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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad spent 4 months and over 700 miles in a 2018 Polaris RZR 4 Turbo Walker Evans Edition, with and without Shock Therapy's Dual Rate Stage 4 Spring Kit, to give you a detailed breakdown on setting up your RZR 4 with Walker Evans shocks, for most riding conditions in the Southwest.

FILM GEAR: DJI Mavic Air drone DSLR: Nikon D3300 w/ 70-300mm lens GoPro6 GoPro Session 5 Evo SS Gimbal Rode VideoMic Pro RAM Mounts My RZR: 2018 Polaris RZR 4 Turbo Walker Evans Edition Chupacabra Offroad Side Mirrors Chupacabra Offroad Door Bags Shock Therapy Stage 4 Dual Rate Spring Kit w/ silent crossover rings 32" BF Goodrich KR2 UTV Tires 15x7" KMC Machete (non beadlock) wheels SDR Motorsports Super Shorty Cage Rigid D- Series Headlight Mount Lights Rigid D-Series Driving A Pillar lights Mictuning 30" LED Light Bar PRP 3" 5 point harnesses (DragonFire Pass throughs) Ogio/ Polaris Storage bag UTV Giant lower doors Rugged Radios RH-5R handheld radio Bubba Rope Big Bubba 1 1/4" x 30'


