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Chup Turbo Twins Part 1 – What Parts We Chose, & Build Time for Camp RZR 2019

by Nick Olson
Chup Turbo Twins Part 1 – What Parts We Chose, & Build Time for Camp RZR 2019

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen some bits and pieces of our (Andrew and I) RZR Turbo 4’s we are working on, to get ready for Camp RZR and desert season, which is basically here, with these amazingly cool temperatures.

Andrew and I have similar taste, so we sat down and created a list of companies of products we wanted to have on our RZR’s. Full disclosure, we reached out to some of these companies, and were offered some discounts and deals, and some we didn’t, but were able to get deals at the Sand Show last month.

Since I won my RZR, I decided to splurge a little on full doors from Madigan, powdercoated wheels, and a Switch Pros, purchases that I probably wouldn’t have made, as I’ve never had them in the past, and been just fine. But after Andrew wired up his RZR with the Switch Pros and broke down how cool they are, it really feels like it’s an awesome product for what it can do. And Andrew’s RZR will be over the top nice, will all kids of amazing details, stay tuned…

At this point, we have most of the parts we need, painted, now we are putting them all together and wiring everything. The plan is to have them ready for Camp RZR in Glamis at the end of the month.

We wanted to give a huge thanks to Baja Designs and 5150 Whips, PRP seats, Madigan Motorsports for helping us with deals on their top quality parts.

