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by Nick Olson

In Part 2 of our 2022 RZR release series, the sleeping giant of Polaris has awakened! Not much to report in part 1, but part 2 has been an impressive release, to say the least.

We went through all the great technical videos, before making this, to give you guys the most important info and how it relates to the competition. You can see more of these videos here:


Overall the new Pro R and Turbo R have elevated the sport! The price isn’t cheap, and the demand will be off the hook for the next 6-12 months, but Polaris has expanded on the Pro XP chassis on probably the best way possible. More beef is better, and with longer shocks, more suspension travel, an all-new 4 cylinder motor, and still a CVT belt driven drivetrain, Polaris has taken what they’ve learned, and applied it to the new vehicle.

The Fox Dynamix Live Valve DV suspension has evolved, which is great to see. Now, you have 4 modes, and not only Compression adjustments, but also rebound, and on the fly steering adjustments, offer (what could be) the perfect settings for most conditions.

How do you think it compares to the Speed UTV and Can Am? The sport only gets more exciting, and I’m sure we will continue to see more Jeep, Pre Runner and sand car owners come into our sport with these exciting new models.

Let us know what you think below:

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Polaris has arrived finally with their complete release of the 2022 razer lineup lots to talk about lots of exciting new models let's get into it welcome back to the channel everybody it's nick olson chupacabra offroad and if you're new to the channel I just want to give you guys a little bit of background on myself I've been in this side-by-side utv game for a little while starting back in 2013 I purchased my first vehicle which was a 2014 razer xp4 1000 followed by a 2015 xb4 1000 in 2016 I was lucky enough to have a two seat and four seat razer xp turbo 2017 I had a 20 xp for turbo 2018 I had 2018 xp4 turbo and most recently I owned the 2019 razer 4c turbo s dynamics which I recently sold I love that vehicle we've got a ton of videos on the channel about it and I sold that to buy what I drove last weekend which is a 2021 can am x3 xrs and I also currently own at the moment one more razer which is a 2019 razer turbo best and desert spec race car and one more side note speaking of cars about a year ago I put down a deposit on a speed utv so I feel like this is definitely my wheelhouse I was a polaris employee along some of those years which is why I was able to own those vehicles year after year so I've owned a lot of different razors taking them on a lot of great rides a lot of different environments so let's try to break down these new vehicles and give you guys the gist of what I think so the big news is polaris launched two brand new models a pro r and a turbo r the pro r has four different price points in a two and four seat and then the turbo r has three different price points two and four seats so to me this feels like one of the biggest polaris releases of all time traditionally in the past you would see them launch a two-seat new model and then us 4c customers had to wait a few months for it to release so I mean especially given the year with all the stuff's been going on with covenant supply chain huge release from polaris so the night before the release we reached out to our instagram community and we said hey what are you guys hoping to see with this new release now one guy said big suspension and power I definitely say you got it another said for these new polarises to not be forty thousand dollars you kind of got it but we there's some stuff over 40 we'll get into one guy commented to not have to spend 20k and upgrades make these things safe reliable and comfortable I feel you on that one and the final guy that I thought was pretty funny is he said he hopes that they were going to release a piece of crap so you wouldn't think twice about a speed utv deposit so I'm in the same boat as you so let's break it down and we'll kind of compare them okay so starting off with the new top dog the pro r the biggest news that they've been teasing since before the release is the addition of a brand new power plant that shoots way beyond the 1000 cc mark it's a four-cylinder 2000 cc pro star motor it makes 225 horsepower and yes it's still a cvt belt driven transmission 225 I think is a nice increase if you think about it compared to the 181 pro it's a 44 horsepower increase over their most recent model some of you guys might say well my stock canyon makes 195 200 horse it's not that big of a difference and you're right but I also think YOU KNOW until we all drive them there's a different characteristic I'm assuming this four cylinder is gonna have a lot more torque which is really going to work out well I think in the real world when you're off-roading between five and 50 miles an hour exploding out of turns you've got a very different characteristic so my opinion the horsepower is just one part of the story but once we do get to drive everyone else gets to drive we're going to learn more about how that translates on the trail in the dunes and beyond speaking of specs one spec I really love on the 2c model is the wheelbase it is 104.5 inches now the pro xp before it is only 95 inches the can-hem I just bought and spent the weekend in glamis last week is 102 inches and guys if you haven't driven one in the southwest in the desert for a two-seater that 102-inch wheelbase is just pure magic it's long enough to get you up on top of the big whoops it's still fun and nimble it's stable things don't happen overly quick it's just a great great wheelbase so I'm really excited I think in my last video I predicted we'd be around 100 inch so 100 104 and a half great now the downside is is this is a big girl this is a big unit the four seater is 133.5 inches now I'm not that much of a fan of that the can-am max is 135 if you guys have watched the channel YOU KNOW that I very much dislike how long that car is yes I have kids but they're not huge and YOU KNOW this is one of the reasons why I'm really excited about my speed gtv the el jefe four seater is a 120 inch wheelbase which is very similar to my race car and turbo s dynamics I love that wheel base it makes me feel like I'm having my cake and eating it too I get this the seating of four people it's fun it's not overly long I can take it on tight trails I can take a rock crawling it works well in a lot of environments and I really feel like 100 to 120 is that magic space so the pro is long it's a big car it's a heavier car