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by Nick Olson

We LOVE Moab, Utah. What an incredible place to visit if you love playing in the dirt. For 2021, we tried to conquer Moab on our favorite dirt toys: Mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and of course, SxS’s. I don’t know if I’d say we “conquered” Moab this trip, but we left humbled, better off-roaders, and excited to return. Moab is a really special place. There is so much to explore and we were excited to see more of the terrain that makes this place so special. Check out Dead Horse Park, Hells Revenge, Fins & Things, Poison Spider, Where Eagles Dare, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim, Cane Creek, Pritchett Canyon, Devil’s Hot Tube, Hell’s Gate, Body Snatcher, and more! Looking to plan a trip? Here are the links to our rides, to get you inspired to use the OnX Offroad GPS app to plan your perfect trip. Fins & Things and Hell’s Revenge: https://onxoffroad.app.link/zSafE3mtrgb Poison Spider to Golden Spike to Gold Bar Rim: https://onxoffroad.app.link/80fUL5ltrgb Moto Loop: https://onxoffroad.app.link/xwrtfOjtrgb *DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored by OnX Offroad. OnX Offroad has more than 425,000 miles of mapped roads and trails in the Dirt and 140,000 miles in the Snow, Waypoint Sharing, Weather Conditions and 450,000 Recreation Points like campsites, trailheads, swimming holes, breweries and gas stations – making it the perfect way to find your next spot to play. Available on iOS and Android.