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What’s happening Chupacabra off-roader coming back here with Andrew again and this is part one of the choo turbo twins build if you guys have been watching our YouTube channel you probably saw the video where we picked up already rides for this desert season a couple of 2019 II Turbo S for Cedars and awesome cars out of the box and we’re trying to get these things all dialed for dinner season so phase one of this project to keep you guys a little background of what products were using why we chose those products and then his channel about where options were and what we wanted we’ll go from that so grab the camera here and starting off real quick Karen Andrews garage El Centro California one of the other headquarters here to play here is Angie’s car zero miles on it and it’s already ripped apart ready to go so we’ll start off with roll cages over here you can see my new cage just drove all the way to macula Madigan Motorsports picked it up today so starting off with the roll cage we have pretty similar case we we kind of put down a whole list of products what we thought we would want and then reach out to some of these companies see if they would help us out with it maybe better pricing or deals and both we like Madigan’s I had a matigan cage on my twenty 17 razor I like the option of going with the wind chill which I’m gonna try and use not we’re both gonna do some roll cages and a couple similarities but a lot of differences exactly lot of differences single whips roof racks will point out those differences when they both get mounted up Mayon versus Andrews we also want the Madigan doors which is a really clean look I’ve always wanted the full custom doors I really like how they’re going to change the look of the car and nate’ll to it so I got the gray razor if you recall and we got a matching gray only an outer coat and OH [Music] moving right along the wheels half-baked powder coating here in El Centro hooked us up big time here’s a little snippet of what my vehicles gonna look like and of course to throw a little bit of teal on there and drew method wheels Tenzer tire it’s definitely the top of our list we run the Instagram we run all the social channels and we’re always geeking out over the vehicles with the tents or 35 decided to go with 33 10 15s on the 5 inch method for our wheels so a lot of cool wheel and tire options out there I’ve got a couple reviews of the B of G tires which are phenomenal the ITV ultra cross which I got on the race car which you’re really good but why’d you want to spend your money on these out of a and everything that you could choose from I’ve had a lot of different tires running differe razors from the horizons to the tensors I really like the texture they’re a true race tire ready to go and we believe 33 is the best honest honor for the side-by-sides 35 are a little on the big side run in such small axles 35 is a lot of mass to to rotate so so I go with the 33 is that coming in out 39 pounds per tire compared to the 44 pounds on the 35 yeah you know I think about it a lot when you’re on a lot of trails like I’ve always wanted 35 s they came out they look amazing but I feel like if the 33 had launched to maybe a lot of side by side guys would have gone with those Arizona piece trail and your I ride I feel like most of other riding spots are definitely taken over by side by side and a lot of the big rocks are knocked out of the way so you know obviously you’d like a little bit more of a rock crawling in Moab and whatnot but I feel like a 33 like you said like a thirty two of them were usually rolling over everything we have a little bit taller tire these are lighter than the stock tires which I think is better peace of mind increasing acceleration increasing braking performance and these are race tests at the 35 of one race on a class ten-car a heavier higher horsepower higher wheel cello now now be the best of the desert certified score certified get around these and all those races off yeah not that these vehicles are probably we’re gonna see a score or best that does it raise per se but nice peace of mind we both are gonna have full-size fares and hopefully should never need to plug them never need us there so that was that lightweight wheels I just love the look of these wheels I’m not gonna lie I mean there’s some beautiful race line wheels there’s some beautiful camp sees and others but I just can’t get over how good these look yeah especially with that face power good job so I’m actually gonna be running pretty minimalistic on the teal but besides spent a little bit of extra and get the custom powder coat so that’s wheel and tire setup Andrew since we’re over here looking at seats again we won’t have to read PRP big name here in the southwest Southern California and of course you can go customs so in June I both have some custom options and who’s gonna run a lot more blue on his vehicle and break down just some of the basic fabric options that you chose and a little wrong so I chose to go with a vinyl vinyl seat looks good for clean I was thinking about going on maybe doing a tweed or a they have this new material called XL it’s more of a cloth material a little bit cooler in the summertime you don’t stick to it when you sweat then I came down to cleaning it cleaning it final is gonna be easy to take wet rag you know you wipe your seats down and dries off don’t have to worry about it cool options full suspension seats from PRP later their new gt3 s from PRP we got wet Gucci with it and got seat heaters for the front two seats so really cool removable seat pad as you can see Wirehaired for heat but full suspension seat on below which makes a nice for cleaning cleaning out the sand from Glamis you know wherever you’re riding but probably some of the best seats that I’ve ever set satin and a side-by-side and these are extra line which is about one inch wider than not so if they’re extra wide I’m a big guy so I went with extra wide you know it cost a little bit more money but the little that inch makes a big difference a similar seats for me I want the narrower also when I heated seats speaking heated seats a big theme of my vehicle is making it really comfortable comfortable for the wife and kid owes reason I needed to get a foreseer but never had a glass windshield much I’m excited to try we’ll see heaters I mean I don’t know how the missus can’t be comfortable if we taken out get dinner and we end up in Sedona we’re hip on a cold dune ride so excited about those and managed decided to get them in and try those things out so seats are all dialed speaking of PRP we are using harnesses the point three sewn in harnesses from PRP three inch harness has the pad up on the shoulders sewn in so you’re not funneling with four different straps trying to get buckled in you know you have your one race harness style ouch always one of those that are sewn together it’s more not so for me but when someone kind of new gets in your car they just kind of fumble around them forever so big fan of the three inch on top most comfortable harnesses I’ve ever tried – one of the best on the market so PRP thank you guys awesome really excited to run those products and let’s move along moving on to lighting so Baja designs top of our list we think – the best lights in the game hands down best lighting a game Iran Chinese bars on ran species Iran rigid I’ve never had good luck with any of those right now yeah so I had some Ridgid have some rigid lights on my race car worked really well I’ve also have Chinese light bars I’ve had vision X and you know obviously Baja D ridges these cost significantly more than just your Amazon light bar so we’re gonna be doing some cool videos just to kind of talk about not only you know what you get for that type of money but also how you arrange them on our vehicle so looking really quickly at Andrews car he’s got a new headlight kit already installed which I’m also going to have we’re gonna have different light bars different chase lights and engines you have some additional