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What’s happening everybody chupacabra offroad haley and nick back and today we’re checking out some utv fails with a couple wins now we picked these videos we’re always on on social we’re seeing all the crashes that are happening all the time and some of these are funny because of the crash some of these are funny because of the commentary listening to your buddy not listening to your buddy um they’re all good they’re all funny there’s some of our highlights we checked from the last couple months so here’s our compilation let’s get into it let’s give us our sort of professional advice on what happened and how you cannot end up like these guys on this video all right looks like we’re in moab off the brakes off the brakes off the brake see here’s a rare curse so he should have listened to his buddies but he had good advice off the brakes off the brakes he didn’t listen he’s down the brakes definitely I would say a rookie maneuver oh 100 but then again you don’t always need to listen to the person yelling at you and we’ll see that later on yeah that’s one of the few videos where the guy’s buddy actually is very helpful and have you listened to me would have been better off right oh no no no no no throttle control guys this is the best like you see when guys go up and down the rocks and stuff like he just went from zero to 5000 rpms yeah just and then nothing’s holding the trailer down at all like you really think you’re gonna hold a razor sitting there but looks like no one got hurt no real damage so quick learning lesson all good oh that noise okay bunch of guys this guy needs some help not to mention the camera guy is completely on point he’s getting no help he’s going over some gnarly rock we can’t see and the camera guy is completely ready for it and all of his buddies are now gonna go help him and help him pick up all those beers I thought it was cooler yep see already two times he says I trust him I trust my mother oh no that hill didn’t even look steep but man he just kept going and going not much you can say to him and tells him to hold on but I trust you along for the ride man what are you gonna do just send it [Laughter] oh I think they’re laughing a little too loud for like how gnarly that crash was yeah cause someone could have easily been way too hurt way more just said it now if any of you guys have a just ended sticker on the back of your truck or a shirt there’s a 99 chance I’m not gonna trust you and not listening to you for any advice of any obstacle of all time there’s only one larry enticer it’s played out let’s not send it let’s let’s figure out what we’re doing next oh glam of swing set double the iconic jump now you guys know I’m a razer guy the can-ams haley’s with canon family I am the can-am guys have had more hard luck not near as many canon people have jumped the jump and there’s been more endos over the jump this year yeah especially the two seaters those those tend to roll a lot easier and a lot harder yeah and the swing set double we were filming out there a bunch and the doubles changed significantly like every few weeks so from the beginning of the season before camp razer or what would have been camp razer the takeoff was gnarly and now it’s quite a bit different and I can’t talk because I never tried to jump up myself but um that could have been the jump getting rolled over by a ton of people it’s become like the hotspot out of glam it’s like everyone wants to hang out their day and then of course go for the glory yeah the the jump itself has definitely changed oh even just throughout this season itself but he got one of the worst I think that we’ve seen where he rolled over and just demolished the car the whole car that one’s like my worst nightmare because he’s I think he’s like doing everything right he’s trying to climb this hill looks like he’s in utah and he’s going slow he’s got the rock crawler he probably knows what he’s doing and like maybe because it’s a two-seater just hits one rock with a little bit too much gas and then that’s it two-seater no passenger and nothing to help weigh down that front end yeah I mean I’ve only really been to moab like my four-seater and it is like so much easier you watch obstacles just having a longer vehicle that doesn’t happen that’s like the biggest hobby I have ever going like some real rock crawling in the juice here yeah oh that noise that’s definitely something I’d see myself doing like I’ve never even used a winch before but that’s king of the hammers you definitely need to winch up I’m sure in certain scenarios that rock looked plenty big until it wasn’t right and it just it could have happened to anybody yeah that’s man looks like they didn’t get too much no one got hurt thankfully but the car looked pretty hammered after that one oh he’s okay he’s got enough sand buried there there he goes oh I am videoing it these horsey cams they roll really nicely on this this way -huh the commentary is why I’m laughing they never land on the tires they never land on the tires oh he’s got enough sanity I don’t think that guy I think he’s got too many white clothes too many too many white claws I remember seeing this one man people were talking about it somebody knew somebody who did it I think this is like china wall I think right um either way it was out of glass and near china wall or wherever it might have been but I think he got beat up a little bit but he was okay so that’s just like a new dooner I mean I don’t know how he got stuck sideways on the hill slowed off the gas yeah I mean it’s not uncommon either for that exact accident like you’re like okay I’m not gonna make it up the hill so I’m gonna turn and then you just get stuck and you’re like okay crap yeah harnessing helmets all the time this is a bad video quality but wait what happens at the end go get out luckily they’re laughing because