Another Jewpacabra lighting hey it's Nick from chupacabra off-road and I'm here to answer one question today is spending $800 on a new spring kit for your side-by-side the best money you can spend yes it is and here's the proof so here's my 20 18 Polaris RZR turbo for Walker Edmunds edition that I picked up earlier this year and first thing I did was take it out on to my local riding areas here in Arizona and put a few hundred miles on it as well as taking it to Glamis and then also to Mexico with the stock Springs just to kind of get an idea of what this vehicle feels like and then we put the spring kit on and take it to a few other environments and then see how it compares so a little background on me this is a sixth razor that I've owned I started off in 2014 with a razor for 1,000 in 2015 I also had a razor for 1,000 of course both of those had the Walker Evans needle shock stock then in 2016 I had a razor turbo two-seater and four seater with the Fox internal bypass shocks and in 2017 I had another razor for turbo with the internal bypass but they were the upgraded internal bypass with their true dual rate coils and high and low speed compression adjustments so I've got a lot of experience with the razor chassis I'd say close to nine to ten thousand miles and also was lucky enough to go test with Fox in Barstow so had an amazing experience for a day just gonna check out what it's like to buy do someone at Fox who really knows exactly what they're talking about and how to set up my vehicle with ride height crossover rings actually revolve my front shocks to have a little bit quicker rebound but learned a lot learned what to look for and how to think about how I'm setting my vehicle up in order to get the best ride so that's kind of my base basis and then after get a little bit of miles on this vehicle I kind of realized that you know based on my past experience this thing was a little stiff Polaris went the other way compared to the original RAZR 1000 I had in terms of the 14 and 15 were really soft and then model your 18 bump afford of course it's stiffer and hardly bottoms out very harsh on the little stuff but I guess that's to be expected it's good that Polaris what's different about it's you know over a hundred pounds heavier than the mount turbo and then you also have to realize it's got 58 horsepower more so it makes sense they would stiffen it up their vehicle driven a lot more aggressively and of course times have evolved so quickly and it's my side market that you know everyone's gonna need some stiffer settings just to prevent the car from bottoming harshly so that was my initial impression and then I went over to Glamis to go do some hardcore tuning with some very fast due nurse mainly have ones in a v8 sand car and that was another good tell I couldn't believe that when I I do and all weekend I think I only bought them out the vehicle twice so even going pretty high speeds and here's some good footage you can see the miles per hour that I'm going these are in the big bowls up behind Osborne and just having a good time and getting used to the vehicle and seeing what it does table settings still haven't bottoms a little stiffer and harsher I appreciate the stiffness for the higher speed definitely sways a little less but again you're just losing that comfort in that slow bump small bump compliance excuse me. You know a suspension you always want to try to have your cake and eat it too firm steady when you're going fast but soft and supple over the starter bumps chatter slow speed right. I like to be using a little bit more of the rear stroke it feels like it's not bottoming but I'm not using all the travel ramps up quite a bit mid stroke feels more harsh and it just kicks more well I think with the shock therapy spring setup I'm assuming there was better flush mid-stroke feel of course but that it still could have some bottoming resistance particularly when you start playing around with the crossover ring height adjustment and getting it set up here's what they look like after about 500 miles on them the upper tender Springs are completely collapsed so we're basically riding on the stiffer mainspring and again we're losing a lot of that small bump compliance on the chatter so here's what you get from shock therapy when you order the spring kit you're getting eight new Springs completely replace all stock Springs and you're also getting a crossover ring for each shock we make it very easy they label each shock rear lower rear upper front upper front lower it's pretty intuitive just by looking at them of course you got a bigger diameter on the rear because it's a bigger shock diameter it's 2.5 verse2 2.0 on the front same thing with the crossover ring so pretty straightforward we're gonna go ahead and Jack the car up right now and throw these Springs on [Music] so here's my first ride with the new spring kit installed these are the coral pink sand dunes in southern Utah I really wanted to try the new Springs in a sandy environment because that's when I tend to bottom out the razor easiest and as you can see here following my buddy in his razor the dunes have a lot of G outs and little Rises or you're catching a little bit of air there's also some tight twisty trail so it's up being a really good place to kind of tune with the suspension and see how it feels when I saw them using shock therapy's measurements for the preload ring height that's pretty high but um they didn't have the specific instructions for the razor Walker turbo so I used the Walker and on turbo I experienced a lot of topping out for that reason and initially I thought the springs were to sit for the valving but after lowering the vehicle about three times I got to a setting that was working really well it was plush it felt like I was using all the travel and then when I added three passengers then it started to bottom out had to stiffen up the compression click or several settings as well as lower the crossover rings so same type of experience I've had with Fox other shocks in the dunes I think it's important to use their instructions as the guideline but make sure you really pay attention to the right height I ended up being about an inch higher than recommended ride height but felt like it didn't bottom as much and it still handle really well you know that turbos got the front sway bar so I think that helps quite a bit compared to the old non turbo and then their recommended height settings are also very close to foxes which is a roughly 14 inches in the front and also making sure that your front end is about a half of an inch higher than the rear. I'm back home and home for me here is Peoria Arizona got my dirt tires on it running the 32-inch bf G's mazda6 right now and back to about sixteen and a half in the front sixteen in the rear with me out of the car and again you're gonna drop about a half of an inch once I jump in I'm hearing geyser loop pretty rough technical terrain I'm excited to go see how the car feels again my compression settings are all the way soft my crossover rings are pretty close to what what shock therapy suggests I'm a little higher in the rear I'm about seven and three-quarter versus eight again cuz I want to feel if the car will bottom with just me and a lot of times when I'm on the hardpack I like to set the car for two people no weight in the back and I very rarely bottom on the floor pass won't be surprised if I don't bottom the rear but I want to get that balance front to rear to where I'm not bottoming the front either from the older cars I had on the little 2.0 Walker's the model year 14 Molly or 15 xt 1000s the front ended up load through the stroke but this car is quite a bit different it's revolved and it's a lot stiffer than those old shock so a walker isn't a walker in terms of when you're talking about one walker having shock car versus another polaris is always making upgraded improvements they're always changing things they might even change spring rates without telling anybody so you know the cars are always changing in an effort to get better all right so I just got back running the geyser loop for the first time that's why I'm here very rough really rocky reminded me the last time I was out in prim or out in the Parker right after the race so a lot of sharp rocks big really glad I had that's all tires didn't drag the belly pretty happy so far extremely happy with the shock setup felt really plush so this is me outside of the car I might at about 16 inches in the front I'm gonna kind of who's around the area and find some faster trails that are aren't as rough kind of similar without normally ride I'm gonna drop the back here a little bit and see if that helps just looking at the rear radius rod you can tell they're a pretty steep angle you definitely don't want them flat but you can tell it's a little on my side so I think I'm gonna do is I'm a wrote eight the top shock collar here counterclockwise I'll go three revolutions morning from the lab do a little bit of tuning to the car before we get going check the measurement on this thing just this morning that was 15 inches in the back 16 in the front so a little bit low raised it back in the car about half of an inch and then I adjusted the crossover rings up a little bit you can see I'm up to about seven and a quarter here where shock therapy recommends eight alright so real quick I just decided to lift up the crossover rings just basically because I have not bottom doubt even going fast in the desert so now that I'm gonna be kind of cruising slower on the rocks and I haven't bottom of course compressions fully in the soft setting all the way around you can kind of see how much I moved it up on right at about five inches at the very bottom which is higher than shock therapy suggests but I did such a good job with the spring rates I think might as well try it I get a little more articulation hopefully software compliant ride for a type of terrain with me right in here in my lab so go check it out right you don't know what the best setting is until you explore it's always good to check these things too little allen keys this takes a smaller wrench in their rears do but try it out like I said about 16 in the front should be about 15 and a half in the rear with me out of the car for the right height I'm gonna drop some air pressure a little bit raise the crossover rings keeping the fully soft setting and should be pretty awesome. So just got back from Moab and really liked how the car was set up again I'm a little bit higher than probably what shock therapy recommends but that's what I wanted for the rocks handled great had the compression completely soft couldn't have been happier I think as a whole car sways a little bit more which is to be expected now that I'm running with a lot plusher setting than what I had stock but very happy with how it worked out there in Moab like the crossover rings being a little bit higher out there as well I left it for the desert I like it you know I still have my bottom I think I'm gonna play with a little bit more alright guys so hands down $800 is the best money I've spent on this thing to make it handle better when you add the high-performance spring kit with some bigger high-quality 32 inch tires like these bf G's you've got a lot of clearance and performance traction in a lot of different situations so couldn't be happier thank you guys again for watching if you like the content go ahead and like and subscribe the ones got more coming your way another super exciting of them are oxygen oxygen do you believe in.


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