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by Nick Olson

Although building these RZR’s wasn’t near as difficult or time-consuming as the race RZR build, it still took a lot of work, and so far, we’ve both been really impressed. Interested in the Tensor DS 33’s, Baja D lights, All tech tuned suspension, and Live Valve suspension? This is the video for you, even if you own an X3. It will take a lot more rides to see how the Tensors hold up, and we will be doing a test session with All Tech to really dial in our shocks, but so far the RZR’s work really well, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better set for the Southwest. The wheelbase is just right, the RZR 4 works well it a ton of conditions, and offers enough room for everything you need.

Suspension Info:

All Tech Motorsports (951) 746-6140 – you can find their Facebook page or Instagram @wayne_at_alltech – Wayne is very talented and has a lot of experience, and was on the ground floor of the Dynamix/ Live Valve Suspension.

Superstition is a fun spot to ride, we will be heading back a bunch this season. We will follow up with more feedback on these parts as we test them in more environments, we are heading to Ocotillo Wells and Sand Hollow next week.


Morning Andrew good morning how you doing today pretty good you excited to get this to get this bread get this break giving just cheddar gluten to this gluten substitute soy a mixture morning Nicholas what would you internet produce some more writing superstition haven’t been out here in a while awesome city either fun times some big groups out here had some fun riding last night and decided to be back here to the rock a few more hours for a head back to Arizona give me the hand thing with the hand over the lens what’s happening to everybody Nick and Andrew Chupacabra off-road back in the desert today where we had Andrew superstition this is my backyard this is where I grew up riding one of the best places to ride and race I have never had any bad experiences here so we’re back we’re really excited it’s a tube turbo twins part two and if you guys watch part one you find can tell by looking at the vehicles we’ve come a long way we got a lot done and we were a class they got these things all put together and ready for cam raiser I had a great weekend out there no issues awesome getting the cars all dialed and getting to break them in even more and just wanted to take some time to kind of go through last time you guys saw the vehicles if you watch part one Andrews car was maybe 20% done I’d come all the way from Arizona went all the way Temecula drop our shocks off and pick up our cages they just got done with powder coat then we got back we shot that and then we scramble to get everything done including Andrew going all the way to Arizona to get his car wrapped by wolf because if you haven’t noticed we’re picky we got some pretty cars we know what we like and to speak on that or like we mentioned in part one we we have similar tastes we’ve had both had several raisers in our past we talked to about a lot of companies that we really wanted and spend our own money on reach out to these companies and ask them they would help us with banner deals or incentives but ultimately we went through what with a lot of the products that we wanted Deal or No Deal so we’re gonna talk about these cars all done they are the twins obviously a lot of the same parts but there are some differences so Andrew we got the cars together let’s start off with the big big differences of two matigan cages but a lot of little differences between them so why don’t you walk us through yours versalife a lot of little differences as you can see on line I didn’t go with the front windshield like Nick did I use the front single front intrusion bar I use that I’ve never ran one wanted to try it out see how the views work makes a little bit more rigid especially in case of a rollover also if you followed me over here we ran with Madigan’s a two pillar pretty much it gives it that prerunner look to it again never ran it before I really like the look of it gives it more of that prerunner look coming around also and real quick mine doesn’t have the a two pillar and then Andrew seeing over the visor can you see over doesn’t hit your vision at all it’s a little bit different it does hinder the vision a little bit but compared to next windshield I’ve guarantee it’s a lot more visible especially in the dunes and the hardpack straight whoops you’re not going to have a lot of you’re not gonna have a lot of non vision in front of you compared to all the dunes the dunes is a little bit different you’re right for the writing style you’re you know gumming into bowls that you gotta be able to see over you can’t go in into bowls blind kind of scary but with these new cars that with the power they produce you’re never gonna have a problem with that yeah this is my first experience out at Camp razor with the windshield I really liked it definitely like Andrew said the visibility was limited I was peeking up I mean I’m six-three I’m looking over to make sure we’re dropping in there’s nothing too steep which is I especially first real trip of the season when the dunes are kind of fresh and fresh after those big wind storms but like you liking it so far I bet I’m gonna love it when it gets cold so moving on to other nuances of the cage we both have both racks racks so basically we both have pretty much the same cage same design we have the doors from that again as you can see also I I finished the doors up into the actual cage they kept them down low with the windshield roof racks are identical – mine I put the roto pack side mounted – two gallon rotor packs on the top nick has in his car he can pull the rear seats and have three two gallon containers in their rotor packs so he’ll have six gallons of fuel which I’ve used yes I which I’ve used it’s a tusk you take