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by Nick Olson

We tried… Well, Sand Show 2020 was located in our backyard, Scottsdale, Arizona and we were happy to finally have our own booth at this event. That is until we ran into some complications… Listen to our experiences!


It’s not desert season without a campfire or chupacabra off-road now here’s your host nick olsen what’s happening everybody welcome back to the chupacabra off-road around the campfire podcast I’m joined again of course by wes leffler coming to you from las vegas and andrew garvey coming from el centro what’s going on guys and I’m your host my name is nick olson I’m representing peoria arizona chupacabra off-road we are a utv side-by-side accessories brand and this podcast is about all things off-road mostly from the side-by-side flavor a little bit of racing a little bit of riding today we’re talking events and we’re talking about the biggest event of the year um probably the most drama of the year is the 2020 sand show which just happened last weekend at the western field fail westworld sports complex whatever they call it in scottsdale arizona I’m so glad that that we made it through these last three weeks have literally been the most stressful weeks of the year for me um my wife and I moved into a new home also in peoria we moved down the street but it was a it was a stressful move I don’t know if you guys have ever moved when it’s a contingent sale so we had to get the money from our our previous home to then get the keys for the new home so we had all of our stuff sitting in a moving truck for a couple days and there’s just that nerve-wracking feeling like what if something goes wrong we sold our house our old house which we loved and we just have a van full of stuff and nowhere to go but luckily things worked out well it was just as most of y’all know you ever moved it’s it’s a debacle especially when you you own a business and you have a half a garage full of stuff razors and parts and products and such and speaking of products I in the middle of my move I decided to make a run down to california 16 hour day to go load up on inventory for this sand show um so I did that a few weeks ago and then in the middle of that and the sand show we raced utv world championships so if you guys are interested in learning about that we were all out there racing and we just posted a pod on that and it was a great event and it worked out really well for us we also have a bunch of videos on our YouTube channel if you guys haven’t seen us check us out but um fast forward all that happens and then you know in the midst of all that a lot of planning and we all go back reconvene again in scottsdale for the sand show and you guys haven’t heard of the sand show it’s a big event it’s for sure the biggest event in our industry I’d probably say nationwide I’m pretty ignorant to the other side of the country I know there’s some big events out there but I think even those guys on the other side of the country have heard of the sand show which always goes down in orange county oc fairgrounds it’s a huge event it is a half of the day Friday and then all day Saturday all day Sunday you know our our whole sport has kind of been built around it this has kind of turned from really a sand car you know atv show into the side-by-side show just as the sport has changed and um that event from what I’m told you know usually pulls 65 70 000 people it’s a big deal um the oems sell a lot of cars there I know back in my polaris days that players would sell over 150 cars amongst all the dealers a lot of the big time dealers there move a ton of metal and all the accessories guys do really really well it’s one of these events where people have really been kind of trained to come and get a good deal and you know the oems help that with coupons a lot of the aftermarket brands do special once a year deals like us so for us it was a big event for us and and our first time having a booth last year we had our race car in coin power sports booth which is really cool thanks travis for for hooking us up but now it’s like okay we’re here we’re an official brand it’s time for us to do our deal we’re going to make it happen no matter what and then covet happens in march so um you know things things intensify and we we probably jinxed this guys because our second podcast was about coven shutting down the desert it was only natural that kovid was gonna probably shut down sancho which of course it did pandemic plan dammit so I forget what it was but the sand show is usually in mid-September and um this is always a perfect time of the year um we’re all kind of getting through summer and it’s triggered in everyone’s mind especially for the californians hey beach is over you know put away your boats it’s time to start getting your your car’s vehicle ready for this the dune season your first student trip and it’s just a trigger where you know the weather starts to shift all those type of things and um of course with kobit they announced it was cancelled and then they announced for a very brief period of time that they were going to try to do it I think the weekend before thanksgiving in pomona which probably would have been a disaster oh yeah it wouldn’t it would have been cancelled yeah and I say I’d just say disaster not just because of the event would have not gone off who knows it’s a big event space but you know I think having it in the middle of desert season at that point it’s good weather and a lot of people would have already have planned trips I mean thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year at grandma’s so I say disaster because like as a vendor trying to have a booth do you spend the money on the booth and then half of people are out living the lifestyle where the reason one of the reasons I think the event was so successful is that you know it always happened before the season really kicked off also that was scheduled and that was also the week of the baja 1000 so you would have tons of people from the industry not even