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by Nick Olson

Halie Sutton and Wes Lefler join the conversation as we celebrate hitting almost 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!


It’s not desert season without a campfire or chupacabra off-road now here’s your host nick olsen what’s happening everybody it is the chupacabra off-road around the campfire podcast we’re back with me as always every single pod we’ve done wes lafleur what’s up wes hey how’s it going and podcast first timer haley sutton what’s up haley hey guys how’s it going so haley if you guys haven’t met or seen any probably seen on some of our youtube videos but she’s part of the content team she’s been with chupacabra for almost a full year and we’re talking a little bit more about content almost like a part three to the podcast uh wesley i’ve done recently about social media content creation and uh who better to have than uh bring on haley who’s in the weeds creating content um that you guys all see like hopefully and enjoy on youtube channel tick tock instagram all that so haley why don’t you uh give the list a little bit of a background about what kind of where you came from um pre-chupacabra sure um so i like nick said i’ve been with chupacabra for just about a year i seriously can’t believe it’s been a year already especially through the pandemic that went by way too fast for me in my opinion um but before chupacabra i was working in multiple different industries i was still doing social media and creating content in a professional sense but i was dabbling in fashion food travel i even did sports for a little bit and i honestly never thought working in the off-road industry was going to be a career option uh i always grew up in the dunes i grew up going to tds or paradise seoul in a jeep actually yes west the jeep can go in the dunes i know you’re surprised and shocked um but from there we had rails and then went to quads and now i have a canon x3 sitting in the garage so you could say i’m very happy to be making a career out of the off-road industry and having fun doing it so um you know obviously off-roader and then worked in the content game doing some social and marketing for uh in the professional world before you join the team and um be good to kind of pick your brain i mean what do you think about um even now even before you joined like some youtube channels podcasts you would like brands on instagram that are doing a really good job professionally from your opinion either in off-road or not um that’s that’s kind of a tough one um i follow so many creators all in very different categories and there’s quite a few that are honestly killing it and what i mean by killing it is creating engaging content that is to me worth a subscribe or worth of follow um for example i watch a videographer’s youtube channel uh his name is daniel scheifer he is a great videographer but i watch his content for educational purposes his videos are very informative and they teach me stuff like how to do video editing and great filming techniques so i really enjoy watching his contact because that’s how he provides value to me another example she is a lifestyle and fitness influencer i follow sarah’s day as the name of her channel and she just does really good vlogs and really stellar lifestyle content and she appears to be really authentic to her brand and authentic to her audience which is why i trust her as an influencer and someone to watch uh she really provides value in that sense for me as for instagram uh the platform itself is is a beast and defining what a good instagram account is uh kind of varies upon opinions if we’re talking about brands or or companies that do a great job in my opinion on social media i would say like yeti the yeti brand coolers they do a great job on instagram because they have like a really cohesive look because instagram is all about being pretty um they have a definitive brand granted that existed before social media but they still do a great job having that on their instagram account and they’re also really great storytellers they have such great videos and content that’s really informative and really educational at the same time yeah i mean all good examples i mean uh i know we’ll talk about this in a little bit but you mentioned a videographer and i kind of turned to that when i tried to get into this world of creating content a couple years ago of uh which camera do i buy how do i use it um how do i edit the video what you know what makes premiere actually work and makes videos easier to edit more tolerable so what do you think wes haley been around almost a year have you felt the haley influence on some of the content we put out i think haley’s done a great job not just on the social media and everything else that she did but a lot of the logistics that go along with uh owning an off-road company and the things that we’ve done different events we’ve been to things like that haley’s on top of her game she takes care of the shortcomings of others in including myself when we’re out doing some fun stuff whether we’re doing shoots or the shows or whatever and it’s really good to have uh somebody like haley to come in and teach us some things that we didn’t know no doubt well um i wanted to chat with you guys about you know content you know it’s uh it’s a reflective time where basically you’re right about to hit 10 000 subscribers which is a huge milestone for us to hit um just over three years in the game of producing content wes if you remember one of the first videos that really hit the youtube channel was uh we went to coral pink in 2018. i can’t believe that was three years ago yeah so the memories popped up on social media for me this week and i was like wow i can’t believe it was three years ago simple drones simple cameras and it was simple content basically but that place really films itself i think yeah i think even at the time i don’t think there were many even videos of utvs and coral pink um it was a little bit more off the beaten path than sand hollow i would say exactly and i mean since then big names have been out there filming videos you got people like ken block out there filming a video and bj baldwin out there filming a video and several other people that are filming videos out there so our boy nate mcbride did a lot of footage for his dji campaign out there following a dirt bike through the wash some cool footage yeah so yeah it’s a really good spot three years ago it’s crazy to think about that that was three years ago yeah you know and through this whole um journey it’s just kind of fun to look back and reflect and we’re haley like 175 videos deep so far on the youtube channel is something i’m really proud of just because it takes a tremendous amount of effort like russ alluded to we’re actually run a business to during the day selling products and launching new products and how we’re going to do that we got overwhelmed talking about that today but um you know it’s almost like we’re doing two things at once but um and we’re kind of like this hybrid where i i’m just