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by Jacob Layton

I finally get to ride in a rock buggy! Katelynn takes me for a ride on a 10 RATED TRAIL in Sand Hollow, UT. She makes it look so easy!



























(1:27) [Music] So as you guys can see, I just got to go on a very cool ride. I've been wanting to do something like this forever. Thanks to Caitlyn Boren. Caitlyn is someone that we met out here at this event two years ago. We were just talking about so, um, you guys are locals. If you want to tell our audience, as you can tell her buggy is not a side by side, she's into competitive rock crawling. Can you give us like a little, those viewers that might not know what you compete in and kind of how you guys got into this?

(1:57) Caitlyn Boren: Yeah, so I have been a part of this my entire life. Ever since I was probably 6 months old, I've been riding passenger in a Jeep or a buggy like this. And when I was 11, my dad taught me how to drive and I don't know if he realized how far this would get us. But I learned how to drive at 11 and then when I was I believe 13, we started competing in a series called We Rock. And so that is like a rock crawl competition series. It's set up courses all over the world from Washington State to Texas to New Mexico. And we go compete on those and it's it's just so much fun. I love doing this. I love the sport and the atmosphere that we have, but super grateful to be a part of it.

(2:38) Nick: And you came over to the booth, you were looking for a mirror. I thought it was cool a couple of times. Some people we've met or they've wanted to put our products on different types of off-road vehicles, whether it's a class one car or a trophy truck or this buggy. And I just thought it was cool. I think it's cool as we try to build a brand and you know integrate with people who are authentic to the lifestyle and this being a little bit of an offshoot. But like I grew up, my dad was into Jeeps and I would love for him to have something like this one day. And my mom and dad live here and seeing this stuff is always cool. Like, you know, as you guys can tell in everything dirt, whether it's a bike or this or whatever. So we just started chatting and one thing led to another and small sponsorship and her program. See, I think she's super authentic and cool and I think it's cool to be a part of the whole off-road culture. I look at all of it as we're all into the same things. You were just talking about some people that you've met recently through biking and my buddy Wes who's here, we met through biking and we're all kind of into the same types of things, just maybe different flavors.

(3:30) Caitlyn: And I think people don't realize how important it is to have mirrors, especially trailing. Like if you're driving and you're harnessed in, right, you don't have, like you can't just look behind you to see if your buddy's still with you, if he's half a mile down the trail. Just be able to have those mirrors just to glance up, see, oh, we're good. We can keep going.

(3:50) Nick: We noticed that when we talk to customers at these events where they're crawling, they're so stoked on mirrors. Yes. You know, we go to Sand Show, the Glamis crowd, they're like, okay, this looks pretty on my car, the color. But here it's like the pragmatics of like actually using a mirror. They come back from the rides and they're like the mirrors, you know, they're so stoked on it. It's cool to see. So, well, thank you for the ride. I love being a part of your program. We're going to go ahead and put her link below. Here's her social and check her out. She's all over the place. She's on YouTube as well. And thank you for the ride and awesome. So fun weekend here. We love coming to Sand Hollow. Cool to hang out with the locals and we'll catch you guys later.

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(6:40) One thing that I love about this, so you can't get side by side, is how slow the PE Ratio. I like that I can just take my time going, be super technical and I don't have to give it a ton of gas in order to get up.

(6:56) Nick: Are you fanning the clutch while you're...

(6:58) Caitlyn: This is just a break. Okay. But yeah, I definitely on the brake more than I on the gas because the gears are so low that they push through the brake and I have to really be on.


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