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by Nick Olson

Well, not a whole lot of excitement in the 2022 Polaris RZR release, but I’m 99% sure a lot more is coming. Check out our thoughts, in relation to you guys that are looking to buy a new SxS for this desert season. They have cut the RZR XP Turbos and Turbo S models, so what will they be replaced with? Here is what we think will happen, when we see their RZR release later this year.


What's happening everybody Nick Olson Chupacabra off-road and it's that fun time of year when all the oems start to release their new model years and if you guys saw the title I'm definitely gonna call this a part one because polaris strikes first but I definitely don't think this is all we're going to see from polaris this year so let's get into it let's see what they announced and what they didn't announce and then also help you use some ideas of what I think is going to happen as well as help you plan out if you're looking to purchase a new vehicle for this desert season [Music] all right so I got the website pulled up and here's what was announced yesterday so starting from the bottom here your trail segment you've got your standard 50 and 60 inch models these were already released the trill s being the crown jewel and the 60 inch with the 1000 cc option it's a nice looking unit here with an updated roll cage as well as some full doors moving on to multi-terrain here you see the rs1 which looks to be the exact same with a cool new colorway the razer 1000 and then the razer pro xp so first thing you're gonna notice the xp turbos are gone and the beloved turbo s's are gone now there was a magazine reporting that the turbo s is going to still be a model I think they're wrong I worked for polaris for several years was a part of many model launches and also talking to dealers they also confirmed on the sheet of models that dealers can't order there is no such thing as a 2022 turbo s they could announce it later if they do this second wave razor launch which I'm expecting and could bring back the turbo west they could maybe just take it and maybe revise some of the plastics or something of that nature but we'll speculate here more on that in just a second but at the moment guys no 2022 xp turbo no 2022 razer turbo s so the xp 1000 remains the same looks like from its original launch in July of 2013 here we are many years later you've got a base model which is thousand five hundred bucks you've got a couple different color options and then if you wanna spend a little bit more two grand more you're gonna get the ride command with full doors and some led accent lights with arguably two better looking colors so pretty simple guys same horsepower same walker evan shock same 29 inch bighorns we've all come to know and that's where the gap really begins so moving on over to the razer pro xp like I said even before I've kind of hinted at this on social I'm not surprised that polaris would get rid of the turbo west as much as me and a lot of people really love that rig so it makes sense that with all the money that polaris has invested in the pro xp chassis styling that they're going to move forward and that's going to be a majority of the model offerings as we move forward into this new era of razer so the options appear to be basically the same you've got your pro xp sport your base model at 22k then you're bumping all the way up to 27.2 for the pro premium and that gets you ride command rockford fosgate audio premium painted panels led accent lights a telescoping steering wheel with the button controls which is pretty cool from what I've heard a lot of guys like having those buttons right on the steering wheel especially the oh crap button to stiffen up the compression on the live valve model and of course 181 horsepower 30 inch max's carnivore tires and then to top it off with the razer pro xp 29.5 that gets you the dynamics and all the things I mentioned here below so the one thing I really noticed is a huge price gap so from 22 to 27 doesn't leave the customer many options so that's why I keep saying I'm almost a thousand percent sure guys we will see a razor launch part two reason being a lot of customers want some different price points and also for all of us in the southwest and probably beyond you guys want to see some 72-inch models and at the moment there's no 72-inch models for sale from polaris which is a big shocker so that's your quick and dirty roundup of the 2c models now I think kovitz played a huge role in this it might be in their best interest to just streamline the models that they have to get maybe more of those out to your customers but the bigger concern is like I said there's probably going to be a part two razer release but when will that be now if you're looking to buy something this year I'm anticipating you probably won't see anything until sancho or camp razor so now we're talking September October maybe even later and at that point when they do release new models and if they are good enough to even get some of them on the ground for a lot of you it's already halfway through your desert season and if you are looking at picking up something YOU KNOW and now sooners better rather than later because if you do want to put a cage on it find accessories everything's hard to come by right now because the cove and I know a lot of cage builders are eight and ten weeks out so YOU KNOW if you really want to have something ready to go at the beginning of this desert season this really puts you in a real pinch particularly if you're leaning towards polaris now scrolling down they did keep a couple of special editions