it looks like everyone was okay for the most part but no seat belts no helmets and a two-seat rhino can run into a four-seat yeah just that’s that’s an accident waiting to happen yeah period um that’s that’s what it is that’s that’s how it goes down when you’ve got all those elements together who knows but um the gopro never stopped yeah I don’t know anything clever to say about this one this is like I’ve actually I did have a buddy who had a can a rhino converted to a four passenger and we were at a dirt bike race and we were just cruising around in it and I remember sitting in the back of it and the smallest little bump the front end got really light and you could even feel I think this is a really bad idea maybe for little little kids but it was super scary and it’s not surprising that all of these accidents occurred back in the rhino days when the seats are added to the back yeah I’m not surprised just when I think I’m ready to go works racing in lake havasu um I race this race a bunch of times on my dirt bike it’s just when I think oh man works racing on the side but I thought it’d be good it just keeps the tire clip and it’s done yeah over probably finish this whole weekend let’s get a ton of spare parts huge bummer but as you’re learning that’s racing oh this is one of the gnarliest crashes I think of 2021 yeah so speaking of racing that’s out at ama district 38 race in placer city we’ve raced one of those and he obviously there’s an in-car cam you can find too but man what a gnarly crash um these races are pretty simple they just kind of put up some some signs like a regular desert dirt bike race you know you spend 150 bucks and they do mark if there’s gnarly situations but clearly he was going too fast and maybe this obstacle wasn’t marked that good but we did hear that they were okay thank goodness but that was gnarly yeah I would say that was probably the gnarliest crash of 2020. I think he had a bet to see how fast he could break his ball seriously the blood is tied got that new blow-off valve installed everybody oh looks like everyone’s okay but um four-seater it almost seems impossible that a car that long would be able to do that right but he had a little dirt bike kicker on the big car and it’s gone they’re not even wearing helmets none of them all right watch clothes I think this guy’s holding a coffee nice little slide nice really nice light on the quad not a utv crash but we had to put it in there I mean it could still crash I don’t know this guy just needs a newer car bigger tires I think he’s doing all he can do right now yeah and the poor little eight hundy couldn’t make it not borrowing grandpa’s ranger no [Applause] hey get the weather on the bottom at the bottom I get scared like that’s anxiety right there just in a four seat that wasn’t supposed to be a four seat and then you’re going in water and then you’re clearly not protective at all to go into this water yeah I just did a little wheelie I’m sure you’re a little bump but looked like everyone made it out unscathed pretty much considering could have been way worse it could have been way worse way worse no so this is this next jump stay on the hollow a lot of guys have jumped this is the first time I’ve seen someone try it in a force either yes which is never a good idea and I would say this couldn’t have gone god damn it oh there he goes oh they’re done oh yeah we all saw that one coming yeah everyone saw that coming and no one stopped it from happening I mean it could have been worse he landed on the sand so he did land tires sand hollow there I’m sure they got him out of there he lived right another day I love this one for the commentary listen to this lady I knew it they were gonna be the ones those these hills look so much steeper I’m sure they are in real life than what they look is he gonna save it  good driving oh my god oh my god oh I hope he’s okay the commentary you have the two type of people there goes here to deposit and I hope he’s okay sand hollow I was just out here recently I saw a guy zip past me in a rental cam and um he didn’t do anything that dramatic but he just went around a slight turn and rolled that it was pretty funny um I was busting his chops and his he’s in the car with his girlfriend but yeah there’s your classic rental unit and going big more utah utah is like you guys are leading the charge right here on biggest crash of 2021. yeah like I thought glamis was bad but I think utah’s beating it oh it’s another four-seater again what are the odds I remember this one up by sunset hill just kind of munches the whole front corner three four for doing a wheelie that’s like as bad as it could have gone yeah don’t do a wheelie I would never anticipate doing power wheelies that he would just completely crumple his car yxz pulls out of it that was sick um we give him the wax he has a lot of flack just like everybody else does but that guy could drive yeah clearly he did did it just fine I think the sand definitely helped his cause but he stayed in it and lived to see another day and finally our last um win win these are our boys brother going big at the swing set double this is right when the season started the jump was massive the turbo west getting it done and like I said props you guys were getting over that jump that was scary I’m afraid to hang out with you guys because they’re gonna try to tell me over it maybe next season right let’s see what you guys think in the comments I’m sure that you saw a bunch of other crashes that were just as if not more entertaining and you want to see photos laugh at us for our crash check out our recent video when we raised some parker we got hit by a squirrel and we’re crashed out and dead in the water ourselves so happens to all let’s hope everyone stays safe wear your helmets wear your seat belts and we’ll see on the next one.


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