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by Jacob Layton


We made it back out to Sand Hollow for the 2024 Rally On The Rocks! It is always a great time out on the rocks and even better spending time with great friends and all of you who support us!
























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(0:11) good morning everybody, Chupacabra Off-Road. We're back in San Hollow, Utah. Got the Speed with the big tires on it, got it all prepped up. Took it to Deaja, ran pretty good, just blew a belt, but really excited to try out the front diff that we had upgraded. Basically, Robbie Gordon sent us a replacement from the stock that I thought was slipping, and this is going to be the ultimate test. So, we're going to Double Sammy. I've done it in this car a couple of times, first time on stickies, so I'm feeling pretty confident. Hopefully, we have a good run, make it up the shoot, and just have a good day. This always makes me a little nervous coming out here, playing on the Rocks, but man, it's fun to be here and fun to get our little rock crawling fix in, you know, a couple of times a year. Got the Pro R here looking good on the tires and the roof rack. So, cool, first time here on the Rocks all dialed in. So, we will get on down the trail and catch up with you in a bit.

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(6:41) there it is. Alright, I'm here with my buddy Chad. Chad works for CF Moto, long-time buddy of mine. He used to work with them at Polaris. The guy loves this stuff, but he's going to try the after shoot in a little CF and see how it goes.

(7:15) [Music] okay, there you go on [Applause] up, there you go. Now St drive a little more, you're going to have to give it some momentum. Tires good, it'll time St driver [Music]

(8:08) y hope can act right [Music] [Applause] [Music]

(8:27) Chad Chad, are you going to go to Disneyland? Let's go to Disneyland. Thanks for the pressure, Nick. Chad, the tour guides are saying you might be the shortest vehicle they've ever seen do that obstacle. Okay, all right, that's going chill. It worked, bro. I got a little bit. Oh yeah, not bad. Awesome work, man, that was exciting. Okay, Nick, your turn. I'm not manning it up. That was legit, the Z-Force 950 H ex X on BFGs. What kind of tire press are you running? About six. Okay, yeah, we saw guys just do this obstacle, some on BFGs, some on stickies, and the stickies are obviously a huge advantage. Oh yeah, you have done it with your eyes closed with the only thing I did to it. So, it's got tires, that's about all. Oh, and Chupacabra mirrors, of course. Of course, now available for your CF Moto.

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(11:49) [Music] one thing that I love about this so you can't get side by side is how slow the crawl ratio is. I like that I can just take my time going super technical and I don't have to give it a ton of gas in order to get up. Are you Fanning the clutch while you're just using the brake? Okay, but yes, I definitely use the brake more than I use the gas because the gears are so low that they push through the brake as I have to really be careful.

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(18:15) so as you guys can see, I just got to go on a very cool ride. I've been wanting to do something like this forever. Thanks to Caitlyn Boren. Caitlyn is someone that we met out here at this event two years ago we were just talking about. So, um, you guys are locals if you want to tell our audience, as you can tell her buggy is not a side by side. She's into competitive rock crawling. Can you give us like a little those viewers that might not know what you compete in and kind of how you guys got into this?

(18:39) yeah, so I have been a part of this my entire life. Ever since I was probably six months old, I've been riding passenger in a Jeep or a buggy like this, and when I was 11, my dad taught me how to drive, and I don't know if you realize how far this would get us, but I learned how to drive at 11, and then when I was, I believe, 13, we started competing in a series called We Rock, and so that is like a rock crawl competition series. It's set up courses all over the world from Washington State to Texas to New Mexico, and we go compete on those, and it's just so much fun. I love doing this. I love the sport and the atmosphere that we have, but super grateful to be a part of it.

(19:18) And you came over to the booth, you were looking for a mirror. I thought it was cool a couple of times, some people we've met or they've wanted to put our products on different types of off-road vehicles, whether it's a class one car or trophy truck or this buggy. I just thought it was cool. I think it's cool as we try to build a brand and, you know, integrate with people who are authentic to the lifestyle, and this being a little bit of an offshoot. But like I grew up, my dad was into Jeeps, and I would love for him to have something like this one day. And my mom and dad live here, and seeing this stuff is always cool, like, you know, as you guys can tell, we're into everything dirt, whether it's a bike or this or whatever. So, um, we just started chatting, and one thing led to another, and small sponsorship in her program. CU, I think she's super authentic and cool, and I think it's cool to be a part of the whole off-road culture. I look at all of it as we're all into the same things. You were just talking about some people that you've met recently through biking, and my buddy Wes, who's here, we met through biking, and we're all kind of into the same types of things, just maybe different flavors.

(20:05) And I think people don't realize how important it is to have mirrors, especially trail wheeling. Like if you're driving and you're harnessed in right, you don't have like, you can't just look behind you to see if your buddy's still with you if he's half a mile down the trail. Like, just be able to have those mirrors just to glance up, see, oh, we're good, we can keep going.

