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by Nick Olson

Well, no 4-seater, no turbo model, not even a 50” model. Kawasaki teased us with “7 new models”, but unfortunately, it was the KRX 1000 with a Trail and Special Edition models, which are basically some accessories and graphics added to the KRX. Kawasaki teased us with what we thought would at least be a new 4 seat model, hopefully, we don’t have to wait a year for that to come to market.

They also announced their new KX 250 & 450 models, and the new XC version of them, which is cool to see, even though they don’t have a bigger tank, handguards, wide-range transmission or lighting that a lot of off-road guys like. Hopefully, Kawasaki has more coming for the SxS market, the KRX has been well received for a non-turbo SxS. It seems like the KRX really shines in the rocks, which is a big majority of the SxS market. We broke down the comparison between the KRX, and the similar prices X3 DS Turbo R, as you guys know we are primarily a Southwest base channel, so we wanted to give our feedback. While we haven’t driven one, it appears to be a solid value for the price, and we are hoping to see more from them in the near future.


Kawasaki announced seven new models today let’s get into it what’s happening everybody Nicholson chupacabra off-road thanks for tuning in and let’s get into this 2021 release from Kawasaki and now seven new models today and a couple little variations of the krx now as most of you guys know ARX 1000 launched last year it was pretty well received as of being a reliable unit that had a really high value if it’s on the heavier side and had a lot of beefy components like the frame and the suspension and really delivered a lot of bang for the buck now I’ve owned a lot of kawasaki dirtbikes in my day so it was exciting to see another major Japanese manufacturer jump in to the sport side-by-side unit increasing the competition giving us all one more option and I’m making that much better for all of us so with that let’s get into what are they’re offering for model year 2021 so the krx 1000 base model is the same as last year with one notable feature which is a low battery indicator and it’s also available in a blue color and it pertains the same price of 20000 for 99 now there are two new models are more or less just variations of this base model krx 1000 the first being the special edition which has a couple accessories like a high grade high phonics Bluetooth am/fm audio system which is about 600 watts of power it includes the LED dash mounted radio to six and a half inch waterproof door speakers and a 12 inch subwoofer the special edition also includes a warn VR x45 winch which is about a 360 r-value and special edition color and graphics now the second new model is a trail edition which is a little bit more setup for some trail rock conditions accessories include Sport front and rear bumpers nerf bars the kqr Sport roof also includes a worn VXR 45 winch and it also comes with trail edition colors and graphics so unfortunately not a whole lot of news I’m really not that surprised that it didn’t launch a turbo model but I was really hoping that Kawasaki would come out with a four-seat version I think this frame this chassis and all that would work really well I think they definitely sell some units especially for us guys of course in the southwest that want to carry more than one passenger you know comparing it to Honda unto really launched with two different flavors of one unit and they quickly followed with a four seater and even a lie valve Edition so I was hopeful that Kawasaki would also kind of hit the ground running this is their first model but all we’re really seeing in just a couple variations and trim levels of the standard base model krx 1000 know most publications that have reviewed the Care Act’s owners have all stated that they think that this model has a lot of value for the money and I felt the same thing when you look on their website and you look at some other accessories they’ve got a full skid plate for under $400 if you did want to add a tailgate 216 dollars you can also add an increased alternator kit which bumps to amperage by over 64 under $700 so it’s pretty cool to see a manufacturer deliver a side by side with good value and also they’re not really price gouging me like some of the other OEMs on their house brand accessories so the care actually packs a lot of value for the money and we’ll touch on that a little bit more here in just a minute but first I did mention there were seven new models couldn’t bring them up without bringing out the new dirt bikes as you guys know I’m a tool guy at heart my first dirt bike ever was a good old 1994 kx250 it was pretty clapped out but you know my first love in the dirt bike world so I always have a soft spot for Team Green so let’s talk about a couple of models now they announced four dirt bike models essentially they’re 2021 250f and 450 and both of those received some little basic updates the most notable being the electric star in the increased power on the KX to the DF well I got