competitive i want to be putting out content that’s better than people who just put out content i want to put out products better than companies that just put out products you know and and we’re kind of in between and we we have creative differences about like haley kind of mention a little bit like that the beauty and the look of the instagram uh feed versus like what i kind of think more of in terms of like a forum-ish look where we’re we’re trying to either get a lot of conversations or talk about things that are people might not be talking about enough or want to bring to light in the in the utv industry so it’s always fun to go back and forth and you know look back at um at getting this far and then you know kind of think about um the type of content that we’ve created what we see other people doing and what we’ve learned and i was watching uh the speed utv live video feed like i do pretty much every week to see what’s going on in the with robbie gordon and the whole team but a conversation came up about content so basically real quick guys you uh we probably saw it too but robbie and the team got their new speed utv prototype they’re out testing it and they’re shooting some video and they threw together a little compilation video running the car out in parker and it’s really just like a raw uh no music uh no color editing you know what i mean color grading just slap together like a bunch of behind-the-scenes b-roll shots and he was he’s been doing this for a little while and i first thought i thought it was kind of cool i know haley had some opinions about it too and um for what it is it’s like cool and raw you can kind of tell exactly what’s going on i mean i think there’s not a lot of great uh or any cinematic value i would call it you know like now that i know more and i’ve worked with some more team members out on shoots and such but you know it’s cool and um one of the guys on youtube was was bagging on robbie saying hey like this doesn’t do your product at me favors you guys should hire a video crew like the people who do bryce menzies work and a few listeners aren’t familiar with bryce menzies he’s a top trophy truck driver and more recently well over the last years or less he’s been shooting some of these videos live and he’s been shooting himself or having his team shoot him as he’s racing down in baja out of a helicopter with an amazing camera it is some of the best footage i’ve ever seen of any off-road vehicle it just it is so sick it is the true raw video i mean yeah he does a great job um you know it doesn’t whether it’s down in baja or does a few races in the states i did i believe last year they did silver state and then they also did vegas arena which is really good for the entertainment factor of you know people who aren’t at the races who enjoy the races they can watch it and the cool thing is that different footage you know they have the helicopter and then they change to the in-car whether forward-facing or or the driver facing so i think it’s the future we’ve talked about it before i think it’s amazing way it’s probably pretty expensive but i think networks that would be their way of getting involved with this sport and you know i think when you if they’re able to bring back factories you know which we’ve talked in previous podcasts maybe that’s something factories should pick up and you know to benefit their people yeah you know it’s really cool and i think there’s a lot of opportunities like you said to showcase the sport to more people but the conversation was about how okay speed’s got this raw footage you know menzies has this beautiful beautiful footage it really showcases a sport you know like as good as i think we’re seeing it showcase in terms of off-road racing and um robbie gordon disagreed and he talked about how a lot of the raw unedited style has performed good for their super truck uh series and some other things so you know i think um it’s interesting and this also sparked the conversation on the speed group where you know a couple people said that they don’t mind shaky iphone footage because they know it’s real and you know i’m not overly surprised we’ve seen some reactions like on some of our content and you see a lot of vloggers who have no cinematic value at all do really well so i’m curious what you guys think about it i mean like i’ll start with you haley like what are your thoughts about it um as a as a creator for tube as like a person who just enjoys content like what do you like to see and what do you see about either style that’s a that’s an interesting topic i mean i want to i want to actually jump back and talk about the comparison that robbie did between the two videos how one had 60 million views and one had 300 000 views those to me are two separate videos for one that should not be compared to begin with only because they’re in the same industry i understand that you’re comparing but then again to talk about the platforms that they were used on so you’re comparing a facebook video that has 60 million views and a youtube video that only had 300 000 views facebook and youtube view views differently so facebook counts a view as three seconds and youtube counts of you as 30 seconds so that’s a huge difference and in my opinion a youtube view is more valuable also comparing the actual platforms itself that video went viral on facebook because it’s a sharing networking platform that’s the whole point of facebook is to take that and make it go viral youtube is not that youtube is a broadcasting platform so you’re there to watch engage learn listen that’s it you’re not there to share that with your friend and have conversations except for in the comments where at facebook it’s just makes it so much easier to have things go viral now when it comes to like actual content i think having a good balance between the two is where where it’s at like you you’re gonna need to have the raw footage to show the reality of it and you’re going to need the highly produced storytelling aspect of it in order to sell something and also to create an emotional connection that’s what people buy into aside from the raw footage is that emotional connection you watch movies all day long you watch tv for that emotional reaction and that’s kind of it you don’t really care exactly the quality of it you’ll watch reality tv because it’s funny but you’ll also watch a fully produced movie because you enjoy it so just kind of you kind of have to cater to two different types of people and two different types of viewing yeah russ what do you think about the comparison uh that robbie made and just kind of overall content what you enjoy watching well i mean he used the term raw footage um and if you watch it it’s great footage like everybody wants to see it because even the people who hate him he made that comment you know if you got 50 of the people who like you 50 you know who hate you they’re you still have 100 people watching you and uh which is good because that’s that’s how robbie that’s how robbie thinks and you know he’s always thought about that he’s had a lot of successes