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by Nick Olson

The strategy: build the BEST "Bang for the Buck" SXS that handles the dunes, the rocks, and everything in between - without breaking the bank! Below are the links to each accessory: SHOCK THERAPY SPRING KIT REVIEW: YOUTUBE

My RZR: 2018 Polaris RZR 4 Turbo Walker Evans Edition Chupacabra Offroad UTV Side Mirrors Chupacabra Offroad Door Bags Shock Therapy Stage 4 Dual Rate Spring Kit (with silent crossover rings) 32" BF Goodrich KR2 UTV Tires 15x7" KMC Machete (Non-Beadlock) Wheels SDR Motorsports Super Shorty Cage Rigid D- Series Headlight Mount Lights Rigid D-Series Driving A Pillar lights Mictuning 30" LED Light Bar PRP 3" 5 point harnesses DragonFire Pass-Throughs Ogio/Polaris Storage Bag UTV Giant Lower Doors Rugged Radios RH-5R Handheld Radio Sand Paddles: 30x13x14 Skat Track Exteme's, 14x8" Polaris Split wheels.


So let's get into this razor check with my 2018 razor turbo so once I picked up this razor my intention was to build this vehicle with the accessories that I liked some new things that I haven't tried yet so my plan was simple get a nice roll cage from a reputable name invest in suspension and tires and then from there make sure I've got all my bases covered with safety with chorus four-point harnesses and then you've got to have your essentials like a fire extinguisher storage for your tools and mirrors for driving a little bit of extra storage or doorbell so first of all a business was get a new cage I'd always admired the look and the styling of the SDR cages I like the attention to detail quality I like a little light pocket I thought it gave it a really cool look I was a little apprehensive because I'm tall I'm six-three and as you can see when I get in the car with my helmet I've got very little bit of a room I've got to be torqued down with my four points and then I'm snogging I don't hit the roof when I'm driving but if my harnesses are not tight I will hit so just a word to the wise if you're my height the rear of the car to FDR suggests only riders of five seven and under which for me isn't a big deal my kids are too small to ride for the most part or ride in the back I think it's gonna help a lot with resale and all you'd really need I like the light mounts you know I threw in two lighted whips you know of course it's fun to have your lighter whips for the dunes like a little mood ring for your razor I want some kind of quick-release pop on with one hand if you need them too I've got two five footers and I wired them up pretty easy before anybody rides in my razor I want the four-point audiences so I've had a two inch I've had the three inch I decided to go with the PRP three inch four-point harnesses they're really comfortable part of me wishes I would have gone with a little two inches in the rear for smaller riders or kids that type of thing I bought the dragon fire pass-throughs for my seats off Amazon they're a pain in the ass to install I'm not gonna lie well once you get them done you know it was a budget a budget a idea of mine decided to go with the UTV giant doors they're pretty good they don't really rattle one thing that really annoys me though is the rear door the rubber molding falls off pretty easy and then from there yeah you can't beat them you know part of me didn't want to spend the big money and get the nice SD our doors wouldn't match the cage and really taking a look at this thing to another level I love how the nine SSD or SDR doors or Madigan doors on a nice flat look makes the razor appear more like a sand rail but you know wasn't in the cards I knew I wanted to invest in suspension and nicer tires and some lighting so decided to keep it cheap it's easy it's nice in Qi to keep the stock graphics on the whole looks good enough for me you know it's not as clean as a as a custom wrap like I've had a wolf wrap on my previous car but that's a hard part - you're spending money on a wrap and the first thing I did the first ride I scratched it so I'm on the fence about that I'll have wraps in the future to promote my business but you know for this vehicle I don't want to get into the expensive doors and around moving on to the wheels and tires so the BFGS came out I really wanted the bf G's you know I'm a big BF goodrich fan I've had him on multiple trucks heard great things about the 30 inch tire when the 32 came out I was really interested at first I saw the price and I was scared and I thought no way and then I was searching online and a popular online retailer has these VI G's for under $260 of tires so I decided if I went a little bit more value mine on the wheels non-b lock wheels and I could splurge and then get these tires I was gonna end up with the setup that was really curious to try I can offer good feedback to all of you and then you don't really see how these deities are worth the money so I think for the money so far I'm really liking I'm going to be doing a complete review compared to the ITP compared to the Polaris crawler primer crawlers that I've used as well as the mongrels well I paired up with these KMC wheels I've got a 15 by 7 km C wheel I think I paid about one hundred and twelve dollars per wheel again on beat lock and I decided to go with the five to offset I could definitely feel right away the steering precision was a lot better than the 4-3 offset wheels that I ran before so my last car had a pretty heavy 22 pound bead lock it was a it was a pro armor and they were a 4-3 offset and when you paired those with a 41 pound farmer crawler a 32 inch tire it was definitely heavy so I can feel a little more of seat-of-the-pants acceleration with this lighter weight non bead lock KMC machete wheel as well as the 39 pound BMG tire so not the lightest setup you can get but from a complete wheel and tire package for the price I'd say it's pretty hard to beat so suspension if you haven't seen it I did a detailed review is spending $800 on a new spring kit for your side-by-side the best money you can spend yes it is and here's the proof you for the money