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by Nick Olson

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the Speed UTV videos, and it’s exciting to see the Speed gang testing the Diablo, figuring out clutching, suspension, and everything else. I really want to see them start testing an El Jefe 4 seater, because that’s what I am getting, and I’m really hoping they pay close attention to the clutching of the heavier 4 seat car so that we don’t have to worry about belt life. Now, here’s how I built the El Jefe, and what upgrades I went with…


What's happening everybody it's Nick Olson Chupacabra off-road and this video is for all of you speed faithful who are anxiously awaiting the rival of their new speed tv Utvs like me I ordered the lfa four-seater and you guys probably like myself you've been watching the videos watching the team make some progress on their intestinal the diabolo cool to see them actually run the car running your car doing a bunch of testing slowly getting things figured out and if you're like me you're really excited to see them start testing the lfa four seater because it's a heavier car I'm really hoping they pay special attention to the clutching needs of this car because it is heavier um i think they will have to maybe detune the clutching a little bit just so we can all have a lot of happy miles with no belt failures based on what i've seen so far i've got full confidence that they're going to figure out some really good suspension settings and yeah my biggest concern at this point in time right now as we head into mid-November 2020 is that we're going to see some more test miles we're going to see some more production elements such as the interior that el diablo getting tested along with the lfa as they look more finished trim i want to see the production wheels i want to see the production tires i want to see all that type of stuff uh basically these vehicles are supposed to come off the assembly line later this month ran through the paces before we take delivery of our vehicles but what I'm seeing so far everything looks pretty good the motor is looking to hold up pretty good it's a little bit too early to tell but with all that being said let's get into how i chose to accessorize my here [Music] now the main sales pitch for a lot of us that are believers are that this speed comes far more accessorized and set up from the factory than any other utv and if you go to watch this video you might think well why nick are you spending thousands more dollars accessorizing this it's no different than a plus or a camera well you're sort of right you're sort of not i made a little list of accessories that i think i don't have to buy because i'm buying this speedu tv so let's run through a little compare what i think with real value out of this car now starting off roll cage is for sure one thing that i do not plan on replacing on the speed based on what i've seen i think this is going to be the sturdiest the most well-built stock cage of any other oem it does have a full b color support as it should and to me it's pretty stylish it's looking good it's got a nice stylish roof already it's definitely something that i don't think about like when i purchase my razor when the first thing i do is put a new roll cage on it which i also do honestly if i hold the cannon even though i do think the canon is a much better looking stock cage than any Polaris we've seen so there's a few thousand dollars on the roll cage moving on one part i'm really excited about not having to buy is a full-size spare tire carrier now the setup i've got on my razor is a madigan it works really well the only problem is it's 500 bucks you still have to get access to your cooler by opening it every single time you go on a ride and it does limit some of your rear visibility all these things which are solved on the speed because you've got a huge bed where the tire is going to sit flush with hopefully enough room for your cooler and all of your tools like what i've currently got set up moving on i think a big big value add especially with me purchasing the led edition are the carbon fiber seats now it's really cool that we can pick if we're wide or if we're tall i chose the standard setting i don't know if i should go with a tall seat i have about six three i probably should but i really want to kind of compare how the vehicle feels and at that point if i feel like i could use um a better fitting pulse if i get one but for now i really want to see how this car drives with the standard seat compared to the other competitive models like my razor so i tabulate that up to about a good fifteen hundred dollars in savings for the seats moving on one big value add that basically nobody else has are b lock wheels now i know the x3 does come with b lock wheels but we all know those wheels are really soft and are prone to damage um these robbie gordon wheels speed wheels look like they're much beefier from the factory they're lighter weight they've got the ideal geometry according to robbie and the team so that's a nice value add a stylish looking wheel you get two options which is really cool and i don't really foresee myself along with a lot of other speed owners swapping out these wheels for anything else so those are kind of the main value adds and as we move on there's some of these other items i'll touch on that maybe my turbo s has but a can-am doesn't things like 32-inch tires and lower doors um one nice feature also is the rear suspension design doesn't need radius rods aka beefed up radius rods