going to the event yeah exactly so lots of competition and then they announced um shortly after that I think that was only like the plan for like maybe a week and a half or two weeks that they moved the event to scottsdale so at this point we’re far enough down cobit and we are conversations we all had was like look there’s probably no way it’s going to happen in california but there probably is a chance it could happen in southern nevada utah or arizona and arizona obviously seemed like the most logical place to have it there’s a ton of off-roaders we’re pretty much um an off-roader’s dream here in our state you know we’re street legal in a lot of places and a lot of more open places to ride so they said it’s going on game on and we’re like well you know it’s not california but for us as an arizona-based brand for me getting inventory um it seemed like a lot of things were going to work for us and of course we committed to a booth no matter where they’re going to have it so we had planned we were excuse me we were fired up for it so we all show up Friday was a chill day we showed up we got our booth all set up we had some issues I wouldn’t say it was chill but we weren’t public we had like these issues with like even getting our ipad set up to sell products um we couldn’t even get them freaking set up with itunes accounts but then the tech guy shows up and does it in like three minutes so yeah so we had a we thought we had our teas crossed um we had a great team there were six of us us three west his wife who was amazing and then haley who you guys may have seen if you watch our YouTube channel you’re going to see a lot more from her in the future who’s part of the team of course and then jessica who is another you know part of our team who has is an amazing planner who’s very calm who’s worked at this one and other brands and it really knows how to pull it off so by Friday night we had the booth really organized what we wanted to look like we had a air conditioning unit in the trailer in case I got hot which of course it did because it’s arizona it was 98 degrees west jimmy rigged out so it was working well and um we’re ready for game time pretty much Saturday morning so fast forward Saturday morning we show up we got our booth it’s in a good space we’re outside you know we’re kind of in a high flowing traffic street I would say we weren’t inside but the inside blue space was double the cost so it was hard to justify it was going to be worth it or not and then for us selling products you know we had our trailer there to sell product out of where that wouldn’t have been able to happen inside so I was feeling really confident with our booth space and where we were and even reflecting I thought that was a good space for us to be in I’ve talked to a few people since then and they’ve said man you guys had a really really good spot so we need to really pay attention to that in the future but man we definitely were down like main street it seemed like yeah and that was a little bit of dumb luck you know not even looking at the map and not really realizing what the flow of traffic was going to be because even this event previously when they held it in arizona here at westworld it was in a red barn so I didn’t even realize until we showed up on Friday where the actual event was going to hold place because there was a home show going on at westworld the exact same time so interesting turn of events but again it’s covered it’s 20 20 everyone’s rolling with it everyone’s excited and that’s one thing I would say or you know everyone was surprised how excited the turnout was because as all of us vendors I mean I thought it was gonna be a little soft I definitely didn’t think it was gonna be anywhere near the california show but um we were all bombarded and completely flabbergasted I would have to say by how many people started flooding those doors 9am Saturday morning oh yeah our booth was popping the whole time from about 9 30 to about 1 30 when they close the gates down well not only that it makes you wonder like was that popping everywhere or was it just because people really wanted to come to our booth you know like I think our booth was set up so well I think with the social the YouTube the podcast the racing everything that we have going with chupacabra people know us like every time a person would come up it wasn’t like oh what do you guys do I don’t think I got that question one time like what do you sell no it was always hey I’ve seen your YouTube videos they’re awesome or I follow you guys on social media or I have these mirrors in my car you know it’s pretty cool man to be able to talk to a bunch of people and see them this loving on the brand yeah you know I like that you brought that up because I think this pod will talk more from the business end you know we’re a small business attending our first trade show and at the end of the day we sell products to keep the lights on to fund the content you know like all of you guys you you really do make it happen so thanks to everybody who buys our products because that enabled us to go buy a drone and even have the ability to go you know hire a social media person to help and then to grow our content and you know I think there’s a lot of people that that buy our products maybe haven’t heard of our content there’s a lot of people that watch our content maybe haven’t bought our products we haven’t put on a product offering that they haven’t been excited about yet so we we are going too soon we showed a couple new products that we’re really excited about we’ll talk about that in a minute but um you know as a small business I think we need a lot of planning and like you said it’s been building a lot of steam by putting the social out there you know I’m a firm believer that we’re we’re here to make off-road culture better and we’re going to offer products that we think are at the best value with some of the best transparency I don’t know if there’s many brands out there that are as transparent as us in terms of how many amazon reviews