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After driving it out in Glamis, it is time to take the Pro R out onto the hardpack to get a good feeling of the suspension. Can we get the Pro R to feel like this Speed?

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right jeep has the keys to my speed right here in Boulders got the MTS set up on the pro I drove it in Glamis now I want to drive it on the hard pack and multiple drivers drive the car back to back so Jeep um first thoughts and my speed uh out here in the boulders place you ride all the time uh car feels good man you got your adjustments pretty pretty dialed I think um as as far as uh handling the car just feels like it's on Rails through every corner like we're trying to get it Loose for some photo ops but it uh it wants to just stay planted and just rail the corners real hard uh the low speed and small vat compliance is actually pretty good uh compared to stock um and the car just hammers man it does it does really well so I'm glad you said that jeep because um that's the feeling that I Rave about you guys you see me talking in a lot of videos and with the pro R that's something than I was hoping to feel so I went through that those bumps a couple times in Comfort mode cuz I wanted that um soft and you know see how how planted it can feel but like you were just talking about um before we started rolling the camera the the pr is like so predictable it hun around really easy out here too yeah yeah the dear definitely is a lot easier to get loose uh than this car which makes sense cuz this is a purpose-built you know desert race car is what Robbie's explaining it as and that's kind of how it feels honestly when you're driving it it does have like that low feel like I used to have on my race car and all that um speaking of low you looked at my car you think my car is probably a little lower than you would set it up as just just a just a touch I think a couple more inches a little bit taller uh will give a little bit more of that comfortability that uh the masses are looking for um but I think if you're racing it keeping it this low keeping the center of gravity low um you know the arms are flat so they're in a better position to travel upwards you know coming into bumps MH but uh no overall I think for the style of driving I have and you and uh a couple people like us it's really good yeah um Pro you got the shocks all dialed in ride height you want to talk about like real quick you know I had some particularities I just wanted kind of like that soft Small Bump compliance maybe a little on the softer side and then we have the O crap button we can drop the Crossovers for the dunes but um what do a lot of pro R guys look for when they when they bring their shot to you and set up and really a lot of it is they just don't want to bottom out you know stock cars always have that issue of um they they tend to lose a lot of their ride height you know they lose a lot of their height on their Springs um so they bought them out a lot they're not so comfortable when they get low like that cuz you're getting into your bypass porting already and you're losing a lot of the a lot of the bypass that you do have um so they really just want good ride height to maintain their ride height good low speed um and less body roll you know cuz they're almost 3,000 lbs so um just getting it to be more stable and safe for them is a is a big is a big comment we get from customers like getting used to the pro it's funny because it's so smart with all the electronics I'm kind of trying to see what it feels like but um it's a little hard like one thing I I will say we have the stock tires don't have our desert tires set up yet but these stock tires are really skatey I'm not a big fan of them but I do like how light they are cuz you can kind of feel the car better I mean we're going to put 35s on it but I think it's harder to feel what the car is doing you have more sprung weight would you agree with that yeah you tend to have uh with the more unsprung weight you have uh your tires tend to uh bounce off the ground coming into whoops cuz the shocks don't have good control over all that so that is definitely a thing that we look for when customers are getting their shocks tuned by us we need all that information what tires you're going to run um the size uh cuz that could really change the dynamic of a car you know it could make it feel like it's going on Rails through the corner or it's going to blow through you know well I need some more time to go drive we're going to hit another section catch you you guys in a minute [Music] first thing I thought about when we shot these same bumps last year in the Canam this car I looked down at the speed we going like 10 or 12 M hour faster oh yeah dude and the canel was good yeah yeah know the PRS are the big cars are just they sneak up on you cuz they uh one they're so comfortable and personally I like the way big heavy cars handle yeah they seem to be a little bit more plush but yeah these ones have so much much bottom end man you're not really giving it a whole lot of juice and now you'll sneak up on 55 60 real quick through some gnarly terrain So speaking of Canam I haven't driven the r yet you guys have one you've tuned a lot in it it's a lot heavier than the X3 like does it have for that reason does it have much more of a a feel like these just because of the weight no it's it's that car feels surprisingly light like it's very Nimble uh handles really good um I prefer the r over anything that we have currently wow over the pro R um the speed the x3s the Turbo R dang you know it's a it's a really solid unit that's cool um yeah it's fun to go back and forth and get more comfortable first thing I I've ever felt um people some people talked about some of the steering feedback in the Pro R I had never felt it until this last run pushing it and feeling a little bit coming around this like gradual left hand turn but it's funny like I think it's it's been more masked than the Canam I used to own and this I think it's definitely it's pretty bad and needs the electric assist but like the first time I've ever felt on the pro yeah I was going to say that through uh this definitely isn't as bad as like the x3s were especially the early x3s um but I think Robbie's switching over to the uh electric power steering I'm mistaken but yeah I know the pro RS they don't which is surprising cuz they have a ton of bump steer um but it doesn't translate into feedback in the wheel hardly at all um I like driving this stuff not on race mode like it just seem