or radius rod plate so there's a lot of money that uh Canada players phrases that used to spend to upgrade the rear end of our vehicle that we don't even have to think about and as it comes to horsepower we don't really have to invest in an ec YouTube because if you're like me you get the speed key you can simply dump in some e85 get your warranty and you can bump your horsepower as high as 300 from the factory which is really really cool feature so um another big value another reason why i'm really excited about getting this car so those are the main value adds in terms of accessories dollar for dollar as it relates to the competition and beyond that we're talking about you know a suspension kit that's much beefier much higher quality than the competition from what it looks like so far we're going to have much better stock suspension geometry i think it's pretty safe to say this car is definitely gonna handle really well and we'll have better geometry than a stock Polaris or a stock can they have more stock horsepower more stock fuel capacity which Robbie really hasn't kind of commented on the exact fuel capacity they don't have but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be more than a razor or a k m which is another nice value so let's get into how i built this thing this is the fun part and starting off with the wrap this is really the hardest part because there's so many options it's really impressive that the speed team are giving us this many options it's almost too many but i went with kind of a clean simple look i went with the cobble wrap which is very simplistic I'm not really into the busy wraps these days i think a lot of wraps are busy and stripes are just kind of plain out i want something really simplistic and as you can see here i went with some teal on the nose and then pretty much all black and very simple of course we're going to add a nice big Chupacabra logo right here and we might be doing another custom wrap on this thing here in the future so we'll see how it pans out I'm mostly concerned with matching my teal to the logo so i hope that turns out well i dig the speed utv though i don't mind supporting the brand and uh you might notice i also went with some machined wheels and i really dig the rg edition so i think it's classic and i think this vehicle should have the the rg wheels i think the 14 spoke looks cool but these just look better and um probably look better even with the black wheels on it but you know i kind of just been kind of over black wheels lately i think they're a little played out and as we get into my first accessories here we'll touch on that because i did choose to purchase an extra set of black rg wheels now the reason why i did this is that i'm going to go ahead and purchase a set of 35 inch tires we're gonna run the car with the stock 32s back-to-back with the 35s i think it'll be some cool content i'm not sure which way i'd like to go this is the first utv that's really built for 35 so probably going to do some tensor ds's of course i were sponsored by them for racing to make a good tire got a lot of experience with the 33 and it's a lightweight tire option and it'll be fun to compare and see how the car handles i know robbie the speed team they've really been trying to compare uh belt temperature all these type of things um so it'd be fun to see i think you guys all appreciate that content and uh we already know the car is gonna look better on 35s it's just if it handles better i just have to keep them we'll keep those and we'll sell the tire size that we don't want now let's get into some more accessories i picked up right off the the speed website um starting off with the seat heaters now you guys have watched the build of the cheap turbo twins particularly mine you'll know that i'm bougie i gotta have my seat heaters hundred dollars a piece it's a no-brainer guys almost a year ago thanksgiving i didn't ride up in santa hollow and it was 35 degrees it was the coldest i'd ever written and uh didn't really matter because i've seen yourself well worth the 200 bucks highly recommend all right moving on to the next item i chose the pci radio kit now um we have been working with pci for a while they take good care of us but you know what i heard when it comes to installing first off is that speed's going to install these accessories from the factory which is really nice and i also heard this is gonna be a really easy plug-and-play setup for the speed which is cool but they've got their own plate as you can see here in the photo i'm not gonna have to worry about i can go ahead and pay for it now this is the elite system i know some of you guys in the facebook group were talking about adding the track system i haven't used a track system i've heard good things about it i just have my helmets already set up for this elite system i'm not really a big fan of listening to music when i offer that much i'm just gonna go ahead and stick with the elite get it all done got their plate gonna pick it up with this already installed too easy i'll go ahead and go with that next on the list i decided to go ahead and go with the window next i like the idea of window nets because i might do a race or two in this thing see how she holds up to some real abuse and with some kids that i take writing to be kind of cool peace of mind to have them in the back seat with some little nuts to protect them in the event of a crash now i've got window that's on my race car honestly i really don't like driving with them it really shuts off the visibility and certain