but when you watch the video and he’s comparing as raw it’s just oh we didn’t do anything to it all we did is film it and throw it on there that’s not true i mean in the canyon scene you can see his camera guys up on the wall how many times did he run through the canyon to get that footage or when he’s going through the rough section everybody’s on the side how many times did they run that section and they showed it’s raw because it doesn’t he’s considering it raw because it doesn’t have music and it doesn’t have cool lighting and whatever um that being said i like sometimes i like watching the raw footage for instance when i’m getting into the race car weeks beforehand i’ll search youtube i’ll go on youtube and look for biggest arena utv raw footage just so i can watch the in-car because most of those courses don’t change and i can get myself focused and and i can see and it’s just a way to you know spend my lunch hour or whatever to watch that and see the in-car so i like that type of stuff but i think haley hit the nail on the head when she compared it you know it’s it’s really hard to get that many views on a youtube video compared to a social media site like facebook where you can share it however it happens but i think when those do happen those viral videos do go viral and they’re on youtube i think the the views go a lot faster i think you know because you consider like jim connie i mean you mentioned gymkhana i don’t think that was a good enough analogy for him to use because jim connor will get a million views in the first week you know and then the first half yeah and he mentioned bj’s videos recoil great videos a lot of editing a lot of filming a lot of takes i’m sure you know those videos take like a week to shoot and you know but i think that first recoil the bj did has like like 45 or 50 million views or something like that something crazy but but then again other ones weren’t successful so then you have to think about what people want and i think that’s the thing that we there’s just no perfect formula for what people want we’ve talked about before videos that you shot that were like man these are the best videos ever i can’t wait to post this is gonna be great we’re gonna get a million views and it’s like oh wow our the belt changing video did better than this like what is going on you know so there’s not a perfect formula but yeah i think robbie just you know in in his defense or or not really in his defense but that’s the way that he sees it i don’t think he fully understands it um stadium uh the stadium supertrucks i don’t want to give it the analogy that i usually call it but they they’re on a huge platform they’re usually a big race weekend in australia which is before after or during a formula one race or something that’s on the world level so they will get a lot of views a lot of people watching on the worldwide level when really off-road in baja and in the states is really small when you talk about motorsports you know it’s hard to get those views so for bryce’s video to get 300 000 views i think that’s pretty pretty good you know for for a video of one race that happens in one day once a year yeah and i think also bryce didn’t or doesn’t have a huge amount of youtube subscribers just yet you know um um for what it deserves and i guess my two cents is is the price the price footage is just like it is so good it is like imagine you are bryce right you’ve got the baddest truck in the game and you’re ripping in baja and off is there anything better than that and just that footage of it doing its thing like you’re seeing so much of the the mexico landscape that i don’t think i’ve ever even seen because he’s you know he’s booking and the the 4k the big screen you’re seeing running down the coast everything to me like as a someone who pays a lot of attention to uh mountain bike videos moto videos action sport videos are really good at you know i think i call it capturing the stoke like the the all the elements of it and the bryce thing is like man i want to go back to baja like man i just want to jump on my side by side and rip like that’s it gets that emotion um and i that’s what i love about it and i think that’s what puts on a higher level in my opinion it’s significantly harder to do to to hire talented people and to get those shots and like you know it’s not even nothing’s on the same league as the pastrana gymkhana right i don’t think anything’s going to come close to that and first off it’s not fair because a fair analogy because no one’s narrower than pastrana let’s just call it what it is but then also what they did and we expect that level of quality and that’s what kind of propels um and brings awareness of what we do it makes it really cool to a huge amount of people and i’ve seen some other bike videos that do that really well that i was just showing like some danny mccaskill videos to my five-year-old son and uh danny mccaskill was this amazing trials bike rider and done these amazingly viral videos that relate to all different types of people and pushes biking out to the world you know and all that stuff was like the the brainchild of red bull which is just a phenomenal company and really kind of created this whole genre if you will to even in my opinion then have the the the recoils and such so you know i like all of it too i really like the raw stuff um you know as a small business and a creator that’s trying to put out consistent content we don’t have the luxury or the budget to be able to create this amazing beautiful content all the time and and uh what a time you know like uh last couple pods we did wes were talking about hey if you’re a brand or you’re an off-road racer you’re an influencer trying to get your name out there i mean basically we said all you have to do really is try i mean you can really break through with a gopro um if any of you guys that are listening are familiar with like the with the moto vlogs like buttery buttery is absolutely killing it on social and on youtube and now what i’m seeing i was talking to haley about this is just a raw vlog fun this is us having a good time and then he’ll go to a little riding segment and then that’s like a nice produced sequence it’s got some music that they’re into that resonates with their crowd and then he does a lot of slow-mo because they’re good writers but they’re not pro level riders in a sense but it makes him and his crew look really dope and you know buttery has good style and it accentuates what he doesn’t like he looks like a pro writer in these segments with uh some good videography with the right with some good angles and some slow-mo and stuff and i think that’s kind of like the magic vlog i think of like top youtubers like i don’t know if you guys watch danny duncan he’s hilariously funny but it should be raw what’s going on and then like these really dope action sequences with music and with some slow-mo and then some added you know cinematic value and just kind of carry you to the next scene and that seems like that’s kind of like what really works in the top youtube vlogosphere i