we have in general our FaceBook reviews and how much you know at the type the way we choose to run our business we respond to all of those comments every FaceBook comment you know all of our targeted ads all that type of stuff so we’re really out there um in the right type of way we think you know we’re we’re trying to provide much value you know we’re a little bit of racing we’re a little bit of product company we’re a little bit of going golden glass we just we love all of it and um and for the purpose of this show you know it was a really good feeling like you guys said you know um before things got shut down which we’ll talk about in a second that people came up to us they recognized us they knew who we were one way or another and and that was something that you know we learned so much that day because people were coming in and andrew and wes you guys are kind of running point where you guys out front of the booth and then we really you know like from how jess and haley really set the booth up the booth flowed people amazingly well um I want you guys to talk about that because I think you know guys just want to talk shop talk YouTube talk racing you guys are right there or talk products and if you wanted to come and buy that we had a clothing rack right there that was very shoppable and then you could come in a little bit further if you wanted to look at the door bags you want to look at our new products so what how did you guys think about that as a business first time on a trade show well I mean I think the booth was set up perfectly I mean we had the the cars on display that we brought we brought the race car and I thought it was really cool we brought the race car completely dirty from utv worlds so everybody who had watched part one two and three which we’d released on purpose before the show they could see oh here’s the race car oh sweet and they can actually look at it and see the dirt then obviously andrew’s car was there which is one of the most beautiful cars that’s in the world right now with you know how bougie it was I mean he was out there rubbing it with a knife queen I mean a lot of those cars no no no sure glams queens but obviously you know he yeah I mean he’s gonna put a scratch on it he took that thing he took that thing on the havasu poker run bro like calm down like he’s over there polishing with a diaper and that thing is just popping but people would walk up and they’d see it but the way that we had the the had it set up with the every mirror on display I thought that was perfect the way we had it because we have all these different colors and we didn’t have to tell them like oh we have this color this color this color and then oh will it match this they could hand touch everything and then like you said then it would bring them a little bit further into the booth um you know if somebody walked up and said hey I want a set of these in black I have a pro xp or I have a canon whatever we could run and grab them say just hop in line here we can start bagging stuff up give people some free goodies to go with their order and it just really really flowed really well and I you know got to give credit to haley and jessica and mary and them that actually you know put the female perspective on the on the booth and I think without those three us three would be lost I don’t know what would happen we probably would I don’t know what we would have done but but no they set it up perfectly and then I just gotta say it you know this logo you guys I mean everybody out there listening I say it over and over and over again when this logo was developed a few years ago when nick came up with this logo I mean he hit the jackpot everybody knows who we are and if they don’t they remember the logo and they will find out who we are so that being said I mean andrew I mean you can talk about the booth also I mean I thought it I thought it was set up great we had plenty of advertising we had all the different signage and everything that we needed we kind of looked like it wasn’t our first rodeo like you really knocked yeah definitely it definitely looked like we knew what we were doing along with it took me back to working in the shop days you know people would come up and they’re asking your expertise on on the parts that we sell so talking about our mirrors you know our new products our door bags and just talking shop a lot of people come up to me and say hey man I came to look at your car because I see it in all these videos and I haven’t seen it in person and I’m really excited to see it so you know I’d talk it through it you know I should love that too don’t be honest hey I’m not gonna lie I do like that you know I never thought I’d be part of a company or part of anything where people actually come up to me and recognize me and say hey can I take a picture with you it’s it’s kind of a cool feeling um like even going here in southern california going through some of these border patrol checkpoints stuff like that I have some of the portrait officers hey you’re the guy from YouTube it’s kind of kind of crazy but going back to the stansport show um it was definitely an awesome event um a lot of people really knew who we were and that’s the biggest thing you know I’ve been I’ve been there since ground zero with the with the company and you know grinding all these all these past two years and and really making a brand to where we’re at right now it you know seeing that grow from nothing is is the biggest accomplishment and we definitely we it was just a great event I I was fun man it was it was really fun because it’s like when you’re selling something that you believe in and selling something that you know about it’s not like it’s not like selling anything else it’s not like going to get a job at a new car dealership and it takes you two months to know what’s going on I mean we knew we know what size we know you know what’s gonna fit it you know even people would come up and say hey I got your mirrors but I had this little problem with it I was able to give them pointers on how not to have that problem how to fix it and then when they people would find out because at first people are like oh so 559