things like rides when you're enjoying seeing terrain down in Mexico so don't i really prefer to not have them i do get that they're important safety wise um i've never really used a vehicle with wrist restraints but i'm going to go ahead and purchase some sensors ready to go bolt right on like i said i can use them in the rear for the kiddos i decided to do a race or like maybe more in 2021 we've got the window nuts and they're they're done now the next item on the kit which is really something we pretty much all have to choose and that's the break-in kit now if you read the fine print it says that they use a proprietary blend of oil for the transmission and the front diff i've heard their motor oil stuff is nothing too well but this transit front diff is very specific and most importantly you're going to avoid the warranty if you do not use it so we're pretty much all required to run this it already comes with the belt i'm gonna go ahead and purchase it put in my first couple hundred miles and of course go through it with all the uh chemicals here from this kit and yeah it'll probably be expensive uh off the shelf it's 365 dollar kit but you know the reason i'm buying this car is again to have the warranty to have a horsepower stuff i'm not trying to do anything that's going to cause my warranty to be avoided now next on the list is going to be a full glass windshield uh if you guys are watching the channel you see my my rides on my four seat razor i'm a super big fan of it i get a lot of dms hey is the glass windshield worth the money i love it cuts down on a ton of dust awesome when it's cold yes it's not great everywhere but for the fact that you can take these things off and on highly recommended headed to glamorous this weekend is supposed to be perfect weather and yes i love the wind of my face when the weather's perfect but i'll probably take it off for that but i love the windshield a big fan and i'm probably windshield for life kind of guy so i'm definitely going with that all right next on the list is the speed trail kit now you've seen my car i always run a full-size fare i think today's modern tire options are really really good uh very few this is the flats that i've seen compared to even a few years ago and i'm not going to know what they bought without a full-size bear so want to buy this kit because you get a full-size spare you get the rear axle you get a tie rod you get a mounting uh block or pad for the spare tire and then you get a jack and you have some different jack options now the co2 jack i like how small it is um there's really not a one size fits all ideal jack i would say you know if i could pick the perfect jack it's probably the traco and i might be buying the checo for the race car but we had an issue at utv world championships we could have used the tractor to kind of jack the front of the back of the car up on the bumper now with my current plate razor i don't really have the ability to do that because i don't have bumpers so um i might be adding a front bumper on the speed for that reason and for a race car situation the tractor is probably ideal because you could change an axle you could do what we did was just try to figure out how to fix the front a arm versus something that's like what i've currently got which is foa which is really really good for doing a start tire change so i don't think the co2 is ideal for everything but i think for how small and lightweight it is and what i'm usually running on these multiple day ride trips or in general but with a couple other people so a lot of times you might just throw up a tow strap and lift the car up on the side or i can break this little sucker out good that's about 15 130 bucks with this option if you want to step your game up and go with the electric jack 23 uh which runs off of like a milwaukee battery pretty pricey very similar features like i said to the traco um just kind of on the fence with it so far i just don't know if i want to go that route so i'm gonna stick co2 for now so next on the list is going to be uh some rear skid plates get protection now i'm kind of cheaping out i'm getting just the rear escape plate for 3.99 instead of getting the full kit which is ideal but looking back over my previous cars now especially with 32 33 inch tires the bottom of these cars aren't getting beat up near as bad as they used to when i used to run 30s so that combined with the fact that when you would damage or hit the back of the car it was always the back of the car under the transmission so i don't want to drive this thing in stock without some nice protection i'm going to start off with this rear skid plate i think it's a pretty reasonable price it's already of course built to match and can protect a really big hard hit on something unexpected which could potentially end your day all right let's move on to storage and like i talked about earlier another nice value add is not having to have a tire rack and as you can see here in the photo you've got plenty of room for a 35 inch spare tire as well as this crescent shaped cargo box so cargo box is a pretty reasonable price it looks like 300 bucks it's really just a rendering right now we don't know if it's going to be waterproof so we can use it as a cooler but i hope to use it for either a small cooler and tools or just all tool storage so i like the shape of it i like the idea of it and i'm going to be using this in conjunction with a rectangle storage box so i just wanted the chance to have a little bit extra storage and can't go wrong with having a little