mean would you agree with that haley yeah i definitely agree that that’s what matters most is but like i said earlier it’s about a balance you have the raw the true the authentic pieces of it and then you also have the fully produced the edited the super cool like i want to look cool doing it kind of stuff that’s the way to get people’s attention and again create an emotion yeah you know who does a really good job of like us like it’s pretty raw but they do a really good job on their youtube channel is justin lofton if you’ve never watched that the ah ah beef life he does a great job his thing is he documents like prepping he documents the race he documents you know having dinner with the guys but he they document everything and it he makes these 15 minutes 20 minute videos for like a week-long race and you know i really want i watched that i watched that one really pretty religiously because he gets there he talks to people he he makes sure you feel like you’re you’re part of it type of thing you know you’re not just a fan watching it and i think that’s important um i think that’s what robbie’s trying to do also he’s not just trying to you know show these videos every week to explain what’s going on the car but he wants people he wants people to see it because he’s trying to sell he’s trying to prove his his car’s worth that’s really what he’s trying to do he doesn’t do these shows because he wants to talk to people or he wants to get hate mail or he wants to get likes or whatever he’s doing it because he’s trying to build his brand where other companies don’t have to do that so the ah beef life is one of my favorites um they’re not they’re not pros like you know a couple of you guys ones you guys mentioned you know they’re not like super like good at the camera and things like that but they document it you know and it’s really cool if you’re into the off-road stuff yeah and that’s really good segue to you like you’re bringing up robbie like what his motives are you know i mean to be honest with you listeners you know chubacabra we’re a brand you know we to keep the lights on we sell products we have to sell products you know i think personally it’s very long tail creating this content is something that i’m really passionate about and also you know i do think on some level there’s a connection between making a great glamis video and selling products you know like you look at the hat that i’m wearing you know we’re trying to build a brand where this logo is synonymous with our culture and how you do that i think just takes a long time and a lot of consistency but you know i think that’s where the content can really come into play uh similar to like what fox motocross gear has done over the years a lot of their content as they were you know continuing to build their brand and work with athletes which you know now i guess we could call influencers but um you know we do still have to sell products to keep the lights on and uh haley you know we’ve been creating this content and we’ve realized and um kind of like to get into a moment of talking about how you see youtubers navigate you know youtubers that do it professionally make money if you will you take what works for you and then kind of compound on that so in terms of selling product and also providing value to the community we’ve learned a lot of content for our newbie customers or maybe you’re you have a dirt bike or you you’re thinking about getting a utv because it looks exciting and your neighbor got one or you know you went down a youtube rabbit hole and you found our channel or a utv channel but the content that we’ve made that’s really uh helpful for somebody who’s new to the sport has done really well for us and it also helps convert and sell product for us yeah i mean over the the last year working with chupacabra i’ve been able to analyze what truly works in the youtube space and on the facebook space of video and you’re right nick like the newbie contents where it’s at where people are buying a side-by-side or getting just brand new into the offered industry because they’re changing from a dirt bike and going into the side-by-side side that they need to accessorize their products and they need to learn how to run their their machine and chupacabra is right there ready for them they’re like okay awesome i got a side-by-side i need what it’s just like any other car you buy when you buy a truck you buy a jeep you’re like okay how do i make it cooler how do i make it fit my personality what do i need to add to it you’re like i’m gonna add mirrors i’m to add door bags i’m going to add cooler systems i’m going to add storage whatever you need like you have to go and find it and thankfully trooper copper has done a good job of telling people what to go buy and we’re basically spending their money for them making it really easy yeah i mean wes y’all know you watch a lot of the videos most all of them like what do you think what do you hear about um you got a lot of friends and family that are getting into the sport and you’re like the expert of your friends and family and all that what are the newbie questions that you get a lot of and like what do you think content-wise people might be looking for or you know using youtube as a resource for that um i mean everybody goes to youtube for everything i mean i still use it daily for anything i’ll go and search a video how to do this how to do that type of thing so specifically with utvs i think that the the videos that we’ve done where it’s been maintenance or clutch work or how to service your clutches or things like that little things like that people will really watch those you might not get them the number of views that you know some of the faster pace you know videos that we’ve done like glamis and others but those are the videos that i enjoy no matter what i look for because you’re basically looking for a video to show you how to do something and i think that chupacabra has offered that you know on different aspects i mean a long long time ago you did one on shocks um with the shock therapy kit and how to install it and how to do those types of things just to spring kit way way back and i thought that was really good because people go and they order these shock springs and they don’t know how to put them on or they don’t know the first idea how to do it you know you see on facebook every single day and all the different groups you know uh could somebody come over and help me uh change my belt because i i really don’t know how to do it and you’re like you just cringe knowing that all you have to do is really get on youtube and it’s really simple but there’s people out there not everybody is going to be mechanically inclined i sure as heck didn’t know anything about side by sides going back five years ago over five years ago and now i wouldn’t be afraid to do anything on any car and offer that that assistance so those videos i really really like however i really do like the fast paced the glamis videos you know it’s fun those are those are just really fun they’re fun to watch because being behind