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by Nick Olson

Here is a tutorial on how to install your Chupacabra Offroad UTV Side Mirrors quickly and efficiently.


Hi I'm Nick from Chupacabra off-road and today I'm gonna show you how to install a set of our UTV side mirrors onto this 2018 Polaris RZR for today's install you're going to need a few basic tools two five millimeter allen wrenches one four millimeter allen wrench a pair of scissors and finally a ten millimeter deep socket to start off take your mirror with one of the additional supplied clamps and lay them on top of each other just to ensure you've got the right size mounted for today's purpose of mounting on this Polaris RZR we're gonna use the smaller pre-install 1.75 inch clamp the 2.0 is a bigger size dedicated more so to can-am and some Honda vehicles razors got an aftermarket roll cage but it's the same exact diameter as stock which is a 1.75 inch roll cage so using both of the supplied shims what I've realized on the razor what fits well is starting off with the thinner sham you're gonna go ahead and take your scissors and cut the length of it on this first line now go ahead and take your 2 5 millimeter allen keys and loosen up the clamp bolts be careful that you don't lose the supplied washers each bolts got a fin washer as well as a split washer now here's an important step make sure you take your 4 millimeter wrench and go ahead and loosen up this angle adjustment this allows you to go ahead and adjust the angle however you see fit to get the right angle based on whatever cage what vehicle and whatever position you choose you'll see if you take it all the way out there's multiple teeth so you can get pretty much a 360 degree range of adjustment now you're going to want to take your cut inner shim place it inside the roll cage clamp can go ahead and mount this on your desired location now just a double check one little trick you can do let's take one of the barrel shaped screws place it in here and you can sit in the vehicle and double-check and see if your adjustments too high or too low the mirror has a breakaway feature design so when you hit brush it'll move out of the way without breaking but the final adjustment once you get it where you like would be to go ahead and adjust the tension via the ten millimeter socket underneath I suggest increasing the tension a couple turns for high-speed terrain so you reduce the vibration you're still going to have the breakaway feature it's going to be a little bit more firm or for lower speed it's probably great how it is stock so here's what the driver's side looks like installed go ahead and repeat this process for the passenger side and you are ready to go.



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