starting off with the Walker Evans turbo adding the spring kit for an extra $800 I think it's a better value than starting off stock with the Fox Edition which is three thousand dollars higher MSRP so click the link below here if you're interested in seeing the shock therapy video I did about tuning for this vehicle as it stands right now I'm about 15 and three-quarter inches high on the front about 15 and a quarter to 15 and a half in the rear I've lowered it just a little bit from my video where I explain 16 in the front I'm just kind of playing with different settings because I got to ride in some other vehicles last week and some 72 inch wide vehicles it felt really stable so I'm trying to lower my car a little bit to search for a little more of that stability in the fast terms I'm always changing I'm always experimenting and love it this is the best money I spent on this vehicle hands-down was the shock therapy spring so I don't work for them this is not an endorsement for them just let you know these guys know what they're talking about they're near me so they're in similar terrain they race they've done you know the out of Glamis all the time you've got a lot of good data I love their content on YouTube channel convinced me to spend on money with them versus any other spring manufacturer and I couldn't be happier for sure so for lighting I've got a mixture of some high-end rigid lights as well as some value so this is a mixing light bar which is about 65 bucks off Amazon this tuning light bar works really good for what it is it's under $70 so stay tuned for that I started off with the rigid lighting which is the headlight kit which replaces in stock headlights I love the look of it significantly brighter almost three times brighter than stock I think stock is around 2000 lumens and I did a couple of my rides with just those lights and they work great but I definitely would outrun those lights even just running around in the desert so these D Series on the a-pillars you know what I'm at Glamis I really feel like I need a lot of lighting or in the dunes coral pink as well I just don't really see as well at night I should be wearing my reading glasses I think honestly and I like getting more of the peripheral that the upper light bar can offer I would probably be good enough just with the a-pillars and the headlights but you know might as well try all three I'm always a little superstitious that there's a little bit more chance of things going wrong at night or if something did go wrong at night it would be more difficult or more more drama so I want to make sure I feel confident with my lighting so stay tuned for the comparison of the two light bars of a 60-hour light bar versus a $800 light bar will really see if it's worth the money so of course I'm running Chupacabra side mirrors we're able to come up with something there look stylish tits big so guys that have utility side by side like it guys have sport side by side like it when we were designing this Mary wanted something that had a lot of visibility for a utility type of guy but also looks sporty enough to look cool on a razor so we designed the the mold with that in mind we want to add a little bit of an additional stiffness you see a little Mole design but really this is just offering a good-looking mirror at a value that looks good on a razor it looks good on the next three let's get on a waxy and look just get on a high up honda pioneer we're on in the back of the vehicle of course you've got to have some storage I went with this Polaris ojio soft bag not really happy with it I wouldn't really recommend it two reasons why first off you can't even pressure wash your raise or without it soaking through and getting all the contents wet and they start just think you got to dry everything off take it out of your razor all together before you pressure wash it second reason is they use the lock and ride setup to secure it in the back of the bed well you've got to really tighten the bottom of those bolts to keep that secure I've had this thing come loose and almost come out of the back of my razor one of hitting whoops going up old mobility Hill and glamis or just I'm out running hard in some loops high speed desert areas so it's a pain in the neck you know I really love the idea of the lock and ride is really good you know Polaris realized that a lot of accessories get sold in the dealership at the time of the sale so part of the reason they developed the lock and ride system was to enable a lot of dealerships to quickly and easily they're all in some parts they can make the sale of those accessories are much harder to sell after you already purchased the unit but the lock and rattle washers for this particular application with the amount of weight that I've got in there with my tool pack my bubble rope extra builds and a little usually a small little cooler that I carry is too much moves around another thing too I'm always wanting to get that thing out of there when I wash the car off and get to my air box I always make sure I clean my air filter so for the cockpit this is really simple for my communications I've just got a little rugged radios handheld works great I use it on a couple trips some of the times I don't use it at all but I've got it there when I need it so of course for the purpose of safety I added a fire extinguisher I went with this max out it's your typical 3-inch size fits on any type of mount that's actually just a polaris three-inch fire extinguisher mount had it mounted up there in a clean locations out of the way it's got the quick release tab right on the front don't have much experience with it but hopefully I never will just peace of mind of course gotta have something like that just to be safe got the wife marking her territory with a little hair clip right there so thanks everybody for watching if you like this video please like and subscribe and we've got more another Chupacabra sightings of their own across in Janaki do you believe.


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