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by Nick Olson

Our Chupacabra Offroad door bags are the perfect addition to any SXS. They provide the perfect amount of storage whether you like to keep dry food and snacks in them or protect your tools and cell phone devices. We did a poll on Instagram asking YOU what you like to keep in your door bags and decided to share what WE like to keep in ours as well.


Hey everybody Nick Olson chupacabra offroad and today we’re talking about door bags more specifically what we put on our door bags and what you guys are using these door bags for now we are an accessories company we make door bags I think you should buy them I think you should buy ours we’ve got a couple different flavors for most all razors including the 900s 1000 turbo and now the new razer pro we also make our door bags for the can mx3 model so all that being said there you can buy them online on our website for about 70 bucks we also make them for the rear the four seater models but today we’re going to talk about what I put in my door bags what haley puts in hers and then we did a little survey on instagram to find out if there’s anything fun or interesting that some of you guys have put in your bag so let’s get into it so for the purpose of this video I’m going to stuff everything I usually put on a regular ride in the one door bag and we’ll just pull them out we’ll see what I got so starting off first we got of course the new chupacabra face mask now going to glamish you gotta have a face mask just to go eat at vendor row this is great if you or your wife are getting a lot of sand or dust in your eyes you can have it to cover up you can also put a camera in it which keeps it safe so gotta have one of those and speaking of being clean I’ve got a windshield on my car we sell mirrors for a living I keep our mirrors looking clean we use a microfiber so you can buy a big pack of these at costco from kirkland highly recommend them but these really help during our dusty ride stop wipe off my windshield I’m a big fan like I said always gotta have at least a couple of these moving on handheld radio this is my rugged radio it’s the v3 with the new longer antenna now I’ve got a radio in the car but this is really nice if we’re um shooting content you can plug this into the helmet if someone’s running around one of our camera guys it’s always good to have these you can let your friend borrow them if they don’t have a radio setup and they can listen to everybody on a ride as well so a lot of times I’ll have these they fit right in the door bag as you saw and 10 out the top they work really well in a few mile range okay of course if you’re going anywhere you’ve got to have your wallet so I definitely have that also have my keys and our keys fit down on the bottom we put a little d ring down there so you can clip your key ring on so in case you’re bouncing around or if you get to close your waterproof zipper they will stay in place speaking of staying in place when I’m all strapped in I like keeping my phone right here in the outer pocket now not one time ever has my phone come out of my inner pocket right here and I can grab it when I’m strapped in if I want to get a quick photo we’re always shooting content if you guys have seen our YouTube channel it’s nice to have it if somebody’s calling me you need to get something in a jam keep the phone right out here it’s quick and easy moving on of course it wouldn’t be a ride without some snacks it’s my personal snack favorite you got your beef jerky and for me I love pistachios so all day riding get your protein keep you full if that two hour ride turns into a five hour ride which we’ve all been there right and then I’ve got little kids so never ends with snacks we can’t be too prepared all of you parents know what I’m talking about we’ve got little pouches we’ve got peanut butter got all kinds of things and the point of the door bags is you’ve got you’re gonna need as much dry storage as you want particularly for these dry food snacks it’s nice to have one thing that’s kind of unusual that I always carry is a small tool and I use this for our camera mounts like I said we shoot a ton of content we like using the ram mounts when you’ve got a little eight millimeter you can quickly take them out you can mount it anywhere you want it’s always good to switch it up so the video isn’t boring we like to have at least two or three different gopro angles on any given video that we shoot this makes it quick and easy the ram mounts are sturdy highly recommend if you guys have been doing any type of content with your gopros our door bags also have a water bottle holder that’s insulated so here you can see here’s a typical size 16 ounce coca-cola fits right in typically I’ll just keep these waters in here and forget them but it’s always nice to have waters there as an emergency let’s say something happened your car started to overheat or you know you ran out of drinks in your cooler for some reason having some extra water is always nice to have on hand all right so that’s a quick and dirty of what is in my door bags normally but I’m not the most organized usually women tend to be much better at this type of stuff so I’m gonna grab the camera we’re gonna film haley we’re gonna talk about a woman’s perspective what she puts in her door bags on any given riding weekend hey guys haley here as nick mentioned us females are a little bit more organized so we like to keep a few more things in what he mentioned in our door bags some things that I also keep in my door bag that he has are a microfiber cloth a phone which I put right here as well along with the face mask to keep the dust out of my face so instead of just throwing everything in the door bag like he has in his I actually keep another bag inside my door bag that is clear so I can access everything all at once rather than digging because sometimes you’re in a little bit of a rush and just a few things that I include in my bag as a female is a hair brush and that’s just because it gets really windy and helmet hair is isn’t atrocious it happens and you can’t really do anything about it so that’s how I come prepared I also keep some scrunchies in here just in case I need to tie my hair up in case it’s a really hot day you never really know so I have a few in here just in case another girl wants one or you guys that run rock a man but you never know um I also wear contacts it’s a little bit difficult to wear glasses in the sand dunes especially if you have goggles if you have a full face helmet that makes it really easy sometimes I’m wearing a goggles and so I keep a contact case in here in case I need to switch them out or I also keep a um eye drops I tend to have asthma in the dunes as some of us that are not really outside all the time or have allergies need an inhaler so I keep that as well also it gets really dry lotion is necessary phone charger pack um again content is what I do most so you never know when you’re gonna need a charge I also keep tissues that’s something that’s very necessary also if you get dehydrated or sometimes you take too many white claws you need to recover the next day pedialyte definitely a necessary item to keep in your door bag along with hand wipes and a few other things chapstick I always keep a chapstick in my door bag in case somebody else forgets one um it also has spf 15 in it which is very very necessary for us ladies got to keep those lips nice and warm that’s what I keep in my door bag here’s a few other things that our customers have mentioned to us before we did an instagram poll asking you guys what you keeping yours so here’s what they did all right so haley mentioned inhaler and I’m really surprised when we did our instagram survey no one mentioned vape pens I see a lot of you guys out there vaping no one said vape but I’m sure it’d fit them here I’m moving on to what people said that they carried some people said that they carried a heater I’m not talking about something that keeps you warm I’m talking about this kind of heater it fits now we did our survey the second time I’ve heard this a guy says he carries a burrito in his door bag right here where the water bottle holder is so as you guys know this chipotle burrito of course I go to shoot this video and we got a rookie bag in this thing it looks terrible we’re gonna see if the burrito fits in the insulated cup holder so that’s what the chipotle burrito looks like with a first day on the job person wrapping it you got steak and chicken rice beans sour cream cheese and medium salt so that’s how I do it I think I think it worked for most of the ride it’d move around a little bit but I think it’ll get you going but on rides where people make breakfast burritos they’re a delicious midday snack highly recommend it and then finally on our survey someone mentioned a little charger this is a jump pack that I use it’s a lifesaver when you need it you can jump start a truck with it and it does fit in the door bags I don’t tend to put hardly any other tools in my door bags I did mention this jump pack on a tool video that I did we’ll link in the description so if you’re curious about what type of tools we use and take on long rides you can check that video out it’ll be very helpful thanks for watching guys check out our door bags on our website chupacabraoffroad.com thanks for watching as always and we’ve got a lot more coming your way you.


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