra Offroad load and proud on his 2020 Turbo S. I wanted to have him talk about the parts he used, to give you guys some insights, many of the parts are different from what Andrew and I have been using. Thanks to 5150 whips for the flags, and no other brands sponsored this video. We do get deals on certain parts, but this is ultimately what we buy with our own money, so try and give you guys the honest feedback.

Hopefully, this gives you RZR guys some ideas, if you are building up your rides!


All right part two of the day we’re here in chandler arizona at wolf rap i just want to introduce everybody to haley hi newest member of chupacabra Wes, Wes you may have seen wes on the glamis video a couple, couple videos everyone knows wes who’s into off and uh we’re here at wolf because wes has a turbo and uh now we have a turbo triplet so let’s check out west’s new car just got rap wes what’s your first impression both did an amazing job there’s so many fine details that we probably won’t even be able to see on the camera but the logo just pops I mean you can see the topographical lines that they put inside the digicam the till is not too dark it’s perfect which is super hard by the way I don’t don’t start a business with a teal logo it’s incredibly difficult to match the teal correct and yeah and then we did the headliner instead of doing the top of the roof we did the headliner with the logo and the digi it looks really sick it’s super sick it’s cool that each of the car has their own personalities we have our own personal sure we want to have a be a fun company we’re small you know we want to have a presence to be professional but uh west had the 2020 which is a cool color to start off with yeah i mean people won’t realize that this started off as the ghost gray with red um and we had a little incident so we tore it down um got everything powder coated took the red off of it uh decided to go the teal and gray uh cage works hooked it up really well with it with the the cage they’re actually able to uh custom make this color which they’re selling now um it matches the front fascia um and the grays just I mean I when players came out of this gray just love the gray i love the grape from the beginning it’s just one of those colors it can go with anything i like it better than migrate for sure yeah for sure it’s that ghost gray and you know overall like we did the wheels here and got them two-toned with the method inlay and then the black dish and then of course you painted the hubs to look extra clean yeah I had to be a little extra no rusty hubs like that yeah just to make it look that much better um no I went with some simple triplex black carbon seats that they’re really comfortable i’ve had these in my other car and I really like them um let’s talk about red for a second because wes is a running rebel fan that’s why I went to college he loved the red we were talking about how do we integrate red and teal yeah but you know getting rid of the red suspension and seats to get it all blacked out so we had a blank canvas yeah i mean I fought it for a while we were going to try to go red with till and try to match it which I think we would have been able to make it work some people have made it work but at the end of the day I was just like you know it’s not that big of a deal to pop it off i had the I had a shop to work out of so i was able to pop it all off get all the things out that needed to come out in order to get it baked and get it back on i’m really happy that we did that because it makes it where it doesn’t clash at all and just makes the wrap look amazing i mean we’ve saw just the first five minutes that we’ve seen this rap and super happy can be couldn’t be happier with what what they came up with and that’s the thing about wraps it’s like you never know like you get these renderings you don’t know what’s gonna happen and if the colors are gonna be perfect or whatever and we went back and forth and changed a few things but overall i’m super excited with it being outside and how it looks and couldn’t be happier and this car turned out amazing without the wrap i’d say you have black doors yeah cognito door so had you not done a wrap would you say you’ve got the gray powder coaters you have a nice clean singular color you know I i thought about it because obviously the doors being being black but I thought that the doors contrasted really well with the suspension and with the wheels um you could easily have gotten the doors wrapped to gray but it kind of looked really good the way it was which i’m sure you guys will see will post pictures of both before and after and you know I don’t know I don’t know what I would have done it doesn’t really matter now because this is what it is now and i’m really happy with what it is and i mean going with nick and nick had a really cool idea of doing the digicam and you know I gave nick a lot of insight on on this because um nick’s really stylish when it comes to things so I trusted him and turned out great looks so good with these toyos yeah the toyota tires they they’re really you know people think they’re really beefy and stuff but you can see the flecks in these tires I know it’s a warm day but they’re very very grippy tires um wear really well and yeah i’m just really stoked everything that came out how the car came out and obviously at the baja deed you know light bar which we were actually able to use the first time last week on a night ride where it was really dark in the forest and man i we could use it to light up two cars the car in front of you wouldn’t need a light these things are so bright um pretty cool this has a black hood normally right this is the block um actually what happened was i end up uh one of the things broke on my red hood and I when I re-ordered it i got a black hood so that’s right so yeah it was just black and gray all the way through kind of like a storm trooper kind of thing not that i’m a star wars guy but yeah so all the suspension was re-powder-coated uh black um cage works for the wheels cage works rear tire carrier i’m telling you guys this too I mean i love this style you want to get to your cooler any type of ride you’re going to be grabbing your cooler every time you stop yeah that’s the way to roll right right and cage you know they make two