00:16:12,079 –> 00:16:12,880 how do we do I just go online and order these and I’m like no like got them right that trailer is full of these like oh really and I’m like yeah if you buy today you get the sansho samso price and after that man I think people just started seeing our bags obviously we had the sun hats which the river has which oh my goodness you know I think we sold 150 of those in two hours because they were a good product they had the logo and they were freaking popping I didn’t even get one I felt bad that I didn’t pull one aside and hide it for myself because you know everybody knows I need it because I’m gonna get a freaking sunburn every time I have a hat on but it just was the vibe was really cool and me and andrew being out there you know not necessarily being the salesman but asking people questions inviting people into the booth and nick being able to talk to you know bigger people that would show up and be like hey you know we’re this dealer we’re that dealer and we want to want to start carrying your product and then the girls back there selling stuff I mean it I felt bad for the girls because we kept sending people people sending people sending people that I felt bad and I would go in and I’d grab the product and I’d start backing it up for them and then so it was all just them swiping cards and taking cash so it’s amazing you know I I was you know we’ll get to in a minute but you know I was bummed that we didn’t get to do it longer yeah and real quick on the sun hats I’ll make sure you guys both get one but since you guys got such big heads they had to put them on a bigger boat so when they get it I’ll let you guys I thought you said that they designed the new sun hat for me because I was the first one to try it on and it was amazing and then I set it to the side and next thing I know some other lady bought it so I don’t know I think the only person who got one was jessica she she hid it in the trailer and she’s like hey I’m taking this for later and also too like when we started selling those hats people immediately started wearing them so more people saw them and it was like the most brilliant marketing you know oh yeah for sure even towards the end of five more boxes even at the end of the show and when you know people started dwindling out and people were still coming hey do you guys have those sun hats we’ve seen a lot of people wearing them and unfortunately we’re sold out we need to re-up on those and get those on the website quick yeah yeah no doubt because people are going to want those so especially for dune season with a little bit warmer weather that we’re having and I think it’s I think it’s going to be a top seller for sure yeah we need a little nets our buddy carl’s got a can-am with a stock cage and he put a little net on it and his sun hat fits perfectly in you know above him and his co-passenger’s head so he can get out of the dunes he’s got his hat and it doesn’t get because those hats are fragile when you’re off-roading but right when you make a little holster for everyone is that before he runs out of talent we’ll have to get him on her to defend himself but yeah you know it was I’m glad you brought those points up you know as a small business like talking about how the products in general um we’ve been out of stock a lot of year because it’s 2020 and you know sales exploded and then supply chain becomes difficult and then getting it in stock with our fulfillment center becomes difficult it’s just been this it’s been so much drama and we’ve been sending people some mirrors with the wrong clamps so if that happened to you I apologize you know we’re doing our best as a small business trying to get through this but we don’t know how many products to bring you know like it’s our first show are we gonna sell you know we’re gonna sell 15 hundred dollars are we gonna sell fifty thousand I have no clue and um we had we had a good enough amount of product we had a good selection or a good volume I would say um who knows what could have been because like andrew commented you know the show is going and then we get word around one o’clock I think the fire marshal shut it down and I think originally they shut it down to people unless they had pre-purchased tickets but then I had a buddy I met on a recent glamish trip who came all the way from california and his buddies didn’t get in and they pre-purchased tickets and I would have been frustrated for sure it was probably around 11 30 12 o’clock I walked out to the front to hand off some tickets to some people and I was wondering what’s going on because people are exiting but nobody was entering the building and then you type you got you like look out and as long as you had a vendor pass on they weren’t saying anything to you but there was probably about 300 people in line and I just didn’t understand I thought maybe they were gonna like every two people left they’d let two people come in that wasn’t the case at all they weren’t letting a single person enter and it was really really odd um if they didn’t have a vendor pass um so obviously there are people who already had tickets because they weren’t in line for tickets um the ticket booth was farther down but I don’t I mean I can’t imagine being those people and showing up and then parking probably was a half a mile away and then get all the way to the line and then just to be told that you’re not allowed inside yeah I don’t know man yeah a guy the embassy on instagram came away from the dominican republic and couldn’t get in yeah the talking to the bonnier events lady that was at the front gate for us exhibitors um I was talking to her she said that the first day or Saturday those first couple hours they had over 8 000 people come in they had to turn around about 5 000 people on Saturday so coming that’s coming from the event one of the event coordinators and that’s a lot of people that’s a that’s a lot of