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by Nick Olson

Watch how to quickly install our Super Deluxe 16" Center Mirror! Our Super DELUXE 16” wide-angle convex shape gives you a HUGE field of vision with secure dual mounting arms that give you the option to position the mirror exactly how you want. Learn more about our products at www.chupacabraoffroad.com


Hey everybody it's nick olson from chupacabra off-road today we're going to be doing an unboxing and installation of our 16-inch super deluxe center mirror make sure you choose the correct clamp size for your vehicle there are some tools included and the only thing else you're going to need for the install is a five millimeter allen key let's get into it let's open the box and we'll show you what's inside so the 16 inch super deluxe mirror requires two clamps for installation we'll go ahead and install those first and then we can screw the mirror onto it one trick is to take the bag place it in between the clamp and the roll cage so you don't scratch your roll cage so once you have the mirror in your hand you're going to want to take the included formula allen key and remove the mounting arm bracket from the mirror itself now you're going to take each mounting arm and go ahead and use a five millimeter allen key to secure both to both of the clamps ensuring that you don't lose the screw that will connect the arm to the mirror itself make sure you don't over tighten these so you can get the correct width you're also going to notice you've got three height options as well as two depth options on the mirror and you can also angle those a little and adjust the angle of the mirror by rotating your clamps I like to have a little bit of angle so I can see evenly out of each side of the vehicle go back and grab your four millimeter and screw it into your mirror itself one at a time so now that I've got everything snug I've got it adjusted to where I would like it as you can see with this design it's got a lot of adjustment high or low with a little bit of angularity you can do this will work on most all utvs and side by sides stock cages or aftermarket one note is that because of the width of the clamps this design this mirror does not work on stock can-am x3 2017-2022 cages but it will work on an aftermarket option for that provided you get the correct clamp size for your application once you have everything where you like it go ahead and secure down all screws on the clamps along with the two additional screws for the mirror bracket itself if you have any other additional questions you can check us out online chupacabraoffroad.com the instructions will also be posted there along with this video or shoot us an email support chupacabraoffroad.com


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