the scenes and seeing what it takes to actually make a video with that much uh content or that much cool factor that we had to put into it it wasn’t it wasn’t easy it’s it’s it’s it’s hard work to do those so i don’t know i mean ones i like better you know obviously you like to learn how to do things but you obviously will really like to see the cool factor videos too so i think more videos on simple things when it comes to side-by-sides whether it’s canons or whatever or players whatever simple things how-to videos you know real quick how to do it kind of like when you do the install videos on how to install your mirrors or your door bags things like that i think those are really good for people i think people really like those yeah you know um it’s i think it’s ultimately it’s always about providing value i think about value value value non-stop you know and um it’s funny that haley and i have a little bit different opinions like if you look at our instagram feed like at the moment um our instagram feed looks like a like a forum page it’s not really showing off our brand in a pretty aesthetic like a lot of other brands do and maybe that’s what instagram you know um is it represents for a lot of companies but for us it’s still our biggest audience and you know that’s kind of how we built it and i can just see a post like oh man like let’s talk about alignment let’s talk about you know um a funny meme or let’s talk about you know something that i know is gonna get a stir because i know that’s kind of how our community was built and it’s fun to have those conversations i think forums are pretty much dead i don’t go on them and i mean they’re great for like looking up a code on a vehicle but i think bringing those type of conversations that i think provide a lot of value because a lot of people comment i mean a couple people generally comment that actually know what they’re talking about or at least they sound like they do and then having those conversations you know because i think our instagram following is pretty good we’re definitely not the biggest but there’s a lot of accounts in the utv and the off-road space that have a lot more followers than us but they have no engagement like they have you know they don’t have any conversation they’re not even responding back like it’s it’s you know it’s not about the metrics which i want to talk about more here in a second it’s like we don’t we’ll probably never be the biggest account but we we want to have we want to provide the most value whether it’s one singular post that’s really showing what our product looks like on this color can-am or hey did you notice like we really like this car built because look at how this you know this cage or what they did with the color match like to give you ideas on how you want to build your side-by-side so we’re trying to think about that with each post which you know i also it’s just putting the viewer it’s putting the customer first even at like at the disadvantage of our our feed not looking as as pretty or as showcasing our brand maybe as much as we should or maybe other brands and what do you think about that haley like how do you think we try to find that balance um it’s yeah i mean finding the balance we’re still trying to figure it out well i know haley like we you know we want to have posts and we want to have engagement right i mean that’s kind of like our shining metric and a lot of people like if you’re marketing 101 like at this point in the game it’s not about how many followers you have or many likes like you know you got to look past that and any marketer that’s worth the results can say hey what is that what is the engagement of this account you know like or is there a real audience so they have real purchasing potential and haley we posted that that post about the uh the agm jack and it just went buku like a twelve hundred dollar jack hundreds of comments and you know a lot of people were dms hey i wanna buy it and maybe most of them wouldn’t of once they saw the price but you know um there is that that purchase intent so ultimately as a company who’s trying to sell stuff we’re trying to authentically provide value and build that that purchase intent of all these products whether that’s a two thousand dollar light bar or a you know 50 door bag yeah for sure i think you know it just it’s it’s such a mystery to know exactly how to get you know the feedback from people and and the likes from people but also making the video cool i i just i don’t know i don’t know how he’d ever figure out the perfect formula i think whoever does figure out that perfect formula there are a few that do really well at it but it’s still not perfect once we figure that out it might be good but i just don’t think there is one i don’t think it exists i really don’t i think that you just got to keep putting out the genuine content that we put out the you know the genuine videos the real stuff showing people that were real and i’ve said this before in our past podcast as long as we’re staying real with people and they understand that we’re just not you know we’re just normal people out here we love the we we’re we love this sport we love off-road we love everything off-road we’ve you know you don’t just stick to side-by-sides either it’s it’s moto it’s mountain bikes it’s it’s pretty much everything off-road you know and showing people that we’re real that’s what’s going to get us the people who like the views that’s what’s going to get them to watch our videos and the side-by-side thing yeah it is the bread and butter um it’s the thing that we love and you know that’s the products that we make um but at the same time i think people will still watch us for other reasons they just want to see they want to see what’s going on and they know that we’re genuine i’m glad you brought that up it’s a good segment and uh something haley and i were talking about haley um you know we’re about 10 000 subscribers in youtube and it sounds cool it sounds like this vanity metric but you know we’ve created 175 videos haley and if we’d only racked up like 1500 subscribers at this point i’d be like let’s just call it a day because you know we’re not a victim to these numbers but on a certain point the numbers reflect the value of what we’re providing you know and we work really hard on a lot of these videos right haley even if it’s like a quick little garage you know quick and easy you know with no cinematic value like you know we need that encouragement i guess the views otherwise we would get defeated because this takes a tremendous amount of effort yeah i mean views definitely do matter um we don’t necessarily cater to the views we’re not we’re not going to take a video down because it only got 500 views but i also like again want to go back to platforms here you can put out the best content on youtube time and time and time again and gain no subscribers or and have like very little views but is that because your content sucks or is that because your audience is in a different platform so you bring up how we have a good amount of followers on