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300 Miles on my New RZR Turbo S Dynamix – First Impression

by Nick Olson
300 Miles on my New RZR Turbo S Dynamix – First Impression

After picking up the RZR 4 Turbo S, I joined a group of 12 other SxS’s on a 3 day, 300 mile trip through Northern Arizona, for Labor Day weekend. If you are interested in why I purchased a RZR over an X3, I made a video on it, you can see here:


Other the UTV Giant Storage setup with a Rubber Maid Tool Bix and Igloo cooler, and of course Chuapcabra Offroad mirrors and door bags, the RZR was 100% stock. We packed clothes, and an extra cooler as we had to pack lunches and drinks for a full day, so the RZR was loaded down. If you want more details of the ride, our video is here:


So the big question I had, after buying the Dynamix, was if the Live Valve suspension was worth the extra money. If you’ve been following the channel, I’ve had many different RZR’s, and really love suspension and tuning. I purchased the Dynamix, because I really think it’s the future of where the offroad market is going. After visiting the Sand Show right after, it feels like I might have been right. Shock Therapy rolled out an IQS system for X3 owners, and King Shocks also had a prototype system on display.

If you have the same question, check out the video, I tried to answer this question as best I could. Once we take the RZR to Glamis, Sand Hollow, etc, I think it will really prove to be a good choice, that being able to have adjustments on the fly is really cool, and makes the RZR work better in all conditions, loaded down or not, which is almost impossible to tune for.

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Nicolson chupacabra off-road back in the mountains back in the desert of northern Arizona spending some time in the new turbo s dynamics new to me 2019 first real ride on it had about 30 miles before this trip just kind of took it out locally to break in the belt check it out really quick and yeah now I’ve got about a day and a half on it so so far really really liking it really enjoy the dynamic suspension right now as we’re talking it’s September 2019 there’s really good deals on leftover velocity editions and also some good deals on X ray x RS so it’s kind of hard to quantify based on everyone’s needs if you think it’s worth extra money for the dynamic suspension but after about a day and a half of some real riding with it going you know almost 80 miles an hour ago on a couple miles an hour I really like it you know I like to go to all different types of environments I’m gonna take it to Moab I’m gonna take it to Glamis and pretty much everywhere in between so I’m really diggin it’s good for stock of course I’m gonna respring Andry valve it but so far I really really enjoying using it I probably hit that button maybe 40 or 50 times the sport mode is pretty cool in between because it starts to get a little bit stiffer as your speeds increase so pretty well thought out good job on that one Polaris [Music] man that was a fun ride in northern Arizona we’ve got the full video on our YouTube channel if you want to check it out but good first test for the car get to spend 300 miles in it over the course of three days and get used to a lot of different terrain we started off and happy Jack which is some slow rocky terrain and got into some some high speed stuff so it was a great first break in ride for the Razr so if you’ve been following the channel you know that I’ve owned several razors over the years from a full-blown race car to several different 64 inch versions of the 1000 and turbo so it was nice to own the S model I mean the main reason why I bought the turbo s over the extras because I do think it is the toughest most stout well-built side-by-side on the market and I definitely felt that way when I got to spend a couple days with it with the wider suspension beefier suspension beefed your front diff no real noises or squeaks and everything felt really good and tight you know speaking of how tough that vehicle is I love how it comes off the showroom floor some big heavy 32 inch tires and clutching felt really good you know I’ve most of my previous Razer turbos I’ve had thirty twos and this felt good the clutching felt pretty spot-on it had good acceleration pretty good braking and all that type of thing so right out of the box I’m really happy with it and speaking of those tires I thought those tires work really well a buddy of Mines got almost 2,000 miles on his and they look really good that I tepee coyotes they should hold up really well more for the ball in my opinion because they’re heavy at almost 45 pounds apiece so I liked how they felt we were going fast we were going slow a little bit of mud that we ran into of course dry and dusty situations so like those a lot and I think if you’re interested in those if he found a set of take offs that somebody is selling off their turbo s for a good deal those would be a really good value so on our ride we had about 12 or 13 vehicles we did only have one flat tire and that was a guy who had a set of old worn-out big horns so not surprising and it’s worth noting that most of these new school 32 inch tires are pretty stout and I’ve seen very few flats and my personal experience and I did this ride without a full sized spare I did have plugs but luckily I didn’t have to worry about anything like I said I’d I recommend these the main reason why I’m not gonna stick with them is because they are heavy and I’m excited to try out those tensor DS tires so I just picked up a new set of tensor d s 33 s they’re going to be going on it those are about five pounds lighter per tire so in my opinion gives me more peace of mind that it’s going to have less wear and tear on everything less issues long-term and better acceleration and better braking the TENS RDS seems to be like the really a hot new tire right now and they are raised proven so I’m hoping they’re gonna work really well I mean they were not cheap and my biggest concern is that they might wear out pretty quickly I did get the hard compound so hopefully I’m okay with those I do have a full-size spare just in case but open those are gonna work out and almost all my riding conditions the lighter weights gonna come in nice I’m up in places like sand Hollow and I can’t run sand paddles and hopefully they’re grippy when I take it to Moab make sure so I touch earlier on the dynamic suspension and you know after this ride was over I hit that button almost 100 times maybe because it was new to me it was it was fun to play with but I think it’s really hard to figure out how much is that worth extra I think a lot of people think it’s better I definitely liked having it but as you compare that to other models on the market is it worth the extra money and I think if you’re like me particularly if you’ve got a four seater and you like going in all different types of conditions I do think it’s worth the money I loved it when I’m going almost 80 miles an hour on some fast stuff having it in the firm mode really gave it a different characteristic it was really firm it didn’t sway a lot in turns and just had like more of a rally car stiff bass characteristic which I really liked and then of course topping it up when I’m going slow over rocks it was just more comfortable and it made it a more enjoyable ride so that type of stuff I think for long multi-day rides like that you know when you’re in the vehicle for 810 hours at a time it’s just nice and makes the experience better so I think it’s worth the money I like the ride command when I take the ride command outdoing I’ll save the trails and I’ll use those for what I’m doing Knight riding if I’m leaning and doing ride because as many times as I tend to glamorous I still get turned around and like having that as a guide where I’m going from all the different points let’s say the hill or the swing and whatnot the iqs system that shock therapy is offering for you km guys is about 2500 bucks it has its own ECU and does the same type of thing maybe not as sophisticated as the Polaris system but I think it’s pretty reasonable price wise with Springs with valving for that kind of dough so gives you guys an option if you’re not looking at a Polaris which is cool King seemed like it was a prototype setup who knows when that’s gonna see the light of day but exciting that another major brain is also working on this technology and it kind of reaffirmed that my thoughts that this is the future of where we’re headed so overall really excited about how the turbo has handled the first 300 miles we’re getting a bunch of upgrades put on it getting it ready for camp raisers we’re gonna take it out doing I hope this gives you a little bit more food for thought if you’re thinking about this model if you’re just curious about suspension live valve smart suspension tuning I think we’re just in the first inning I think there’s going to be some software updates we’ll be able to do in the future and I’m excited about that so I hope this helps you make a better decision if you thinking about buying a new side-by-side or thinking about investing in this if you are a cannon guy so you’ve got a dynamics model go ahead and comment below let us know what you think was it worth spending the extra dough on or do you feel like you would have gone with the base model instead I’m Nick Olson thanks for watching chupacabra off-road if you guys like this content please like and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more coming your life.


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