lost sales right there for a lot of vendors yeah but you think it’s upsetting because you think that they would know this how can they not know how many tickets they sold you know what I’m saying so like I my frustration would have been super high if I if I wasn’t able to get in if I drove from vegas down there and you know I showed up and I had tickets and everything was in order and they’re not letting me in I’m gonna be pretty upset not only at the location and then but also that sancho would even sell me tickets if if they haven’t been reporting it I don’t I mean I don’t know that I you know what why it was or whatever I mean I can assume but at the same time it’s like very frustrating you know very frustrating yeah definitely and I think going back to them not knowing they do host the off-road expo for more of the off-road jeeps trucks stuff like that you gotta think arizona is huge for side-by-sides nick lives there you know he can drive his razor to dinner if he wants you know you got to think about how many people use utvs in arizona so I think they were trying to go off the numbers of what they’ve seen in the past for off-road expo and not really see it in the utv market and us you know as utv guys we know sans sports is huge for utvs that’s where you go get your deals for the for those you know the winner you get your paddles you get your seats you get your your cages your lights everything and I don’t think they were ready for the vault the amount of people that were interested in that show in that such small venue I think I predicted it though I think on a few podcasts ago we kind of talked about this a little bit and I said that if it was going to be anywhere but southern california the phoenix valley would be the place that it needed to be and that is probably the second biggest area of off-road that at least for the west coast that we deal with and just imagine all the people from southern california we know several that we talked to that showed up to the show I mean obviously it’s not at the you know 70 000 people mark but they didn’t expect that I they must have been expecting way low numbers way way way low numbers and because if we’re at 5 000 people that they turned away 8 000 entered and most of it being outdoor I don’t know yeah I think the venue was a little on the small side also the three events being held at that venue on the same weekend you had the home and garden show you had the barrett-jackson auto show going on I think a lot of that had to do with it we were taking up the auto the auto shows parking um so maybe they had a little word word to do with it I know nick had contacted bonier and to see if he could get a refund and I’ll let nick explain on that one yeah you know and um it’s frustrating um you know this is kind of like what we’re talking about is probably what a lot of vendors felt and and patrons and I did reach out to someone from bonnier um they did announce that they are offering um a good good refund for us vendors to use for the next year’s show and honestly we’re going to be at the show next year you know I’m hopeful that it’ll be back in california um in 11 months time but you know we did ask them hey you know we don’t want just this pod to just be kind of like a a couple yeah I think they’re going to hopefully they’ll follow up and we’ll follow it on another pod if we hear back from them just like what what challenges were they facing I think at the end of the day it’s cool that they try to make it happen um and it’s it’s a super bummer um because I they so the day slows down Saturday wraps up and then we start hearing a word around we’re around the campus that hey um it’s something good for tomorrow guys and we’re like what no way whatever let’s load up let’s go check into our hotel let’s go get some dinner and then we can get back to our hotel like the prp guys are getting on the same elevator that’s like oh did you see instagram it’s done just like that just like that so now we’re not I mean honestly I don’t want to focus on the bad or anything like that because I know I mean if you look at it from their perspective on your the last thing they want is for it to get canceled it wasn’t like they’re like oh man if we can get this thing down so we can go home early no it definitely wasn’t I just think the communication is different I think that also that people were aware of what the scottsdale area and how there was no mandates for people wearing masks you know outside there was no mandate everywhere anywhere so I think they had a hard time with that because they were trying to make people wear masks outside um they had people walking around telling you you must have your mask on things like that because maybe the social distancing wasn’t what it was supposed to be and I get that but people don’t understand that people don’t like oh I’m outside no mask you know that’s what they think and so not not to bash on bonier or or even the people of scotland not even the fire marshal you know really it just seems like maybe the communication could have been better um you know or maybe they just the contract should have said something different because there’s no way that bonnier was going to be able to enforce that amount of people to wear masks when they don’t have to wear masks if outside anywhere else you know so I’m super excited I thought that that Saturday was like I said it was amazing it was fun I got to talk to so many people meet so many new people sell a ton of product you know talk about some new products with the and it was amazing and I was more bummed not because it got cancelled but I was more bummed because I had such a good time it was super fun and I was so looking forward to Sunday doing the same thing all over again yeah um and I don’t want to start a rumor but I think it’s a good plausible scenario I mean that the fire marshal shut it down I heard that the the first building people walked into the big airplane hangar if you will that was air-conditioned was only set up to hold 3000 people and there were 7 000 