different two different models this is the lower model so you can kind of see on my previous car I had the higher model which you can run one of the storage container boxes the bigger boxes and it closes right over the top of it no problem we went with a little lower one this time just to switch it up make it a little bit different got some communications in it pci intercom race radio wired in um and yeah it’s real simple we went with some um pci parker bumper yep got the pumper which if you guys don’t have one of these and you have a wife that really likes to ride this is going to be a godsend you get get her a helmet get her these it really helps out on the dusty days when you’re on the trellis and really makes it more enjoyable almost as good as my windshield almost as good as the windshield which could be coming but we haven’t decided yet all right haley what do you think i think it looks awesome i’m a fan of the ghost gray so I love it it looks really good the style master andrew what do you think it looks really good I still think the blue one looks better though at all hey you guys let us know which one ever gets the most likes on instagram right that’s going to be there owen looks amazing couldn’t be better yeah really really good i’m happy that the teal is a little bit lighter than the wrap a nice integration of teal i think so if it would have been the same color till as the as the logo it would have washed that it would have washed out it washed out so we wanted the camo we wanted the right amount of camo right not not too over well yeah because a couple of the renderings we thought it was a little light and it wasn’t enough um we did a one where it was fading in and out but I thought that just darkened up the grace just a little bit the teal was perfect and yeah I couldn’t be happier I love how they cover the dash too yeah they go all the way up and cover everything up and make it really clean and then yeah nothing clashes with the black so so yeah I really dig in the headliner though like I really think that’s really sick yeah still it’s really you one-upped us on that one for sure for sure well andrew had a sticker on his I don’t know if we’ve shown it on the video but then andrew’s got a nice blue dome light right yeah and then the troop logo really glows so but he just wanted to take he basically took the top and said hey we’ll put it on the bottom and then we might do a a troop sticker on top for like our drone shots and stuff well speaking of tall guys you’re tall your son’s tall your wife’s tall I mean how’s this cage works cage wes you’ve won another car for quite a while yeah so when I bought my first cage work super shorty i was a little worried about that and then I was talking with danny the owner and he he basically reassured me that i’d have plenty of clearance i love it I love the little bit of radius i’m not a big huge radius guy but I hate the table top look unless you’re going to run a roof rack if you’re gonna run a roof rack it makes sense but with the cage work super shorty it’s just enough bend i’ve sat in the back i’ve sat in the front and fit perfectly you don’t have to worry about the clearances plus you can rest assured that these cages are strong they’re built correctly with the geometry they’re not just some joe blow that decided to make some bends here and bends there they’re actually safe and probably the best value on the market especially because you can do the weld together kit I agree you can either buy them fully welded together powder coated in you know tabs and everything or you can get it sent to your house as a kit and if you own a welder and you have a little bit of skill you can put a cage together in a matter of a couple hours gotta find your local powder coater yeah exactly and you can do that so I gave danny this one the first one I did we had buddy weld it up and it worked out great but it’s nice to be able to just get it door tabs everything is welded on you tell them what light bar you’re getting he makes the adjustment he does it anything you want the rear tabs I knew i wanted three 40 inch tahoe defense down here perfect exactly that’s what these tabs were made for um so they go the extra mile if you tell them what what you need they can get it done for you so it’s really easy to do stuff like that yeah I had a cage works on my last two seat turbo that I had uh super shorty as well i think it was one of the best two-seater two-seat cages that were out on the market uh and then if west does want to buy the windshield bolts right up yeah that’s the thing uh a reasonable price right exactly very reasonable price you can get cage works and they will bolt you have a windshield of bolts right on and if it’s a hot day or a day you don’t want the windshield it comes right off so it makes it very very easy to have a windshield with these cages yeah well i’m excited for you man thanks for wrapping the company it’s gonna look amazing get it out there and let everybody see it wes is based in vegas but he’s a he’s everywhere he’s at the races he’s got glamis baja cars can be all over the place so now we got my car in phoenix andrew in el centro west and uh in vegas because I got the whole southwest almost numbered let me see your new ride command update on the dash see so you can set it up custom and so you can put whatever gauges you want here and then you can recreate your own flares now allows you you can change the settings of it to where it retains the format so you can get even more temperatures and more things free update right super easy yep super easy took about i don’t know five minutes download plug it into your usb go in punch it out boom and I did the maps and the new update for the right command more maps in it more trails yeah just because they’re constantly updating so at least players you know is going through and making sure that all the maps are updated it’s a great app for free dude can’t beat it can’t beat it for free can’t beat it we’re working using like the onyx map we’re going to play around with that we’ve got lead now if you use lead nav racing uh we don’t usually nab we use just the the lowrance but leave now for like pre-run or anything like that the cool thing about the reliance system now is all your live gps’s because now we’ll have the satellite