it's got more power but it's a little longer than I would have liked now what I love probably more than anything is the beefier frame the beefy suspension the beefy driveline components now suspension the a-arms and trailing arms are huge the suspension travel has jumped up thanks to longer shocks with more shock strokes so we're at 22.25 inches of front travel 24 and a half inches of rear travel no those are the real numbers not the usable travel numbers that polaris touts which honestly like I really didn't like that statistic at first but I think it is worth mentioning because when this vehicle does bottom out you are getting all that travel because it's still not going to hit the frame on the ground and honestly this is something I experienced in my canon in the dunes where the can-am geometry doesn't allow you to use all the travel before you're hitting the frame so it's just nice to see some increase longer shocks longer shock stroke and much beefier air arms and trailing arms it's going to lead to just a more compliant better ride pretty much anywhere here in the southwest so like I said I love all the beefiness there's a lot of great videos that polaris launch on our YouTube channel we checked them all out we'll link some of them in the description they're worth looking at but it's really great to see an oem step up I mean YOU KNOW we really push these machines hard the last thing I want when I'm 300 miles into my 500 mile baja ride is to have some type of catastrophic failure that's going to end my ride that's going to leave me high and dry a lot of you guys have been there YOU KNOW what I'm talking about we don't want to spend all the money to beef them up we just want something from the showroom floor that we can push hard and today's vehicles are amazingly resilient for for YOU KNOW how they're built and what we can do with them but it's great to see polaris completely raise the bar one thing that's interesting when you look at the front end of the vehicle on the front spindles they didn't use a true double shear setup like the speed they're still using ball joints they're much bigger it looks significantly more improved than what they had in the past so it will probably hold up and be okay I prefer if they did a double shear like the speed and one other interesting point achieving all that suspension travel while beefing up the driveline components is the addition of a rear differential which is separated from the transmission now normally their axles will go into the transmission now you've got about an eight inch drive line from the trans to the rear diff and this allows the suspension geometry to stay intact get those bigger suspension travel numbers because the axles themselves can be longer and you're reducing the cv angle and on top of that they've also made the rear geometry better with the addition of a rear tow link it also runs inside or parallel to the trailing arm and this is an improvement on polaris behalf to keep the geometry better as it's cycling through the travel and reduce that side-to-side feeling that some of you guys may feel when you're jamming through the whoops which is kind of an inherent issue or flaw of the old traditional two radius rod setup so kudos to polaris for even though they're adding more complexity they're trying to solve a problem increase the performance and the handling because I'm sure when someone buy these buys these things they're going to want to hammer some big whoops and it's important that this thing tracks straight and true when you're going fast now there's another great technical video that polaris brought up about the breakdown of their dynamics live valve suspension now I am a big fan of this I had it on my 2019 I love being able to switch between the modes my 2019 had three modes now with this new version there's four modes and what's also been improved is not only is it adjusting the compression on the fly it's adjusting the rebound as well in addition to adjusting the feel and the dampening of the steering wheel so you've got compression rebound four settings instead of three with the steering changing the different feels it's a nice nice upgrade and on top of that if you check out their rock climbing or the rock crawling feature it elevates the the ground clearance of the vehicle and it tries to keep the vehicle as flat as possible if you're on a rock situation which is very cool so I mean all the modes sound really well thought out this is a level of technology that YOU KNOW can-am isn't going to be able to compete with anytime soon speed anybody for that matter it's cool to see it evolve I love the older generation I can only imagine this version is even more enjoyable to drive anywhere you go and if you're like us we take these things everywhere dunes rock crawling baja so having something that works well in all these scenarios is awesome the only thing I don't really like about the live valve dynamics is there isn't a whole lot of adjustability I've had my suspension re-sprung and revalved and you can play with some crossover rings but beyond that you just have to run it my new can-am I've got the rr model which has a lot of adjustability I have high speed compression low speed compression adjustable rebound in addition to having the crossover ring so it's fun to geek out that as you guys can probably tell I'm a suspension geek so it's nice to see more options more adjustability from the live valve and I think as a whole it'll work well for a lot of people if you're like me if you'd like to take it to a lot of different environments YOU KNOW you're going to be less tinkering available but I think as a whole it does have the crossover ring so you have that adjustment from the factory one other staff that I really like to see was the bigger charging system the stator alternator is up to 1700 watts now this is much more improved than my 900 watt stator out of my 2019 so great to see you guys know how it is when you're starting to stack up these accessories a lot of lights draw a lot of amperage now it looks like you're not gonna have to worry about it put whatever you want on your vehicle you're gonna be good all right lots of great things right but how much does it cost entry level pricing on the 2c pro r is 31 999 now this is with the walker evans non-fox non-dynamics non-ride command equipped vehicle but it's a good price I think for a base for how beefy and how beefed up the suspension drivetrain motor etc is and that goes all the way up to 40 09.99 for the ultimate launch edition limited edition model now so 4c pricing entry level bumps up to 35 999 and again for the launch limited edition we're at forty