people in it and I heard inside at that time in the morning that it was complete pandemonium like you couldn’t get into a booth to say hi to see somebody’s products it was it was like a concert from what people described it as so you know oh wow it’s funny because the the official statement was due to covet um restrictions and like you said wester wasn’t a clear defined you have to wear a mask inside but not out you have to wear a mask the whole time they were asking a staff to wear it but outside it was 100 degrees so a lot of people just weren’t wearing them but I don’t and then they were coming by our booth so it might even not even be so much related to that but in any any event like I’d like to hear back from them and we’ll update you yeah and my only assumption on the whole thing would be that maybe part of the contract that they signed was that they would enforce it and force you know they would be the ones enforcing people to wear mass outside flashback to utv world championships I think the martellys were probably a bit smarter in their contract I think that they did more of the fact that all of us will be wearing masks um we will post people that they should wear masks but they there’s no way that they were going to be able to force everybody at that race to do math so they didn’t take upon that responsibility so maybe that that could be one of the the causes that bonnier took on themselves not knowing or maybe thinking that it wasn’t going to be as hard as possible as hard as it was but at the end of the day I mean scottsdale’s a real nice area real nice people I didn’t think the the event was you know super terrible or anything like that it just wasn’t california I guess but I’m just excited for the next one man I just enjoyed it I really enjoyed seeing the people talking to them and showing them what we had to offer yeah I think I think for our first show our first trade show being a small brand you know I know nick was stressed out the whole weekend you know we’re gonna have the sales or we’re gonna have enough product you know we even got an extra trailer just to fill up just in case if we needed to bring more product in um again going into our first show we really didn’t know how it was going to turn out but I’m kind of happy that it kind of did not get canceled but I’m bummed but I think for our first show it was really good it wasn’t as big as sans sports here in california but it definitely was buzzing around you know until about that 1 30 mark and and I feel like a lot of people were in our in our booth a lot of people were buying and a lot of people just really like coming and checking out our products the cars you know the race car again going back to it being dirty from utv worlds and then also seeing my car there from the YouTube videos the troop turbo twins and everything like that so yeah really good first show for us I think you’re you’re absolutely right andrew I think that the fact that it was our first show if if we’d already been to the big huge show in california and then this happened we’d probably be pretty upset um you know maybe more upset than we are or more bummed I guess is the word not upset but but now we it’s kind of like a like a soft opening you know like restaurants have soft openings this was kind of like our soft opening and now when we go to other trade shows and other events I think that it’d be great you know I tried to talk nick into driving the trailer up to parker I was going to slang product out at the race you know in between in between my heats in between the races this weekend but guess not so yeah or utv takeover in san holo that starts I think today or tomorrow you know the sand show too I think you know talking about traffic again I didn’t get a chance to really walk around much I went out to the trailer to get more sun hats as we ran out I walked past can-am’s booth I saw a little bit of polaris booth kawasaki’s booth and I have to say like our row that we were on was was in direct line to robbie’s speed booth and the speed again I mentioned the last part about the hype the the speed hype was real unfortunately robbie the team they’re saying they’re gonna have a 4c chassis and they didn’t but it at least had the new juicy el diablo prototype so you know I don’t know if you guys saw or heard of any other new products other than the stuff that what products that we kind of launched but um or showed to customers but did you see or hear anything um on instagram or while you’re at the event that was cool and unique and new I think I think the only I mean like you said I walked out front a couple times but it was just walk out front drop tickets and then and then get right back to it um one thing I did see and um I don’t know who I was talking to maybe it was when me and andrew were talking to somebody is there’s a new scat track type buff tire satire brand what was that rogue rogue android tires I think it was yeah they were right there inside in the hangar and so it was cool to see that because I was like man you know I’m kind of in the market for some paddles I might shop around and see what what people got so obviously I’d sand craft there and scat track and the lines out of those places are huge you know um I didn’t really have time to shop around I was thinking maybe the end of the day Sunday I would shop around if I needed to but I saw that new tire brand and I never even heard of it before so there’s another player there yeah definitely yeah going to vendors there wasn’t really a lot of vendors we didn’t see you know some of the top vendors from california like sdr you know bert’s mega mall um zions wasn’t there um a lot of these companies that really have really big boosts and really popular boosts in california do you even make a make an appearance here I thought birds was there birch wasn’t there no birch wasn’t there it was right now right now easy west I think nash power sorts and of course nash so okay but um but yeah I’ve seen a lot of the companies that you know bailed out last minute um you know there