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Chupacabra Offroad RZR Rear Door Bags

by Nick Olson
Chupacabra Offroad RZR Rear Door Bags

Chupacabra Offroad Rear Passenger and Driver Side Storage Bag Set Travel is the source of the recovery of youth. And these rear door bags are a must have for the RZR owners who are looking for an all around solution for more storage. Resistant to fading, abrasion, and rot. Thick knee pad keeps even the tallest passengers knees comfortable, no matter how rough the trail gets! A great storage bag for your RZR and keep your phone, sunglasses, key, towel. You can take out the mesh pocket to storage your water bottle or hide it if not needed. The exterior zips are all reverse coil, which means the coil sits on the inside, and the fabric sits on the outside. This gives the bag a clean and polished look, which we really like.


Hi it’s Nick from chupacabra off-road and these are our new rear razor door backs for razor for one thousand razor for turbo turbo s s 904 and s one thousand four models now we’ve got a lot of inquiries of people asking for these like me they own 4c vehicles and they want a nice pad for the passenger’s knee as well as a little additional storage so these are modeled off of our front door backs you’ve got a little pocket here in the front which I love for having my smartphone and stays secure in place and it’s easy to grab even if you’re strapped in with harnesses we’ve got an insulated water bottle pocket which helps out for additional storage have a quick drink of water when you’re on your right and you’ve got a little storage pocket here in front of the knee pads so when you open the box you’re just going to get two door bags and a couple stickers these use all the stock mounting hardware from the stock razor doors installation is very easy 15 minutes tops or both of these if you’d like to learn more or see more of our products check us out online Chupacabraoffroad.com


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