lighting on it bumpers on the bumper running 2xl are running three XL foes along with a 30-inch Racer addition light bar up on roof rack along with some ass chewed out back in the chase light area as long as with their rock like it so bottles lines really stepped up and really made it good for us yeah yeah so really excited to get those going and we’ll give you some breakdown once we get these things set up and why we chose the light steps we chose and we’ll test those out in different environments because when I’m doing I like more peripheral and then obviously when we’re doing big group rides in the dust they’re their chase lights are second to none and I got a little Arizona set up with blinkers for the rear when I’m when I’m on the roads and stuff so get those going here soon speaking of lights we just talked a little bit about wiring and just probably the most excited about these switch pros so we’ve both and you really want to switch from Andrews like super technical with all this stuff so I’m kind of just taking the lead with some of the things that he really knows about you know I know the switch clothes are sweet I know there are over 500 bucks we got a deal on them at the Sands show that a discount thank you guys for offering a discount there and Andrew put his in already in his in his razor and I don’t think he’s more excited about anything other than this setup so first off you can tell mounting bracket from UTV we made specifically for the Triple S got some what what else did you do to get this all to work so pretty much what I did was I used the ETV mounting bracket for the turbo S comes through pre-drilled for the switch pros which was makes it it makes life easier keeping stuff set up I went with the blue seas eight circuit junction box also with another four junction box to run my PCI radio my intercom and by Parker pumper from from PCI but these things are by far the easiest things I have a easiest wired job I’ve ever dealt with I’ve done a couple razors you know I feel like I keep excelling at it and keep getting better at it but these switch pros are by far the easiest thing I’ve ever wired down the razors start off with your computer programmable Bluetooth has an app love it totally worth the five hundred plus dollars for this setup makes it really simple clean as you see on the dash over here yeah and you want to pull up the app while you turn on the dash and we can show people first off just how it mounts up onto the turbo wash we both have the dynamics version with ride command and fits right in this spot where three switches would go now you’ve got a panel here for eight switches so you can see how and you kind of lay things out but it’s very thoughtful product in terms of him not accidentally leaving his seat heaters on so why don’t you explain how how cool the app is now cool this product is so the apps really cool you can run it with the ignition off you can control your switches totally from your app here so say you can name all your switches in the settings settings also you can change the configuration of the switches so pretty much what you can do is say you want your out the hill at night or you’re out at night and you want you know your whip on you want your dome lights on you want your rock lights on you can turn those switches to where they run off the battery also you can have switches that will run off the ignition so basically what’s cool about it so say we go on a cold night ride and we have the the seat heaters on as soon as I turn the ignition off it’s gonna kill the see eaters so I don’t automatically leave those seat heaters on next morning I wake up dead battery which is really cool change the color white blue red green but then you can go click on the big color and actually play with the colors here if you like pink you can run pink slide telegram she’s really excited about the search process pretty amazing and very clean got all the switches that he’s gonna use right here and awesome setups so excited to get this working here and we’ll go through a little follow up once we get these cars all dialed they’re probably out here and glam is pretty soon or in the desert nearby since we’re looking at it stereo PCI radios excuse me I’m gonna basically just copy the exact same setup that Andrew has Andrew which shut up did you go with PCI and why so PCI I’ve read PCI and my last two cars we think personally PCI is probably one of the best ones on on the market we hit them up and ask to see what they can do for us and they babe we still pay for it but they hooked us up with it the one I’m running out here is the four link pro elite with DSP and bluetooth with the Kenwood radio they do make a cheaper version that comes with the mic on radio but the Kenwood is by far the best radio on the market yeah and then they’ve got the higher-end track setup right which unfortunately would require a new helmet wiring setup correct yeah exactly so if you really like listening to music the track system is by far some of the best stuff out the market a true left and out left and right audio output so you really get that stereo sound quality from them yeah so on my race car you know I’ve got the piece I set up as well but I don’t have the track set up so helmets are already wired for me to upgrade to tracks or take turns jumping on each other’s car be a bit of a pain more expense I personally don’t listen to music I think my wife will we plug in and go on rides so that’s kind of like from our buddy who’s a PCI expert would he recommend it to us so near the near the top end of what they offer but that’s some of the reasons why I just decided to go with that and also just Andrew knows stuff and I think this is probably the best bang for the buck of the setup for what we want it so you’re wiring up all four seats yes I will be wiring up all four seats so we have intercom throughout the whole car have the target car radio from Kenwood and ruin a nice little steering wheel I might have to at least get the little button I would love having my push-to-talk write the thumbs access well you don’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel so clean little steering wheel here from MPI as well yeah even though it’s totally thrown off the whole color scheme good so speaking of Electrical 5150 whips awesome whips I’m running two four footers toolless removal can be a little ideas run a single set up pulling line fully adjustable Bluetooth Bluetooth lead [Music] as we get closer of course Chupacabra accessories you can see Andrews got his helmet already set up really cool so he’s got a custom wrap he’s working on right now on Wolf’s got to put up some initial design just hit a day on Instagram got a lot of good feedback from you guys so thanks for that and excited to see if that changed his opinion what he goes with but you got an interesting color scheme with some black gray the Polaris blue as well as it’s a little looking forward to it stay tuned check these builds as they evolved through the time we will be documenting it as you see on Instagram already we’ve been I need pictures as I’m installing parts as I go we got three weeks so cabarets or so this is will be the big reveal I can’t Fraser for both cars yeah and she’s got a pickup ball out of this stuff from the powder coater tomorrow and he’s gonna get going on the cage he was smart and already got everything wired before because that front crossbar added to the roll cage would make wiring a complete nightmare yes so step one jumped off our shocks like we said I’m going to take it back to Arizona tomorrow get going on my wiring get my cage installed and like Andrew said can’t praise it in a couple weeks I need to get these new rigs going and looking forward to ripping himself thanks for watching if you guys like this has got a lot more great content coming your way tune in for part two of the cheap turbo twins coming soon thanks and make sure you on Instagram make sure you’re following us if account Fraser got some cool stuff coming yeah sounds good.


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