the seat base offer it moves one seat I’ve got six gallons of fuel storage work great the rotor packs it flat but I really like Andrews here you’re not going to need fuel that often maybe a couple trips a year it’s lightweight when it’s up high and what he needs it’s it’s safe and it’s out of the way and it’s secure one thing we don’t have to put on the roof rack is our spare tire spare tires is great Madigan makes a really great product with their spare tire carrier puts the weight a little bit more farther over the back makes it easy to open up on gas struts ready to go lets you get in there get your tools get your drinks makes it really nice very sturdy it’s up to a 35 inch tire and I’ve had a similar version I’ve had one with cage works I loved it I loved having the spare tire back there not up high and I love having gas struts because any ride you’re gonna do we’re always stopping to grab a drink out of the cool or a tool my first razor I had one of those pull air swing away as it rattled it was annoying highly recommend this style set up that’s it also in my car I ran a slip-on turn exhaust from from Trinity Racing as you as you can tell my radius rods are different and my rear radius rod plate went with the Lonestar stuff I’ve ran Lone Star on my previous cars I went with their box to radius rod rear plate just for more strength than actually gives us a true dual shear mounting point to that moving along rear wings you’ll see a lot of differences between the the rear wings with Nick’s car in my car I went with 4s to pros s to pros here as you can see I went with the blue and then amber they’re really bright Madigan’s little signature was I put a rare brake light in it but you’re pretty much gonna be as bright as you can get out in the back a lot of people riding in climates this past weekend we’re telling me to turn it off because it was too bright I don’t know that’s a good thing but I know I’m the dust do you want to be able to see somebody coming up in the best yeah I mean I glamorous it was crazy how bright these s2 SR and they’re amazing I followed a guy like on the Arizona peace trail with six eight guys ton of hanging dust with no breeze I had never seen anything brighter for rear so I went with Baja designs light bar with the blinkers I’m in Arizona one of the Hat blinkers I’ve also got a work light and I’ve got my brake lights so really like my setup I don’t think my my blinkers my Amber’s are near as bright as Andrews but bright enough to be seen on big dusty group rides and sort of for Arizona living so now we’re here in the back of my car you can see you got the rear same spare tire carrier from Madigan and Madigan was nice enough to install the Baja designs rear fly Park for me I kind of just cut it all out looks really clean and like I said I love having the blinkers for for Arizona only were 250 150 light it whips Andrews that a single and we both have our antenna because we’re running they’re pretty much identical PCI of Bluetooth so you can like just move around to the front of the cars and we’ll show you the differences which are a lot bigger on both of our so moving on in the front of Andrews car I don’t think there’s gonna be many people out in the desert that are to be brighter than this car not that looks but the lights are abundant so Andrew lighting everywhere talk us through your setup so pretty much as you can see on both cars we went with OEM replacement with Bahamas inés we think by far Baja designs is probably one of the best lights out of the market that you can buy make his Ren different brands from Polaris brand to the actual Ridgid brand he’s gonna be able to check these out tonight while we do a little bit of night riding but we used the pro kit it comes with four squadron pros 4900 lumens is a piece so that gives you almost twenty thousand lumens up in the front that’s just om headlight replacement goes right into the stock wiring you don’t think any other mounting mechanism clean and simple install so going down to the front bumper Nick opted not to run a front bumper I ran with three Baja XL 80s which of the pro model the pros are forty-nine hundred lumens as well so I got another 15 thousand lumens off on the bottom here I ran what the single desk cover in the front just so people can see me coming in the dust and it really cuts through the dust when you’re high speeds going up to the top I decided to remount my 30-inch Racer edition light bar up on the roof rack compared to Nick’s on his actual cage we wanted to do some different testing different light setups and see what we liked better you know give you guys more of a real review on them and why we mount it on here what’s better what works the best especially for different night for different night riding if you’re right in the in the dust or if you lead rides and you need something be shooting out a mile away you have it so that’s why I want to race their 30-inch wide bar up on the roof rack so I didn’t do a lot of people when they do upgraded lights first thing they’ll probably do is a light bar up top if you had to pick up top or on the bumper what would you choose a lot of people run like to run light bars the only time I like to run a wet bar is if I’m out front I’m leading and I need to see down the trail like great distance but for pretty much running if I’m running in the pack if I’m middle pack whatever I’m gonna be sticking to the lower bumper lights the lower they are you get a vast array of light out there especially with the different lenses so as you can see the lenses are different so you have to spot combos so it has a flood and a spot in it and then the center one is just a full full spot pretty much the spot makes the distance light out farther as you can tell us in the pros in the OEM it comes with the spot and then spot flood combo so moon own in front of my car a little bit less light and I got the same like I