instagram and almost 10 000 fault like okay so we have 40 over 40 000 followers on instagram and we have almost 10 000 followers on youtube yes our audiences are a little bit different but at the same time you’re trying to reach the same audience on two different platforms and trying to get someone off instagram and onto youtube is a whole different step and it’s a and to get them to subscribe is even another step and you have to admit that today’s society and today’s culture and community doesn’t want to press a button um we don’t want to do anything we want to answer the door we have machines that answer doors for us now like we don’t want to do anything for ourselves but haley’s basically saying is there’s 30 000 of you that haven’t subscribed and we know you know we make a youtube channel exactly yeah you’re getting you’re getting 50 000 views with 10 000 subscribers bro i mean come on figure it out i know as a small brand or a small creator you have to try all the platforms um posting content on youtube and posting it on facebook and on instagram you just have to give it time um once you find that you’re succeeding at one platform you just have to skyrocket from there not saying give up on youtube i’m not saying give up on facebook i’m just saying okay your main audience and your core audience lives on one platform kill it at that platform keep killing it at that platform and then go ahead and try to try something different on youtube which we’re doing we’re adding certain flavor we’re doing the form stuff we’re adding more value in our instagram and then going ahead and making those super awesome content on youtube as well as providing educational informative videos on youtube because that’s what people want it the best of both worlds just have to get those instagram people to youtube so let me ask you your opinion haley so if you have 40 000 instagram followers okay what does that compute into youtube follow or youtube subscribers would you think to 10 000 youtube subscribers because it’s a lot harder to get a subscriber than it is to get a follower i would assume what do you think that computes to like if you had 10 000 youtube and you switched that to instagram do you think that would quadruple double would it be less or more what do you think if youtube was a vanity platform like instagram is we would be over 40 000 subscribers on youtube youtube does not make it easy to follow content it’s that’s not what it’s there for how many youtube videos a day do you watch and don’t subscribe to that channel like all exactly i mean that’s my point so you have 10 000 people that every time you post a video you’ll get a chime and they know yeah that’s pretty dang good that’s pretty dang good i mean yeah it’s never going to be instagram numbers because it’s never meant to be you know haley’s made that point clear so i think i think it’s good and it’s only going to get more you know when i mean if you wake up next week and you only have 9 000 then maybe you better figure it out but but uh hopefully that doesn’t happen so it’s just gonna be a slow grower i think you know if that happens we’re just gonna do what a lot of other people do we’re gonna do thirst trap off-road you know we’re gonna have uh you know girls and yoga pants on the thumbnail you know we’re gonna uh we’re gonna do donuts in our razors we’re just gonna we’re just gonna do uh burnouts until the belt explodes or the whole thing catches on fire i mean that’s the action people really want wes that’s what we really need to do we’ll just hire ruslan man he’ll come out and he’ll we’ll triple quadruple double everything no but you know i think that’s kind of the thing is like um we’re trying to grow and the numbers do matter and we’re just trying to make we’re excited that i’m personally excited that we’ve attained a good amount of following by being authentic you know that’s that’s hard because it’s just like you know if you guys are listening and you want to go start a business like you a lot of people probably would start a business with an authentic passion right and a belief that what they’re trying to do is really something that a marketplace would need but you know unfortunately unless you start selling something then you can’t get that momentum i think the same goes with creating content if if you wanted to be a youtuber you’re going to try you’re going to make some stuff and then if something sticks you’re going to be like okay this is what the audience knows me for and i would be smart to just kind of keep doubling down on that whatever that may be you know so and then from there it becomes a slippery slope is that who you are or is that just what the audience wants right right is that what’s paying the bills um you know being being something else or what um maybe becoming a caricature of yourself or something so it’s hard i’m sure a lot of creators probably struggle with that you know um and then find your own voice or just remain true to yourself even if that means a long hard grind there’s probably people that have made double or triple the videos we have and haven’t got to the subscriber level and you know the good thing about youtube west is that even with 10 000 subs you are making money and it seems like the numbers really pick up steam quick where even with instagram we had picked up steam but the almighty algorithm that we all are victim to you’ll see some waves of momentum and then it slows down and we honestly feel like hillary like it has no bias on how good or bad the content is the almighty algorithm no it’s it’s the worst the algorithm changes every single day you can’t beat it just like you were talking wes earlier about finding the formula that doesn’t exist because facebook and instagram will just change it they’re like oh you figured it out cool we’re gonna upgrade and change it and make it more difficult for you to gain subscribers and and gain followers like there there is no perfect formula and those who say they’re killing it listening we don’t agree with these comments but you can see all these influencers that have millions of followers how many of them are real like nick said earlier it’s all about engagement you can have 500 000 followers on instagram and then have four comments it’s pretty easy it’s pretty easy to tell the ones who are you know half a million to a million or even more and their engagement you can see their engagement without even running their engagement you can just look at it you can go to their video and see that in a whole day they have a million followers and in the whole day they got 30 000 views on instagram for their little video clip and then you look and see how many likes they have and they have three thousand likes for a million yeah i don’t think so it takes all you have to do on your phone is go and that’s it to get a like you know so we know we know we’ve known that for a long time that there’s even a lot of people within our industry in the side-by-side industry that are smoking mirrors and you know good for them if it works for them but we know it’s not working for them and