the high lifters sells really well down south from what I've heard I think it's their best special edition razor they've ever created so of course they're gonna keep that going here with the two and four seat model and then the rock crawler trail and rocks edition they call it this is a cool little rig for the hardcore rock crawlers the guys that mainly do this 100 of the time it's got a much lower range transmission and for 24k you get the same accessories it's always come with which are a front bumper and a winch 30 inch crawler tires and bead locks and you also get a rear view mirror full doors and the retractable harnesses so nice little rig for rock crawling right out of the box and it stays the same here with 55 lower low gear on the gear reduction trans so all right so moving on to the four seaters xp4 1000 you've got a couple of different flavors starting off with your basic no frills base model at 22 500. we've got the same xp 4000 we've all come to grow and love you've got a black and then a polaris blue and orange and then if you want to spend a little bit more 2 500 bucks more for the premium same thing you've got some different colorways led accents full doors premium paint and then most important upgrade being the ride command system so nothing really too surprising there and then you go all the way over to the pro xp4 so pro xp4 sport your base model here is 25 000 and then you bump up to 31 299 on the xp4 premium and then 32 999 on the xp4 ultimate YOU KNOW we haven't seen 2022 canaan models yet that's coming here pretty soon we haven't seen if they're going to do a price increase but at the moment this is already more expensive than a 72 inch wide x3 comparable model here so the biggest question I have is with the turbo s being gone one unit that the southwest loved was the velocity turbo s four seat model now it was under 26 000 it came off the showroom floor with some real tires came with the beefier transmission beefier front differential beefier frame it's an awesome unit you guys seen a bunch of videos of my turbo s I absolutely love that vehicle and I'm hoping that we will see with this next release polaris release something along the same lines a good model 72 inches wide at a reasonable price under 26 under 27 000 now and of course you want to spend a little bit more you can get the dynamics like I did with my turbo s dynamics so so one more point I wanted to make on the four-seater now just to go back to my previous life I worked for polaris in sales and back when the razer 1000 was all the rage YOU KNOW polaris had a lot of sales data that about two thousand five hundred dollars was what a lot of people wanted to spend at that time it was a good payment the volume was there and then can-am launched their x-ray xrs their four-seater jumped way up to I think it was 29 30 000. and it was a big price gap and I was really interested to see how well it would sell now lo and behold of course can-am sold every one and it proved that the market was a lot less price sensitive than what I originally thought and the reason I want to make this point is that I feel like the customers have really evolved a lot of us are really savvy and we will pay more for more value seven thousand dollars more at that time the x3 looked and had essentially a long travel kit a wider width to replicate that width and performance on a razor pretty much cost the same and it was all wrapped into a warranty financing right off the showroom floor I tell all that to tell you guys YOU KNOW get ready to hold your breath I'm pretty sure the new top dog razor the pro r that we've all seen and alluded to is gonna be expensive it might be the first side-by-side to eclipse the forty thousand dollar msrp a lot of people are gonna be salty about that but YOU KNOW as long as polaris is providing the value then I think they're going to sell just because customers are always looking for the biggest baddest thing especially right now with the economy humming I mean this side-by-side market just keeps growing in leaps and bounds and we all want to see more performance more excitement and that's all going to come with a bigger price tag so unfortunately not much new exciting news at all but the bigger question is hey if you're looking for a new vehicle for this season what do you buy if you want something ready to roll in October you kind of between a rock and a hard place if I were you I would hang tight wait two weeks see what can-am unveils maybe we'll get some more information on when the speeds might see the light of day and then also I think that if you do want something by October you have to then make a decision work on getting it all set up so if your first trip is in October camp raise or something like that you're ready to go I think otherwise you just keep what you've got get through the first half of the season wait and see what polaris does come out with not only the pro r but will we see a pro r4 seater where we just see some pro xps with some 72 inch flavor I'm really anticipating that they will what's going to be the price points on those as well as 2c models so a lot of questions more questions than answers unfortunately for this one but we'll keep you abreast of what we hear we'll put together some more videos once players of course does their part two I'm gonna call it can-am's release YOU KNOW more information on speed and all the other manufacturers if they release something exciting so thanks for watching hope you guys like the content if you do please like and subscribe and as usual we've got a lot more coming your way.


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