said headlight can’t love how easy install was I like how body includes a 20 amp fuse I’ve ran these with rigid and with Md core Polaris brand blowing a fuse on both of them so nice extra connectors top-quality with everything and so far really really good I think I could probably even do a night ride with just these we wrote in a pack all weekend so if you guys do it a lot you know when you’re in a packet it helps with everyone’s light Iran sweep a lot as well so running sweep I love having the windshield and then I love having the dual control 40 inch I am mounted opted to mount mine not onto the roof rack but tabbed onto the cage so I was playing with these settings a lot I can’t believe how bright it is in just an Amber position my buddy had one of these light bars I got to ride in his car a couple years ago and I absolutely loved how it performed and you know I want to be seen during the day so I’m pretty much running the Amber’s front and back all day and I think I’m goo pride that’s gonna work really well but of course I got a letter extra light when I need it I like the light bar up top for the peripheral when I’m doing I’m known for leading do rides and driving around in circles with my GPS so when I’m trying to figure out where I’m going um you know this helps to me but I do know a lot of guys prefer down low like a typical car truck has fog lights keeps out of the dust better but so far really impressed with how the amber cut through and we’re gonna go check them out tonight so that’s pretty much our lighting setups of course real quick can’t not talk about our two perk Robert manners we have our new colors which match the car is beautifully got our door bags and centromere of course and speaking of which you know can’t see as well what the rear but let’s talk about the inside of the car since we’re here let’s look at mine yeah it’s like an MTV crib pretty much so basically we did pretty much here it comes to the similarities we both RAM the switch pros eight switch set up we ran both the same PC I Kenwood radio with their four link Pro elite with Bluetooth and DSP we ran the same seats the PRP GTS or PRP GT threes Nick went with a little bit different material than I did I did a full vinyl seat Nick went with what is called their new materials excel which is really cool I was looking at it when I was designing my seats and I was really really wanted to do it but I didn’t know how clean it was gonna be when it came down to after being in a dusty ride how clean how how clean you could get these seats without much work seat heaters for the wife too on both of the vehicles so excited about that and with that in the windshield I think it’s gonna be great for cold rides family rides like I said I’m building this as my family wagon and I think I think it’s going to be very comfortable in any situation yeah same thing we we both went with race air from PCI with the race air controller here so we didn’t have to take up a switch on our switch pros you just said dial knob turns it on and off and it’s variable speed which is really nice again Baja designs dome lights on this one I ran dumb lights on my car and I also ran some rock lights from Bob designs as well and we can’t forget our deluxe rear view mirror from yeah you can see how Madigan tabbed it pretty long we’re probably gonna cut it and bring it up a little bit just because I’m tall I want the mirror a little bit higher but no big deal really liking the ride command I used to have a razor that had it I really liked it in the dunes once I get all my points marked down and triangulated I have a good idea of like how to get around everywhere even if I was being a ride and I love how it keeps all of the breadcrumb trail so one of our buddies leads a really a nice good ride I’ll save it and keep it use it for the future just as I you know get reoriented if I haven’t been in the dunes for several months so liking it it’s nice to have it’s a nice clean – we still have a little bit of storage here with our glove box and the new razor upper storage spot right here simple gotta push the talk button for the wife I was really impressed how clear the the Kenwood unit was super clear and better than my older version and just a lot of chatter everybody yeah we don’t need to get our own Chupacabra channel here coming soon and real quick – Andrew and I both elected for these sewn-in are these the 4.3 Z’s are the 5.0 yes the 4.3 s the 5.3 would be with your crotch strap the 4.3 don’t come with the cross strap three inch belt pads sewn in at the bottom so you’re not fumbling with all the four different belts that you need to attach makes it really easy getting in and out of these cars still comes with the race auto mode or the race latch which makes it cake to get in and out receipts and seat belts yeah like when new people are getting in the car they always stumble they don’t know how to do it and the fact that these are sewn together like it sounds miniscule but I love that our camera so final similarity final upgrades pretty much our wheels and tires and suspension so both went with tents or 33d Isis you would know that if you saw the part one got some cool custom painted method 401 our wheels a fake powder coating yeah thanks a bacon El Centro turned out awesome I love how both of them turned out and I’m most excited about trying the suspension it worked really good in Glamis I was blown away let’s just say blown by funko at 65 downtown highway it was the best thing ever yeah it was crazy how much rougher I got on on san Highway after a couple days especially Friday Saturday rolling down there going to the hill these things floated over everything loved dynamic suspension so hit the switch a bunch of times Wayne had us Wayne from all tech has just run about 17 inches of ride height in the front a little bit less than the rear and man I’m really excited to try the tires in the special on