that’s not what this brand is about so right the hardest thing is some of the best content i think we’ve made like my two favorite videos and i think the best videos have not i don’t think they even have 10 000 views the first is the suspension tuning with wayne israel son we did january of 2020 and then you were there at utv world champs uh when nathan shot and filmed utv world champs 2019 we did an interview with sierra romo a couple of the other racers we had killer content we had media passes and we were out at a fox proving grounds we were getting content everywhere it was super fun i loved i thought as a utv racing video it was freaking awesome um obviously i’m biased but those you know videos didn’t do well but that doesn’t mean that i don’t think like i love that super nerd content too even though we’ve kind of learned and you’re going to see more newbie content because we think that provides value and that also helps us run our business but man i’m never going to stray away from the content that i think is like super like the nerdiest most knowledgeable guy in your off-road group the stuff that he geeks out on that’s what i want to make so i mean haley what do you think about that like you know just put all your your effort into something and it’s it’s not as big as like a video that we made in an hour it’s uh it’s frustrating when you see like the video that you love and you work so hard for and it just doesn’t do well it just flops and i feel like so many people underestimate the amount of effort it truly takes to make a video like our glamis video um we’re gonna bring that up because it’s the best video of all time right um there’s there’s so much work done behind the scenes that no one even sees um i know wes talked about before that there needs to be a whole crew just following the actual crew just so you can show people how hard this really is and what we actually did we woke up at 5am one morning just to capture sunrise and that’s like really early for a new year’s weekend just so everyone’s really happy for the graduate crowd too that’s usually when a lot of them go to bed yeah i’m pretty sure we made some people mad going off-roading in the middle of that morning but like and you didn’t even see the hours that were spent in the evening before we all went to bed transferring content i mean we had two terabytes terabytes of content that we had to comb through and make sure we had great content and then if we whatever we missed that day we had to go back and get the next like it was never it was never ending for four days and you don’t see that you just see a 16 minute awesome video that’s why we need to hire somebody to vlog it all so we have a guy filming us that are making the movie have like a docu-series that’s just a shaky iphone and it gets more views in the video yeah right i mean i mean the amount of planning that went in just to get that video done and then the shots that we want to get and have them written down and charging the batteries how how much time do we spend charging batteries i mean people realize that those drone shots as good as they where that battery lasts like four minutes it happened because of that on the generator that ran for four days 91 octane alt ran all night all day batteries guys we burned all of our gas on the on batteries that is the truth though i mean if people if for some way people can know beforehand that how much work it takes to make a video like that they would feel the same way we but it’s never going to happen so right i think we just need to keep making cool videos because i don’t care what people think really so yeah that’s what it is i mean i’m with you nick i think that utv world’s video was awesome that was filmed by two people uh and you know you had all the racers there youth you had everything and you guys got some great stuff you got some crashes you got you got some really really good footage it was amazing and at that time just what was that two years ago there wasn’t a lot of people doing stuff you know you got your guys like tuba who who does these three minute videos and you know you pay a thousand bucks you get a three minute video at the end of your race but it really doesn’t document anything you know so that video really really captured it and obviously the glamorous video this year was amazing so yeah that’s a good point too you know we learned that um no matter how good a race video is and race footage race is super niche it’s the one percent of the off-road community whereas glamis video it makes a lot more sense as a business to invest in it it resonates with such a big group of people the glamis crowd you guys are so passionate about g and you really show up they really show up on social and youtube and all that they love i mean glamis just has this this thing about it where people just love it and they embrace it and they want to be everything about it on the content level too so you’re going to see more of that from us in the future we want to try to iterate and keep doing something different each time you know um i think we can always capture the action and try to capture you the viewer i think a lot of people like seeing that and see like what the scene is like for that particular weekend um but then also you know maybe tell more of our story and switch up what our story is and do some do some different things we’re working on so camp razer you know this year we’ll be back at it we going forward again with some cool content and um we had some other projects before that so uh um we can maybe spill the beans but um we signed our first agreement with a company to do some sponsored videos we’ll tell you who it is but we got a sponsor that’s coming on board for three of our videos and uh first on the docket is uh moab rally on the rocks coming up next month so i’m super excited to go back to moab i haven’t been in three years mob is a magical place i’d call you know like i didn’t go off road i think of glamis baja moab of like highest echelon special juju to go off-road yeah i i went to uh kinko’s and officemax and bought all the bubble wrap i could find so my car won’t get scratched so i gotta bubble wrap everything up and uh make sure that it’s safe lester’s car will be there just for the photo shoot he’s gonna do fins and things and that’s gonna be about it that’s it nah that’s about it no we’re gonna drive it it’s gonna be a lot cleaner you know it might have more scratches be like cleaner than a trip to glamis or anywhere else yeah i can i guess i can handle it well let’s wrap this thing up guys any final um any thoughts on on content in general and us and maybe like what the viewers can expect from us moving forward haley or maybe a video that got you that you really liked or a video that we haven’t made yet that you want to make um i’m really excited for what this year has has to offer like there’s there’s so many videos that are coming that no one even knows about there’s new products that are launching that again some people don’t even know about i think chupacabra offroad is doing such a great job at