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by Jacob Layton


We have introduced an adjustable seat base for the Speed UTV, it features multiple mounting locations to get the perfect seat adjustment. In this video we show you how to install our Speed UTV Seat Bases. If you're looking for a new SxS, dirtbike or parts and accessories, support the dealer that made this video possible, Coyne Powersports! www.coynepowersports.com








Transcription: hey everybody Nick Olson chupacabra Offroad today this video is about the install of seat bases which is a kit that we offer for all of you speed UTV owners now there's three different models of the speed UTV if you're not familiar you've got the L Hefe which is a four-seater and two two- seat versions which are the L Diablo and the Bandit now the Bandit is the least popular version and it does not allow you to utilize a pair so for that reason on the website we sell them as a pair individually uh the pair they set a pair of that it's going to work with other two seat options which speed offers which is a standard width and also a Nar a wide tall seat so that's what I have in my car we're going to show you how they both work and we'll get into the install [Music] video so right here we've got the stock Hardware which are eight screws that come out of the bottom of the seat which you're going to go ahead and use to loosen and remove your seat and we're going to reuse those on the side of the seat now we have some rubber isolated um weather resistant washers here that we will use in conjunction with the stock Hardware as we rebolt it to the side of the seat base now the seat base has multiple adjustable settings which is why you should buy them along with stiffening up the whole Junction of how the seat mounts to the car so a little bit safer lots of adjustability I'm 6'3 I run it higher than the stock setting our lowest setting on these is still about a/ inch taller than stock so this definitely designed for you to get up a little bit more and be able to see out of the vehicle the speed does have a long hood and that's something I think almost every speed owner can benefit from and you can see we've got an additional eight screws and nut so these are going to be used on the bottom and we'll get into what we think is the easiest way to install it here over on the [Music] car all right so here we've got the seat base mounted up as you can see we've got some slots here and that allows you to adjust the width of the two different seat options which are the standard and the wide the hardware for the job pretty simple all you're going to need is a 10 mm box wrench or socket to remove that hardware and then for our new 10.9 grade8 Hardware you're going to need a size 13 mil so we took our screw and nut and go ahead and got it set up we didn't get it too tight as you can see it's still allowed to move a little bit and I think this is the easiest way to go about it so now that we've got this in place we're going to put our seat in and you can see one of the best features of our bracket are the adjustments of height we have four height adjustments the lowest adjustment is still about a/2 in higher than stock so you can go up about as much is 2 and 1/2 in and it's nice even at my height at 63 I'm up a little bit higher than the stock setting just because it does have a long Hood seeing over the vehicle and different type of situations you sit so low in this car like a race car that it's nice and it's nice to be able to customize for you and your your code driver so um now we got this in place we've got it like I said not all the way tight we're going to pop the seat in add the hardware with those rubber [Music] washers okay okay so we got them all secured in and tight now we're good to go one little tip uh I was wrong earlier on the 13 you're need a 12 mm on top for a hardware and a 13 on the bottom but uh pretty easy install once you get it just don't forget to take your crotch belt if you're running the stock speed belts and run it through and run it down so you can reattach it here to this lower mounting bar so pretty simple you can play around with your adjustments go drive a little bit see if you like it better than the stock setting if you guys want to learn some more information check the link here in our bio thanks for watching we'll see you on the next one oh


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