What’s up everybody nick olson chupacabra off road as you can see in the background i’m here with my boy jeff and we are back in moab uh we’re on this trip together about three years ago yeah and uh we’re going to try to shoot ride moab the best way we know how which is mountain bikes uh moto and off-road stuff with the razor so day one we’re here at dead horse trail park uh we’re doing some e-bike riding uh jeff’s first time riding an e-bike yeah i’m super stoked man we got an epic backdrop here and uh just yeah first pedals on this bike is just insane having an electric motor also excited to announce that this video this trip is sponsored by onyx offroad if you guys haven’t heard of the company they are a gps off-road app it’s going to work really well for out here particularly all the different types of trails water open what or not specifically today right now we’re riding e-bikes so some of the natural human power trails are off limits to us but some of them are a lot of the ohv stuff are so it’s really cool we’ve been planning some of these routes but we’re going to ride on the dirt bikes later and of course what we’re going to do on the razor here but onyx is an awesome company check out the app we’ll be using it kind of tracking all of our mileage seeing how many miles we can uh shred and what types of train we’re gonna get into so we’re gonna head on down the trail catch up to guys in a bit so hmm it is all right beginning of day two in moab jeff yesterday first day on the e-bike are you e-bike for life or what for life it was unbelievable like just the the power the pedaling the yeah i mean there there’s no question in my mind the next mountain bike i’m gonna buy is an e-bike and i think the e-bike goes along with the theme of our trip is we’re trying to ride some new trails but we’re trying to see all we can possibly see and we rode twice as much as we would have been able to ride which is a win-win-win oh huge yeah i would have been smoked so fast forward today we’re trying to dominate moab on all different machines we got the motos for planning the route today i was able to download maps last night so here’s a map that i downloaded of where we’re headed here’s where we are and our plan today is to go up pritchett canyon we’re gonna head all the way over towards the 191 to this area called area bfe and you can click on each trail and it gives you a mileage when you click on the trail you can see that pritchard canyon’s about nine miles long and then we’re gonna leave ourselves a little bit of leeway now with our motorcycles with our desert tanks we think we can get 60 65 miles maybe 70 if we’re lucky so starting off with pritchett canyon we’re going to come back through here through cane creek canyon which we heard is really fun more flowy a lot of water crossings can be a really nice mixture from what we’ve seen looking on the map here with some gnarly technical climbs and some fun flowy stuff so you know we think we’ll have about a 55 mile total loop by tommy connect we have a little bit of extra leeway here to explore if area bfe is really cool or this strike ravine and using the map with the mileage it’s really easy and then we’re going to mark some of the waypoints so we’re going to go ahead and track today’s ride um we’re gonna start tracking so now we’re gonna be following what we’re doing and then we’re also gonna create a waypoint so we’re gonna add a waypoint and this is uh truck parking we downloaded this in a high resolution which is a five square mile radius and we’re ready to go no matter how spotty the surface is so that’s it we got a good idea of what we’re gonna go do now it’s time to go up uh pritchett canyon we’ll check in with you guys here in a little bit um foreign yep we’re gonna winch anyway so you might as well just come to where you are so.  i’m good thank goodness i just didn’t smash my pipe or my case so gratifying man so all right so we’re about halfway into our ride got really gassed out on pritchett just getting up and over it right after there was some slabby chunky stuff that’s not hard it’s just tiring and we’re pretty gassed and like only a quarter third of the way into our ride but after that i kind of smoothed out went pretty fast clicked off a lot of miles and now we’re just starting into cane creek and ran into some of the rally on the rocks uh group rides they got a pretty good posse as you can see this is so sick so what’s happening everybody it’s day three moab chupacabra off-road powered by onyx offroad we found one of our buddies bless what’s up bless welcome to moab thanks for having me i’m excited jeff and i have been getting a steady diet of moab rocks so far on the two wheelers but now as you guys can see we got the razors what’s his first time playing on the rocks first time we’re here we finally got into long wait into slick rock and we’re gonna go start off west on fins and things a fun favorite trail and then of course how’s revenge so i think it’s a good way to start off um our two days of rock crawling on the uh on the razors i’m excited let’s get it going yeah i’m super stoked so using the app you know it’s really easy to find this trail is right outside of town once you get here you’ve got to pay five dollars entrance fee and if you’re new to off-roading new to rock crawling or if you want to come up to mob and give it a shot rent a can-am or a razor fins and things is a really good trail to start off on it’s i think a trail rated four maybe a five there’s a couple steeper shoots if you really want to challenge if you’re really new to it it’s really good i the really great experience it’s pretty safe it’s a quick loop it’s still close to town i highly recommend it if as your first trail if it’s your first time here and this is new to you i mean off-roaders like us we’ve been doing it for a while this is a whole new game for us i i say it on the channel all the time but i don’t think i get i get more scared going 2-3 miles an hour sometimes to go 60 or 70. i’d have to agree for sure i mean we’re always going fast we’re always bombing through the desert stuff like that but when you come up on some of these rocks some of these things that you see on online and stuff and now you’re here to experience them we’ll see how it goes yeah the the camera doesn’t do it justice how crazy this stuff is i mean it is it is scary uh it was my first experience three years ago when we came up here and uh i was amazed at the stuff that we climbed so speaking of that you know what’s cool about these trails too when you’re using the onyx off-road app a lot of these obstacles are marked jeff and i found some pretty gnarly articles on some of the trails we found on the dirt bikes one of them we were so tired of anyone trying to go up but we found a loop around but with these particularly with held revenge there’s a lot of bypasses so there’s going to be crowds on all these obstacles today it’s rally on the rocks it’s may the weather’s perfect there’s a ton of people and that’s what’s exciting too you can kind of see and feel it out if you want to try these obstacles or you can see that there’s safe ways around and getting where you fit in each obstacle is different some are harder than others we’ll see how we go maybe we’ll conquer the hot tub who knows all right we’re gonna get going we’ll check on you guys in a bit okay it is so flush with this all right hmm are you sure we should be doing this you guys going for it right on driver other way other way oh wow nice safe oh you can go yep left left hey banana you’re the real mvp on that one hello baby could be a hardcore baby one day i think too much whiskey throttle huh damn yeah i’m good when you got grip the rear got grippy for the front come on flip over here thank you so much sean you’re welcome appreciate it brother could happen again you know i’m just glad you’re all right i should have stopped you i i know you wanted to do it i know if i didn’t help you along the way but i’m glad i mean it’s not that big of a deal well guys i had to give it a shot i was thinking about this obstacle when i was here three years ago that my buddy had a big crash shot scared figured you know i got the four seat razor um wanted to see if i i was made for it so had a troubled run first time up hell’s gate no big deal got down and then i did it really clean again you know was in the mode to uh come here and show up and represent and go for it so would have made my weekend if we would have got over it but we’re still in lab most importantly we’re safe the five-point harnesses were great i jumped out really fast shut the car off and uh car doesn’t have that much damage so we’re gonna have to let it sit here for a little while bringing the drama this year mary i know i i am i am so we’re here in moab uh we had a great day did a lot of fun things did a lot of uh not so fun things yeah um as you can see from the video went to the hot tub is that what it’s called the hot tub hot tub and uh nick’s been saying that he wanted to do this you know so supportive as we are we got jeff out of the car pulled all the expensive stuff out of the car and then um you can see that it’s a little bruised we need to talk with our buddies at uh 5150 whips and maybe get some new whipped go in poor roof racks got a little uh aerodynamic issue right now but all in all the car’s in really good shape just flipped it up on his lid turtle topped it so what could i have done better you think it wasn’t anything you did going up i don’t think in my opinion it was just when when you came down maybe a tap on the brake but like we talked about its natural reaction i would have done the same exact thing i would have tapped the brake as i was sliding down the hill but it’s bad because when you’re at this angle and you tap that top momentum that front of that car has to do something yeah and it’s so steep it’s so steep that even coming off six inches it’s gonna go and it was that ledge there you know at the bottom so it kind of cradled into that hit the brakes and then yeah i think i think in the future and i mean if i ever try it i think in the future it’s if you don’t make it you just let off the gas and roll backwards you gotta go another little crocodile  right you’re good nice so all right here just got up the gold bar waterfall i remember on my last trip here three years ago this one scared me this time wasn’t as bad had a really good day uh even after the crash my car ran really good a couple slight issues but nothing too bad where we had a nice enjoyable day just two in our group so we made a really good time and uh fun fun trail poison spider golden spike to go bar rim follow our trail here we added some waypoints added this obstacle is one of the waypoints uh just so you guys kind of know where it is at and if my memory serves me correctly this is one of the last kind of harder obstacles before the trail ends so fun all day ride uh one of my buddies who’s been here a bunch of times calls this run one of the best runs in moab so thanks for watching this video thanks to onyx offroad for sponsoring this video and if you guys like the content please like and subscribe share and of course we’ve got a whole lot more coming your way.


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