bit more so um here's the rectangle storage you guys can kind of see you can configure it any way you like you can lower the tailgate move the seat back and fit four of these suckers on i think the crescent with one of these rectangles are going to get me where i need to be and it's 200 and i can always add more of these in the future so i think i might do something like this with a baja ride you know hang the tire off the back a little bit um use the the crescent of the rectangle and see how it goes and it should give me enough storage even if i put my cooler inside the backseat of the vehicle one thing that you'll notice that i'm not doing is a roof rack and i have a roof rack on my current razor um and really want to go on these long trips it's usually only myself one other person myself and my wife or a friend and our last trip we did we really didn't use the storage i mean we're going to throw some clothing bags up top didn't necessarily need to i do like on andrew's uh turbo twin his razer turbo s he does have the spare fuel up there for the couple times a year to use it he's got it it's out of the way but i don't know i don't know if i really like the look of the storage rack or a roof rack and i just don't know if i'm going to do it with speed right now so i don't think i really need it in most situations that i go on um and if i change my mind i'll go and pick one of those up later so another item that i really considered but i decided not to spend the money on was the speed glove box dash now i like all the data i like how the co-writer can see all this data i think it'd be really really cool in more of a racing situation but at 300 bucks i just don't see it being that much of a value add for me at this point in time um gps wise i'm not sure if i'm going to go ahead and do an ipad with lead math or maybe a lowrance and if so i'd like it to be more centered in the middle of the car so i decided to walk for now um maybe consider it for the future i'll see how some of the other guys like them when you go and get them and maybe i'll purchase one down there as it lends to lighting i'm a big fan of baja designs we're going to stick with baja designs uh speed looks like they have some pretty decent options at reasonable prices but it's kind of really hard to tell how good they are like i said we're going to be a baja designs dealer here coming up pretty soon so we're going to keep running baja d i'm not sure my lighting setup will be but um it'll integrate with some of our fusion super power products that you guys will see here in the future so stay tuned for those but um no lighting for me from speed so as you can imagine i'm definitely not going with these side mirrors these things look hokey they look janky look at these clamps i mean come on guys you kidding me all jokes aside um they're mirrors but we have way better stuff and we're working on some new stuff you guys might see if you pay attention on youtube it's gonna be extra fine it's gonna be really good for you speed guys trust me and here's one of the biggest question marks i've decided not to go with which is their paddle tire kit now originally they were talking about a 33-inch paddle um i like this buffed scat sandcraft destroyer whatever you want to call them they're lightweight they're high performance at 2600 bucks they're definitely not cheap marty can have an extra set of these wheels like i mentioned the 35 inch tire test we're going to do and i already have 32 inch destroyers that have the same bolt pattern on my razor so i'm going to see how they go i'm going to try them out i don't know if the offset of these rg wheels really matters uh for dune riding based on what i've currently got so i'm just gonna play it by here guys uh i don't know if these paddles are gonna be a whole lot different yes more paddles are gonna look better when i do decide to pop up to e85 with a little bit more power to dudes but i think it's a little negligible i don't really care to race people with the drags i just want a lightweight paddle tire it's going to prevent any belt failures the car is snappy and zippy but i feel pretty confident with that e85 or 300 horse even with this being a big heavy four seater built right i'm saying i have plenty of pop to hang with most all my friends most anybody out there to do and the final ad this little heat and sound proofing kit looks pretty cool um something i might be into in the future we'll see how warm the car gets we'll do a lot of testing we're really excited to get this thing put through its paces and create a lot of content for you guys so those of you that are on the fence can live through us and see um how we use the car you guys see our channel we do some racing we do some long rides we do a little bit of everything so hopefully you guys know that we'll give you the straightforward information on how we like our car and how it's holding up and how we think we can improve it maybe make some parts for it to make it better so that's all i got for this one guys i hope you guys liked the video if you do please like and subscribe check us out on our website superpowerofflow.com we manufacture some side-by-side accessories and uh we're working on a lot of new products guys they're going to integrate with the speed as well as all the other side by sides a lot of them are going to be coming out around all the time a lot of you guys will be picking this car up so we're real excited for that thanks for watching and we'll see on the next one.


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