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2020 Honda Talon & Can-Am Maverick X3 Releases – Who’s Making the Best SxS This Year

by Nick Olson
2020 Honda Talon & Can-Am Maverick X3 Releases – Who’s Making the Best SxS This Year

The 2020 models are starting to release, making it an exciting time of year. Honda strikes first, followed closely by Can Am. Polaris is releasing their 2020 offerings in late July, and there might be something interesting from Kawasaki?

Here are our thoughts on what Honda and Can Am have for 2020. Honda has not yet released pricing on their Talon 4 models. It’s very cool to see another manufacturer offer the Live Valve Fox shock technology. We really think this technology is great and will only get better when tuners can change the digital settings to customize for specific environments.

Here’s the link to our test drive of the Honda Talon this Spring in Sand Hollow, Utah:


This link is a great “deep dive” into all the model year changes from Can Am, you can skip through the first section to get to the X3’s.


It’s a bummer the X3 RS Turbo R model comes equipped with the Visco Lock, it would have been the deal of the year with a Smart Lok. I think many Southwest owners don’t care too much, if they mainly dune and ride in the desert, versus those of us who like some rear rock crawling in places like Moab and Sand Hollow. 195 horsepower is a big deal in our sport, it will not be long before an OEM comes to market with 200+ hp on the showroom floor.