excited about we’re seeing the XC off-road versions of these models and this really plays well on my wheelhouse cuz I currently own an off-road model the Husqvarna FX 350 which is an off-road version of the 350 motocross bike so if you’re like me you like to do it all you like to ride track you ride off-road you know do a little bit of trail riding everything in between these xt models are become more popular a lot of guys don’t really ride motocross anymore if they do is kind of sparingly especially if you’re like us out here we can pretty much ride in a lot of open deserts so a couple of changes that makes these Kawasaki sexy models are the 18 inch rear wheel softer suspension settings a full skid plate and a kickstand now I here in Arizona I absolutely love having the 18-inch rear wheel it’s a lot more compliant when I’m in rocky trails wash bottoms that type of thing also gives you a lot more traction but I’m surprised Kawasaki didn’t put a bigger fuel tank on these guys are race off-road like works racers particularly if you’re fast they need a bigger fuel capacity and even when I’m out exploring trails it’s so nice to have a little extra fuel knowing I can go an extra 10 15 miles because I love trying to find new trails I love getting lost and it’s nice to have that peace of mind one other feature that I was also hoping for that I have on my Husqvarna is a wide range transmission where it looks like these transmissions are unchanged from the motocross models so cool to see Kawasaki finally launching some off-road versions like Honda and like Yamaha been doing but next year guys 2020 to step it up give us some bigger fuel tanks and we’ll be happier now I know Kawasaki you guys are probably basking in the glory of Eli won in the Supercross Championship and you guys are a top top team right now a top bike but competitions got bigger fuel tanks so put one on your XC models for 2022 believe me you’ll sell more we’ll all appreciate it all right so let’s wrap this video up with comparison how do we think the key rx stacks up against our similarly priced Canada max 3 so for the purpose of this comparison we’re gonna compare the can-am base X 3ds turbo R now that miss RP is twenty thousand nine ninety nine so it’s five hundred bucks more than your base model Carrick’s 1000 now the obvious difference of course is horsepower 112 versus 172 it’s not even a comparison not to mention with km there’s so many aftermarket upgrades if you want to go in double that amount of horsepower I really like the can tabs real base better being a little bit longer but so then I’m gonna question you to ask yourself if you comparing these two models is what is your budget and how much do you plan on customizing your side-by-side now if you don’t really go to the dunes 112 horsepower works really well most situations the krx has am what ‘if your frame and suspension components you’re already getting some 31 inch tires some bead locks it really packs a lot of value for the money it’s got that quality Japanese fit and finish from what I’ve heard very few squeaks and rattles even after hundreds and thousands of miles of ownership so at that price point you don’t have to spend a whole lot to have a really solid reliable unit it’s a little bit wider than the x3 because it’s heavier I heard it rights really plush and really comfortable but as you guys know this channel really cater to you guys in the southwest and with Southwest means there’s gonna be some doing riding which means most all of your riding but he’s probably already have a side-by-side with the turbo in it and you want to get left behind right you want to be able to hang and I mean maybe even one-up them so I really gotta steer you guys towards the can-am I mean I’ve talked a lot about certain some of the shortcomings of the camel I don’t like how you have to spend the extra money potentially correcting the front bumper beefing up the bulkhead getting some bigger tires which is probably result in a need for some clutching but with can-am the aftermarket is so robust there’s so many options there’s so many things you can do if you can be making a purchase you’re gonna have them for quite a while you really enjoy updating the performance trying different accessories the x3 is gonna be a better platform for you so that’s how I wrap them up guys value bang for your buck happy how it is seriously consider the carrier X if you like to rock crawl I heard they’re exceptional in the rocks you got the low power mode you know it’s it’s a great all-around unit spacious and comfortable more storage than the x3 but are you doing any tuning at all you like customizing you like the look of the x3 can Adam hands down you know for a lot of us guys customizing these vehicles is half of the fun so as long as you’re looking at your credit card statement you’ll be happier with you get an X ray thanks for watching guys if you like the content please like and subscribe that really helps us grow the channel and I’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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