version so it basically does the same thing as lead nav which is crazy so it’s really getting you know instead of just being fish finders like they’ve always been called now they’re starting to see that the money it for off-road is there and people use them for off-road so it’s really cool that was like the knock with lowrance the right they’re only investing in the fishing yeah yeah exactly these last few years yeah so they’re supposed to be what I heard rumors and it’s been a while but what i’ve heard is you’re gonna develop more symbols and things like that they’re more for the off-road version you know um but I haven’t seen that yet but I mean yeah it’s definitely come a long ways all right guys we had a long day still ahead we’re going to get these all since they’re looking pretty set up for a photo shoot later on so we’ll check with you guys here in a bit all right wes we got the car out the one guy razor guys so wes you had a couple hours check out the car he kind of went through some of the specifics I want to know a little bit more um went back and forth about which wheels the zero offset methods toyos I know you put a couple hundred miles on them last weekend what are your thoughts on that you know incognito doors like how is everything fit and finished after you’ve had a good weekend on ice again all right yeah perfect I mean starting off with the wheel and tire combo um i’ve known the brand method for a long time a lot of people uh run them I went with the zero offset because I wanted to keep it just narrow enough to where it wouldn’t if I bought a trailer it wouldn’t overextend left to right also some of the trails that I ride in like southern utah they can be narrower trails and they really limit it to like 72 so I wanted to be a true 72 wide as far as the toyo tires go um this is my first experience running them on on one of my own personal cars and i can’t say that i mean the durability is amazing um we did about 300 miles last week and you can look at them right now they were cleaned up and they looked brand spanking new like nothing had even happened to them they’re very grippy they’re more they’re off of like the nt mold of those of you that are familiar with the truck tire but it’s a little softer compound and you know toyo doesn’t um they don’t skinch off a money when it comes to designing a tire they always designed really really really good tires and when they jumped into the side-by-side game i knew that I wanted to try the toyo tires out these are about the same weight of the stock tires did the car feel the same does it feel peppy or less peppy and that yeah for sure nick like it being a heavier tire when it comes to like after-market tires when you compare to the tensors or a couple other brands it’s a little bit heavier tire um but it is the same weight as the stock tires that come on the coyotes um I feel that it’s a little bit more durable I think the lugs are a little bit closer together it can get a little bit slipperier a higher psi on slicker roads and things like that where you slip and slide a little bit but overall it’s it’s a great tire and once you get to the feel of how the tire works and where it grips and where it does you can really maneuver the car around and it’s really really really fun um a lot of you guys asked me questions about the offset of my wheels so we both got the 401rs west says zero my car with my tenders i’m like 78 wide so it’d be fun to run them back to back and see if we can feel I know a lot of people talk about the geometry this is obviously the better way to go um I don’t know how much we can feel i remember when I had an older car with four threes my older turbo yeah it was slower it was lazier put more strain on the wheel bearings and such yeah you you hear that but I mean if you if you think like that you’re going to be concerned all the time I mean we’re pushing these 2 000 pound vehicles around corners at high speeds and hitting things and whatever and it’s possible you can have those failures but I just wanted a really strong wheel I wanted to keep it at 72 for the width only i mean your your wheels look amazing the offset everything looks amazing but for my application what would that was benefited me the best in my family was to go with the zero offset but I mean the wheel’s strong either one you know we know guys that race both this one and your will and they’re just they’re just a bulletproof wheel so moving on to the wrap we knew the idea was to wrap it and then that became difficult because doors doors are expensive yes the stock polaris doors they’re not the best looking but they freaking work yeah they seal up they’re fine they’re inexpensive the hinge doesn’t rattle but you know you wanted to go something better so like take us through what your options were you got your cognitions and how you like in the cockpit yeah so my budget was a little bit higher when it came to doors i had a little bit extra money to spend on the doors so um I went with the cognito doors um a close friend of mine runs a cog needle cage incognito doors and I really like the way that they closed way they felt also the fact that the doors in the rear open up normal style and they don’t have the suicide style in the rear I really like that it’s easier to get in and out especially for bigger people like myself also anybody who knows cognito it is a pricier door and they’re most their products are a little bit pricier but I i can see the the detail in the engineering and the way that it is designed um with like you know there’s no play in this door at all you know the rattle is very very minimal you’re going to get that over time I get it but overall the geometry everything and then the way that it closes up you can see how it closes right into the stock gaps now these these hinges were welded on by cage works and these are cognito doors so that also makes it look because our cage works can get their hinges perfect but incognito when they say that it’ll mount to your hinges it will I know there’s other doors I did a lot of research a lot of research on the other doors because there’s doors that you looked at motor armor still look really clean yeah motor armors was that was my second pick the only reason i couldn’t go with them is because they were too far out it was going