was still a lot of room for a lot of companies but I think with it being in california or being in arizona and with covert restrictions I think it scared a lot of people and you know I can only imagine if you know we would have traveled out to california and had the sancho cancelled you know within that day you know it kind of hurts you know our travel expenses hotel rooms the fuel to get there the inventory everything like that so I’m sure I’m sure a lot of people were hurting such as you know pti prp seats coming from california stuff like that so yeah pcr extended their deals you know but um talking with a buddy that I know that works there they still they still did pretty well because there wasn’t a lot of competition so when people were going um like you said you know you’re walking past a bunch of different things everybody wants a stereo everybody wants this once that wants that but when pci is one of the main things there in their deals they they moved some material there and then they obviously they had more but they moved a lot yeah yeah we decided to extend the sale a couple days too you know just because I felt like it was the right thing to do um a lot of potential customers didn’t even get in or got burned in that regard so we kept the sale going and then haley and I shipped out like 50 we sipped out a bunch of products and those are just a sliver and we had really good online sales so thank you guys for supporting our brand so okay so you saw you saw people still taking advantage of the deal yeah yeah Monday was was a really good day for us and then um we went to ship everything so that’s challenging it slows it down but you know we thought it was cool um to just keep that going and offer that to our customers so awesome yeah um and like what andrew said with all the challenges being said some of the bigger companies in the aftermarket game not showing up that was still the most buzzed off-road event in arizona I’ve ever seen I’ve been to the off-road show here in the last three or four years it was it was really hype until they shut it down so that was cool I mean california showed up I ran into courtney queen glamis on instagram she was known for being out of boardmanville a big glamis do matt herself and she said a lot of her crew from pad three they were all out there camping so you know I I used to be a californian I was in san diego I got really fair weather when I lived there I’m like ah californians are fair weather they’re not gonna make the drive it’s 100 degrees but california has really showed up I mean I don’t think it would have been as strong yeah I think I think a lot of people from like the la riverside area it’s probably about four or five hour drive that’s you know you can do that in a day you know wake up early early in the morning head out to scottsdale go see the show grab lunch grab dinner head on back um yeah give you an opportunity to eat inside a restaurant too you know where you can’t do that for yourself you got it outside unfortunately but yeah yeah a lot of people a lot of people from my hometown actually went um you know people were coming up to me and they’re like hey we’re from the imperial valley you know or we’re from india we’re from palm springs you know so a lot of californians were out there a couple guys from and definitely and and one of what’s funny is one of the bourbon agents that sees me go through the checkpoint all the time actually came up to me he’s like do you remember me I’m like nope he came from all the way from the pearl valley so you know was he the guy that took the photo of yeah he’s a guy that took a photo of you so that he could turn it into his boss and be like hey here’s the guy yeah yeah it was it was definitely a lot of people from california yeah speaking of which blake wilkie west found them and had to come over to our booth which was really cool and chat with them for a minute we we showed a new mirror that we’ve been working on and working on a lot of new products that you guys are going to see here come to retail in the next three to four to five months but speaking of which um we’re recording this this pod on a Thursday night tomorrow I’m leaving for mexico I’m gonna put a few hundred miles on some new products and then wes team him and sierra might be racing on new side mirror so we we’re really close to having it ready but we’re not going to launch anything that we don’t think is ready that we haven’t put some miles on it andrew’s got a set he’s going to go hammer out in the desert as well for halloween so now comes the fun time where we’ve got some exciting new products I got a really good response of the new side mirror that we’ve been working on I think we’re going to do a YouTube video series building the perfect side mirror because I think that’s kind of the goal and um we’re kind of trying to kind of take it to where we see some trends going and try to offer something that’s a little bit different and unique and of course we’re going to have the best value the best price point in the market and when we ask whatever price we’re going to ask it’s going to be better than what the competition is doing because you know we ride we know this stuff we get it we got a solid engineer on board now you know we live this lifestyle you know it’s all documented on the YouTube you know I’m going to stop talking smack here but yeah jesus calm down I’m super excited about what we’ve got coming out product wise because I think our content’s been great you know like andrew said I was so stressed leading to this event because not only did you know we have all this stuff going on before with the race but in between the race and the event we put out um four YouTube videos as well as a targeted FaceBook ad video about the event so we want to get that content out we thought it was super cool that we had the car from the race all dirty in the booth with the new video showing you know just again trying to step our game up and provide as much value as we could it was pretty cool there’s a couple people just