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by Nick Olson

Another OEM has thrown their hat into the Sport SxS ring, Kawasaki’s new Teryx TRX 1000 is real, and on paper, it looks to be an impressive machine.

Chupacabra Offroad goes over the key highlights and compares it to the other SxS offerings. Is it worth your $20,500?


What’s happening Nickolson Chupacabra off-road and today we’re talking about the new Kawasaki krx 1000 first off the number one question Roland’s to ask is how much horsepower does it have well it’s a naturally aspirated vehicle with the CVT transmission and according to the carb document which was found online it’s gonna put out around one hundred and 12 horsepower I know a lot of us in the Southwest we’re really hoping for something like a turbo model but you know not really overly surprised either makes sense business-wise to launch with a naturally aspirated model this model is offered in two colors a green and a white and the MSRP is twenty thousand five hundred dollars as that relates it’s a little bit more expensive than XP 1000 and pretty comparably priced to a base model razor turbo or a can-am x3 xD SR model 172 horsepower turbo which is $500 more and it’s in the same ballpark as the Honda Talon $1000 so speaking of the Haunted Talon 1000 R one thing I really love about this are the dimensions and the specs they didn’t choose to go with the standard 64 inches wide this is stretched out it’s 68 inches wide and wheelbase is almost ninety nine inches long so I love the fact that we’re going a little bit longer it now starts to feel like most of the two-seat models on the market are within 95 to 102 inches give or take so love that I think that just adds the stability it adds to adding some leg room and a little bit roomier rear bed just for more accessories Kawasaki claims this will hold up to 350 pounds in the bed and easily hold a 32 inch tire speaking of tires I think the best statistic I’ve seen I’m really excited that the Kawasaki comes with stock some 31 inch maxes carnivore tires which is a real legit tire for the Southwest on a 15-inch beadlock wheels so I love the fact that the the side-by-side is gonna come stock clutched all those other things and the chassis suspension everything set up to handle this bigger heavier which is about 35 pound stock so I love to see that I think if you watch my review of the Honda Talent after driving in and as well as aspects it was it was a bummer that they expect a little 20 inch tire which isn’t a real tire for real offering conditions in the southwest or firm remote operating across the country for that matter so two thumbs up to Kawasaki for doing that styling wise I really like how it turned out I think it’s a really good-looking unit I like the fact that it does come with a full door I think for an OEM cage it’s stylish hopefully ends up being robust and strong enough to keep everyone in the safe but extra excited to see what the aftermarket is gonna do once we put a new cage on that thing and maybe some 32 even 33 inch tires I think it’s gonna look really good some other specifications I really like are the fact that not only over you 69 inches wide but you’ve got 19 inches of travel in the front and 21 inches of travel in the rear so like the Honda Talon $1,000 that you went wider than the status-quo you’ve got a little bit more suspension travel and with that I think you’re going to have a much more stable ride than 264 inch why with a shorter wheelbase like the razor to seat XP 1000 and that’s gonna lead to I think a lot of people feeling like hey this is a really compliant ride it’s wide in its stable and I don’t need to invest in a long travel kit or I’m not going to consider that really for the long term definitely not as good as 72 inches wide but pretty close and I think you can definitely feel that on the trail in most situations when you’re going fast and it’s just going to be better basically in all conditions and it doesn’t seem to really be deterring people who ride in tighter areas they’re still willing to want something that’s a little bit wider of course bigger tires more room and just overall better riding experience so the k RX 1000 comes with fox 2.5 inch podium shocks they look similar again to the talon $1000 with a lot of shock stroke I haven’t seen the official dimension but two-and-a-half front and rear of course dual rate coils and adjustable crossover rings which is nice I’m sure with a little bit of spring and valving tuning probably a really good ride out of those things out of the box and the rear suspension seems to have three radius rods and a trailing so they’re calling it a four-link setup but it looks really similar to Polaris that with one additional radius rod towards the in front of the rear axle so I think not too overly complex it looks like it’s gonna be pretty robust at trailing arms look pretty beefy so hopefully that ends up being a really reliable setup and of course Kawasaki claims that they had in the extra link just to keep the rear geometry as good as it can be first ability and handling so the interior seems to be pretty simple the seats look pretty simplistic and not too many bells and whistles but they did include a belt temperature gauge which is a nice little added feature the four-wheel drive system on paper also sounds like it’s gonna work really well so as long as all four wheels are locked up I think it’s gonna be a good all-around use vehicle speaking of all around I like how they shot the video in Utah I mean you know us we follow our channel right all over the place we love Utah Arizona I’ve got a lot of different conditions and primarily there’s channels based on Southwest enthusiasts but you know we like machines that want to recommend machines and products that work well on a lot of different conditions if you’re talking naturally-aspirated based on the specifications based on what it comes with I have to say this would probably be my top choice the reason why I think it’s better than a razor 1000 is it’s got a longer wheelbase it’s wider it comes with bigger heavier more robust tires another thing too I think even though Kawasaki hasn’t produced as for side by side I’m definitely more inclined to say that Kawasaki is gonna have a higher quality finish and probably more reliability than a Polaris and potentially a can-am so we’ll see how it plays out it’s gonna take six to eight months of customers in the real world using their units bashing on them to see how they really hold up but like the haunted towns proven to hold up quite well for what it is I think we have a higher expectation level for these Japanese OEM so as it relates to the comparison between the Honda Talon again I like the fact that this has bigger more robust tires it does come with full doors the price pretty comparably the shifting on the Honda Talon is cool but I wouldn’t make a purchase just for that reason alone so I would look at the Kawasaki or probably the tracker artic at whatever you want to call it because watching that thing I think that really screams it’s got the most horsepower of a stock naturally aspirated side-by-side but I would probably assume that you can just have a higher fit finish in quality spec on the Kawasaki so as I think about if I was going to buy a non turbo side-by-side I would definitely put Kawasaki at the top of the pile so comment below what your thoughts are if you consider the Kawasaki KX 1000 it’s exciting to have another big manufacturing the game looks like they’ve really done their homework there’s a lot of skid plates protecting it bigger tires really thoughtful little elements like the belt temp gauge great styling and you can tell I’ve been watching the market closely so excited to have another strong competitor another om mixing it up another choice for us customers we all win if you like this content please like and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more content coming your way.


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