four thousand nine ninety nine so that's right rewind it play it back there is now production utv you can buy that's forty five thousand dollars before fees so let that sink in for a minute it's pretty wild price point that we're entering so my opinion I think 32 000 is pretty reasonable for a four cylinder for all this new technology for a much beefier one-piece frame you are not getting the the live valve suspension to spring for that as an additional six thousand dollar upgrade but you get a few more features like the rockford 5k stereo the ride command in dash which is a nice feature to have so at least polaris is giving you some options you at least have some nice entry level price points with the meat potatoes and then if you want to step up and get more of the nice bells and whistles you've got those options too so the term that always gets thrown around in our industry game changer is it a game changer what's a game changer polaris launched a game changer we've gone up to 2000 ccs and you guys know the old adage there's no replacement for displacement one of the engineers pat mcardle was saying this thing is doing 90 miles per hour off the showroom floor you've got a much beefier setup time will tell if the cvt does hold up it's a bigger heavier car some of you guys that ride in tighter areas the east coast it might not be as advantageous for you but it's pretty clear to me polaris designed this car for those of us in the southwest that like riding in big nasty terrain big whoops dunes baja etc that's really who this car was it was geared towards all right so the second big release not to be overlooked is the new turbo r now this is a replacement for the beloved turbo s a lot of you razor owners probably agree with me the turbo s was the best razor ever made but this keeps the same dimensions and wheelbase of the pro xp which is a 95 inch wheel base on the two-seater 125 on the four-seater the width expands to 74 inches wide more suspension travel the horsepower does remain the same at 181 horse so no real changes on the motor or the turbo but the transmission has been beefed up higher quality bearings and that's a good sign because that pro xp trans is really good I've got one in my race car and it holds up well to extreme racing conditions in terms of belt life and belt temperatures for most people once it's tuned properly so I think this is a really exciting model yes it's not the new top dog but as a replacement that fits with a lower price point more affordable for a lot of you replaces the beloved turbo s the front end of this car is completely identical to the pro r so the a arms are beefy the the brakes are beefed up triple piston calipers the knuckles all those types of elements the rear suspension also beefed up with the new geometry adjustments it's just shorter it retains that wheelbase I really like which is 125 on the four seater so YOU KNOW if I can't get over the long wheelbase or if you're like me on the pro r 181 is still a great amount of horsepower you can tune it and that's what I like about it I mean even if you tune around 200 horsepower range you have a much beefier frame and a roll cage and suspension that a little bit less horsepower is going to make this vehicle even more reliable because it doesn't have the horsepower to really break everything as much as maybe some of the old models would have so nice work polaris so the new turbo r pricing on the two seater is 25 999 so just for some perspective this is 2500 more than the 2021 turbo s velocity edition which I would compare it to similar shock setup so and if you want to upgrade to the ultimate edition with the dynamics fox live valve suspension it's 32 999 the 4c pricing on the turbo r starts at 29 999 with the ultimate being seven thousand dollars more at thirty six thousand nine ninety nine okay so we're reaching new price points we've never seen an industry so let me know in the comments does the new increase in performance justify the price YOU KNOW this is going to be somewhat hard of a question to answer until we see how well everything holds up are there going to be any issues it's going to be a first year model so there's always those challenges and concerns is the 225 horsepower 4 cylinder going to eat belts or do they have it solved things like that that will just take time for the consumers to drive and abuse before we really find the answer but kudos to polaris YOU KNOW we knew they were the big p the sleeping giant has been awakened I think they've really raised the bar for the industry it's exciting times and I think that you know for what they're providing you've got all these different levels and price points you have something that's more affordable and when you think about how much a lot of us or you have spent to upgrade your vehicle to make it safer reliable especially the can-am it's definitely the achilles heel of having to double shear the front end things of that nature upgrade radius rods things that we've all spent a lot of time and money doing that you hope that almost everything on this vehicle is pretty dialed it does come with 32 inch tires everything that I mentioned before higher quality seats than polaris has ever used in the past so it's good to see them at least baking in a lot more of these features and it might get to a point now where a lot of us aren't gonna have the money to spend all the upgrades the cage even has a different fitting that they created it's stiffer so cage builders are gonna have a little bit harder time making aftermarket cages but I think you're gonna see a lot of these things running around pretty stock because for that level of money people are expecting it to be great right out of the box I mean yeah you're starting to spend your money on your chupacabra mirrors and door bags and storage boxes things of that nature but we're definitely expecting more for our money at that price when I think polaris has done a good job in the middle of all these price raises during the pandemic so final thought I'm gonna pose this as a question to you guys 2000 ccs is this still even classified as a side-by-side or a utv is it going to be street legal do you have to wear a helmet in California very complex questions I don't know the answer let's talk about it below we'll learn more once we get to go drive it talk to some more of the people in the know and this information will definitely come out over time but if you guys like the content please like and subscribe we're gonna drive this thing here pretty soon we'll give you our feedback and as always we've got a whole lot more coming your way.


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