adding value and adding high quality content that nobody else in the off-road space is really succeeding at in in my opinion i am biased a little bit but we’re not out here trying to crash our cars and like you said earlier we’re not putting half-naked people in our thumbnails so we’re we’re really trying to show people the the true side of the sport and the fun and the the family side the things that you want your kids to look and watch and be like oh i want to go there and i think that’s what’s super exciting um even some of the newbie content that we’re doing just it really engages people and like oh i want to go and get that i want to go and do that i want to go there i haven’t been to glamis i haven’t been to moab i’ve never been to baja what is it like and we’re providing that for those people that have never been and i i think that’s just really exciting for us yeah just to add to that real quick haley uh before you chime in west you know like for moab for a lot of people that could be a 10 14 hour drive as we all know that’s a huge effort of just gas money of loading up your rig getting time off work you want to know if you’re going to go roll the dice west you’re going to go to a new spot you’ve maybe never been you want to know is it worth it like what can i expect like what is the vibe like of me going there and also build the anticipation if you did commit to a trip to moab or dumont or you know oregon i know for us like we haven’t got saint anthony in in idaho and i don’t know since we’ve been up the coast to oregon doing so i mean how do you think about that west like as content is going to get you fired up or like you know if you’re going somewhere new or get you stoked on it well you mentioned earlier when you’re watching the baja video bryce’s video it got you stoked like some of those places we’ve been on those roads and we’re just like oh man i just want to be back there right now the cool air you know the sunsets riding on the beach all that type of thing so specifically when it comes to moab because i’m going i’ve never been and honestly we were supposed to go last year and it got canceled but i’m really stoked to go all the videos that i’ve seen all the people that i know that have been there yeah there are some sketchy stuff but it’s most of the stuff you can put yourself into so i think when it comes to content point of view it’s important for us to make the video that’s gonna want people to go there we’re not working for moab but there’s cool writing everywhere you go we did a coral pink video as you mentioned we’ve done glamis we’ve done so many different places where people ride and i hope that when they see that we’re not just trying to sell them on those riding places because there’s different places you can ride no matter what different terrain but when it comes to rocks and crawling there’s one place that comes in mine and it’s moab and so i don’t know i’m excited for the video hopefully uh it turns out really well hopefully that there’s i don’t end up on utv fails so you know but going forward and you know videos that i would like to see and content that i would like to see uh more of or maybe for us to do more of would be the little how-to’s they don’t have to be they don’t have to be more than a few minutes long you know the belt changing the clutch thing the you know one thing that i’ve seen a lot of times is that polaris will do an update on the ride command system the computer system and and you’ll get on these things and people are like my right my right command keeps shutting off every three miles and it won’t track and it’s doing all this and better than not well i had the same situation happen to me i thought something’s wrong with my car well what happens is they do a mass uh update and if people don’t update their thing their their right command system it does that and people don’t realize it so there’s a guy that’s like i’ve taken to the shop or i’m not taking the shop he’s like i’ve tried this i’ve tried this i’ve tried resetting it i’ve tried pulling the batteries out of that and i was like hey just download the new thing it takes three minutes guy messes me the next day man that’s it i’ve been been fighting this for a week and now that was it so little how-to things like that i think i would like to see more of them maybe uh you know i’ve seen other platforms or other people do it like s3 they do a lot of stuff with the can-ams like you know in the shop with manny that’s their main prep guy for their team and he does you know how to change a belt with manny or how to change brake pads with manny or things like that i think those would be good and they don’t have to be long videos they can be little short videos um and then obviously you know the big videos that we want to do this year i’m i’m excited for to do those too because you got to do more driving and and do more fun stuff so yeah yeah one thing um i mean there’s probably like three people listening to the podcast at this point but you guys i think as the and if anyone even listens this far and wants to comment i’d love your feedback but maybe just some more behind the scenes small business stuff i think kind of all this has an overtone of how we’re trying to build a business on the content side so if i take a natural progression like haley kind of alluded to we got some products coming the difficulty of launch designing launching showcasing products growing our sales and then growing up evolving content-wise is is a whole process in itself so i don’t know what you guys think about that i think that might be like where we try some stuff to be kind of cool because i think maybe like uh maybe in a small business like you said haley’s not the right way to call but just like business development and like growing up a passion business it’s in a sport that that we all love my people might want to know more about how we do that and how it gets done and like all the effort that goes into it it’s not all just high fives and uh are you trying to get people to open a small business or you’re trying to get them to be like uh screw that i’ll just keep my nine to five because that’s what a lot of people will do it’s gonna be just like the racing videos you’re gonna watch it and be like that’s too much work i’m over it well good times gang is fun hanging out um thanks to everybody who listens to this if you guys like this content please like and subscribe follow share all the time yeah leave us some comments uh let us know because you know we’re not like robbie gordon we’re not just gonna come out there and and be mad at you for making negative comments but you know we want to be better we want to do the best you know we’re no pros but we also want to argue with people too so yeah i love how robbie addresses the hecklers let’s give us some heckling we want to argue with you guys one guy that like said something negative he’s gonna he’ll probably already suit him i don’t know who knows we’re not gonna see you thanks everyone for listening catch y’all later.


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