like the power delivery is smoother it's funny how how much how good the speed is here on the hard pack and how good the pro R is in the Dunes man like this low-end torque in the dunes and all that like I I couldn't get enough of it but um we've done like multiple videos kind of talking about back to back I mean they're they're different types of vehicles but ultimately it's the same type of buyer with the same amount of money being spent so it's fun to to talk about the difference of them um the the pro R it's so good that you can just push buttons and adjust it all like we were playing with the suspension softening it back up in the speed From the Dunes that's kind of a pain versus just having your buttons you can push on the pro R and all the power modes of the razor is really cool but it's fun to drive them back to back um to talk about the improvements of the suspension definitely a lot better Small Bump compliance that you guys were able to achieve on this car I tried a couple of the different modes um really enjoyed it in the dunes I thought what you guys delivered was a great mix yeah because I am seeing a lot more of that Comfort out here even then we are pushing it and I think this is going to be really enjoyable on your 10 12 hour rides you're get some slow speed stuff and that's the type of stuff like I don't know if people talk about that but when you're doing a long all day ride I like being comfortable and I hate when you're in a car it's too stiff and you just slowly get like beat up all day which is one of the reasons why I said like guys like make it nice and soft and Squishy because it gets old after you you definitely will be sore um after a day of riding if the car is not uh set up like like a lot of guys that go down to Baja you know will bring their cars into us just to make a quick adjustment you know we'll raise crossovers uh raise the ride height you know give them some some suggestions for uh getting set up for that type of terrain cuz they're doing like you said 10 hour 10 hour rides and it really sucks to get beat up you know especially if you've set your cars up for the dunes or um yeah or more uh gnarly stuff like this yeah I was going to ask I asked Jeep right before we started rolling like I talk a lot about on the channel how we go to the dunes we go a little bit of everywhere and I asked ask you like how many of your customers are like that or more of your guys like just do the dunes they just do one thing but you said the same thing there's a lot of guys that that take these things all over the place so they try to find a setup that works everywhere yeah yeah and that's that's really why you know we're constantly testing and improving and um trying to develop uh new fixes for things that we find um just that way you could have a car that really can do everything with the minimum amount of effort you know having to do externally adjustments before going to those terrains you know I'm kind of a princess myself after doing this for a while I don't like to get out I'd rather just push a button yeah so I'm a huge fan of all the live valve systems um it's impossible to beat man like another thing too like this car we don't have our heavier wheels and tires will be running we don't have our full sizee spare get this thing with one other passenger and also um some stuff for a big ride you know Baja like this thing is going to feel really planted and that's one thing I felt like this can handle a lot more weight like if we had four adults in the speed and the dunes it it would be hard on but this is such a robust car like almost I almost want more weight in the car I think it's going to work even better yeah no the PRS do really well like uh all of the all of our shop cars have 35s and we were able to carry uh you know four passengers plus a 35s plus a you know 40 or 50 lb cooler in the back and we were averaging 45 of Crown King you know you know how gnarly that is yeah so and the cars just they just eat it they the pro love it they do they can hand it all day all right we're going to get some drone shots we'll catch up you guys in a [Music] [Music] minute [Music] so hope you guys liked this video it's really wild driving these cars back to back in the dunes a few weeks ago and now on the hard pack these cars have so many different characteristics I've talked about comparison them but comparing Them Apples to Apples but it's really wild based on what you what you ride and all that so I'm really stoked on the upgrades with MTS um one of the the ideas with this build is to make it tough and rugged for all types of trips and Adventures so we had the upgraded suspension with the uni balls but then now we've got the MTS shock shafts and be shock forks I feel like the front end is going to be tough and ready for anything yeah yeah the only thing I would say that you could probably add of ours is radius rods um we got 6061 T6 uh Billet radius rods that are inch and a half tall by an inch and an eight thick um that are way way more comfortable for this heavy of a car yeah um compared to the stock ones are like less than 8 in wall you know mild steel I love how nice and tidy you guys had the limit straps it looks good and it's going to be more peace of mind for not worry about potential either just topping the shock out or yeah especially in the front um if you don't have our upgraded shock shaft in Fort combo I would definitely run limit straps it's not as important I'd still run them you know just to keep the together uh but it's not as important if you have our shock shaft upgrade but if you don't strongly recommend a limit strap kit well give uh Jeep and the Gang at MTS a call we're going to go ahead and post the phone number right here uh their Link in the description of course they've been working on Pro R service in them and the dunes pretty much everywhere the desert yeah and then obviously working on speed stuff too you guys have tuned and dial a lot of uh lot of speed so far as they come out what do you think of my car uh it's good it's good you definitely have it set up for exactly what you like to do you know uh I think for somebody who likes to mosy we'd make a few changes mhm um you know if you're going to be doing trail riding rock crawling I don't know uh what the big Market is for these yet but um we have a bunch of different options for anything you want to do cool thank you guys for coming out thank you guys for watching the channel if you like the content like And subscribe we'll see you on the next [Music] one [Music].



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