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It’s that time of year again that 2020 models are being released Honda strikes first followed closely by km let’s dive into and see what we’ve got for the new model year what’s happening Nicholson Chupacabra off-road today we’re talking 2020 models first Honda’s and then some can-am so let’s get right into Honda live valve turbo four seater a whole exciting phrases I was happy to hear when I heard Honda announced some new vehicles also thought it was pretty cool that they did do another launch you know the Talon is the original talent two-seater just launched a few months ago if you’ve been watching the channel we were invited out by Honda to go drive the Talon R and the X model a link below if you want to go ahead and check that out but either way excited to see that Honda comes to market with the four seater first off it’s a little weird that they only did X model not the are being in the southwest I know a lot of potential customers would have rather had the R but still happy to see more new model releases so Honda comes with two different models a four C version and a four C version with the Fox live valve suspension you guys remember the first Fox live valve dynamics that came out I was with Polaris when that happened it was really exciting technology I got to drive it a few times out in Minnesota and then as well as Glamis I really liked it I’m excited to own this technology on my next side-by-side in the future when Polaris did launch it they did tell me that they only had a two-year exclusivity deal which now makes sense because Honda has it so all in all I think this technology is really cool I like the different modes one of the videos on our channel we went and get the Arizona peace trail and I was thinking I’d love to have a comfort mode and we’re going slow on the rocks and then stiffen it up I thought the stiff mode was pretty stiff when I drove it in some regular wooded terrain in Minnesota but then in be stiff performance mode and glamorous work really well when you’re going fast on in softer terrain so kudos to Honda for introducing this cool technology now it’s not just Polaris I think it’s cool I think it’s part of the future I think most OMS will have they’re higher-end models just like a lot of high-end cars do I also like the wheelbase it’s a hundred and 16 point four which is within a half an inch of Polaris as for seat wheelbase I really love the players for seat wheelbase so I think this is a great move so good job on that Honda so there’s a lot of chatter online a lot of people don’t like how the roll cage looks because of the stadium seating in the rear kinda looks like an old raise right under which I agree it’s not very good looking cage and and honestly in my opinion I don’t think stadium seating is something that people want or what oh em machines should offer mainly because when I’m out I very rarely see any of these machines with four adults in them I think it’s something that sounds good on paper people would say they like that at a focus group but in the real light in the real world people have little kids in the back or no one at all so Honda to their credit did try to make the ingress and egress as good as possible to accommodate large adults which is cool but I think for us in the southwest it’s we’d rather have the rear seats low with a cooler lower cage design you know luckily we’ve got a ton of aftermarket guys we’re gonna rip that thing off and make some really cool designs here once they hit the market one other thing on the talent I didn’t like is it still got just a 28 inch tire so not much ground clearance we are just talking about the ex model that’s not necessarily their wide long travel car for the Southwest so it’s not gonna be as big of a deal I would definitely put thirty inch tires on it if I owned one give more ground clearance in most all riding conditions the ex model handle really well it’s probably gonna handle really well and stay really flat so good release good to see Honda coming out with more models and then they release the Honda Racing photo which this got everybody internet really fired up every account on Instagram posted this time a great reaction the car looks amazing even though it’s probably not a real car looks like a rendering to me but the real news is that Honda’s going racing for all of us want to be Ricki racers like myself most everyone’s not going to race but it’s exciting that they are going racing that means they’re going to involve these cars higher performance it’s gonna affect they’ve got a customer on the showroom hilarious and can and I’ve already proven this time time against kudos to Honda for going racing and excited to see you when I had some of these big events they’ve announced like the Baja 1000 and King and the Hammers mint 400 and so on so we’re all gonna be drooling anticipating those cars in real life and seeing what they can do and see how they hold us another big OAM that knows how to race they know how to build really quality stuff and now we’ve got another four seat option in the marketplace without a CVT that you can shift very cool good job Honda let’s keep it movin with some some bigger tires and some high horsepower one last piece on Honda a little bit of turbo news so Honda also announced the turbo kind of you can buy one for $1,500 the turbo is made from a company named Gary and this turbo is going to bump the horsepower from a hundred and four ish up to 165 on 91 are doesn’t require much modification which is really cool will maintain the factory warranty which is also really cool and the thing I heard that I really liked was the ECU tuning associated can also change the ship points to accommodate a 32 inch tire as you guys know I’m all about 32 inch tires this is great maybe this means there will be some other ECU tuning options where a non-turbo customer can change some shift points to accommodate 32 s that’s really exciting as a potential talent over myself love hearing that news the downside is not many people real-world are gonna go spend fifty eight hundred dollars on the turbo when you’ve got Canada and Polaris already pushing out some big horsepower speaking of big horsepower let’s talk Canham 2020 release so I love cannons willingness to throw out some of the biggest horsepower vehicles all of power sports they’re raising the bar again pretty impressive from 172 last year it’s a lot of horsepower uh my buddies x3 is a stage 3 turned car push I’ve driven a stage 3 tuned Evo X 3 and around to our horse and they flat-out rip I mean it’s it’s borderline scary in my opinion for a two-seaters I thought 172 is really good man 195 it’s it’s definitely gonna haul the mail it’s gonna be awesome for the 4 seat model go anywhere in most of the dune environments and of course we all know there’s a lot of tuning options to really bump that up even more so I think the X RC dish is awesome if you love the color scheme me like all the accessories and some rock crawling you got that you know factory warranty with 32 inch tires a low range transmission smart lock of course but I think the hot seller is going to be the x3 x RS turbo our candy guys are killing us with these moto leaves this is very difficult this is the most confusing model name release of all time but 22 572 inches wide 172 horse this is gonna be a great platform cars got real four-wheel drive and we’ve got a nice chassis now real quick that is a great price point but these shocks are the Q s threes they are not be high and low speed compression rebound adjustable shocks on the XX model or last year’s model but still either one of these vehicles in my opinion you should send the shocks and get new spring shock therapy any tuner of your choice the qs3 I’ve heard great results when these have been restrung and rebelled so if you’re not a real geek and know much about suspension need to have too many clickers this is a great value I think can really hit a homerun with the to see in the 4c model I think if I was a dealer I’d be ordering heavy on that unit it’s got a great neutral color what everybody loves black silver and red and I think that’s gonna be one of the most popular 2020 models you’re gonna see this season it’s also nice to see km drop the price on a few of their other models here in the southwest most can-am customers most dealers are only sold in 72 inch wide but it’s good that they have a little bit lower entry level on the 120 horsepower model price point so that’s great to see when an OEM can drop some prices with Polaris being the only other om that matches up so closely with all the different model types it’s really gonna force Polaris his hand to also be aggressive with their pricing strategy so Polaris the balls in your court carry on has shown their hands so really excited to see what Polaris is gonna come out with and in my opinion I think can’t am did an amazing job you’ve got more models to choose from you’ve got different price points you’ve got a three thousand dollar cheaper value 72 inch option compared to the Polaris turbo s velocity man it’s it’s I probably go with the x3 today based on current price points right to be fair let’s wait and see what Polaris does for their 2020 release which should be in about another month or so but like the new colorway is a couple new Lone Star accessories they did beefed up the roll cage which is nice to hear some structural enhancements it’s no secret that a lot of people have issues with the front ends and one immediately will be felt the bulkhead on these vehicles they will go through the chassis and even weld up some structural enhancements some gussets one really nice feature too is Kam now has a roll cage that will bolt off so I like seeing that it’s a lot easier for those of us that are gonna help create do a cage anyway you know cams always one on the showroom floor with fit and finish it’s cool to see them make their little display screen even bigger and easier to use thanks for watching the video if you like this content please like and subscribe we’ve got more great content coming your way.


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