the hardpack so we’re gonna head out and go ride get some cool footage and follow up with our thoughts on that any other words Andrew any final thoughts no fun why these beers here so we can afford it keep these guys first sale 60,000 [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right sign the day – on the hardpack I hear plasticity superstition there’s really nice to spend some time in these cars on the hardpack after a great weekend and glamis and man just overall what do you think how do you feel about the car out here overall driving the hardpack you know the dynamic suspension I keep going back to that it’s a game changer for sure the side by side industry right now yeah you know it’s funny we were cruising along in some loops about 40 to 55 miles an hour I was in the sport mode Andrew said clicker down into comfort which I thought it can be a little bit mushy and blow through the stroke it actually felt a lot more comfortable a lot more comfortable a lot more stable the suspension was working a lot better wasn’t bucking as hard it wasn’t as harsh going to the tires were running the 33 inch tensors with the method wheels and these tires hook up great in the heart attack 16 pounds of them right now they feel stable they’re not rolling over you still can slide the car around even in four-wheel drive these tires even in the center we’re here at Sandown right now hanging out and we have no problems have no worries about burn another belt breaking a belt pushing these heavy cars I’m saying damn and even in Lando’s yeah I feel like I’ve bumped my air pressure down maybe try between 11 and 13 I’m really surprised for how the tread pattern not that open and blocky that they’re pulled pretty good last night when we were getting some nighttime footage and a really soft sand wash coming up sand damn I mean like I mentioned and the Glamis ride the turbo s is definitely heavier than my 28 teen turbo you feel it you know it’s clutch properly but the car doesn’t feel peppy and this car you know with all about accessories loaded down it’s just a nice peace of mind that we went with these tires because they’re taller they’re lighter than stock and this reminds me kind of riding in San holo you’re on the hardpack you’re going to hit some dunes just like we don’t have to think about or worry less about potentially burning about if you’re pushing these cars hard definitely Jeff so coming out of a two-seat 17 turbo going to a four-seat is a world of difference wheelbase 117 inches is by far the best all-around desert car I have driven or written and by far dynamic suspension is where it’s out yeah so Wayne at Alltech great job really like in my car out here as well excited to go do some testing with him and further to him see we can do I think maybe my rear ride height might be a little bit on the high side it just felt that way in the sport mode pounding the loops but where I’m gonna take it back to Arizona a little bit different terrain not as smooth some sharper rocks I think that calm promotes gonna be amazing out there really anything under 30 35 miles an hour and I just love quick and it’s different when you’re going fast it just gives it more of a rally car stiffer the car doesn’t wallow around so I think the dynamics is really good particularly on a heavier four seater when you’re like us you’re gonna be carrying fuel other heavier items tools all that type of stuff for big long rides should I get two cars in one yeah so yeah I think it is definitely a fusion of side by side industry and talking about weight you know there’s a lot of people talking about the Kawasaki it’s heavy but you know this compromises with a heavier vehicle it feels more stable when you’re going fast in the loop so you know we’re in the southwest I think that’s more important than durability the ruggedness and the stability when you’re hauling versus maybe some of you guys who are zipping through trees in different parts of the country which I get the lightweight conversation or you’re for a works racer right you’re that type of you like that characteristic motor vehicle or you’re saying guy you want lights and car that rips up the hills you know sand Queen for sure but gone back to the dynamic suspension from last night you know running if you watch our bond design night video we’ve done some runs down pull line it some of you guys know that right out here in superstition pull line is a pretty good looked out road and with this car here I was hit in 72 73 miles an hour at night with no problems not feeling uncomfortable about the car doing this thing you know so again way not all check really killed it with me shocks yeah lighting is amazing it’s a nice to feel we can go 70 miles an hour comfortably at night and a side by side I mean what more do you want than that yeah that’s really when you’re buying these nice higher in lights you’re really buying the peace of mind and you know just something that’s gonna keep you safe and give you as much vision as possible so you can have a more enjoyable experience do definitely definitely all around good prerunner car that we built here to tear up signs you know they’re very similar in style but you know they work identical we got the same shock setup so we’re pretty much going to see these in Baja Moab you’ll see them in San holo possibly Oregon possibly up in in Idaho have died out dunes you might see them are all around so look forward to more videos coming from us soon yeah hit us with a comment or a question you know YouTube Facebook send us an email and a question of the products that we run give you our honest feedback if you’re looking for a simple or setup if you go on Polaris either way we try to be helpful and put out this content hope you guys like the video and stay tuned we’ve got a lot more coming your way you ever written a dirt bike before No.


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