hanging out watching the videos yeah there’s a lot of hyphen go ahead sorry no I was just saying there’s a lot of hype with the new mirrors it was really exciting to to get to see him you know firsthand and be able to put him on the car and show that what we’re thinking and getting people’s feedback I mean like you said I saw blake inside one of the booths he obviously recognized us from you know being a part of the company and helping out and doing his brand mirrors with the cueros and I was like hey man you know when you get a chance come stop by the booth we’d really like to get some feedback from you I got a new mirror it’s really sick really nice going and you know blake he’s like let’s do it now so he walked I would chat with that guy for those you don’t know blake you might just see him on social or you might just see him you know on his videos and that guy is an intelligent human being when it comes to engineering and a lot of different things he’s very very very articulate very smart and he’s very honest in his feedback um and one of the nicest people you can meet I mean I know that us three will say that and came over to the booth and I dropped him off at nick so I could keep talking to people and it seemed like he was really giving some solid feedback on on the new mirror and um along with him and then tons of people that you know people are listening you know we’re able to see the new mirror and we’re able to explain what we’re thinking and a lot of a lot of positive feedback I know that I could have sold probably 20 sets of those at least people wanted to buy them they wanted to take them out the car and you know they asked about the name and things like that I’m just like ah just calm down you know so when it came to that it was kind of like I feel like I was holding back from them but at the same time like I’m really excited to to get the final testing phase done on these you know go out there and actually put them to work so that we can get those things and other products that we got in line just dropped in people will know that they can depend on them yeah you know that’s the fun thing about being a small brand and like I mentioned before getting a lot of consumer feedback you know we’ve got probably more reviews on amazon than most brands in the industry um and then that’s a big part of us is just listening to feedback and iterating I asked at least a dozen people what do you think of the look is it too big is it not big enough what do you think of the colors you think you know you know this option that option we’ll get into it more here in a little bit um we haven’t even really done an official post on social about it but there’s some photos kind of floating around and you’ll see a lot of content coming soon and um you know we got a patent pending on on the design and you know we’re gonna come to market with something that we think is unique and creative that we think is is is cool and exciting it’s gonna be a great um add-on to your side-by-side and then also like with blake’s feedback even this thing could be just as is at home on a on a on the megalodon on a trophy truck all those type of things anything that goes fast in the dirt like this this mirror set is designed for those so I’m really excited to get to the next phase of launching some new products here for you guys so um this year has been a really big year we made a lot of positive changes inside the company get the right people in place so that now we can really start moving forward with some designs and work on some new designs and and get more efficient with our engineering so we can launch these products and taking that feedback like you said west you could have pre-sold so many now we have an idea of how many we can bring to market so we can offer the best price possible so that’s what that’s the game you know we’re going to come in with with more value um with with our flavor on it and I think you guys are really going to like what we got coming oh yeah so stay tuned for that um thanks everybody for for checking out any closing thoughts about the about the sand show and um and kind of we’ll give people a little next pot I think you know like we I kind of teased wes is racing parker this weekend I’m headed to mexico and really we have the the glamis fevers in full bore I think it’s going to be low 80s this weekend and then next weekend it’s going to cool way off I’m sure a lot of people are going to be heading out for halloween um it’s go time oh yeah definitely I think you know just closing I really had a good time um for all those people I got to talk to and and then we gotta you know they bought our product and and you know really believe in what we’re doing and I just want everybody to continue I know we talk about this a lot but just understand that we’re just we’re just like you guys out there we’re enthusiasts we love this um we love being you know part of the off-road community and putting out the content and the products and everything it’s just it’s cool to be able to do both both sides of the of the page and had a really good time and you know thanks to nick you know for getting this wild idea a few years back and making this all go ahead and you know it’s just only gonna get bigger and better from here and you know just I just encourage people that you know if you have questions or concerns about anything hit us up we’re not like nick said earlier you know we we answer those comments we we take into perspective everything every suggestion that people might make um just to make the company better we don’t think we’re better than anybody else and you know we’re just trying to have a good time and you know and put out the best content and products that we can no doubt yes definitely yeah so all right guys well we’re gonna wrap this one up thanks for jumping on again guys fun times as always stay tuned for all you listeners out there and we’ll catch you on the next one thank you for listening to around the dumpster fire you.


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