(20:31) We notice that when we talk to customers at these events where they're crawling, they're so stoked on mirrors. Yes. You know, we go to sand shows, the Glamis crowd, they're like, okay, this looks pretty on my car, the color, but here it's like the pragmatics of like actually using a mirror. They come back from the rides and they're like, the mirrors, you know, they're so stoked on it. It's cool to see.

(20:54) So well, thank you for the ride. I love being a part of your program. We're going to go ahead and put her link below. Here's her social, and check her out. She's all over the place. She's on YouTube as well, and thank you for the ride and awesome.

(21:06) So fun weekend here. We love coming to San Hollow. Cool to hang out with the locals, and we'll catch you guys later.

(21:20) Alright, day two out here, Rally on the Rocks. I'm going to run the same trail in the Pro R. So, yesterday in the Speed, obviously it was fun to try the back to back. Another good day, we got a good group, and we'll see how she goes. Wes has been raving about rock mode and all that, so excited to try it out. Hopefully not scratch it.

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(22:50) just like there you go.

(23:08) All right, so just made it up Double Sammy in the Pro R. I complain all the time about the length of the wheelbase, but this thing did really well. It's got a really good turning radius. The only thing that made me nervous is there's a couple of moments, you guys have ridden Double Sammy, you know it's got a lot of twists and turns. There's just some little off-camber in between all the real obstacles, and we got really close to tipping, really close. It's definitely a little more top-heavy, tippy than the Speed, but man, the power modulation is great, and the rock mode and everything about it, it's very enjoyable. I wish we could take the doors off; we would have to have more airflow and just more visibility. But all in all, very impressed. Probably going to hit the chute here in it. I did most of the trail, I didn't realize the locker wasn't engaged because it's harder to make those tight turns. There's a couple of clips we just showed you, but it's a good car, and even though she's big, a little bit more planning of your turns, you can get up these seven, eight-rated trails no problem. Did you see it?

(24:28) Hey, bud, what's your name? Did you just drive this thing up Double Sammy? Mhm. Have you done it a bunch of times? Oh yeah, this has got to be 12 times. 12 times? How old are you? I'm 10. That's pretty cool. Can I do the shoot? Can I ride with you on the shoot like this? Thanks for putting all the stickers on the car. Looks rad. Here's the youngster, the 10-year-old going to show everybody how it's done.

(25:14) So cool. Nice work, bud. The things are sick.

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(25:57) You

(26:38) Looking good, looking good. How you doing? Good, good. Good to see you guys out here. Fun, man. Had a fun first time dropping up in the Pro. This mirror is my life, dude. Digging it, digging it. I like putting mine offside so you can see evenly out of each side. Yeah, you're tall too, so yeah, I wish it was a little taller. Yeah, yeah. Rig looks D. I wish I took my doors off for today. Did you scratch one? No, just for being able to see and yeah, the heat. Looks cozy, looks comfortable. Oh yeah, no more doors on this one for life. For life, no more Tes nothing. We just destroy them. So this is just a UTV Pro. This is a rare setup of no doors with a windshield. Yeah, you don't see that man on many UTVs in general. No, you don't. So why the windshield? Because it's Utah. You caught a hell of a wind. It's like this just because like coming back, I live right close to Sand Hollow, so just the wind. I mean, sometimes I'll take it off in the middle of summer, but it does get cold in winter and stuff. So just driving from the house out here, you freeze. So I love windshields for dust, but yeah, looks like yours is all dialed for maximum visibility. Absolutely dig it. Is this a voodoo cage? This is a UTV Pros cage. Okay. Got an extra brace down here. Yep, yep, with all in-house. Carter, this Carter, the fab guy, he designs it all, builds all the cages. Holy tie rods, hydro steering mounted on the front. Yeah, custom knuckles and everything. All portals and portals and custom brackets for the portals to go with the hydro steer. And how long have you been running this setup? I've had this thing dialed for almost a year now. So way better than oh yeah. Like I was breaking stuff every time I went out, and I really got it pretty dialed and know the limits of the car. So, and these are 40s. Holy cow, 40s. That was the reason for the steering upgrades. Yeah, absolutely. What about power wise, pretty stock or what? Yeah, just stock, a little Evo tune. Got some Evo love in here. Do you clutch it different or gear it lower? So transmission has a gear reduction. We have STM clutches on it. Yeah, it does pretty good. I wish it was a little lower. I had it lower, but my top speed was just trash, and so I still have to be able to make it out here. What's your high speed, what's your miles per hour? I can still hit about 65. Okay. But before it was like 47. So killer, man. Hell yeah. Then for these guys, we've been at this rally four or five times. Almost every trip, take down toy and he has been excellent to give us through as quick as he can. I know they said in the...


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