to take an extra 30 days to get a set of motor armors and that’s a new door that came out which I was really impressed with them the only downside of this door that i can see right now is just um how i’m gonna manufacture to put some door bags in um we’ve all obviously talked about that we’re gonna got some ideas to do that but that was the only thing that I didn’t like once it got all bolted up i was amazed I mean they seal up really well we’re on really dusty trails you get a little dust to the seams but i mean if you’re going out to do this sport with because you don’t want to get dusty you’re in the wrong sport so i’m really glad you went with a solid door obviously makes the car look more of a sand car look for sure it’s almost i don’t want to say it’s not worth it to wrap the polaris stores but it’s not all it could be especially you know how it’s all tied together now it looks incredible yeah you know chupacabra we talk a lot about potentially getting into this market higher end full door it’s so hard because all these vehicles can am polaris2c4c they’re not square from the factory so it’s a lot of money to spend uh my doors are nice by madigan’s they are starting to sag a little I run with my arm on the side all the time we can work on it but you know it’s challenging customers spending that kind of dollar expectations much higher correct so it’s i’m a little nervous to get into the market all right west so moving on to the back of the car I got some new whips our boys 50 andrew and the gang 5150 make amazing products how you like them so far man they’re they’re amazing i’m so excited to get these um they come ready to go I mean it was come with the wiring harness i wired it straight up to the front plugged it in you have your bluetooth you know remote control on your phone thousands of colors and not only that but they’re beefy they’re really beefy and instead of being your normal where you slide in and the clip goes through or other ways where you bolt them in these things are just magnetic they slide right out of these cups when you release these when you unhook the cord and they’re just it’s just amazing how nice these things are they’re thick i think they’re going to be awesome out of the dunes and not only that they’re bright they’re super bright um you notice here it’s pretty bright this is half brightness right now of these things so people can see you for a long ways away yeah andrew and I have had ours for a while I took mine on that trip you guys have been following the channel in southern utah and those trees outside of uh coral pink are brutal on whips oh yeah and no issues they’re barely higher than the car you’ve got to run them but you’re in the dunes you’re out of the dunes all day and yeah it’s good have some tough lips my flags barely made it well it’s good we got the turbo triplets time for another baja trip we did a bottle trip back in 2017. now we got the same car same spare parts if ever had any issues but honestly we haven’t really had many issues no I mean over the years they’re amazing i mean you know I chose the polaris and you know I really like the creature comforts of the electronic shocks and the ride command and using the ride command last week it was amazing uh up in southern utah up in the duck creek area we just went and kept going and second car behind me with this radio behind you know left here right here we didn’t even have to stop for miles and miles and miles checking our phones shoving our gps any maps anything like that it’s all dialed in there yeah good stuff um love this polaris wheelbase it’s been amazing cars so thanks for getting it all wrapped up representing the brand car looks pretty I mean it’s pretty much styled is there anything else i’m sure it never ends so what’s the next thing on deck to uh well there’s three different things that i want to do and I just don’t know what order they’re going to be in um first would be to figure out my storage in the rear coming up with some sort of storage what’s going to be best for me I went with the lower spare tire holder from cage works so I need to come up with a different way other than like a polaris storage box so that’ll be one thing you know I like to have be prepared and have my tools um not only I feel as though when i carry the tools it’s not gonna be for me it’s for other people as we kind of test we go to the dunes all the time and with a big group usually that’s one of us out there helping wrench and getting people back going uh second thing is I would like to do some more stock work do a spring kit maybe some valving maybe have a guru um go through my shocks and make them really really dialed and get that all set it rides really well now but I mean i have a spring kit on my other car i know how much better can be especially with the technology that we have yeah and then finally um those of you guys know me i i love lights I love the amber likes specifically so I don’t got any hamburgers on it yet um got the baja d uh on x40 here uh light bar which we can’t really stand in front of it right now because it’ll melt our skin off it’s so amazing this thing lights up for miles um but I want to add some ambers to get through the dust and also just it’s my little bit of flavor I think that it’ll really look really good with especially with the chupacabra logo being in yellow I think it’ll really pop I don’t know which configuration i’m gonna do if i’m gonna do it on the bumper i’ve talked about doing the headlights and making those amber just something you know to spice it up make a little bit different but also be functional you know not just to be out there to look cool or whatever this car will be getting dirty this car will be muddy this car will see the trees this car will see all those things because we go out and we actually ride these things yeah i’m excited there you go guys there’s another razor different parts a little bit different flavor the one andrew and I have chosen our cars a lot of good stuff love the value and the styling of the cage works um toyo tire is really nice the car turned out amazing congrats and uh thank you guys for watching if you guys like the content please like and subscribe we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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