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RZR Door Bags

by Nick Olson
RZR Door Bags

Here’s a quick install video of our Chupacabra Offroad Door Bags, available on Amazon. Model Fitment info below: These door bags are a must have for all RZR owners! Keep your keys, mobile phones and sunglasses is a safe spot, with quick access, much safer than a pocket, so you do not lose these precious items out on the trail. The padded section greatly increases comfort for taller riders and over rough terrain. Details: • Material: Weather-resistant heavy duty 1680D Nylon Color • Black bag with grey piping

Features: 1. Water resistant storage bag has soft abrasion resistant material is perfect for sunglasses, mobiles phones, and keys 2. The knee pad is thick and comfortable for taller drivers and increases comfort 3. These bag are for the front doors only, sold as a pair. Each purchase includes the Right & Left side. We currently do NOT offer door bags for the rear of 4 passenger vehicles. 4. Integrated water bottle/ soda holder is perfect for quick access to a cold beverage Here is a quick fitment guide: • 2014-2018 Polaris XP 1000 including all special editions • 2014-2018 Polaris RZR XP4 1000 • 2014-2018 Polaris RZR Turbo & Turbo 4 • 2015-2018 Polaris RZR S 900 & S 4 900 models (60″ wide) • Does NOT FIT RZR 900 Trail (50″ wide) models, as they have a different door design • Does NOT FIT 2017 Polaris General (different door design • Does NOT Fit older RZR 900 models Does NOT Fit Polaris Ranger models #utvaccessories #offroading #arizona #polarisrzr #amazon #chupacabraoffroad #rzrturbo #rzr1000 #rzr900 #rzraccessories


Hi this is Nick from chupacabra off-road and today i'm going to show you how to install our razor door bags today's install is really simple there's only five bolts which already exist on the razor door and all you need is a Torx t25 tool to go ahead and install those so once you pull them out of the box you're gonna notice that we've got some pre-installed velcro here on the back just for a little bit more of a secure fit and we also include some additional velcro I like cutting up a few extra pieces what I'm going to do is install these up here on the very top just to make sure I get as much velcro as possible up top here because you're going to be pulling on the top part inevitably with opening the zipper or what not so just a little extra tip for a better fit so here's a few extra pieces of velcro I'm going to go ahead and install them right here along the top and now it's a good time to check and make sure that all the other pieces are lined up evenly just for a more secure fit so now you're going to take your t25 and loosen up the five screws that are used to hold on the plastic outer door you're going to want to hold the back part of the plastic door it will fall off at this point I like to start off with the upper screw on the upper right and from here I'm going to remove the backing on the velcro so now I've got the cover of the velcro removed and I'm gonna go ahead and install this press it firmly up against the top part of the rail and now for the second squeal I'm going to start from the far end of the door over here by latch and then from there just going to take the three remaining screws and go ahead and install those starting with the bottom this is going to really stretch the door back out just to get us a nice snug fit that's gonna stay snug for quite a while so go ahead and go around give everything one last tighten and finally you want to go ahead and press along the velcro a little bit more just to get it all set up how you like and you're good to go these two outer mesh pockets work great for your phone quick and easy access if you've got a snap a quick photo of your buddy being a knucklehead or if you've got that call from your wife you need to avoid there's a little spot for your water bottle quick easy access so here's what they look like installed with the water bottle and the cellphone quick easy installation repeat this process for the other side and awesome having some storage right at your fingertips even if you're secured in with some 4-point harnesses thanks for watching.


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