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by Nick Olson

You can’t hit Southern Utah without some sand dunes, right? Today we rode to Coral Pink, did a little duning, and had a few issues, which altered the second half of our ride. We ended up heading back through the Barracks trail again, which becomes even more fun after you know the turns.

Tons of fun, great group, great weather, it doesn’t get much better.


Come here that’s what I just said you said you wanted to write what’s happening everybody day two here in southern Utah I’m here with my buddy John say what’s up John hey we yesterday had a really fun day started off on some rocky technical terrain checked out some slot canyon stuff I thought that was really cool got a lot of messages on Instagram of like people saying hey we’re that stuff that really cool to take the family hiking we got into some fun mountain stuff and then finished up on the barracks trail which was definitely a must hit try let’s say in southern Utah with all the water and all that so really good day here with my mom and my dad welcome to Utah my mom’s a local she moved here about two years ago so this is their backyard they’re super spoiled and where we headed to now coral pink coral pink sand dunes yeah so we’re gonna go get in there goof off and cruise them small dunes a lot of people don’t do that much so show them some of those like funky trails to take the kids on and stuff and then maybe go up to the wash trail which is really fun it’s really fun on quads and dirt bikes it’s directional and we might hit a bluff Butte and kind of go up around so we had our plan for this 3-day trip with the Rocky Point renegades and our tour guide decided to lead us for the first half yesterday so we planned on a happen that having that happen today so we did a lot of riding yesterday about 60 miles now we’re just gonna do knit and go check out some new trails on some areas we haven’t been to and hopefully get lost have a good time good morning yeah that’s what we look like down there you got the GoPro what is it this is the new on this day hey you ate well we’re trying to head down this launch trail on the back out of here I was worried too because usually when I blow up felt I blow the bail out and I didn’t see any fills your clutch cover come off pretty easily we’re trying to go down the famous wash trail we got one turn in and there’s branches on the branches alright so we’re back at coral pink I tried to take everybody down this wash trail it’s a fun trail it’s pretty tight but I’ve done it enough I’ve been silent on a bike probably 40 or 50 times but we hopped down in to do that trail and then there’s a bunch of trees right in the way and and you are one pathetic loser kinda got stuck trying to get out I tried to back out was it working trying to move around I heard this nasty Clank I thought I broke a belt or a CD it sounded bad it felt bad so pulled the belt cover off belt was fine so didn’t have to change it let the cover off backed out of there got out got back here so where he’s having some lunch enjoying the weather and now we’re gonna probably cruise back to barracks we were gonna maybe take a different route up top but game plan changed another guy our buddy Craig got an issue with his non-turbo razor the clutch was sticking wasn’t engaging so we thought he broke about same thing so two little delays no big deal I was having a good time weather is good starting to finish up lunch head to the barracks and cruise back for day 2.


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